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Benny Thomas Facebook Global Planning Lead in a Project Veritas undercover video: No king in the history of the world has been the ruler of two billion people, but Mark Zuckerberg is — and he’s 36

Bruce Hendry contributor to FrontPage Magazine: COVID is a serious health issue, although just how serious it is in relation to other threats is never discussed. COVID is never put into any context so that you can compare the threat to something else. Accompanying that silence is the requirement that you accept that COVID is the most serious crisis that you have ever faced. But is it? Although cancer and heart attacks are not communicable like COVID, their numbers do provide context. There are 1.2 million deaths of heart attacks and cancer in the U.S. each year. The suicide deaths are about 50,000 and the U.S. population is 328 million. The “COVID alone” deaths are about 30,000.


Wesley Thompson: If masks worked, they would have issued them to the prisoners and kept them in jail.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL): Dr. Fauci sort of reminds me of every bad weatherman: frequently wrong, but never in doubt.

Tom Elliott founder Grabien Media tweeted: NBC’s @chucktodd tells Dr. Fauci: “It’s inevitable” we’ll have more pandemics in the future because of “climate change”.


Tom Elliott founder of Grabien Media tweeted: Fauci on if Americans might be able to finally schedule a wedding this year: “That’s a good question … I can’t give you that exact date”.

James P. Bernens contributor to The Imaginative Conservative: Moral strength is an excellent and uncommon thing, and it comes not simply from certitude of belief, but from the wisdom of believing what is true.

Jesse Merriam contributor to American Mind: . . .the emergence of this energized right better happen soon, for there will soon be nothing left of the American tradition to defend.


Max Morton contributor to American Greatness: The ruling elite have the power and they own the government and primary institutions in America. They are not going to give up this power without a fight, and we are not going to take back our country without suffering casualties along the way.


Pettegrew & McCoy: Conservatives: Stop Whining and Take Action
It is bad enough that Democrats are in the majority, owning the White House, the House, and the Senate with Kamala Harris being the majority vote on all legislation before this third governmental body. Adding insult to conservative injury is the resolute behavior of those Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) to rid any remembrance of what our nation benefitted from during the past four years. After various departments of the federal government turned their backs on President Trump’s calls for investigations into the 2020 Election, it is ironic that Nancy Pelosi would call for a 9/11-type investigation of the fake conservative January 6th Capitol riot. The editors of the American Mind have argued, “When the old guard goes out of its way to crush a new endeavor, you have to wonder what’s at stake. Nick Solheim and Saurabh Sharma of American Moment are young, devoted, and driven to ‘forge a cadre of aligned and dedicated young people to serve in government and public policy organizations to support strong families, a sovereign nation, and prosperity for all. Why should an editor of National Review — a publication whose very reason for being is ostensibly to energize and guide the conservative movement — want to undermine and discredit this exciting new endeavor in the eyes of his conservative audience?” Why indeed? […] It is imperative that we immediately endeavor to right our sinking conservative ship by fully embracing the new conservative generation and its efforts to stop the Harris/Pelosi/Schumer triumvirate from remaking America into the progressive cesspit it is becoming. We must now regard our open borders as a funnel for new COVID infestation, legislative threats to our Second Amendment rights, an educational system that from kindergarten through graduate and professional schools is fully committed to indoctrinating students with woke socialism instead of teaching job-earning skills. They have institutionalized racism with the white fragility doctrine and promoted wholesale abortion not only in the United States, but around the world with U.S. taxpayer dollars. In the face of this all-out progressive blitzkrieg on traditional American values and ethics, we seem to be shellshocked into a state of abashment while sitting on our hands and cogitating about being nice and gentile while progressive Democrats are fully committed to transforming America into an oligarchical state.
Read more at American Greatness.


Mastrangelo: More Americans than ever view China as greatest US enemy: Gallup
Forty-five percent of respondents now say China is the top enemy of the U.S., a percentage that has more than doubled since 2020. Respondents ranked Russia, North Korea and Iran, respectively, behind China as the United States’ most dangerous enemy on matters of foreign policy and international trade. At the same time, overall favorability toward China has slid to a historically low 20 percent, Gallup noted.
Read more at The Hill.

Canlorbe: “Xi Jinping Will Not Stop until He Is Stopped”: A Conversation with Gordon G. Chang
We see Xi’s new demands in his intransigent position going into Thursday’s meeting in Anchorage. China’s top diplomat, Yang Jiechi, and his subordinate, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, look as if they are going to Alaska not to engage in meaningful discussion, but to lecture Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and to dictate the terms of the relationship going forward. Yang’s unpleasant February 5 telephone call with Blinken is a warning of Xi Jinping’s new no-compromise attitude. If the disease in fact escaped from that lab, as new evidence suggests, the coronavirus is almost certainly a biological weapon.
Read more at the Gatestone Institute.


Nagavonski: Biden Administration Chooses Political Purges Over National Defense
The discipline which makes the soldiers of a free country reliable in battle is not to be gained by harsh or tyrannical treatment,” said West Point superintendent John Schofield in 1879, condemning leaders who issue unreasonable and abusive orders. America’s military today is at risk of a different sort of tyranny: the purging of unauthorized political views. Right now, the Department of Defense should be reevaluating our nation’s interminable foreign wars and cracking down on the misuse of taxpayer dollars. Instead, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has declared that the armed forces will “stand down” for 60 days to address alleged “extremism” in the ranks. […] Even before Biden took office, the federal bureaucracy was turning BLM into unofficial state ideology.
Read more at American Greatness.

Trunsky: Mayorkas: Southern Border Crossings On Pace To Hit 20-Year High
“We are on pace to encounter more individuals on the southwest border than we have in the last 20 years,” Mayorkas said in a statement. “We are expelling most single adults and families. We are not expelling unaccompanied children.” […] Mayorkas acknowledged that the surge has put the country in a “difficult” situation. While the Biden administration has refrained from labeling the situation at the border as a crisis, even as the president deployed the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help the Department of Homeland Security with the overflow of migrants. […] Mayorkas defended his administration’s policies, pushing back against Republicans who have tried to tie the surge of migrants to President Joe Biden’s immigration initiatives. [NOTE: A humanitarian crisis created by the Biden administration rolling back President Trump’s border and immigration policies.]
Read more at Daily Wire.


Bannister: Columbia University Hosting 6 Different ‘Identity’ Graduation Ceremonies Based on Race, Gender, Ethnicity, Etc.
Non-heterosexual (LGBTQIA+) students may choose to attend a “Lavender” ceremony. Low-income and “first generation” students may attend a separate graduation ceremony. Another ceremony is dedicated to Black students, while three others cater to specific ethnicities.
Columbia’s website lists six distinct, virtual “Multicultural Graduation Ceremonies” for: . . .
Read more at CNS News.


Matthews: Group Conformity Holds Back Black Achievers
The Biden administration is studying slavery reparations for African Americans. One of the prominent justifications for reparations is the racial income gap, and some proponents of reparations argue that wealth redistribution would put blacks on equal footing with white Americans. This analysis is misguided.
A major reason for the racial income gap is the individual achievement gap. Notwithstanding the academic improvement of African Americans, they are still less educated than white Americans. If black males still have the lowest graduation rate in the country, then how can we expect their earnings to be on par with those of white men? Economist Roland Fryer has marshaled data proving that the racial income gap is primarily explained by the achievement gap and not discrimination. Earlier studies have also found the racial income gap is correlated to differences in teenage academic achievement.
Read more at Intellectual Takeout.


Sand: What School Shutdowns Have Wrought
Though Covid-related restrictions are easing across the country, fewer than half of America’s students are back in school full-time, according to Burbio, a website tracking school reopenings. A look at the national map shows that the most populous state, California, is also the most locked down, while the third-most populous, Florida, is almost completely back to normal. In October 2020, Brown University reported that politics and teachers’ union strength best explain how school boards approached reopening. In a September 2020 study, researchers Corey DeAngelis and Christos Makridis found that school districts in places with strong teachers’ unions were much less likely to offer full-time, in-person instruction in the fall. In the early days of the lockdowns, medical experts were mixed on reopening schools, but a solid consensus now exists in favor of doing so. Last month, the CDC urged the nation’s elementary and secondary schools to admit students for in-person instruction as soon as possible. Around the same time, the New York Times “asked 175 pediatric disease experts if it was safe enough to open school.” The experts, mostly pediatricians focusing on public health, “largely agreed that it was safe enough for schools to be open to elementary students for full-time and in-person instruction now. Some said that this was true even in communities where Covid-19 infections were widespread, as long as basic safety measures were taken.” Reopening doesn’t lead to increased cases in a community, and closing classrooms “should be a last resort,” according to a March 11 analysis of more than 130 studies by AEI’s John Bailey. The science is also clear that remote learning has been a disaster for children.
Read more at City-Journal.

Gerlernter: Cancel Public School
A friend who volunteers at a Sunday school in Harlem for low-income children called me the other day, greatly upset: She had been working with a pair of students who failed to learn the assigned reading, which was a short psalm or a prayer. She thought perhaps the fourth graders, a boy and a girl, weren’t applying themselves. The truth was much worse: The two children turned out to be illiterate. Their public school teachers had passed them, grade by grade, into the fourth, and no one had ever taught them how to sound out words. Their teachers graded spelling tests and assignments—they knew they were passing kids who couldn’t read. The two fourth graders didn’t understand words like “will” or “firm.” They couldn’t read them, and they didn’t know what they meant. Yet these children were intelligent. They were eager—touchingly, pathetically eager. And by the end of the hour with my friend they had made tangible progress. But what is one hour, compared with 35 hours every week in public school? The New York City public school system spends $28,800 per student per year—more than anywhere else in the world. A brand-new public school teacher with a master’s degree and zero prior experience starts at $65,000 a year, plus benefits. And the children can’t read. It’s little wonder that children become disaffected, bellicose—what we popularly call “troubled.” Little wonder that they turn to drugs and gangs and crime. […] Every child should have an education. It does not follow that we need public schools. And in practice, public schools do not educate. […] If you were to abolish the Department of Education . . . and also abolish every single public school in the nation, education would not cease. On the contrary, it might actually start happening. You would see, in short order, . . .
Read more at American Greatness.


Hill: In the Name of Ethnic Studies
The collapse of the American Republic is now imminent. California is soon expected to pass a new statewide “ethnic studies” curriculum that has as its goal the total “decolonization” of American society. It elevates the cannibalistic Aztec religious symbolism across 10,000 public schools that serve 6 million students. The architect behind this movement is R. Tolteka Cuauhtin, the original co-chair of the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum. In his book Rethinking Ethnic Studies, cited throughout the curriculum, Cuauhtin argues that the United States is a white supremacist, patriarchal, misogynistic and anthropocentric state founded as a Eurocentric “land grabbing” genocidal state that committed “theocide” against indigenous tribes. In Cuauhtin’s narrative, the U.S. killed these tribes’ gods and replaced them with Christianity. The evil settlers established a regime of “coloniality,” dehumanization and genocide which resulted in the total erasure of holistic indigeneity and humanity. The antidote to this “theocide,” as can be surmised from a careful reading of Cuauhtin’s propagandistic manifesto, is nothing short of cultural reparations for the lost peoples of America by way of an insidious moral eugenics program inflicted on unassuming and defenseless young children. Cuauhtin’s goal is to totally decolonize America and to establish a new regime of “counter genocide” and counterhegemony which will displace “white culture” and lead to the ‘regeneration of indigenous epistemic cultural futurity.” And what does all this look like?
Read more at FrontPage Mag.


Siler, M.D.: Is The Pandemic Over?
. . . governmental health authorities have ignored parts of the scientific picture that could help us understand herd immunity. They have placed excessive importance on vaccination as the only way to herd immunity. This is not entirely true. There is scientific data showing that we may be closer to herd immunity and the end of the pandemic than the media and government let on. […] So, if most populations have 20-50% pre-existing immunity from prior Coronavirus infections and the actual numbers of COVID-19 infections are much higher (3.5 to 20 times higher), then we could be approaching herd immunity (which is guessimated at 70%) now, even with our current low level of vaccination. If you make those calculations for the United States, then 45 to 90% of the American population could be immune now. […] Dr. Mike Yeadon, a former Pfizer scientist with 30 years of experience in immunology, says the pandemic effectively ended, even before we began to vaccinate people. Dr. Marty Makary wrote in a recent article in the WSJ that he feels herd immunity could come by April and also be in effect before we have vaccinated “everyone.” Both these scientists came to this conclusion by saying that more people have already been infected (up to 150 million for the U.S.) already and there was pre-existing immunity at some level for a portion of the population. […] We must still protect the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions that could make patients susceptible to more severe infections. These persons should consider taking the vaccines. In my opinion, persons with a low risk of serious infection (healthy persons under 70) can wait on vaccination. The vaccines were produced very quickly, but they have not been through the usual trials and time to determine if there are any long-term side effects. They should be considered experimental at this point.
Read more at American Thinker.


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