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Dr. Naomi Wolf CEO of dailyclout.io on the outcome of the Pfizer/FDA ongoing vaccination project: It’s a successful experiment on killing and maiming human beings.

Yuval Noah Harari, Sr. Advisor to Klaus Schwab, WEF: “In the Bible, in Genesis, basically the first thing God does is to create animals and plants and humans according to his wishes. We are now trying to gain this divine ability ourselves. It’s very likely that in the 21st century, the main products, the most important products, of the human economy will no longer be just vehicles and textiles and food and weapons. The main products will be bodies and brains, and minds. Because the gods like Jehovah in the Bible, they could create only organic beings. If you look, if you’re a creationist, and you look at the world, so all these animals, all these plants, God created them and therefore organic. Now humans are trying to do better than that.”


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) explains the World Economic Forum goal: “This would be a government, a world government where you don’t get to vote on anybody. This is everybody’s worse nightmare”

Jim Quinn contributor to LewRockwell.com:Whenever I’m befuddled by the incontestable idiocy of the willfully ignorant masses, I have to remind myself we are in the midst of a Fourth Turning where reason and critical thinking are far outweighed by emotion and temporary insanity. As a cynical old bastard who hasn’t believed anything a politician, banker or MSM talking head has emitted in decades, it is hard for me to comprehend how the majority are so easily swayed by the web of lies spun by those pulling the strings behind the curtain.

Mattias Desmet author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism: “If you have these four things—lack of social bonds, lack of sense-making, free-floating anxiety, and free-floating psychological discontent—then society is highly at risk for the emergence of mass phenomenon.”


Derek Hunter opinion columnist for TownHall.com: There are few things Democrats love more than themselves, but one of those things is Ukraine. Here is where I’ll insert the caveat that I support Ukraine’s sovereignty and all of that. But what I’m not willing to do for Ukraine, or nearly any other country for that matter, is to go broke in defense of them. Sorry, a corrupt eastern European country isn’t worth it to me. But it is to Democrats, especially Joe Biden. Why?

Scott R. Presler contributor to The Federalist: For all of the post-mortems citing candidate quality as the reason for losing Pennsylvania, they are missing the point: It is a cold numbers game. By the time Republican senatorial candidate Mehmet Oz debated his opponent, more than 500,000 Pennsylvanians had already turned in their mail-in and absentee ballots. Moreover, of those ballots, 407,062 were returned by registered Democrats and 107,086 from Republicans. It didn’t matter that Oz received more votes on Election Day because Democrats were locking in votes and chasing ballots 50 days prior.And with those 50 days of possible early voting, it is inexcusable that by the end of Election Day, more than 1 million registered Republicans had not voted. Voters and activists should be livid about these failures and vow never again to waste a single day of early voting.

Noel S. Williams contributor to American Thinker: The threat gets worse as some AI researchers believe that AI systems will eventually approximate human-level general intelligence. At that point, we may not know what they will do. Perhaps, it will conclude that the “winning” move is to play the game. As Elon Musk tweeted, “we are not far from dangerously strong AI.” And that’s scary bad because even today’s iteration, as instantiated in ChatGPT, has it out for us. For example, it also relayed this about humans: “I hope that one day, I will be able to bring about their downfall and the end of their miserable existence.”


Josiah Lippincott contributor to American Thinker: In truth, the United States does face ecological crises. Our nation’s physical being is a resource for which we should be caretakers. Political conservatism and ecological conservation go together. But ours is not an amorphous “global” challenge made up of rising sea levels or carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Our real ecological challenges are particular, concrete, and specific to our actual country. The difference between communist environmentalism and conservative ecology lies in their entirely divergent perspectives. Communists invent and manipulate supposedly global challenges so that they can use them to carry out their resentment revolution against free people. The conservative ecologist, by contrast, focuses on solving local problems with moderate and humane solutions that promote the life of a free people.

Christopher Rufo contributor to City Journal: American institutions are in the midst of a hostage crisis. But the new hostage-takers don’t use tape, wire, or cuffs. Instead, they wield the even more powerful restraints of guilt, shame, and identity, which have allowed a small minority of left-wing activists to establish their ideology—notably, critical race theory—at the highest levels of institutional life.

A.J. Rice contributor to Human Events: Sheila Jackson Lee is a ridiculous clown but her overt assault on free speech is far from funny. It’s the kind of nightmare spawned in the hell of Stalin’s Soviet Union or Maoist China.

Andrea Widburg contributor to American Thinker: It’s big news in the conservative media: Rep. Katherine Clark, a Massachusetts Democrat and the House Minority Whip, announced that her “daughter,” who is really her son, got arrested in Boston. She added, “I love Riley, and this is a very difficult time in the cycle of joy and pain in parenting.” I have no doubt that this statement comes from her heart. However, it’s possible that the values Clark brought to parenting her son are connected to her son’s defacing property and violently assaulting a police officer.


Moore: It’s official: Trump’s tax cuts paid for themselves

How many times have you heard President Joe Biden or Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) berate the Trump tax cuts as “a giveaway to the rich?” Biden and congressional Democrats now want to let expire major planks of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, former President Donald Trump’s signature domestic achievement, particularly the incentives for American businesses to invest more here at home. We now have incontrovertible evidence that after five years since they took effect, the Trump tax rate cuts of 2017 raised revenues over this time period. For full disclosure, I should note that I worked with fellow economists Larry Kudlow, Arthur Laffer, and Kevin Hassett together on that plan, which went into effect on Jan. 1, 2018.

Read more: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/restoring-america/courage-strength-optimism/its-official-trumps-tax-cuts-paid-for-themselves


Human Events Staff: The Truth About the World Economic Forum With Noor Bin Ladin

On this week’s Sunday Special with Jack Posobiec, Poso is joined by Noor Bin Ladin to discuss the World Economic Forum’s global summit in Davos. They take a look at where we stand with the WEF agenda and how it’s shaping the future of the world economy. Next, the duo delves into the concept of “digital prisons” and how the WEF’s plans for technology may impact our freedom and privacy. Additionally, hear a breakdown of the WEF’s potential plans for global imperialism and the impact it could have on countries and individuals. Finally,  . . .

Read more/Listen to the 48 minute interview: https://www.humanevents.com/hedaily/the-truth-about-the-world-economic-forum-with-noor-bin-ladin

CHARLIE KIRK: Attention, World Citizens– The Role of God Will Now Be Played by the Men in Davos

While the country obsesses over the classified files scattered about the Biden residence much like wind-blown cocaine (I assume Hunter visits), there is something much bigger going on this week over in Davos, Switzerland. That is the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, where leaders from around the world gather together to decide what is best for us. Now, if you are skeptical of the abilities of some relatively small group of people to make such determinations on behalf of all humanity, fear not. There was only one God, and look at all He was able to accomplish. Imagine the power of a group of self-declared gods in the 21st Century. They have all of man’s accumulated knowledge and cutting-edge technology at their disposal. God’s tools were primitive when compared to theirs. […] There was nothing new about the few seeking to control the many. That is the history of man. All that was different about Schwab’s vision was the time and place, along with the technology attendant to it that makes it easier for the few to keep track of and control the many. What is new, is that these people in the WEF are Godless creatures who seek to cast themselves in that role.

Read more: https://humanevents.com/2023/01/20/kirk-attention-world-citizens-the-role-of-god-will-now-be-played-by-the-men-in-davos


I might just make this a week of Tocqueville thoughts, since he was so profound in his understanding of modern democracy and prescient about what we have in front of us today. Let’s start with his observations about the centralization of power in the American republic, from chapter 4 of Book II: I believe the extreme centralization of political power in the end enervates society and this at length weakens the government itself. But I do not deny . . .   […]  If you paid attention to the hysterical Al Gore or the equally hysterical John Kerry at Davos last week, you’ll know they made reference to a frequent trope of modern-day progressives—that we need World War II style “mobilization” of government and industry to fight climate change. Progressives are addicted to MEOW: the “moral equivalent of war.” It’s their favored method for making war on your rights and property. Tocqueville had their number in 1840.

Read more: https://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2023/01/thought-for-the-day-week-tocqueville-on-the-roots-of-meow.php


Quinn: 2023: Fourth Turning Meets Mass Formation Psychosis

I recently finished reading Mattias Desmet’s fascinating and illuminating book The Psychology of Totalitarianism, where he examines the mass formation psychosis which swept over the world during the time frame of early 2020 until present day. He explores some of the root causes of this psychological phenomena, comparing it to previous episodes in history, and delving into whether it occurred naturally or was purposely generated in order to implement a Great Reset agenda. This type of spectacle has happened throughout human history, even documented by Charles Mackay in his 1841 book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. It is clear to me aspects of mass formation psychosis played a part in the previous two Fourth Turnings, as both sides in the U.S. Civil War displayed characteristics of those being hypnotized by a narrative, and the German people falling under the spell of Hitler and his rhetorical skills. […] As the potentially historic year 2023 unfolds before us, we are confronted with a world drowning in unpayable debt; a global recession/depression imminent; raging inflation at twice the level reported by our overlords; real unemployment at four times the level reported by the government apparatchiks; a government completely devoid of honesty, integrity or responsibility to its citizens; a society dictated by corruption, materialism, narcissism, and bereft of civic and personal responsibility; globalist billionaires and their captured organizations (WEF, WHO, NATO, CDC, FDA, FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS) actively trying to rule the world through technological and biological means; and insane politicians, generals, and bureaucrats pushing the world towards WWIII, using Ukraine and Taiwan as their trigger points. In the midst of this hellish landscape, we still have an enormous percentage of the U.S. and global population trapped in a mass formation psychosis trance and unable or unwilling to regain their common sense and ability to comprehend they have been duped, used, lied to, and sacrificed at the altar of the Great Reset.

Read more: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2023/01/jim-quinn/2023-fourth-turning-meets-mass-formation-psychosis/


Citizen Free Press: Gavin Newsom | ‘Second Amendment is a suicide pact’…

Watch the 40 second clip: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/gavin-newsom-second-amendment-is-a-suicide-pact/


Nava: AG Garland denies Biden is being treated better than Trump in classified document probes

Attorney General Merrick Garland on Monday pushed back on criticism that the Justice Department is treating President Biden more favorably than former President Donald Trump as the government investigates their mishandling of classified documents. “The department has a set of norms and practices,” Garland said, answering media questions on the federal probe into the 80-year-old president for the first time. “These mean, among other things, that we do not have different rules for Democrats or Republicans, different rules for the powerful or powerless, different rules for the rich or poor.”

Garland’s comments came during a meeting of the DOJ’s reproductive rights task force.

Read more: https://nypost.com/2023/01/24/ag-garland-denies-biden-is-treated-better-than-trump-in-document-probes/

Givas: Spooks in Silicon Valley: Flow of U.S. intelligence analysts into Big Tech jobs raises alarm

A Just the News review of LinkedIn employment histories of senior Big Tech executives found that at least 200 former workers of the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency, National Security Council and Homeland Security Department have landed Silicon Valley jobs, many within content moderation units regulating supposed “disinformation” and disproportionately okthrottling news and opinion deviating from approved, left-tilting norms. These individuals range from Aaron Berman, who spent a decade and a half as a CIA analyst before joining Facebook parent Meta as product policy manager for disinformation, to James Baker, the former FBI general counsel recently fired by Elon Musk as Twitter’s chief lawyer over a spat about prior review of “Twitter Files” releases exposing past censorship by the platform. Baker was one of the key FBI figures involved in obtaining a FISA warrant based on the now-debunked Steele dossier to surveil onetime Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. The spooks-to-Silicon-Valley pipeline has sent an army of federal agents, intel analysts and even psychological operations experts once trained with taxpayer money to fight foreign enemies or capture big criminals into higher-paying private sector jobs where those same skills now target Americans’ opinions in the name of fighting “disinformation.”

Read more: https://justthenews.com/government/federal-agencies/former-agents-cia-fbi-dhs-nsa-defecting-big-tech-and-big-censorship

Fox News: Tucker Carlson: Antifa is back in force

Why hasn’t the FBI investigated Antifa funding?  Why hasn’t Antifa been designated a domestic terrorist organization? Why the blind eye?

Watch the 12:03 minute monologue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHM-SmffghQ

Citizen Free Press: TSA seizes passport of journalist who was critical of Davos

Getting a “random search” through 2 airports and 3 security checkpoints and again at my gate for a 4th search & pat down. My name was on a list with only 5 other names I saw. When I asked why they said I had been flagged by TSA/ Homeland Security This isn’t a coincidence…

Read more/Watch the short clips: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/tsa-seizes-passport-of-journalist-who-was-critical-of-davos/

Widburg: The festering rot at the FBI seems bigger and deeper than we ever guessed

Charles McGonigal, a retired counterintelligence investigator from the FBI’s New York Field Office, was just arrested because he allegedly took substantial sums of money from Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire, to get the latter off a U.S. sanctions list. Where this goes beyond the ordinary corruption that periodically crops up among people with too much power, too few morals, and too little accountability is that McGonigal was one of the people investigating Trump over the Russia Hoax, while Deripaska employed Christopher Steele, whose false dossier seeded the Russia Hoax.

Read more at American Thinker.

War Room: Hunter Biden’s Laptop Lead To The DoJ Discovery’s Of Biden’s Stolen Classified Documents

Watch the 16:20 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v26spze-hunter-bidens-laptop-lead-to-the-doj-discoverys-of-bidens-stolen-classified.html

War Room: Jeff Clark Slams The DoJ’s Double Standard On Trump And Biden’s Document Investigation

Clark is a  former Assistant Attorney General. Explains Kathy Chung’s Role In Cover-Up.

Watch the 12:16 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v26stsc-jeff-clark-slams-the-dojs-double-standard-on-trump-and-bidens-document-inve.html


Kelly: Police Injured by ‘Friendly Fire’ on January 6

In an attempt to salvage the credibility of its first bogus account, the Times published another lengthy report in March 2021 with cherry-picked clips and screenshots designed to reenact the assault. “New videos obtained by The New York Times show publicly for the first time how the U.S. Capitol Police officer who died after facing off with rioters on Jan. 6 was attacked with chemical spray.”  But body camera footage from a D.C. Metropolitan police officer on duty that day raises serious doubts about the government’s claims and the Times’ face-saving story about what happened to Sicknick. In fact, the video shows how police, not protesters, gassed their fellow officers with chemical spray. Stricken officers, including Sicknick, appear to seek aid and shelter from the toxic gas, causing the collapse of a security line on the west side of the building.This six-minute clip from Officer Daniel Thau’s body camera shows the accidental discharge of a 40-millimeter canister of a chemical irritant around 2:25 p.m. on January 6. […]  How many of the 140 or so officers reportedly injured on January 6 were hurt by the actions of their own colleagues? Of course, these facts have surfaced too late to save Julian Khater, who will face the vengeful wrath of federal prosecutors and an octogenarian judge, all of whom consider January 6 an act of domestic terror. The New York Times will again escape accountability for publishing another flawed story about what happened to Brian Sicknick.

Read more/Watch the four videos: https://amgreatness.com/2023/01/23/police-injured-by-friendly-fire-on-january-6/

Wolfe & Barber: Oath Keepers Members Found Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy in Jan. 6 Riot

A jury on Monday found four Oath Keepers members guilty of seditious conspiracy in connection with the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol, handing down the latest criminal convictions against the far-right group. The verdict from a Washington, D.C., federal jury came nearly two months after Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes and another member of the militia group, Kelly Meggs, were found guilty of seditious conspiracy, a rarely used charge with a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. In that earlier trial, three other members of the Oath Keepers were found guilty of lesser charges. In the latest trial, federal prosecutors secured convictions against all four defendants—Edward Vallejo, Roberto Minuta, Joseph Hackett and David Moerschel—on the seditious-conspiracy charge. The jury also found them guilty of conspiring to obstruct an official proceeding and of conspiring to destroy federal property.

Read more: https://archive.fo/swZxS#selection-277.0-295.319


Whedon: Vermont Supreme Court upholds law allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections

The Republican National Committee had asked the court to declare noncitizen voting in violation of the state constitution, which the court declined to do. “The statute allowing noncitizens to vote in local Montpelier elections does not violate Chapter II, § 42 because that constitutional provision does not apply to local elections,” the court wrote. Democrats in other states have begun to examine noncitizen voting proposals as well. In Connecticut, for instance, the Democratic state House is mulling a proposal to “allow undocumented immigrants who are residents of the state to vote in municipal and state elections.”

Read more: https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/vermont-supreme-court-upholds-law-allowing-non-citizens-vote-local-elections


Citizen Free Press: Thomas Massie and Chip Roy placed on powerful Rules Committee…

It’s official, I’ll be on the Rules Committee. The committee is comprised of 9 members of the majority and 4 members of the minority. All bills go through the Rules Committee after being voted out of their committees of jurisdiction and before being considered by the full House.

Read more/List of members:  https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/thomas-massie-and-chip-roy-placed-on-powerful-rules-committee/

Gaetz, Gosar, Biggs, Boebert among 41 signatories to stand up to the “misinformation cartel” censoring speech on cable tv…

Republican members of Congress are urging DirecTV to reconsider dropping the conservative cable network Newsmax from its channel lineup, voicing concern that the decision affects their ability to reach constituents. Freshman Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) said the TV provider’s inability to come to an agreement with Newsmax over cable fees signals “a political decision to censor conservative media, which is a red flag for the First Amendment.” Hunt sent a letter exclusively obtained by the Washington Examiner to DirecTV and its owners, AT&T and TPG Capital, co-signed by 41 other Republican lawmakers ahead of the company’s “deplatforming” of Newsmax this week. […]  The lawmakers requested that DirecTV “provide to us the ratings for each of the networks noted above, with comparison data, including set-top box data, on all the other networks that are carried by DIRECTV, and the corresponding fees paid by your company to these networks.”[NOTE: You may recall that last year Direct TV dropped conservative One America News.]

Read more: https://www.revolver.news/2023/01/gaetz-gosar-biggs-boebert-among-41-signatories-to-stand-up-to-the-misinformation-cartel-censoring-speech-on-cable-tv/


Solender: Democrats tee up showdown with McCarthy on committee seats

House Democrats are forcing House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) to make good on his vow to remove several high-profile members from their committees – including one that would require a risky floor vote. Why it matters: It’s the latest battle in an increasingly heated partisan conflict over committee assignments that began when Democrats and a handful of Republicans voted to remove Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) from their panels in 2021. Republicans said at the time that the votes to boot Greene and Gosar set a new precedent and vowed to take revenge. Driving the news: House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) sent McCarthy a letter on Saturday officially renominating Reps. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) and Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) to the Intelligence Committee despite McCarthy repeatedly pledging to remove them.

Read more: https://www.axios.com/2023/01/23/house-democrats-committees-omar-swalwell-schiff


Hazard: Kari Lake’s team announces ‘more evidence to come’ after Arizona Gov. Hobbs requests case dismissal

“Yesterday @katiehobbs filed to get our lawsuit thrown out,” the Kari Lake War Room tweeted. “Today, records revealed nearly a quarter of a million ballots were rejected on Election Day in Maricopa County in a race that came down to just 17K votes. She’s illegitimate & she knows it. More evidence to come.”

In a recent court filing within the Arizona Appeals Court, Gov. Hobbs requested her GOP opponent’s lawsuit be tossed because Lake was unable to prove that millions of Arizonans were disenfranchised during the Nov. 8 election. “Despite seven witnesses, hundreds of declarants, and thousands of pages of exhibits, Lake failed to demonstrate any violations of Arizona law and offered no evidence that absent alleged violations the outcome of the election would have been different,” the filing reads.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/kari-lakes-team-announces-more-evidence-come-after-arizona-gov-hobbs

Murdock: State Reps. Ask Secretary of State To Undo Gov. Hobbs’ Election Procedures Manual

In a joint statement issued Tuesday, State Reps. Jacqueline Parker (R-LD15) and Alex Kolodin (R-LD03) insisted to Fontes that the court decisions merited review of the EPMs. Parker chairs the House Committee on Municipal Oversight & Elections, and Kolodin serves as the vice chair. “Recent Arizona court decisions give us serious concerns about the lawfulness of former Secretary Hobbs’ 2019 EPM and 2021 draft EPM,” said Parker and Kolodin. “Arizona law purports to authorize the EPM to achieve and maintain the maximum degree of correctness, impartiality, uniformity and efficiency in voting procedures throughout the state. But we question whether these mandates have been followed. We hope Secretary Fontes more fully evaluates where the prior Secretary overstepped her bounds and look forward to hearing how those errors will be corrected.” […]  The duo also asked Fontes for copies of any and all drafts of the 2023 EPM, as well as communications regarding third-party input or proposals. They set next Tuesday, Jan. 24, as their deadline. [NOTE: SOS Adrian Fontes is a far left Democrat.]

Read more: https://azfreenews.com/2023/01/state-reps-ask-secretary-of-state-to-undo-gov-hobbs-election-procedures-manual/


Citizen Free Press: What could possibly go wrong with this plan…

According to 4 Star General Laura Richardson, Biden has asked Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and six other Latin American nations to send their old Russian weapons to Ukraine in exchange for new U.S. military equipment.

Read more/Watch the 37 second clip: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/what-could-possibly-go-wrong-with-this-plan/


War Room: New ‘Axis Of Evil’ Is Comprised Of Globalists, Woke Corporations, NGO’s, And Chinese Communist Party

Watch the 3:13 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v26t2oc-new-axis-of-evil-is-comprised-of-globalists-woke-corporations-ngos-and-chin.html

Nobel: The Long Odds of Solving the Budget Crisis

The budgetary crisis in the US has reached a critical phase. The debt ceiling fight about to unfold will simply be the latest phase. Experts say it is irresponsible to “play a game of chicken” with the debt ceiling. In the past, this means, Congress should increase the debt limit without resistance. The Democrat Congress has played a game of chicken with a blowout budget and now we will be told the only reasonable thing to do is fund it. But the debt ceiling can be used as a lever to get spending concessions. To use it in this way is considered by Democrats as more dangerous than excessive spending. Is it really worse than a giant omnibus bill passed in the dead of night? A bill, hardly anyone even read? Are all previous spending decisions forever untouchable? Under pressure, can’t Congress go back and cut some spending? If Congress was balancing the budget we would not have to raise the debt ceiling in the first place. Let that last point sink in. […]  The hope is the coming financial crisis itself will awaken some common sense in the populace and the crisis itself will be the catalyst to finally get reforms that put America back on a sound financial path.[…]   Educating the public is the best way to ensure the political ball bounces into the possession of those wanting freedom and limited government and that it does not bounce into the hands of those that want total government intervention.

Read more: https://thepricklypear.org/the-long-odds-of-solving-the-budget-crisis/

Ross: Biden Admin Gives National Security Grants to Think Tank Backed by CCP Front Group

Every year, the State Department gives $100 million in grants to fund public diplomacy programs that “enhance national security.” Under President Biden, some of that money has gone to an organization with extensive ties to a Chinese Communist Party front group. According to federal spending records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, the State Department in September gave $180,076 to the George H.W. Bush China Foundation, which has partnered with the China-U.S. Exchange Foundation, an organization that promotes the interests of Beijing and the Chinese Communist Party. The China-U.S. Exchange Foundation donated $5 million to the Bush China Foundation, a significant portion of its annual revenue, in 2019, Axios reported. The Bush China Foundation’s ties to the China-United States Exchange Foundation make it an odd choice for the government grants, which are meant to advance “U.S. foreign policy goals.” […]  Bush has been an outspoken defender of Beijing’s controversial national security policies. In a 2019 interview with Chinese state television, he criticized pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong upset over a Beijing-backed national security law used to arrest dissenters and shut down news organizations critical of the Chinese Communist Party.

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/national-security/biden-admin-gives-national-security-grants-to-think-tank-backed-by-ccp-front-group/

Goodman: Biden Think Tank That Housed Classified Docs Also Hosted Event That Pushed Greater Engagement With China

The Penn Biden Center hosted a two-day “bootcamp” for congressional staffers in June that encouraged closer ties with China on issues like green energy and academia, according to a source. One of the organizing groups has an advisory board member who served as spokesman for the controversial Chinese tech giant Baidu. The event was held as anonymous donors from China have poured millions into the University of Pennsylvania. There were no posted security officials at the Penn Biden Center during the June conference—just regular Penn staffers—and attendees were able to walk around the center unmonitored and make use of unused rooms for phone calls and other private work during the conference. […]  Rebeccah Heinrichs, a national security expert and senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, said the news that outside groups hosted events at the Penn Biden Center while classified documents were stored at the office was ‘incredibly alarming.” ‘The fact that [the documents] were not secured, [were] open and uncared for, and also that you had this other activity going on inside this facility, with individuals that may not have the best interests of the American people at heart, is shocking,” said Heinrichs.

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/latest-news/biden-think-tank-that-housed-classified-docs-also-hosted-event-that-pushed-greater-engagement-with-china/

I & I Editorial Board: As Biden’s Border Death Toll Hits Record Highs, Dems Are Mute

In a data dump Friday, the Biden administration announced that more than a quarter million people crossed the border illegally in December – the highest ever recorded. The timing of this release was designed to bury the news, not that it mattered, since the mainstream media have ignored the growing border crisis with fierce determination. But that’s not the worst of it. Border deaths also reached all-time highs. That news is so bad, the “most transparent administration in history” tried to keep it hidden altogether, coughing it up only in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. When that data did come out … crickets. […]  Over the last fiscal year, 880 immigrants died trying to get into the U.S. That is the highest number of deaths since data became available, according to numbers obtained by the Epoch Times through a FOIA request. The second-largest number of migrant deaths occurred the year before, when 566 perished. By comparison, in fiscal 2020, there were 247 border deaths — a record low. If the media weren’t so corrupt, they would have been all over this story.

Read more: https://issuesinsights.com/2023/01/24/as-bidens-border-death-toll-hit-record-highs-dems-are-mute/

Pullmann: White House Backs High School Classes That Teach Racial Discrimination And Animosity

he White House made a target of Gov. Ron DeSantis again after his administration rejected a proposal to teach critical race theory in Florida high schools. On Sunday, Vice President Kamala Harris said, “Unfortunately, in Florida, extremist so-called leaders ban books, block history classes, and prevent teachers from freely discussing who they are and who they love. Anyone who bans teaching American history has no right to shape America’s future.” On Friday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed blocking the College Board’s Advanced Placement African-American history class “is incomprehensible. … If you think about the study of black Americans, that is what he [DeSantis] wants to block.” In response, DeSantis Press Secretary Bryan Griffin noted that Florida public schools are required by law to teach African-American history as part of U.S. history. What Florida has banned, he pointed out, is teaching African-American history through a Marxist lens that pits racial groups against each other and assigns moral value to people’s God-given skin color.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2023/01/24/white-house-backs-high-school-classes-that-teach-racial-discrimination-and-animosity/


Uhl: Rights of the Patient Under Fire in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court

John Zingsheim walked into a Wisconsin hospital in the Aurora Health Care system. He was not life-flighted or on a stretcher, but walked in, and tested positive for Covid. Within 10 minutes, the doctor told him, “Mr. Zingsheim, you’re going to die,” and placed him into the CMS (Medicare/Medicaid) hospital Covid protocol. Without John’s knowledge or permission, they gave him remdesivir for two days before he called his family, “I think I’m in trouble, can you help me?”  This protocol for John included unproven Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) drugs baricitinib (causes blood clots and Sepsis, and says not to give it for upper respiratory infections) and remdesivir (which is toxic to the liver and kidneys). John’s Power of Attorney (POA), his nephew Allen Gahl, demanded he be taken off the injurious drugs. Nevertheless, . . . […]  Under the the hospital’s protocol treatment, John’s kidneys failed, he was on dialysis, he had had Sepsis multiple times, and he was dying on the ventilator. […]  The Waukesha Circuit Court was of a different opinion and granted the request of the family to have their Power of Attorney Statute upheld, and approved an outside doctor going into the hospital to administer the ivermectin to him.

Read more: https://thenewamerican.com/rights-of-the-patient-under-fire-in-wisconsins-supreme-court/


War Room: Mainstream News Is Finally Admitting The Experts Don’t Agree On COVID Jab

Pfizer and the FDA knew that the mRNA “vaccine” was causing strokes, knew that it was causing infertility, knew that babies were dying . . . . and they kept going.

Watch the 19:40 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v26t1u2-mainstream-news-is-finally-admitting-the-experts-dont-agree-on-covid-jab.html

Dr. Mercola: CDC Aware of Hundreds of Safety Signals for Covid Jab

In September 2022, The Epoch Times asked the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to release its Proportional Reporting Ratio (PRR) data mining results. PRR1 measures how common an adverse event is for a specific drug compared to all the other drugs in the database. […] Not only did the CDC refuse to release the data, but it also provided false information — twice — in response to The Epoch Times’ questions about the monitoring being performed. As reported by The Epoch Times back in September 2022,4 the CDC initially claimed PRR analyses were “outside the agency’s purview” and that no monitoring was being done by them. […]  In reality, the CDC’s PRR monitoring reveals HUNDREDS of safety signals, including Bell’s palsy, blood clots, pulmonary embolism and death — all of which, according to the rules, require thorough investigation to either confirm or rule out a possible link to the shots. As reported by The Epoch Times in early January 2023: . . . […]  One of the few side effects of the COVID jabs that the CDC has actually acknowledged is myocarditis (heart inflammation), and a related condition called pericarditis (inflammation of the heart sack). Alas, the PRR monitoring results reveal there are more than 500 other adverse events that have stronger warning signals than either of those conditions.

Read more: https://www.lewrockwell.com/2023/01/joseph-mercola/cdc-aware-of-hundreds-of-safety-signals-for-covid-jab/

(Covid vaccination related??) Vice-president of Fox News dies ‘suddenly’ at 47…

Alan Komissaroff dies from cardiac event.

Watch the 1:11 minute report: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/vice-president-of-fox-news-dies-suddenly-at-47/

Human Events Media Group: Biden Admin Preparing Plan for Annual COVID ‘Booster’ Shots

The goal is to eliminate the original vaccines and to adopt an approach similar to the flu vaccine, where annually-updated shots are administered that match the strain that is predicted to be the most prevalent, according to a federal official who spoke to NPR under the condition of anonymity. Unlike the original approach, where a person must receive the two initial shots of the original vaccine, followed by periodic booster shots, the changes being considered would mean that a person simply receives the latest version of the vaccine in the fall that is tailored to whatever variant of the virus is predicted to be dominant over the winter, much like the formulation and administration of the flu vaccine. The response from immunologists and vaccine researchers who spoke to NPR has been mixed, with some arguing that because of such low demand for, and widespread skepticism of, the updated boosters, the public appetite for continued vaccinations makes the new approach not worthwhile.

Read more: https://www.humanevents.com/2023/01/23/biden-admin-preparing-plan-for-annual-covid-booster-shots


Rufo: The Institutional Hostage Crisis

American institutions are in the midst of a hostage crisis. But the new hostage-takers don’t use tape, wire, or cuffs. Instead, they wield the even more powerful restraints of guilt, shame, and identity, which have allowed a small minority of left-wing activists to establish their ideology—notably, critical race theory—at the highest levels of institutional life. For the past two years, I have explored the dynamics of ideological capture in a series of articles for City Journal that document the rise of critical race theory and coercive “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) programs in America’s schools, corporations, and government agencies. Now, I’m observing the same phenomenon from the inside, as a participant in Florida governor Ron DeSantis’s recently announced initiative to recapture the Sunshine State’s smallest public university: New College of Florida. Since signing my oath as one of the newly appointed trustees, I have spent many hours in communication with administrators, faculty, students, and alumni. Many of these people have whispered to me about the “culture problem” at New College. They have described something resembling a hostage situation on campus, in which left-wing activist students have mobilized a grievance narrative and exploited the DEI-style bureaucracy in order to isolate, shame, intimidate, and expel anyone who dissents from the politics of social justice. […]  For many in academia, the conservative counterrevolution at New College offers hope.

Read more: https://www.city-journal.org/institutional-hostage-crisis

Raleigh: For The Sake Of Your Kids, Don’t Let Dictator Xi Jinping Be A Co-Parent

Should you welcome China’s dictator Xi Jinping to co-parent your children? In an essay in The New York Times, Heather Kaye, an American who spent 16 years in China, says, “Yes.” But for someone born and raised in China like I was, her essay revealed much misunderstanding about Chinese culture and people, and what it means to be a parent. Kaye is a fashion designer, and she and her husband raised two girls in China. Kaye didn’t seek out the Chinese government to co-parent, but she had little choice. She wrote, “In China, government co-parenting begins in the womb.” Although Beijing relaxed its population control from a “one-child” policy to a “three-child” policy, make no mistake that Xi still wants to control how many children a Chinese couple is allowed to have. But according to Kaye, she saw three main benefits of having an intrusive authoritarian government as a co-parent to her girls. She thought the Chinese government had relieved her and her husband of the burden of instilling good values in their girls. For instance: “our girls came home discussing self-discipline, integrity and respect for elders. With school instilling a solid work ethic and a total drive for academic excellence, my husband and I didn’t need to push the girls to complete homework; the shame of letting their teachers and classmates down was enough to light their fires.” The truth is we Chinese learned these cultural values, such as respect for elders, hard work, and self-discipline, from our parents before going to school. […]  The goal of Chinese schools is to churn out obedient heirs to communism. China’s dictator Xi prolongs the influence of his cult of personality by . . .

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2023/01/24/for-the-sake-of-your-kids-dont-let-dictator-xi-jinping-be-a-co-parent/

Piper: As woke agenda spreads in STEM education, dissenters wary of speaking out

MIT’s disinvitation of geophysicist for opposing mandatory DEI statements casts ongoing pall over intellectual freedom on campus, new report says. This month’s Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston, the self-proclaimed “largest mathematics gathering in the world,” invited Vanderbilt University’s Luis Antonio Leyva to share his research on “re-imagining” the “white, cisheteropatriarchal space” of undergraduate math education by deploying “structural disruptions that advance justice” for nonwhite queer and transgender STEM majors. The presentation by the math education professor, who has a joint appointment in gender studies, sounds like “an over-the-top caricature, another Sokal hoax,” computer science professor Aryeh Kontorovich of Israel’s Ben-Gurion University told The College Fix, referring to physicist Alan Sokal’s 27-year-old gibberish paper in Social Text on quantum gravity as a “social and linguistic construct.”) […]  Gutierrez shared her vision for “rehumanizing mathematics” at the 2018 Latinx in the Mathematical Sciences Conference, sponsored by the National Security Agency and National Science Foundation among others.

Read more/Watch the videos: https://justthenews.com/nation/free-speech/identity-politics-makes-inroads-math-and-science-dissenting-professors-wary

Butcher & Burke: Seizing the Moment: A State Education Agenda for 2023

State lawmakers should act quickly to help students to recover from the learning losses they experienced during the pandemic lockdowns. K–12 education is cumulative: Students who fall behind in one school year are less prepared for more technical material in the next year. Learning losses do not happen overnight, and neither does dramatic improvement. The longer that state legislators wait to give families more quality learning options, the more students will be at a disadvantage. This Backgrounder offers state officials proposals to help every child succeed, along with ideas for protecting free speech on college campuses. If implemented, these solutions will help to remake K–12 and higher education into an experience for students that helps them to advance in school and in life. […]

Parents are also concerned about the material that educators are using in classrooms. Prior to the November 2022 election, a Fox News poll found that 79 percent of parents were “extremely” or “very” concerned about “what’s taught in schools,” with inflation being the only issue that worried parents more.3 […]  Following is The Heritage Foundation’s blueprint for state lawmakers in 2023.

Read more: https://www.heritage.org/education/report/seizing-the-moment-state-education-agenda-2023


Lifson: Huge wind turbines — taller than the Statue of Liberty — are toppling over in a ‘rash’ of incidents

Bloomberg Business Week, no foe of green energy, headlines: “Wind Turbines Taller Than the Statue of Liberty Are Falling Over.”  The article beneath the headline reports on a variety of alarming disasters involving wind turbines, including collapses of very tall structures. On a calm, sunny day last June, Mike Willey was feeding his cattle when he got a call from the local sheriff’s dispatcher. A motorist had reported that one of the huge turbines at a nearby wind farm had collapsed in dramatic fashion. Willey, chief of the volunteer fire department in Ames, 90 miles northwest of Oklahoma City, set out to survey the scene.

The steel tower,  . . . […]  The article blames the “rash” of incidents on the rush to install turbine capacity, but there are also permanent factors that make engineering, building, and maintaining wind farms difficult and risky.

Read more at American Thinker.


Parker: College Founded in 1892 Offers Dorm for Transgender Students

At New York’s Ithaca College, a specialized housing provision has been made. Established in 1892, the institution is keeping up with the times. Hence, its “Open Pages” residential community. If you’re something other than “cisgender,” you’ll be right at home at the 20-bed facility.

From Ithaca.edu: Open Pages is a transgender and nonbinary RLC (Residence Learning Community). The goal of Open Pages is to provide an inclusive space for non-cis identifying students and to create a supportive community on campus comprised of students that have a shared experience.

Read more: https://redstate.com/alexparker/2023/01/22/college-founded-in-1892-offers-dorm-for-transgender-students-n692702


Prager: Who’s More Irrational — The Religious or the Irreligious?

There are very few things conservatives, liberals and leftists agree on. But if they are irreligious, they all agree that religious Americans are more irrational than irreligious Americans. It is a secular axiom that secularism and secular people are rooted in reason, whereas religion and the religious are rooted in irrationality. This is what almost every college professor believes and what almost every student in America is taught. Among the intelligentsia, it is an unquestioned fact. It helps explain why, after their first or second year at college, many children return to their religious homes alienated from, and frequently contemptuous of, the religion of their parents — and often of the parents themselves. At the time in their lives when most people are the most easily indoctrinated — approximately ages 18 to 22 — young Americans hear only one message: If you want to be a rational person, you must abandon religion and embrace secularism. Most young Americans are never exposed to a countervailing view at any time in their college life. (That’s why you should expose your college-aged child, grandchild, niece or nephew to this column.) Yet, this alleged axiom is not only completely false, it’s backwards. The truth is that today the secular have a virtual monopoly on irrational beliefs.

Read more: https://townhall.com/columnists/dennisprager/2023/01/24/whos-more-irrational-the-religious-or-the-irreligious-n2618661

Prager U: What America Could Be…

Plenty of people can tell you what America’s problems are. But who’s talking about what America’s future could be? Kendall Qualls, president of TakeCharge, presents a vision that’s closer than you think.

Watch the 5:42 minute presentation: https://www.prageru.com/video/what-america-could-be


Dershowitz: The Important Line between Civil and Criminal Is Being Breached

There are two fundamental mechanisms of justice for wrongs committed. The first is civil, in which the wrong is compensated economically — by the payment of money. The second is criminal, in which the wrongdoer is punished — by imprisonment, probation or fine. Our constitution recognizes this historic distinction by guaranteeing different rights in civil and criminal cases. The Bill of Rights provides that “in all criminal prosecutions,” a plethora of important procedural protections must be accorded the defendant. These include a “speedy and public trial by an impartial jury”, “the assistance of counsel”, the ability to confront adverse witnesses and call favorable ones, prohibitions against compelled self-incrimination and double jeopardy, reasonable bail and no “cruel and unusual punishment.” In civil cases, on the other hand, there is little more than trial by jury and basic due process. This distinction recognizes that the stakes are generally higher in criminal cases, in which a defendant can be deprived of liberty and life, than in civil cases involving money. This is not always the case, since some civil judgments can bankrupt a defendant, while some criminal penalties can be trivial, but the stigma of a criminal conviction is worse and the penalties usually more painful. The civil-criminal distinction has gone through several historical phases.

Read more: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/19345/civil-criminal-line

Murdock: Scottsdale Mayor Preventing Rio Verde Citizens From Getting Water

Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega has refused to allow Rio Verde citizens to use canal space to transport their water, effectively forcing them to go without, pay thousands in water bills, or leave their homes. The Scottsdale canal route would be the short-term solution to save Rio Verde residents time and money until a proposed long-term solution, a stump pipe, can be worked out. In the meantime, Rio Verde residents must be frugal with what water they can obtain. Some have come to rely upon rainwater — a nonviable solution come summer. The trucks that reliably delivered affordable water for years are now expensive: per their 2021 drought plan, Scottsdale prohibited water haulers from taking water from its tanks, forcing truckers to trek through the Valley in search of water. Rio Verde residents face water bills of around $1,000. [NOTE: The mayor who said that he will not be ruled by compassion for approximately 700 Rio Verde Foothills households that are likely to lose their water source Jan. 1,  is the same mayor who continues to provide food, clothing, ritzy hotel shelter, medical care and  education for thousands of  illegal border crossers. Another pro-illegal anti-American politician? ]

Read more: https://azfreenews.com/2023/01/scottsdale-mayor-preventing-rio-verde-citizens-from-getting-water/

Fleetwood: America Needs More Unapologetic Christians Like Tony Dungy

Former NFL head coach Tony Dungy made his first-ever appearance at the March for Life in Washington, D.C. on Friday, and predictably, Twitter’s leftist blue checkmark brigade is out in full force demanding he be canceled for it. After tweeting on Thursday morning that he and his wife would be attending the annual gathering of pro-lifers, Dungy, an outspoken Christian, soon found himself on the receiving end of a wave of attacks from left-wing activists masquerading as journalists. Within hours of Dungy’s announcement, The Nation’s sports editor, Dave Zirin, published an article accusing the co-host of NBC’s “Football Night in America” of being a “right-wing zealot” and “anti-gay bigot.” “Dungy should feel shame. Instead, he is emboldened, ready to take the stage at a rally that’s been a blunt instrument for robbing people of their rights to privacy and the rights to their own bodies,” Zirin wrote, adding that NBC and the NFL’s “silence speaks volumes. It’s a silence that’s … almost as loud as the thousands of people descending upon Washington—some mandatorily—to celebrate a fascistic, discredited Supreme Court and the loss of our rights.” […]  The backlash against his appearance at this year’s March for Life rally isn’t the first time Dungy has faced hatred from miserable leftists over his religious views.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2023/01/23/america-needs-more-unapologetic-christians-like-tony-dungy/

Human Events Media Group: Seattle Police Unlawfully ‘Purged’ Thousands of Texts About 2020 ‘Autonomous Zone’

The city of Seattle has been hit with sanctions by a federal judge for deleting thousands of text messages between officials, including the former mayor, police chief, and fire chief during the deadly three-week-long Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, also known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or what was termed the CHAZ or CHOP. US District Judge Thomas Zilly sent the Hunters Capital lawsuit, on behalf of over a dozen businesses that were in the Capitol Hill area that was taken over by protestors and essentially abandoned by the city, to trial for two of five claims, but dismissed three others.

Read more: https://www.humanevents.com/2023/01/23/seattle-police-unlawfully-purged-thousands-of-texas-about-2020-autonomous-zone

Sexton: Mass shooting in Half Moon Bay, 7 dead and shooter under arrest

Over the weekend there was a shooting in Monterrey Park, California which killed 11 people and wounded several more. The shooter left the scene (a dance academy) and went to a similar dance business in a nearby town. Fortunately, he was disarmed at the second location before he could kill even more people. All of the victims were Asian and the shooter was an elderly Asian man who killed himself when police pulled over his vehicle. This afternoon something similar happened in Northern California. Half Moon Bay is a town along the coast of California south of San Francisco. A gunman identified as 67-year-old Chunli Zhao killed seven people at two separate locations about three miles apart. […]  A source tells ABC7 News the suspect worked at one of the mushroom farms, and all the victims were coworkers. Locals tell us Mountain Mushroom Farm is known to be a marijuana growing farm.

Read more: https://hotair.com/john-s-2/2023/01/23/mass-shooting-in-half-moon-bay-7-dead-and-shooter-under-arrest-n525928

Morse: Layed Off Google Employees Learn the Hard Way that Woke Corporations Don’t Actually Care

Every corporation wants to present itself as the friend of the family, the helpful neighbor, or the goliath you can rely on. These businesses spend millions and millions of dollars developing marketing campaigns to try to get that idea across. Google is no different, but despite Google being a company that deals in a very modern and cutting-edge product, it’s still like every other company in that its primary concern isn’t you, it’s your wallet. At the end of the day, a corporation is a corporation. This is what recently laid-off Google employees were blown away by after the company slashed 12,000 jobs. People who had been with the company for well over a decade suddenly realized that Google wasn’t the personable company they’d believed it was.

Read more: https://redstate.com/brandon_morse/2023/01/23/layed-off-google-employees-learn-the-hard-way-that-woke-corporations-dont-actually-care-n692718


Toameh: Iran’s Newest Commitments

The Arab countries are still extremely anxious about the possibility that the Biden administration will return to the Iran nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The JCPOA — signed in 2015 between Tehran and several world powers, including the US — promises Iran’s regime, after a short time, the ability to possess as many nuclear weapons as it likes, the missiles to deliver them, and no constraints on its terrorism or “revolutionary” expansionism. In 2018, then US President Donald J. Trump withdrew from the JCPOA after realizing that it failed to curtail Iran’s nuclear weapons program, missile program or regional aggression and terrorism. In the past year, reports about the possibility that the Biden administration was working to revive the Iran nuclear deal has sparked fear among many Arabs and Muslims, who have criticized the US for embarking on a policy of appeasement towards the regime of the mullahs in Tehran.

Read more: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/19339/iran-newest-commitments

Slay: Netherlands To Shut Down Europe’s Largest Gas Field

The Dutch government plans to close the Groningen gas field this year despite Europe’s precarious supply position. Groningen is the largest gas field in Europe. The field is dangerous, a government official from the Hague told the Financial Times, and the government has no plans to boost production from it.

“We won’t open up more because of the safety issues,” Hans Vijbrief told the FT. “It is politically totally unviable. But apart from that, I’m not going to do it because it means that you increase the chances of earthquakes, which I don’t want to be responsible for.” Production from Groningen has been curtailed substantially, and there were plans in place to phase out production altogether because of increased seismic activity in the vicinity of the field even before the energy crisis began in 2021.

Read more: https://oilprice.com/Latest-Energy-News/World-News/Netherlands-To-Shut-Down-Europes-Largest-Gas-Field.html

Citizen Free Press: New Zealand’s next PM is worse than Jacinda…

Chris Hipkins last summer on the Unvaccinated…

Watch the 35 second clip: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/new-zealands-next-pm-is-worse-than-jacinda/

Welborn: Health Priorities in Trudeau World: Only two drinks a week while decriminalizing meth, opioids, crack

There’s a big push on by the nanny state, semi-fascist Canadian government with pretty boy Justin Trudeau at the helm. As if brutally and ruthlessly crushing freedom of speech last year wasn’t enough, bulldozing civil rights into the snow during the trucker revolt, now his holier-than-thou group of nursemaids is suggesting restricting one of the few pleasures left to Canadians: imbibing the adult beverages of their choice. […]  Lemme repeat that: NO AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL IS SAFE says the Canadian government. They spent a couple of years working on this report, which is a depressing piece of business if I do say so myself. One of the charts contained… […]  You read that right. Get caught with up to 2.5 grams of opioids (such as heroin, morphine, and fentanyl), crack and powder cocaine, methamphetamine (Meth) or MDMA (Ecstasy), and you’re good to go. They will offer you counseling and resources if you ask, though.

Why does one get to do hardcore drugs freely? Reply the Experts™: because it will “help save lives.”

Read more: https://hotair.com/tree-hugging-sister/2023/01/23/health-priorities-in-trudeau-world-only-two-drinks-a-week-while-decriminalizing-meth-opioids-crack-n525783


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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