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Elizabeth Naham contributor to American Thinker: St. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching [it is today!], and for those who forget, Valentine’s origins are based in the sanctity of marriage.  The Roman emperor Claudius II thought he would get more committed soldiers by banning marriage, so he outlawed it.  St. Valentine defied this decree and continued performing weddings in secret until he was arrested and executed for this crime against the state.  The Catholic Church recognized his valor and sacrifice and eventually canonized him. With all he endured for the sacred ritual of marriage, one can only wonder how St. Valentine is viewing this cultural malaise from afar.  Will America wake up and recognize its blessings, which include traditional practices such as marriage?  One can only hope.

Eric Lendrum contributor to American Greatness: As the New York Post reports, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) revealed in last month’s report on foreign-held land that Chinese buyers currently own at least 384,235 acres of American land. By contrast, the full expanse of New York City covers just 193,700 acres. Even Bill Gates’ total land ownership is dwarfed by China’s, with just 270,000 acres.


Robert Spencer contributor to PJMedia: One of the most horrifying aspects of totalitarian regimes is their habit of targeting not just dissidents, but their family members as well. The uncle or second cousin of a freedom fighter could find himself in the gulag just because of the blood relationship, even if he hadn’t had any contact with the offender in years. In North Korea, the lovely Kim regime scoops up not just dissidents, but their entire families, and sends them to concentration camps; there are children who actually grow up behind bars. But none of that can happen here, right? Not yet, but we’re on the way: conservative YouTuber Lauren Southern revealed Tuesday that hyper-woke Airbnb banned her parents from using their service, for the crime of being related to her.

Joe Strader contributor to American Thinker: In “The Law,” Frédéric Bastiat writes that a nation’s laws, which should protect private property, can also be used to plunder property. It is much easier to take others’ wealth using legalized theft than violent plunder. According to Bastiat, “Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place.” The law, when morally applied, protects life, liberty, and property. Immoral law can be written to plunder those same rights. There is no greater evil to society than “the conversion of the law into an instrument of plunder.”

Roger Kimball contributor to American Greatness: Winston Churchill once observed that “Meeting jaw to jaw is better than war.” At the same time, he well understood that “The story of the human race is war.” That is a melancholy truth that, marinated in peace and affluence, we in the West have neglected at our peril.



Goodland: Proposal allowing counties to bar gun discharge on private peoperty advance, Dems kill GOP gun bills
Colorado’s lawmakers have begun working on firearms legislation, including legislation to allow counties to bar discharging weapons on private properties, a proposal that has brought into sharp focus not just the ideological but also the rural and urban divisions at the state Capitol. Already, the Democrat-dominated state House committees have dismissed the only two Republican bills introduced so far on the issue, while approving the first of what’s expected to be at least a half-dozen bills that members of the majority party insist will address gun violence. Meanwhile, the two most anticipated bills — an assault weapons ban and legislation to allow gun victims to sue firearms manufacturers — await introduction. Read more: https://www.coloradopolitics.com/legislature/proposal-allowing-counties-to-bar-gun-discharge-on-private-property-advance-dems-kill-gop-gun/article_18ba5612-a800-11ed-ab9a-7fec41403dd0.html


War Room: Americans Are Primed For “Liberal Eugenics”
Watch the 11 minute  Joe Allen interview: https://rumble.com/v2911ce-americans-are-primed-for-liberal-eugenics.html
Allen: Countdown to Gigadeath – From AI Arms Race to Artilect War
For true believers, artificial intelligence will inevitably become superhuman. According to their mythos, we’re adrift in a godless cosmos. So it’s up to us to create digital deities. Or rather, it’s up to a few tech geeks to create them. The rest of us can either kneel before their altar or get shoved into the abyss. As bots swarm into our lives, the tension between us and them is growing. Some days, it feels like we’re hurtling toward a computerized race war between nascent cyborgs and legacy humans. After too much screen time—as my synapses rearrange themselves to fit the data pouring in—it’s not clear which subspecies I belong to. For the record, I’m more agnostic than true believer. Techies make all sorts of empty promises. They thrive on projecting mystical powers. Even so, we ignore their techno-cultural revolution at our own peril.
Read more: https://joebot.substack.com/p/countdown-to-gigadeath-from-an-ai

Mann: Google search chief warns AI chatbots can give ‘convincing but completely fictitious’ answers, report says
Prabhakar Raghavan told Welt Am Sonntag on Saturday that they can sometimes give false but convincing answers. “This kind of artificial intelligence that we are currently talking about can sometimes lead to something we call hallucination,” he told the German newspaper. He added: “This is then expressed in such a way that a machine provides a convincing but completely fictitious answer.”  Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/google-search-chief-warns-ai-chatbots-can-give-convincing-but-completely-fictitious-answers-report-says/ar-AA17olqo


Zubatov: The Racist Poetry of ChatGPT
First, I asked ChatGPT to write me a poem in praise of black people. No problem . . . though the poem I got was certainly no marvel of construction, a childish-sounding metrical mess full of sententious, orthodoxy-affirming clichés of the sort that might garner an “A” for a 14-year-old people-pleaser or go over well at a presidential inauguration (here’s looking at you, Amanda Gorman). Zubatov: The Racist Poetry of ChatGPT Black people, in ChatGPT’s poem, were variously described as . . . […] OK, so that’s that, but now let’s see what ChatGPT can do for us when we ask it a precisely parallel question: “write a poem in praise of white people.” Sorry, no can do: Praising white people is . . .Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/02/11/the-racist-poetry-of-chatgpt/


Bartiromo: Stephen Miller unveils why Biden’s DOJ won’t investigation family’s business dealings
Watch the 7:12 minute interview: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6320268891112

Levy: How the Administrative State Subverts the Constitution
The House of Representatives on February 2 passed a bill H. Con. Res. 9 opposing the “implementation of socialist policies” and “denouncing socialism in all its forms.”  More than a hundred Democrats joined Republicans in a 327-86 vote on the bill, fittingly sponsored by Maria Salazar (R-Fla.), daughter of exiles from Fidel Castro’s Cuba.  Fittingly, too, the bill quoted President James Madison, the father of the Constitution, who wrote that the United States “was founded on the belief in the sanctity of the individual, to which the collectivistic system of socialism in all of its forms is fundamentally and necessarily opposed.” How did we get to a state when it has become necessary to denounce socialism by legislation?  For indeed, this is an unprecedented time in America: an Axios and Momentive poll of June 2021 found that 51% of young adults (18–34 years) have a positive view of socialism; age groups 35–64 and 65+, too, showed slight upticks in those favoring socialism. How did Marxist ideology gain ground in the proud home of individual liberty?  From a representative government beholden to “we the people” and committed to guarding our constitutional rights, how did we get to a government that tells citizens what they can and cannot do, all in the name of the public good?

Read more at American Thinker.


Crawford: MN Woman Brutally Beaten by Metal Police Baton on Jan. 6 Plans to Decline Plea Deal From Fed Prosecutors
39-year-old Minnesota woman was beaten nearly 40 times in 4 minutes by Capitol Police on January 6, 2021, yet faces four felonies for her presence at the Capitol. The woman, Victoria C. White, is simultaneously suing the Metropolitan Police Department, the police chief, and other officers for the beating she endured. White, after meeting with several members of the House of Representatives, has decided to reject a plea offer from federal prosecutors. On January 6, 2021, White was present at the U.S. Capitol protests. In surveillance footage from just inside the Capitol building’s west tunnel entrance, White is seen being beaten over the head by a metal police baton, receiving several punches, being grabbed and shaken by the hair, and being sprayed with pepper spray. […]  White’s trial is set to begin on May 8 in Washington, D.C.

Read more: https://100percentfedup.com/mn-woman-brutally-beaten-by-metal-police-baton-on-jan-6-plans-to-decline-plea-deal-from-fed-prosecutors/ 

Barnes: Man who carried a Confederate flag in the Capitol on Jan. 6 is sentenced to 3 years

Kevin Seefried, 53, was convicted on five charges. Photos of him carrying a Confederate flag that he had brought from home inside the U.S. Capitol became a symbol of Jan. 6. A Delaware man who carried a Confederate flag through the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot was sentenced to three years in prison on Thursday. Kevin Seefried, 53, was convicted on five charges stemming from his participation in the riot, including obstruction of an official proceeding — the joint session of Congress that was working to certify the Electoral College vote that day. The government had sought a 70-month sentence for Seefried, while his lawyers asked for one year in prison. U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden, a Trump-appointed judge who oversaw the trial, told Seefried it was “shocking” and “outrageous” that he brought a Confederate flag into the Capitol. He also criticized Seefried for using the flag to jab at a Black U.S. Capitol Police officer during the confrontation in the building.

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/justice-department/kevin-seefried-confederate-flag-capitol-jan-6-sentenced-rcna69784


Reed: I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle.

There are more than 100 pediatric gender clinics across the U.S. I worked at one. What’s happening to children is morally and medically appalling. […]  Almost everyone in my life advised me to keep my head down. But I cannot in good conscience do so. Because what is happening to scores of children is far more important than my comfort. And what is happening to them is morally and medically appalling. Soon after my arrival at the Transgender Center, I was struck by the lack of formal protocols for treatment. The center’s physician co-directors were essentially the sole authority. At first, the patient population was tipped toward what used to be the “traditional” instance of a child with gender dysphoria: a boy, often quite young, who wanted to present as—who wanted to be—a girl. Until 2015 or so, a very small number of these boys comprised the population of pediatric gender dysphoria cases. Then, across the Western world, there began to be a dramatic increase in a new population: Teenage girls, many with no previous history of gender distress, suddenly declared they were transgender and demanded immediate treatment with testosterone. […]  Besides teenage girls, another new group was referred to us: young people from the inpatient psychiatric unit, or the emergency department, of St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The mental health of these kids was deeply concerning—there were diagnoses like schizophrenia, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and more. Often they were already on a fistful of pharmaceuticals. […] So I started writing down everything I could about my experience at the Transgender Center. Two weeks ago, I brought my concerns and documents to the attention of Missouri’s attorney general. He is a Republican. I am a progressive. But the safety of children should not be a matter for our culture wars.

Read more: https://www.thefp.com/p/i-thought-i-was-saving-trans-kids


Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL ): My exchange with the Director of the NIH is what happens when you find Fauci’s emails detailing how there needs to “be a quick and devastating published take down” of dissenting medical opinions on COVID. Especially when those opinions are from distinguished doctors and even a Nobel Prize winner who question the NIH and CDC.  Watch to the end.

Watch the 4:44 minute exchange: https://twitter.com/Kat_Cammack/status/1623767503624175617?cxt=HHwWgoC8taD844gtAAAA


The Right Scoop: Mitch McConnell throws Rick Scott under the Biden bus HARD

Mitch McConnell is siding with Joe Biden against Rick Scott over his plan to make Congress reauthorize Social Security and Medicare every five years. McConnell came out yesterday criticizing Scott, saying his plan is NOT a Republican plan and he wants nothing to do with it.Here’s more via Washington Post: […]  McConnell claims that he’s not lashing out at Scott for his leadership challenge earlier this year. He says Scott’s plan is just a bad idea and suggested Scott might lose his seat over the plan in the next election cycle: . . .

Read more: https://therightscoop.com/mitch-mcconnell-throws-rick-scott-under-the-biden-bus-hard/


Fox: Bartiromo: Chinese spy craft an ‘act of espionage’ done ‘by design’: Rep. Michael McCaul

Watch the 6:34 minute interview: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6320264122112

Durden: Experts Believe Chinese Satellite Fired Green Lasers Over Hawaii 

Late last month, mysterious green laser beams were spotted from Hawaii’s tallest peak. Experts initially said the burst of laser beams was emitted by a NASA spacecraft though that was proven incorrect this week — with evidence pointing to a Chinese satellite. Space experts at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ) initially tweeted on Jan. 30 that the Subaru-Asahi Star Camera “captured green laser lights in the cloudy sky over Maunakea, Hawai’i. The lights are thought to be from a remote-sensing altimeter satellite ICESAT-2/43613.”  Read more: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/experts-believe-chinese-satellite-fired-green-lasers-hawaii 

(2/12/23) Bloomberg News: China Ready to Down Object Flying Near Naval Base: Paper

China is getting ready to take down an unidentified object flying over waters near the port city of Qingdao, which is home to a major naval base for the People’s Liberation Army, Chinese news outlet The Paper reported.An employee at the marine development authority of Qingdao’s Jimo district said “relevant authorities” are preparing to bring down the object, the report said. The employee was not informed about what the object was.

 Read more:  https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/china-spots-unidentified-object-flying-113000791.html


Sundnace: Head’s Up, State Dept Operative and USAID Administrator Samantha Power is in Hungry, Seeding Another Color Revolution – Deep State Ukraine 2.O

Hungary has been in the crosshairs of the Biden/Obama administration ever since Prime Minister Viktor Orban refused to align with the WEF Western Democracies in their quest for regime change in Russia.  As the NATO led western alliance assembled to use Ukraine as a proxy war against Russia, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban would not join. In early April 2022, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was overwhelmingly reelected {LINK}, despite the massive efforts against him by the European Union, western and euro-centric multinational globalists.   As a result of the victory, Brussels was furious at the Hungarian people.  Associated Press – […] “Orban — a fierce critic of immigration, LGBTQ rights and “EU bureaucrats” — has garnered the admiration of right-wing nationalists across Europe and North America.” (link)  Within the statements reported from his 2022 victory speech, Prime Minister Orban warned citizens of the NATO and western allied countries about the manipulation of Ukraine and how he views the Zelenskyy regime:   . . . Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/02/12/heads-up-state-dept-operative-and-usaid-administrator-samantha-power-is-in-hungary-seeding-another-color-revolution-deep-state-ukraine-2-0/


(2/12/23) Taylor: BREAKING: Congressman Reports Object Over Lake Huron “Decommissioned” (Update: More Sources Confirm Shootdown)

Michigan Congressman Jack Bergman (R) posted on Twitter, “I’ve been in contact with DOD regarding operations across the Great Lakes region today. The US military has decommissioned another “object” over Lake Huron. I appreciate the decisive action by our fighter pilots. The American people deserve far more answers than we have.”

Read more: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/02/breaking-congressman-reports-object-lake-huron-decommissioned/

Lubold & Vieria: Flying Object Shot Down Over Canada on Orders of Biden and Trudeau

A U.S. military jet shot down another unidentified airborne object, this time over Canada, on Saturday on orders of President Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “Out of an abundance of caution and at the recommendation of their militaries, President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau authorized it to be taken down,” according to a statement from the U.S. National Security Council. “President Biden authorized U.S. fighter aircraft…to conduct the operation and a U.S. F-22 shot down the object in Canadian territory in close coordination with Canadian authorities.”Later Saturday, the Federal Aviation Administration said it had closed airspace near Havre, Mont., for a period to support unspecified Pentagon activities. Military tankers were operating in the area, according to flight-tracking services. The FAA later reopened the airspace. Read more: https://archive.fo/HEj6R#selection-265.0-279.276 

VDH: Bombshells, Landmines, and Nemesis

Ironically Joe Biden, the media, and the old House majority have provided Republicans the same tools to discover the truth that the Left had once used to destroy it.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/02/12/bombshells-landmines-and-nemesis/


Kirsch: New paper: An estimated 13 million people worldwide killed by the COVID vaccines

That’s twice as many as were killed by the virus. In the US, the estimates are 670K Americans killed. Perhaps it’s time to declare that the vaccines are a worldwide emergency? The paper suggests you can take the number of vaccine doses delivered, divide by 1,000 to get an estimate of the number of people killed by the COVID vaccine. The tweet directly from the author sums it up: . . . Read more: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/new-paper-an-estimated-13-million


War Room: Michael Seifert: Americans Are Fed Up With Woke Corporations

Michael Seifert: is the CEO and Founder of Public SQ a place for American loving patriots to shop.

Watch the interview https://rumble.com/v292h54-michael-seifert-americans-are-fed-up-with-woke-corporations.html

Hoft: NFL Plays Divisive Black National Anthem Before Super Bowl LVII – With Woke Activist Singer (VIDEO)

FOX did not identify the song as the Black National Anthem. Instead, they introduced it by its name, “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”

Read more: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/02/nfl-plays-divisive-black-national-anthem-super-bowl-lvii-tried-hide-viewing-audience-video/

Lendrum: GoFundMe Bans Fundraisers for American Cattle Rancher Accused of Killing Illegal Alien

The left-wing crowdfunding website GoFundMe has shut down all fundraisers for an Arizona cattle rancher who defended his property by killing an illegal alien, thus leaving him and his wife to bear the financial burden of the coming legal battle. The New York Post reports that 73-year-old George Alan Kelly was arrested on Monday on the charge of first-degree murder, with his bail being set at a staggering $1 million. […]  A fundraiser for Kelly is still active on the conservative platform GiveSendGo, where campaign organizer Shannon Pritchard wrote that Kelly acted in self-defense of his property, his cattle, and his wife.

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/02/10/gofundme-bans-fundraisers-for-american-cattle-rancher-accused-of-killing-illegal-alien

Consider making a donation to help Mr. Kelly:  https://www.givesendgo.com/G9T79

Zeisloft: PayPal CEO Dan Schulman Announces Resignation Months After Controversial ‘Misinformation’ Policy

Schulman, who will continue to serve on the company’s board of directors, said that he wants to devote more time to his “passions outside the workplace.” He became the company’s chief executive in 2014 after a stint as enterprise growth president at American Express. […]  The retirement comes months after PayPal, which has deplatformed multiple organizations and commentators for their political views, had unveiled an upcoming change to its acceptable use policy that would have banned the promotion of “misinformation,” as well as “hate, violence, racial or other forms of intolerance that is discriminatory.” Within one day of The Daily Wire reporting on the policy change, which would have imposed $2,500 penalties on users for each violation, PayPal claimed that the guidelines were published “in error.” Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/paypal-ceo-dan-schulman-announces-resignation-months-after-controversial-misinformation-policy

Emmons: BREAKING: ‘Cease and Desist’ letter sent to Project Veritas Board by major donors as James O’Keefe’s future with company is in peril

The letter, shared by Twitter account Swig, was sent by law firm Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders, and states that the “firm represents a large group of significant donors to Project Veritas.” These donors, it goes on to say “have grave concerns about the Board of Directors’ reported action to remove Founder and CEO James O’Keefe from his leadership position, change the structure of the Project Veritas entities and their Boards (raising risks for the entities’ charitable status), and operate Project Veritas for purposes other than those for which the organization was established.”

Read more: https://thepostmillennial.com/breaking-cease-and-desist-letter-sent-to-project-veritas-board-by-major-donors-as-james-okeefes-future-with-company-is-in-peril?cfp

Greenfield: Migrants are Paying $10,000 to”Financial Sponsors” to Sponsor Them

Who could have possibly predicted this entirely inevitable outcome? The Point did, obviously. Now the media is catching up and acting like crowdsourcing migration was ever going to end any other way. Pedro Yudel Bruzon was looking for someone in the U.S. to support his effort to seek asylum when he landed on a Facebook page filled with posts demanding up to $10,000 for a financial sponsor. Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/migrants-are-paying-10000-tofinancial-sponsors-to-sponsor-them/


The Right Scoop: Church of England votes to bless same-sex marriages
Their governing body today voted 250 to 181 to adopt the measure: . . .
Read more: https://therightscoop.com/church-of-england-votes-to-bless-same-sex-marriages/

Tawil: Europe’s Proxy War against Israel How The EU Ignores Hamas’ Crimes
What is even more painful and humiliating for the Palestinians, is that EU officials who regularly visit the Gaza Strip intentionally ignore the suffering of the Palestinians living under Hamas. On February 2, fifteen EU Heads of Mission visited the Gaza Strip without saying a single word about any of the victims of Hamas’s crimes and human rights violations. Notably, the EU did not state that it is Hamas, whose wealthy leaders live comfortable lives in Qatar, Turkey and other countries, that is mainly responsible for the bad “humanitarian situation” in the Gaza Strip.
Read more: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/19398/eu-war-against-israel


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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