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President Trump released a statement on Tuesday about the Biden created crisis at the Southern border: When I was President, our Southern border was in great shape – stronger, safer, and more secure than ever before. We ended Catch-and-Release, shut down asylum fraud, and crippled the vicious smugglers, drug dealers, and human traffickers. The wall, despite horrendous Democrat delays, would easily been finished by now, and is working magnificently. Our country is being destroyed at the Southern border, a terrible thing to see!

Max Morton contributor to American Greatness: Simply put, the most deadly counterterrorism machine from the world’s most powerful country is coming for you. You, ordinary American, are the target. Now is not the time for impotent tough talk and posturing with weapons at protests. The Second Amendment, and all of our rights, are critical to a free society, and we should seek to understand how best to exercise and defend them from authoritarian factions of the ruling elite. This is the time to get smart on how to counter this assault on liberty and avoid falling into the traps the ruling elite are setting for traditional America.


Christopher Bedford contributor to The Federalist: For some reason we all feel the need to continue to tiptoe around one of the most awful, lazy, and selfish groups in America: left-wing public teachers unions and the teachers who support them.

Andrea Widburg contributor to American Thinker: Nowhere is the corruption of government employee collective bargaining more evident than with the teachers’ unions. More than any other union workers, the teachers’ unions contribute to the Democrat party. The party, therefore, dances to the teachers’ tune. But the teachers’ unions have an extra ace in the hole: They have enormous power over children.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Sunday Morning Futures: You have to wonder whether the transition to Harris has already begun… Joe Biden has had more nap time than questions from reporters… Joe Biden has had more attacks on Syria than he’s had press conferences and so you have to ask to the progressive voters, is this really what you expected?


Daniel Greenfield contributor to FrontPage Magazine: Does anyone seriously believe that any Biden nominee, or frankly any Democrat nominee who comes out of the same factory of leftist non-profits, law firms, and activist groups, is there to represent all Americans? There are Republican nominees who still believe that sort of thing.

Larry Elder conservative radio host and author: With reparations, there is the issue of who pays. Do African countries owe reparations to Black Americans? After all, Harvard’s director of the Hutchins Center for African & African American Research, Henry Louis Gates, wrote that 90% of those enslaved and shipped to the New World were sold by Africans to European slavers. All whites? Only whites? Nonwhites? Are payments owed before the United States became a country?

Rush Limbaugh on January 7, 2013: There is a movement on to normalize pedophilia, and I guarantee you your reaction to that is probably much the same as your reaction when you first heard about gay marriage. What has happened to gay marriage? It’s become normal—and in fact, with certain people in certain demographics it’s the most important issue in terms of who they vote for. So don’t pooh-pooh. There’s a movement to normalize pedophilia. Don’t pooh-pooh it. The people behind it are serious, and you know the left as well as I do. They glom onto something and they don’t let go.



March 4, 2021 – Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America
Karl Rove has been losing for years, except for himself. He’s a RINO of the highest order, who came to the Oval Office lobbying for 5G for him and a group. After a lengthy discussion with Rove and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, I said no, they’re not qualified. Our Nation can do much better! On Election Evening, Nov. 3rd, at 10:30pm, Rove called to congratulate me on “a great win.” I said thank you Karl, only to watch the rigged election take its final form. Karl Rove’s voice on Fox is always negative for those who know how to win. He certainly hasn’t helped Fox in the ratings department, has he? Never had much of a feeling for Karl, in that I disagreed with so many of the things he says. He’s a pompous fool with bad advice and always has an agenda. He ran the campaign for two Senators in Georgia, and did a rotten job with bad ads and concepts. Should have been an easy win, but he and his friend Mitch blew it with their $600 vs. $2,000 proposal. Karl would be much more at home at the disastrous Lincoln Project. I heard they have numerous openings! If the Republican Party is going to be successful, they’re . . .
Read more at Donald J. Trump website.

Presser: In Defense of Conservatism, the Benson Center, and John Eastman
A few weeks ago in the Denver Post, columnist Ian Silverii published an op-ed urging the closing of the Bruce D. Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization at the University of Colorado. Silverii criticized both what he took to be the conservative character of the center, and some recent comments and advocacy by John Eastman, this year’s Benson Center Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy. I occupied Eastman’s position during the 2018-2019 academic year. Eastman is a well-respected constitutional scholar (and a co-author and friend of mine), and it is a great tragedy that those who have not taken the time to understand conservatism, the Benson Center, or what Eastman’s advocacy was seeking to do, have disparaged all three. […] Conservative lawyers, like Eastman and me, share a belief that there is nothing more important than the restraint of arbitrary governmental power, and that the survival of that principle of restraint—the rule of law—is fundamental to the maintenance of our republic and of the sovereignty of the American people. Our mainstream media, and apparently the critics of the Benson Center and John Eastman, fail to understand that he and his client Donald Trump were actually acting in defense of the rule of law. Viewed from that perspective, Trump has actually been one of our most conservative presidents. His criticism of the election and the litigation in which he was involved (with Eastman’s help) was, ultimately, to defend the rule of law itself and the restraint of arbitrary political power.
Read more at American Greatness.


Morton: Choose Your Ground
In America, firearm ownership is a right—not a privilege. It is guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights and backstopped by the Supreme Court’s decision in District of Columbia v. Heller. Traditional Americans view the Second Amendment as one of the most important in the Bill of Rights. It is a part of American culture; a unique individual right of self-preservation and protection that is now either nonexistent or heavily restricted in most other nations. Over the past several years, as the woke cultural revolution intensified, conservative conversations focused on the Second Amendment as the final defense against the tyranny that may result as progressives march toward authoritarian-style government. In response, right-leaning and independent-minded citizens have shown up at protests to exercise those Second Amendment rights by posturing with firearms and assorted tactical equipment. Regardless of the prudence involved in such actions, we are now treading on new ground. Following the November 3 election and subsequent January 6 protest at the Capitol, the current regime set out to eliminate political opposition by casting them as “white supremacists” and “domestic extremists.” They intend to use the legal authorities, tactics, and techniques that were previously employed against Al Qaeda and ISIS against those ordinary Americans who refuse to accept the ruling elite’s political ideology. Simply put, . . . .
Read more at American Greatness.


Davidson: In 8-1 SCOTUS Ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts Is The Only One To Side Against Christian Students Whose Free Speech Was Trampled
Chief Justice John Roberts was the only dissenter in the U.S Supreme Court’s most recent ruling favoring a couple of Christian students who challenged their university for restricting when, where, and how they could speak about their faith and disseminate materials on campus. Today’s 8-1 decision in Uzuegbunam v. Preczewski marks the first time Chief Justice John Roberts has ever been the sole dissenting justice during his entire tenure. […] Justice Clarence Thomas authored the opinion of the court, agreeing with the students’ case.
Read more at The Federalist.


Hundreds of pages of emails and other documents obtained by Wisconsin Spotlight show that grant money from private left leaning groups, funded largely by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, resulted in Democrat activists infiltrating the November presidential election in Wisconsin’s five largest cities.
Here’s what the emails and Wisconsin Spotlight’s investigation found:
A former Democratic operative, Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, served as a de facto elections administrator and had access to Green Bay’s absentee ballots days before the election
Spitzer-Rubenstein asked Green Bay’s clerk if he and his team members could help correct or “cure” absentee ballots like they did in Milwaukee.
Green Bay’s clerk grew increasingly frustrated with the takeover of her department by the Democrat Mayor’s staff and outside groups.
Brown County Clerk Sandy Juno said the contract stipulated that Spitzer-Rubenstein would have four of the five keys to the KI Center ballroom where ballots were stored and counted.
Brown County’s clerk said the city of Green Bay “went rogue.”
Election law experts said the city illegally gave left-leaning groups authority over the election.
Read more at Wisconsin Spotlight.

(3/6/2021) Hoft: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Ballots In Arizona’s Maricopa County Found Shredded and In Dumpster – Days Before Senate Audit To Begin
Piles of shredded ballots were located today in a dumpster in Maricopa County Arizona. This find occurs only days before the Senate’s audit of the county’s 2020 election results is due to start. For months the Board of Supervisors in Maricopa County have blocked and delayed any independent audit performed by the Arizona Senate of the County’s results in the 2020 Presidential election. As we’ve reported previously, after being subpoenaed by the Arizona Senate and then suing the Senate to prevent a Senate audit of their 2020 election results, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (MCBOS) agreed to have an audit if they could pick the auditors. The two firms they picked they claimed were the only two who were certified by the governmental body the US Election Assistance Commission (EAC). However, we found that these firms were not certified at the time they were selected by the MCBOS:
And as we reported, the audits were unprofessional in other areas as well: . . .
Read more at The Gateway Pundit.

(3/6/2021) Hoft: After Finding Shredded Ballots in the Dumpster Earlier Today – A Mysterious Fire Breaks Out at Maricopa County Official’s Farm
The Arizona Maricopa County election coverup continues. These crooks are doing all they can to obstruct justice and tamper with evidence because they know they can get away with it. […] The video is very accurate. The ballots were moved without direction from the Senate. This was likely illegal. They were loaded on a truck without having a location to ship to. There is no evidence the ballots were moved under the proper chain of custody which is also illegal. The media was called to make up a story about how the Senate wasn’t ready for the ballots. The ballots were then stored . . . […] And now tonight two barns on the farm of one of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors caught on fire.
Read more/Watch the 4”43 minute video at The Gateway Pundit.


Schweizer: Dragon Ships: China’s Naval Threat
For Americans used to having the biggest and most modern military forces in the world, it is humbling to realize that China’s Navy is now the world’s largest. It has been for some time. The U.S. Navy may still rule the oceans, but China rules the vital trade routes in the South China Sea. Pentagon planners know this and have called out China’s work on building both capital ships and the swarms of smaller escort vessels that will project the dragon’s breath across those critical trade routes for years to come. The People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) is building their capability to control and possibly interdict shipping from other Asian nations, mostly as an economic and political lever. China means to threaten the economic security of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and others. America must remain resolute in the face of this build-up in order to maintain freedom of commerce in the Asian seas. […] In raw numbers, the Pentagon said in its annual report to Congress for 2020 that China had “approximately 350 ships and submarines including over 130 major surface combatants.” The comparable number for the U.S. Navy is 293 ships, as of early 2020. What these numbers do not reflect is the strategic capabilities and ability to project power anywhere in the world that has been the U.S. naval goal since the Cold War. […] As the Pentagon also noted in its report, however, the Chinese Communist Party does not intend for its navy to be merely “a showpiece of China’s modernity or to keep it focused solely on regional threats.” It will grow with China’s ambitions. One indicator of this change in outlook is . . .
Read more at The Gatestone Institute.


Milliere: A Storm Over the American Republic
The atmosphere in the United States remains poisonous. Critics claim that stoking in the public is being done on purpose — to create a false narrative that not only is Trump supposedly a “threat to democracy,” but that his more than 74 million supporters are, too. Others, however, claim that the real threat to democracy is actually these serial liars, violators of the Constitution and falsifiers of information. The right to challenge and criticize, which is an integral part of the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment, appears seriously threatened. The right to defend oneself against charges also appears threatened, and the legal profession dangerous to practice. Expressing doubts about the November 3 election is now a liability. Substantiated reports show that it was far from perfect. The American economist Peter Navarro, in his private capacity, drew up three meticulous analyses: “The Immaculate Deception,” “The Art of the Steal” and “The Navarro Report”. They have been zealously disparaged — many think unjustly. […] The author Dennis Prager said last year: “Civilization can be crushed in one generation. Germany was the most advanced artistic cultured country in Europe. People say how could the country that gave us Beethoven and Bach and Schiller and Heine give us Auschwitz? It’s a common question. Of course, it’s not asked at colleges today because they never heard of Beethoven, Bach, Schiller, Heine, or Auschwitz. Nevertheless, those who heard of them ask that question, and the answer is, it can happen anywhere. We are watching the undoing of American liberty in one generation, in our case, by those who call themselves progressives.”
Read more at The Gatestone Institute.

Alic: ‘Extraordinary crisis’: Democrats’ revolutionary climate change bill aims to remake U.S. economy
House Democrats are brewing a hefty climate-change bill to satisfy an environmental wish-list that includes removing fossil fuels from the electric grid, cracking down on natural gas pipelines, and earmarking $500 million to install electric vehicle charging stations throughout the U.S. President Biden and his Democrats trumpet the bill, known as the CLEAN Future Act, as a “jobs bill” and the backbone of his Build Back Better agenda. “The CLEAN Future Act promises that we will not stand idly by as the rest of the world transitions to clean economies and our workers get left behind, and that we will not watch from the sidelines as the climate crisis wreaks havoc on Americans’ health and homes,” said Rep. Frank Pallone, New Jersey Democrat and chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee that is working on the bill. The legislation is considered nothing short of revolutionary by both climate-change advocates and skeptics. Tucked into its 981 pages is a step-by-step formula to remake the U.S. economy . . .[…] Critics say the CLEAN Future Act’s goal of 100% carbon-free by 2035 is impossible to attain, and the attempt will inflict severe economic pain on Americans. […] Other parts of the CLEAN Future Act include: . . .
Read more at Washington Times.

Laila: NEW: House Democrats to Pass $1.9 Trillion Pork-Filled Covid Relief Bill Wednesday Morning, Send it to Biden’s Desk
The bill went back to the House to approve of several last minute changes made by Senate Democrats. The chamber received the Senate-passed bill on Tuesday and will work to set up the final vote Wednesday morning.
Read more at The Gateway Pundit.

Moorhead; BORDER SECURITY Arizona Sheriff Slams Biden’s ‘America Last’ Border Policy: “Built Roads for the Cartels”
Cochise County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Dannels is slamming President Joe Biden’s America Last border and immigration policies, reporting a spike in human smuggling, drug trafficking and illegal immigration. Cochise County covers more than 80 miles of the US-Mexico border, and wall construction was occurring in the county when Joe Biden cancelled all new border wall. Dannels pointed to the cancellation of wall construction as a factor creating security risks in itself, with more regions of the border totally unaccounted for by contractors and construction companies now absent from the scene. “We just built roads for the cartels,” he said of Biden’s wall cancellation in remarks provided to the Washington Times.
Read more at Big League Politics.

Full Measure: Border Shift
John Modlin: Almost 90% of the people that are apprehended in this sector, are single adults that try to avoid apprehensions. John Modlin leads Border Patrol’s Tucson, Arizona sector covering 262 miles of the boundary between the U.S. and Mexico. In just the last four months, border officials have intercepted and expelled more than 296,000 illegal border crossers. Modlin: So right now we’re about a hundred percent over where we were this time, this last fiscal year. We’ve already surpassed in the first four months of this fiscal year. We’ve already surpassed all of 2018. If the flow continues at the rate it is here, by the end of this fiscal year, we will have surpassed ‘18, ‘19 and ‘20, all combined.
Read more/Watch the 9 minute Sharyl Attkisson report at Full Measure.


Rush was right when he said, “ There’s a movement to normalize pedophilia. Don’t pooh-pooh it. The people behind it are serious, and you know the left as well as I do. They glom onto something and they don’t let go.”

Trejo: Transgender Activist Says ‘Little Girls are Kinky’ to Defend Bathroom Invasion
A far-left Twitter page called “Women’s Voices” is promoting transgenderism and offering the perspectives of these severely mentally ill predators who are targeting children for induction into their depraved lifestyle. A transgender activist, Alok Vaid-Menon, said that “little girls are kinky” to defend the sexualization of young children. “These days the narrative is that transgender people will come into bathrooms and abuse little girls. The supposed “purity” of the victims has remained stagnant,” Vaid-Menon said, apparently defending the abuse of the innocent. “There are no princesses. Little girls are also kinky. Your kids aren’t as straight and narrow as you think,” he added. […] Now that these individuals are no longer shunned by society, they are coming out of the closet and explaining their inner thoughts and feelings. Their own words prove the Christian right to be correct about the LGBT societal menace.
Read more at Big League Politics.

(January 2021) Coalition of African-American Pastors: The Secret Effort to Normalize Pedophilia
When I warned about the slippery slope that would lead to the ascendance of transgender ideology, even I didn’t imagine that the radical Left would go this far. Not many people will admit it – in fact, it’s being covered up by the media – but our society is in the middle of a secret, sustained effort to normalize pedophilia. I know that it’s hard to believe. We don’t want to think that there are people so evil and misguided at work in our culture. But we can’t close our eyes to the truth. There are people who are working to reclassify the sexual abuse of children as yet another form of “sexual identity.” But don’t take my word for it. Do the research. Start with the article from Salon writer . . . […] Scoff if you will, but remember that as little as 10 or 15 years ago, no one would have imagined that we would be fighting over whether men could use women’s restrooms and compete in women’s sports so long as they “identified” as women. The slippery slope is real. We’ve already seen it in action.
Read more/Watch the 14 minute video interview at CAAP USA.


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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