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Seth Smith contributor to Brownstone Institute: Not only do we once again live under the imminent threat of atomic annihilation, as our global “leaders” continue to play out a 21st-century version of Dr. Strangelove, but Covid offered an opportunity to further militarize and subordinate society. For let’s call lockdowns what they were: martial law.

Issue & Insights Editorial Board: If you want to know what will be labeled as disinformation tomorrow, just look at whatever is on the left’s agenda today.


Louis Markos contributor to The Imaginative Conservative: The final and logical upshot of the materialist worldview is either an amoral nihilism that seeks only personal pleasure or a sentimental relativism that says “that everybody has his or her own view of what is good, and that everybody just ought to be nice to everyone else” (170). Dr. Esolen identifies the former ism with the male of the species and the second with the female, concluding, in one of his wittiest and most memorable lines, that “[r]elativism is nihilism for girls” (171).

Daniel Greenfield contributor to Frontpage Magazine: Black lives can’t matter, if black murders don’t matter. And since the vast majority of black murder victims are killed by black perpetrators, there’s no way to stop black murders without arresting and locking up black perpetrators. As David Horowitz wrote in,  I Can’t Breathe: How A Racial Hoax is Killing America, “The false charge of ‘systemic racism’ is a convenient cover for the Left’s inability to identify actual racists directly responsible for inequalities in American life.” The inequalities in bringing the perpetrators of black murders to justice and preventing future killings can be attributed to the systemic racism of denying black people police services.

David Gortler contributor to Brownstone Institute: In approving Paxlovid, the Biden White House and the FDA also seemed to deliberately ignore hundreds of clinical trials conducted on hundreds of thousands of patients detailing the established safety and efficacy of IVM and HCQ.  Like many other things the Biden White House implements, they force through a multitude of ideas, concepts and public health mandates which “seem” like they could work, but without the requisite conclusive scientifically obtained evidence that they will work.


Seth Smith contributor to Brownstone Institute: What the Covid mania revealed is that much of the medical-industrial complex, like the military-industrial complex, is part of a system of hierarchical relationships that only truly benefits those in power.

The Right Scoop: Kirby says Biden believes that gain-of-function research is necessary to PREVENT pandemics. Prevent. Yeah, he said that. So I guess the followup should be, does he mean pandemics like the one gain-of-function helped create that just killed nearly 7 million people in the last three years???

David Strom contributor to Hot Air: My experience with academics has given me a healthy skepticism about the value of degrees as markers for sound judgment. Obviously, I am more likely to trust a person trained in a field on a technical matter than somebody who isn’t, but I also know that overeducation leads to overconfidence and even to a tendency to accept pure idiocy as wisdom.


Rikki Schlott columnist for the NY Post: More than half (52%) of professors reported being “afraid of losing their jobs or reputations because someone misunderstands something they said or did, takes it out of context, or posts something from their past online.” Some 72% of conservative faculty members and 56% of moderates felt this way, while 40% of liberal faculty members did.

Jordan Boyd contributor to The Federalist: No business would advertise using a white guy in blackface. Yet many major brands are fine with paying a delusional male to sell to real women.

U.S. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ): “Biden has made the dissolution of USA his priority.”

J.B. Shurk contributor to American thinker: If Biden’s COVID policies have broken the U.S. Constitution, his Russia policies have helped break the world.

Brandon Smith contributor to LewRockwell.com: Globalism and progressive authoritarianism has been inching forward for a long time in the US, but only in the past ten years has the agenda become more obvious to the general public. During the covid lockdowns and mandates, people finally witnessed the true intentions of the political left, which widely supported draconian restrictions and called for brutal punishments for people that refused to comply. A large number of Democrats even supported Chinese-style covid laws including taking people’s children away and implementing forced internment. This is the true face of the political left.

Steven Goldsmith contributor to The American Mind: The profession to which I have devoted five decades is sinking fast. I hesitate these days to seek a medical appointment for myself, so dissolute has medicine become. Doctors, in order to save yourselves, you must decentralize your work away from large groups with their soul-sucking cultures and toward small, intimate groups and solo practices.

Drew Allen contributor to American Thinker: If you were a scientist developing a revolutionary vaccine technology intended to accelerate vaccine development from years to months, how would you test it? Such technology could not be put to the test without the introduction of a pathogen, or virus, upon which to test it. Such a test would necessitate the infection of a human specimen on which to conduct a trial. Among other tyrannical uses, was the pandemic unleashed to give DARPA the clinical trial it needed to test its technology? Was it an accident or was it intentional? Were the Chinese to blame or was the U.S. government? These are questions that must be answered. Intentionally or not, the American people were used as lab rats for an experimental vaccine — a vaccine, which had been in development for nearly a decade.

Jeffrey Folks contributor to American Thinker: With self-discipline and self-sufficiency, it is still possible to live a relatively free existence in our society, though that is changing, as one is now judged on one’s use of pronouns and willingness to champion woke fantasies of black, gay, and transgendered privilege. It may not end until millions of Americans are imprisoned for their refusal to accept progressive lies. At that point, even for those who attempt to maintain their self-sufficiency, freedom will have lost most of its meaning, and only a saving remnant will remain that knows the meaning of freedom.

Paula Bolyard contributor to PJMedia: There’s been an effort by some to portray DeSantis as a Swamp creature, beholden to Paul Ryan (who?) or something, but that’s laughable on its face. This guy is fighting the liberals and WINNING. Who cares if he ran into Kevin McCarthy in a men’s room once, or whatever it is the Twitter bots are saying this week? All I care about is winning and taking back the country. If the GOP elites want to pour money into his campaign, let them. You can’t win the presidency without money. There’s more than enough proof to indicate that DeSantis is his own man and not beholden to special interests.


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