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Victor Davis Hanson contributor to American Greatness: Conservatives should be aware that they are not dealing with the party of JFK and LBJ. The Democratic Party has nothing in common with the agendas of a slick Bill Clinton and is well beyond the “fundamental transformations” of arch-narcissist Barack Obama. We are faced with a strictly disciplined, no-nonsense revolutionary party, well known from history that aims to change the nation into something unrecognizable by most Americans. And it feels that it has now created the means to do it.

Matthew Boose contributor to American Greatness: As much as one is tempted to blame the “elites”—and they are truly contemptible—the American people share responsibility for failing to rebuke the yoke of this new world order. Our acquiescence has cost us much in a short span of time.


John Hinderaker contributor to PowerLine Blog: It is remarkable how little it took for Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis to expose the entire “sanctuary city” edifice as a fraud. A busload or two of illegal immigrants and “sanctuary” turns into “NIMBY.” 

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) House Majority Speaker:  “To get a debt ceiling, they also got a cap on spending for the next two years. Spending is out of control here. There’s been no oversight, and we cannot continue around the same process.”

Daniel Oliver contributor to American Greatness: People say the country will collapse if we don’t raise the debt ceiling. But what does that mean?  Millions of bureaucrats will fail to show up and not do the work they don’t do when they do show up? Will Rogers said we should be glad we don’t get all the government we pay for. 


Sundance contributor to The Last Refuge: As we have noted from the outset of the Biden term, the installation always appeared to be a ‘one-term’ strategy. Meaning the people behind the installation were using Biden as a single term disposable front man to advance a rapid set of ideological policies. The controversy of the classified documents facilitates the one term design. With that approach in mind, the issue of contrast between the Biden documents and the Trump documents is a moot point. What is done, or not done, regarding Joe Biden has no bearing on the roadmap of continued Trump targeting. Biden is and was always disposable.

Kanekoa Substack independent journalist: Chuck Todd: “Do you have a crime that you think Hunter Biden committed?” Sen. Ron Johnson:  “You should read the  @MarcoPolo501c3 report.”  630 pages, 2,020 citations, and 459 crimes committed by the Biden family & their business associates.


Fox: Trump is BACK! Hilarious Court Transcripts of Trump Testifying in Case Involving ‘Nut Job’ E. Jean Carroll


Trump had to sit for a deposition in a lawsuit where he is being sued by weirdo E. Jean Carroll, who told Anderson Cooper, “I think most people think of rape as being sexy.” No one thought that interview went well. But Carroll sued the former president, and the deposition has been released, and I am having trouble picking myself up off the floor after reading it. Here are my favorite parts. For your own entertainment, be sure to read it in Trump’s voice. […]  Trump is so funny when he lets himself be authentic. The way words roll out of his mouth is poetry. Someone should write a coffee table book on the poetry of Trump. This is perfection.

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/columns/megan-fox/2023/01/13/trump-is-back-hilarious-court-transcripts-of-trump-testifying-in-case-involving-nut-job-e-jean-carroll-n1661655


Shellenberger & Kaminska: Davos Is A Grift And A Cult But It’s Also A Bid For Global Domination

The World Economic Forum, which meets this week in Davos, Switzerland, is fighting back against conspiracy theorists who say it and its founder Klaus Schwab are seeking global domination through a “great reset” aimed at stripping the masses of their private property, de-industrializing the economy, and making everybody eat bugs. “‘Own nothing, be happy’ — you might have heard the phrase,” wrote World Economic Forum (WEF) Managing Director Adrian Monck last August. “It started life as a screenshot, culled from the Internet by an anonymous anti-semitic account on the image board 4chan. ‘Own nothing, be happy – The Jew World Order 2030’, said the post, which went viral among extremists.” But what Monck claimed was inaccurate. The phrase, “Own nothing, be happy,” hadn’t originated on 4chan; it originated on WEF’s website. “Welcome to 2030,” read the headline to an article by a Danish member of parliament, “I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.” In 2020, after the backlash to the article, WEF took the post down At the same time, WEF can hardly be said to be a conspiracy.

Read more: https://public.substack.com/p/davos-is-a-grift-and-a-cult-but-its


Winslow: ‘I Am Going To Get Assault Weapons Banned’: Biden Pledges To Go After Guns During MLK Day Speech

President Joe Biden announced Monday that he will continue his campaign to ban all so-called “assault rifles” during his remarks at the National Action Network’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day breakfast. Biden pledged to continue his goal of banning “assault weapons,” saying that there is no “social redeeming value” to owning “assault weapons” because deer do not wear “Kevlar vests,” according to the president’s remarks. Furthermore, Biden questioned why Americans need so many bullets, saying “ban the number of bullets that can go in a magazine. No, no need for any of that.” […]  Biden questioned why assault weapons are legal, saying that it would take a lot more firepower than an AR-15 to take down the government. “I love my right-wing friends who’ll talk about the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots. If you need to worry about taking on the federal government, you need some F-15s you don’t need an AR-15,” he said.

Read more/Watch the 43 second clip:  https://dailycaller.com/2023/01/16/biden-continue-targeting-assault-weapon-ban/


Sundance: Tucker Carlson Outlines How the National Security State is Superseding Elections by Controlling Politicians

Unnamed and opaque officials within the DHS and FBI manipulated the 2020 election by controlling the public conversation. Then, after the election takes place, the similarly mined administrative state employees, then begin using their control systems to manipulate the policy outcomes of the politicians. In essence, the desires of the voters are irrelevant to the permanent bureaucratic state in Washington DC.

Watch the 11:51 minute monologue: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/01/17/tucker-carlson-outlines-how-the-national-security-state-is-superseding-elections-by-controlling-politicians/

 War Room: DoJ Hiding The Discovery Of Biden’s Leaked Documents Is Clear Election Interference, Howell Reports

Mike Howell of the Heritage Oversight Project talks to “War Room” host Steve Bannon about the Biden document scandal, and how the Democrats and establishment are trying to provide cover for Biden. Watch the opening clip of fake Republican Joe Walsh attacking Republican congressmen for trying to get to the truth about the documents and other Democrat failures.

Read more/Watch the 13:27 minute interview: https://warroom.org/2023/01/14/doj-hiding-the-discovery-of-bidens-leaked-documents-is-clear-election-interference-howell-reports/


Cathell: Inside the LGBTQ Activist Pedophile Ring You Haven’t Heard About: EXCLUSIVE

This is Part 1 of a four-part investigative series. Content Warning: This article contains graphic descriptions of child sexual abuse. Reader discretion is advised.

A months-long Townhall investigation reveals disturbing new details about the affluent LGBTQ-activist couple accused of sodomizing their young adopted sons—now ages nine and 11—and distributing “homemade” child pornography of the sexual abuse. Half a year after the shocking story made national news, Townhall is the only outlet following up on the criminal case in Georgia that has since seen zero headlines written about it. We’ve found that it’s far, far worse than what was first reported. Not only did the married men allegedly rape the two boys who were adopted through a Christian special-needs adoption agency, they were pimping out their children to nearby pedophiles in Atlanta-area suburbs, Townhall’s follow-up investigation discovered. Recorded jailhouse calls, a trove of never-before-seen court documents, and testimony from a family member who spoke exclusively with Townhall uncover the extent of the physical and emotional trauma the two elementary school-aged brothers endured as well as the red flags that the state overlooked during the same-sex couple’s “faster than expected” adoption process.

Read more: https://townhall.com/tipsheet/miacathell/2023/01/17/zulock-case-pt-1-n2618219


 Berrien: ‘Going to Be A Knife Fight’: House GOP Fighting Biden Administration On Raising Debt Ceiling

House Republicans, led by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, are holding fast to their commitment to cut spending before they will raise the federal debt limit. On Friday, in a letter to McCarthy, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned Congress not to block the raising of the federal debt limit, claiming that increasing the debt limit “does not authorize new spending commitments or cost taxpayers money.” But on Sunday, the chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, Republican James Comer of Kentucky, stated on CNN’s State of the Union, “We hope that the Senate, Democrats and Republicans will agree to spending cuts. Look, this has to stop.”

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/going-to-be-a-knife-fight-house-gop-fighting-biden-administration-on-raising-debt-ceiling

Sundance: Cautiously Optimistic – The House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan and potential House subcommittee Chair Thomas Massie should have a grasp of the scale and scope of the opposition they are about to face.  Assuming they have a fully prepared staff to support them – willing to take on a very consequential investigation; then we begin by first anticipating who will oppose their effort to investigate the “weaponization of government“.   Which is to say everyone! The defensive apparatus of the DC political system will likely do everything in their power, individually and with collective assistance, to ensure this committee fails.  The stakes are quite high.  As readers here can well attest, DC politics is an institutional system of purposefully created compartmentalized silos. The compartmented information silos permit plausible deniability, and this collection of weaponized institutions contains career bureaucrats who view their opposition as the American people.

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/01/17/cautiously-optimistic-the-house-select-subcommittee-on-the-weaponization-of-the-federal-government/#more-242270

 Maistros: McCarthy Learns His Three Rs: Reset, Revelation, and Retribution

Pummeling by progressive radicals. Outright embarrassment in November voting. Five days, 15 ballots and hours of nonstop, no-holds-barred negotiations and concession-coaxing to elect a Speaker. And Mace—likely reflecting the views of many equally clueless colleagues in the Stupid Party—still thinks the GOP’s Job One is “legislation that can pass the Senate and get onto the desk of the president”? Does the gentlelady mean legislation like the amnesty con a feckless faction of Senate Republicans tried to foist on America? The federal codification of make-believe matrimony 12 of them waved through? The $1.7 trillion lame-duck appropriations leviathan that trampled the incoming House majority’s prerogatives in instilling fiscal discipline? One supposedly unpassable bill she definitely referred to would require lifesaving care for aborted children born alive. Perhaps Mace prefers chloroform? […] The good news: in contrast to Mace and her fellow travelers on the Good Ship GOP’s port side, the hard nudge from his hard right appears to have instilled some useful forgetting and learning in Kevin McCarthy. […]  Moreover, the speaker has seemingly absorbed the three Rs that must shape the Republican agenda for this Congress:

Reset. As previously maintained here, mimic the . . . Revelation. Use every available platform—including the . . . Retribution. Not “score-settling,” as Democrats charge. Rather, make malicious malfeasants pay a political price for . . .

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/01/14/mccarthy-learns-his-three-rs-reset-revelation-and-retribution/


Bonchie: Democrat Introduces Legislation to Make White People Criticizing Minorities a Federal Crime

Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee, long in the running for being the vapidest member of Congress (oops, did I just commit a crime?), has introduced legislation that could make political criticism by white people against minorities a federal crime. In what can only be called a convoluted mess, the bill proposes that a white person who “vilifies” any non-white person and has their words end up on social media, accessible by “persons who are predisposed to engaging in any action in furtherance of a white supremacy inspired hate crime,” would themselves be committing a federal crime.

Read more: https://redstate.com/bonchie/2023/01/16/democrat-introduces-legislation-to-make-white-people-criticizing-minorities-a-federal-crime-n689270


Allison: Ronna McDaniel sidesteps publicly debating her RNC chair rivals

With the Republican National Committee elections approaching, current Chair Ronna McDaniel is resisting calls to participate in a public debate with her main rivals. Two conservative media entities, the John Fredericks Media Network and Real America’s Voice, are set to host a candidate forum on Jan. 25 live from the Dana Point, Calif., resort where RNC members will gather to elect their next chair. Both Harmeet Dhillon, the RNC committeewoman from California, and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, will be participating. […]  Virginia GOP Chair Rich Anderson is listed as moderator for the Fredericks and Real America’s Voice forum on an invitation emailed Wednesday to representatives of McDaniel, Dhillon and Lindell — though he told POLITICO that organizers were still working out the details. Anderson said he would be a neutral third-party host because he remains “totally uncommitted right now” to any of the candidates in the race.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/news/2023/01/13/ronna-mcdaniel-sidesteps-publicly-debating-her-rnc-chair-rivals-00077878


TUCKER CARLSON: Transparency is the only solution for Jan. 6

New House Speaker McCarthy has shown efforts to release all the Jan. 6 footage. […]  After two full years, after a highly publicized and highly politicized congressional committee, after endless grandstanding in the media, after unprecedented political crackdowns, after nearly 1,000 arrests, after all of that, Americans, yes, they do, have a right to know what actually happened on January 6. That’s what Kevin McCarthy said. Who could argue otherwise? What’s the counter argument? Well, there is one and Democrats have been making it in court and that’s why the footage from that day is still hidden. Here’s an actual quote from an actual brief filed in an actual federal court by an actual left wing U.S. attorney called Channing Phillips: “National security interest could be harmed by the disclosure of the sealed CCTV videos from the Capitol. Once the capabilities of the U.S. Capitol interior surveillance camera, including its position and whether it pans, tilts or zooms, is disclosed to the public via the release of a single video from that camera, the cat is out of the bag.”

Read more/Watch the 11 min video:   https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-transparency-only-solution-jan-6

War Room: Julie Kelly: 14,000 Hours of Jan 6 Surveillance Footage Revels Agent Provocateurs

Watch the 12 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v25ezrt-julie-kelly-14000-hours-of-jan-6-surveillance-footage-revels-agent-provocat.html


(1/8/23) War Room: Kari Lake: Our Elections Are Ran No Better Than The Elections In Venezuela Or Cuba

Watch the 9:45 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v25ajta-kari-lake-our-elections-are-ran-no-better-than-the-elections-in-venezuela-o.html

 ( 1/16/23): Kari Lake: Our Kids Will Grow Up Under Communism If We Don’t Fix Our Elections

Watch the 6:19 minute interview:    https://rumble.com/v25uplm-kari-lake-our-kids-will-grow-up-under-communism-if-we-dont-fix-our-election.html


Lyons-Weiler, PhD: 7 Facts Fauci Knew But Hid From the Public

Dr. Doom is also the Dr. of Deceit. The following is a paraphrase of the opening round — the warning shot — by U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) last Tuesday in which he used his time to outline seven facts that Dr. Anthony Fauci knew, and, more importantly, what Fauci did, and did not do, when he was made aware of these facts. This does not bode well for Fauci and those involved in the cover-up. Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/7-facts-fauci-knew-but-hid-from-the-public/ 

Margolis: Wut? New Covid Variant May Target the Vaccinated

Health officials in New York City are saying that those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 may be at a higher risk of contracting the new omicron subvariant XBB.1.5. And yes, I said vaccinated, not unvaccinated. “Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 now accounts for 73% of all sequenced COVID-19 cases in NYC,” the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene tweeted late last week. “XBB.1.5 is the most transmissible form of COVID-19 that we know of to date and may be more likely to infect people who have been vaccinated or already had COVID-19.”

Read more: https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/matt-margolis/2023/01/16/wut-new-covid-variant-may-target-the-vaccinated-n1662206

Citizen Free Press: Free Press: James Cintolo, RN FN CPT tweeted: The people going to Davos…for the WEF Conference do NOT want vaccinated Pilots. “We’re getting calls now from wealthy businessman who require unvaccinated pilots and crew” to fly planes.

Watch the 43 second clip: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/billionaires-want-unvaccinated-pilots-for-private-jets/

Hoft: 2-Year-Old Child Dies Suddenly One Day After Receiving Both the COVID Vaccine and Annual Flu Vaccine

According to the data from the CDC’s VAERS WONDER System, a two-year-old girl from New Hampshire died suddenly one day after receiving one dose of the Moderna vaccine and FluLaval Quadrivalent vaccine. […]  The child was not hospitalized, as was shown in the report, suggesting that the event occurred suddenly. An online obituary published by Brookside Chapel & Funeral Home in Plaistow, New Hampshire, matches the details posted on the VAERS website.

Read more: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/01/2-year-old-child-dies-suddenly-one-day-receiving-covid-vaccine-annual-flu-vaccine/


Benny Johnson tweet: James Comer and Jim Jordan drop BOMBSHELL pay-for-play smoking gun between Biden and CCP after MORE top secret docs FOUND stolen by Joe Biden

Watch the 9 minute Bartiromo/Jordon interview: https://twitter.com/bennyjohnson/status/1614984357579739137?cxt=HHwWgsDS9e7tyeksAAAA


Wauck: Briefly Noted: Russia – Ukraine Notes

India’s breaking all records for buying Russian oil, but who is the surprise buyer? It’s the US. Despite sanctions, the US is snapping up refined petroleum products from India made from Russian crude. #energy #oilandgas. In other words, while the US claims to be “bleeding” Russia, we are also feeding Putin’s war machine. Go figure. Someone’s making money, I guess. But here’s something perhaps a bit more interesting. It’s an open secret that NATO Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaisance (ISR) . . .

Read  more: https://meaninginhistory.substack.com/p/briefly-noted-russia-ukraine-notes?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2


(As goes California, so goes the country) Chasmar: San Fran’s reparations committee proposes $5 million to each Black longtime resident, total debt forgiveness

San Francisco’s reparations committee also proposes supplementing lower-income recipients’ income for 250 years. The San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee, which advises the city on developing a plan for reparations for Black residents, released its draft report last month to address reparations – not for slavery, since California was not technically a slave state, . . . […]  To be eligible for the program, the applicant must be 18 years old and have identified as Black or African American on public documents for at least 10 years. They must also prove at least two of eight additional criteria, choosing from a list that includes, “Born in San Francisco between 1940 and 1996 and has proof of residency in San Francisco for at least 13 years,” and/or, “Personally, or the direct descendant of someone, incarcerated by the failed War on Drugs.”

Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/san-frans-reparations-committee-proposes-5-million-each-longtime-black-resident-total-debt-forgiveness

 War Room: D.C.’s Economic Mismanagement Has Led To The Top 1% Receiving Two-Thirds Of New Wealth Created Since 2020, Cortes Reports

Watch the 6:24 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v25uiiq-steve-cortes.html

VDH: The Manic Methods of Mad Democrats

For all Joe Biden’s talk about “semi-fascist” and “un-American,” “ultra-MAGA” Republicans, it is the Democratic Party that has far more radically changed. It is descended into a woke, neo-socialist, radically green party. And it is committed, as Barack Obama once promised, to fundamentally transforming America. How it proceeds with that agenda is now as entirely predictable as it is creepy.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/01/15/the-manic-methods-of-mad-democrats/

 Hammer: Is the Deep State Coming After Joe Biden?

Earlier in the week, CBS News first broke the story that Biden had been storing classified documents, taken from his previous stint as vice president to Barack Obama, at the Chinese-funded Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement “think tank.” Those classified documents were first identified by Biden’s personal attorneys, CBS reported, on Nov. 2—a full six days before the midterm elections. Richard Sauber, Biden’s special counsel, claimed that the White House counsel’s office quickly notified the National Archives, which seized the documents posthaste. That alone would be bad enough for a president who utterly excoriated former President Donald Trump in the aftermath of last August’s unprecedented predawn FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s palatial Palm Beach estate, due to Trump’s own classified document retention scandal. Biden openly wondered to CBS’ “60 Minutes” news program weeks after the FBI raid “how anyone could be that irresponsible.”  The galling hypocrisy from the Penn Biden Center incident would have been bad enough. But then, Joe Biden’s week got even worse.

Read more: https://chroniclesmagazine.org/web/is-the-deep-state-coming-after-joe-biden/


Greenfield: The IRS Let Bail Funds Enable Ten Murders

People are dying because the IRS refuses to stop nonprofits from freeing criminals. […]  The Bail Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. That means that it’s really being subsidized by taxpayers. The $33 million in donations that poured into the pro-crime group in 2021, $19 million of which were used to bail out criminals, were treated as tax deductible contributions. Millions  have gone tax free to free criminals and inflict horrors on ordinary people like these. This was done in defiance of the tax code. And so it was the IRS that really enabled the near murder of Chengyan Wang, the brutal killing of Christie Holt and the murder of Dylan McGinnis. Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/the-irs-let-bail-funds-enable-ten-murders/


Lendrum: The Country’s Largest School Districts are Hiding Children’s ‘Gender Transitions’

According to the Daily Caller, several of the districts in question include Chicago Public Schools, the Los Angeles Unified School District, and New York Public Schools. These and many other schools have been actively working to shut the parents out of their students’ lives, with teachers and other school employees taking over a parenting role in the event that any such student is hit with the affliction that makes them believe they are somehow of the opposite gender. The Chicago Public Schools district, which currently has over 340,000 students, has implemented “guidelines regarding the support of transgender and gender nonconforming students,” which includes a “student administrative support team” that is designated to provide support for such students; the guidelines specifically state that parents are not to be notified of any such “transition” for their children.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/01/16/the-countrys-largest-school-districts-are-hiding-childrens-gender-transitions/


Citizen Free Press: New owner of Miss Universe is a Transvestite

Miss Universe kicked off last night, and this clip is blowing up.  This is a man.  Watch the 26 minute clip: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/new-owner-of-miss-universe-is-a-man-dressed-as-a-woman/


Joondeph: Too Wet? Too Dry? It’s All Climate Change!

Climate change, as defined by the United Nations: “Refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts may be natural, such as through variations in the solar cycle.” That’s actually a good definition. But not willing to leave well enough alone, the UN goes further, spoiling a simple and straightforward definition with: “But since the 1800s, human activities have been the main driver of climate change, primarily due to burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas.” It is amazing that before humans burned fossil fuels two centuries ago, it was only natural cycles that changed the climate, not backyard barbecues, gas stoves, and SUVs. Yet the UN does not explain how previous ice ages developed due to global cooling, followed by melting of mile-thick ice over the upper Midwest due to global warming, multiple times over the Earth’s history, long before there was any significant human activity. […]  Is this really about “saving the planet” or is the climate movement about money and control, similar to the COVID pandemic, the new homes of communism and tyranny?

Read more at American Thinker.



How will they interpret the past? it was a good book, the student told the 14 others in the undergraduate seminar I was teaching, and it included a number of excellent illustrations, such as photographs of relevant Civil War manuscripts. But, he continued, those weren’t very helpful to him, because of course he couldn’t read cursive. Had I heard him correctly? Who else can’t read cursive? I asked the class. The answer: about two-thirds. And who can’t write it? Even more. What did they do about signatures? They had invented them by combining vestiges of whatever cursive instruction they may have had with creative squiggles and flourishes. Amused by my astonishment, the students offered reflections about the place—or absence—of handwriting in their lives. Instead of the Civil War past, we found ourselves exploring a different set of historical changes. In my ignorance, I became their pupil as well as a kind of historical artifact, a Rip van Winkle confronting a transformed world. In 2010, cursive was omitted from the new national Common Core standards for K–12 education. [Note: Perhaps a  nefarious move by our country’s globalist elitists? A  decade or two from now the elites will be the ones reinterpreting our Founding documents which are  written in cursive.]

Read more: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2022/10/gen-z-handwriting-teaching-cursive-history/671246/


Kight: Younger voters declare independence

Younger U.S. voters are rejecting both parties and going independent. Why it matters: It’s a rebellion against this age of extreme partisanship. Just one-third of baby boomers said they were independent in Gallup polling before the midterms — compared to 52% for both millennials and Gen Z.

Read more: https://www.axios.com/2023/01/15/voters-declare-independence-political-parties 

Bleau: Florida Threatens to Suspend Licenses of Businesses Failing to Provide Proof of E-Verify Compliance

The Department of Economic Opportunity sent letters to several businesses, flagging the various companies for “repeat non-responsiveness” to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE). “If you persist and fail to respond to the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO), there will be significant consequences,” the letters reads, warning that the notice serves as the “final opportunity to respond before consequences are initiated.” It adds that the DEP will “not grant any extensions” or excuses for nonresponses

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/01/16/florida-threatens-suspend-licenses-businesses-failing-provide-proof-e-verify-compliance/


Tawil: Why Israelis Voted for Right-Wing Parties

The main reason behind the rise to power of the far-right parties in the recent general election in Israel is that many Israelis believe that Israel has no partner for peace on the Palestinian side. This, in addition to the growing sense of dismay among Israelis as a result of Palestinian violence and terrorism, which saw a significant upsurge in 2022. The widespread belief in Israel that the Palestinian Authority and its leader, Mahmoud Abbas, are not partners for peace is not baseless. Moreover, the dismay is justified.

Read more: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/19321/israel-right-wing-parties

(Universal Government Run Health Care) Canada’s Death Option

Using euthanasia to backstop your spotty universal health care system. Dying in a hospital is not what’s natural. That’s not what’s soft. In these kind of moments, you need softness.” So opens Canadian fashion retailer La Maison Simons’ lavishly produced viral video promoting “medical assistance in dying” (MAID). […]  Three weeks before Simons released its slick propaganda piece, the Canadian House of Commons entertained the question of whether it should be permissible to euthanize infants up to the age of one. On October 7, Dr. Louis Roy testified on behalf of the Quebec College of Physicians that death by lethal injection is suitable for children “with severe deformations and…very grave and severe syndromes…whose life expectancy and level of suffering are such that it would make sense to ensure that they do not suffer.” […]  Alas, moral sanity is steadily vanishing from western medical communities, and from large swaths of the societies they serve. Given Canada’s recent violations of its citizens’ bodily autonomy during the pandemic, and given that virtue signaling to the culture of death apparently helps sell designer clothes, it is a safe bet that the country will soon go the way of Groningen. Some U.S. states already tolerate infanticide of healthy babies. [NOTE: Don’t’ fool yourself into thinking that choosing euthanasia will always be your decision to make. It won’t be!]

Read more: https://americanmind.org/salvo/canadas-death-option/

(Covid vaccination related? ) (U.K.) 10-year-old who died after collapsing at school was ‘beautiful inside and out’

Rai-Leyah died on November 14 last year, just days after collapsing at her school in Wakefield. She was taken to the town’s Pinderfields Hospital but transferred to Leeds General Infirmary where she sadly died. A family spokesman said at the time it was believed the youngster had suffered a brain haemorrhage. She was described as previously fit and healthy.

Read more:https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/uk-news/10-year-old-who-died-25968201


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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