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Amuse Substack, Politique Republic: While the Biden administration is fixated on its proxy war in Ukraine, emptying both our ammunition stockpiles and our strategic petroleum reserve, China is quietly sending thousands of military-age males across our southern border. Just as the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, built his secret terracotta army to accompany him in the afterlife President Xi is building a secret modern-day terracotta army right here in our backyard. The question our policymakers should be asking is WHY?

Amuse Substack, Politique Republic: As many as 400,000 male military-aged Chinese nationals have illegally entered the US since President Biden took office. Why are they here? Where do their loyalties lie?


Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL): If I were Governor of Florida, I would not allow any Floridian to be hauled before a Soros-backed prosecutor in a blue city over politics. I wouldn’t make an exception to not protect the President of the United States. Ron DeSantis should be standing in the breach to stop any sort of extradition of President Trump from the state of Florida. The fact that he’s not doing so puts every Floridian at risk who could be the subject of a false allegation.

 David Lewis Schaefer contributor to The American Mind: Progressives want a nation of subjects who are at the mercy of the state.

Christopher Gage contributor to American Greatness: Laughter is an expression of our pleasure in the revelation that others, too, are flawed. That may explain why those who believe they can perfect human nature have a severe aversion to humor.


James Lewis contributor to American Thinker: Sadism, narcissism, sociopathy, Machiavellianism. It seems that science has caught up with common sense. The Woke has all four, just watch them doing their thing . . .

Steven Hayward contributor to Powerline.com: If you look up “courtly southern gentleman” in a dictionary, you just might find a picture of Louisiana Senator John Kennedy (a former Democrat, by the way). He’s rapidly becoming my favorite senator in committee hearings, for his polite questions and unrancorous demeanor with Biden nominees that expose their ignorance or ideological bias. He’s bit like detective Columbo; he lets the nominees hang themselves with their own words.

Margaret Pearson contributor to American Thinker: It has become public knowledge that the scientist who produced the HEK-293 cell line has admitted that the baby girl was extracted via C-section and then dissected, causing her death.


Margaret Pearson contributor to American Thinker: We are beginning to see the fruits of accepting such evil for the sake of a cure. For example, doctors are surgically cutting off the blood flow to the brain in compromised patients to purposely cause “brain death” and extract organs for transplant. The patient is still breathing, and the heart is still beating, but the blood flow is mechanically restricted to meet the newly established definition of death permitting organ removal. Catholic World Report describes this procedure.

Joseph Alto contributor to The American Mind: The greatest evil that the devil commits is making us believe that we don’t need God because we are God. Satan has been weaving this black thread throughout the centuries, hoping that the contemporary man will mimic the first fall. For us moderns, this means enticing us into a self-aggrandizing hierarchy of victimhood—a black-mass style inversion of the passion story. He encourages us to imitate the divine reality of Christ, and in doing so, he aids us in hoisting ourselves up as gods and goddesses.

Gary Leff contributor to View From The Wing: Artificial intelligence is not today ready to take over for a pilot in the cockpit, but much of flying can and is done via auto pilot and that’s effectively AI. We aren’t at a place today where computers replace pilots, but it’s hard to imagine we won’t be in a place 5 to 10 years from now where artificial intelligence computers aren’t a better option for the second pilot in the cockpit.


 Nava: Trump team loses bid to keep lawyer from testifying on classified docs

A three-judge federal appeals panel on the DC circuit court rejected the Trump legal team’s effort to stay a Friday ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell. That ruling called for lawyer Evan Corcoran to provide investigators with records, including handwritten notes, invoices and transcripts of personal audio recordings related to what Howell called Trump’s alleged “criminal scheme” to conceal classified material at his Mar-a-Lago estate. In her Friday ruling, Howell agreed with prosecutors that there was “sufficient” evidence that Trump, 76, “intentionally concealed” the existence of classified material from his lawyer, putting the attorney in a position to deceive the government.

Read more: https://nypost.com/2023/03/22/trump-legal-team-loses-appeal-to-keep-attorney-from-testifying-in-classified-docs-probe/

War Room: Mike Davis: “Trump is being legally attacked by Democrats on 3 coordinated fronts.”

Watch the 11:47 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v2eci7c-mike-davis-trump-is-being-legally-attacked-by-democrats-on-3-coordinated-fr.html

Sundance: Bombshell 2018 Letter From Cohen Attorney to FEC *SHOULD* Collapse Pretext of Alvin Bragg Nonsense Case Against Donald Trump

The 2018 letter states that Michael Cohen made a payment to Stormy Daniels without any consultation with Donald Trump.  This undermines the cornerstone of the prosecution’s case.

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/03/22/bombshell-2018-letter-from-cohen-attorney-to-fec-should-collapse-pretext-of-alvin-bragg-nonsense-case-against-donald-trump/

Hoft: BREAKING: Soros-Funded DA Alvin Bragg CAUGHT HIDING Nearly 600 Pages of Exculpatory Evidence from NY Grand Jury in Trump Case (VIDEO)

Costello told the FOX News audience that he testified for two hours in front of Alvin Bragg’s Manhattan Grand Jury. Robert Costello told Tucker Carlson, “I spoke to the jury for two hours… It was clear to me the Manhattan Grand Jury did not want to get to the truth.” […]  Gregg Jarrett: I mentioned it yesterday, I think, when Bob Costello got into that Grand Jury room and told them, “Wait a minute. You don’t have the hundreds of pages I handed over to Alvin Bragg over here? You only have six cherry-picked documents?” You know, hiding from grand juries exculpatory information is reprehensible and unconscionable. And the conduct of Alvin Bragg and his henchman Mark Pomeranz, who specifically says in his book, “We’re targeting zombies because we don’t like his beliefs,” those guys should face disbarment proceedings.

Read more:  https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/03/breaking-soros-funded-da-alvin-bragg-caught-hiding-nearly-600-pages-of-exculpatory-evidence-from-ny-grand-jury-in-trump-case-video/


Bill Gates: The Age of AI has begun

In my lifetime, I’ve seen two demonstrations of technology that struck me as revolutionary. The first time was in 1980, when I was introduced to a graphical user interface—the forerunner of every modern operating system, including Windows. I sat with the person who had shown me the demo, a brilliant programmer named Charles Simonyi, and we immediately started brainstorming about all the things we could do with such a user-friendly approach to computing. Charles eventually joined Microsoft, Windows became the backbone of Microsoft, and the thinking we did after that demo helped set the company’s agenda for the next 15 years. The second big surprise came just last year. I’d been meeting with the team from OpenAI since 2016 and was impressed by their steady progress. In mid-2022, I was so excited about their work that I gave them a challenge: train an artificial intelligence to pass an Advanced Placement biology exam. Make it capable of answering questions that it hasn’t been specifically trained for. (I picked AP Bio because the test is more than a simple regurgitation of scientific facts—it asks you to think critically about biology.) If you can do that, I said, then you’ll have made a true breakthrough.

Read more: https://www.gatesnotes.com/The-Age-of-AI-Has-Begun

(Follow-up to the above Gates article) War Room: Woke AI Is Being Weaponized To Replace Children’s Parents & Teachers.

Watch the 12:47 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v2eauy0-woke-ai-is-being-weaponized-to-replace-childrens-parents-and-teachers..html


Tucker Carlson Tonight: Climate rhetoric is always a ‘rules for thee, but not for me’ situation: Eva Vlaardingerbroek

Watch the 2:57 minute interview: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6323121686112


Beatty: BREAKING: Doug Mackey attorney accuses DOJ of withholding exculpatory info… demands MISTRIAL in critical 1A “meme trial”…

In a remarkable new development in the Doug Mackey “meme trial,” Mackey’s lawyers are calling for a mistrial on the basis of the government failing to disclose potentially exculpatory information to Mackey, as they are required by law under Brady v Maryland. Mackey’s attorney wrote a letter that suggests the exculpatory information pertains to DOJ interviews with Hillary campaign staffers that were made available to Mackey’s defense mid trial. Under so-called “Brady disclosure” the government is legally required to disclose evidence or information that would help prove the innocence of the defendant or call into question the credibility of a government witness. Ironically, this concept came up in another context in which a Biden judicial nominee came up clueless when asked by a republican senator if he knew what a Brady motion was.

Read more: https://www.revolver.news/2023/03/breaking-doug-mackey-attorney-accuses-doj-of-withholding-exculpatory-info-demands-mistrial-in-critical-1a-meme-trial/

Dershowitz: Stanford Law Disruptions Were Orchestrated by the National Lawyers Guild

  • Let us understand what the National Lawyers Guild is.
  • The Guild, in addition, refused to support Soviet or Cuban dissidents.
  • The Guild has never abandoned its Marxist-Leninist provenance. It supports Antifa, which also employs violence to disrupt speakers.
  • The National Lawyers Guild is not a liberal organization. It does not support civil liberties, due process or freedom of speech. It is the epitome of “free speech for me but not for thee.”
  • Many decent people question whether hateful, offensive and even speech deemed “dangerous” by some, should be protected. The answer resides in history. Whenever governments are empowered to ban such expression, they use that power expansively, to censor speech critical of their leaders or partisans. The appetite of the censor is voracious. What are seen as legitimate opinions by dissenters are deemed by others — especially those in power — as hateful, offensive or dangerous. Freedom of speech for all is anything but free. It can be hurtful and risky. But in the end, it is worth the costs.

[…]  After my criticism of the events at Stanford were written, the Dean of the law school, Jenny Martinez, wrote a lengthy letter announcing that the diversity Dean, who improperly intervened in support of the disrupters, was on leave. The letter, which should be widely read, is an articulate defense of freedom of speech, academic freedom of students to hear controversial views, and university neutrality. She refused to accede to the demands of radical students that she take back her apology to Judge Duncan and she said that student disrupters would be held accountable. She should be commended for her defense of constitutional values.

Read more: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/19511/national-lawyers-guild-stanford-law


Solomon: House Judiciary probing whether DC Democrats intervened to pressure NY prosecutor to charge Trump

Jordan told Just the News on Wednesday night that the House Judiciary Committee is worried that figures in the Biden White House, the Biden DOJ, Democrats in Congress or former associates of Russia Special Counsel Robert Mueller have been trying to lure Bragg into a decision that will inevitably impact the 2024 president election. Lawmakers may get their first answer Thursday evening, when Bragg is due to answer questions and turn over evidence requested by Jordan and other GOP chairmen, including whether any federal agencies have spent tax dollars to assist his probe.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/accountability/political-ethics/thuhave-washington-democrats-been-pressuring-ny-prosecutor-charge


Bawer: Auditing Biden’s ‘Victory’

I’ve never heard of Joseph Fried before, and it was only a few days ago that I became aware of his four-month-old book Debunked: A Professional Auditor Reviews the 2020 Election. But it turns out that this veteran MBA and CPA, who recently retired from his own auditing firm and now writes at Substack, has given us what must surely be the definitive work on the topic. Having “professionally conducted and reviewed hundreds of audits,” he brings his decades of experience in that field to bear on the administration of the 2020 presidential election in each of the six swing states that were awarded to our current dotard-in-chief, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. Throughout the book, Fried’s objective is to “analyze the major claims of fraud or irregularity, the credibility of those claims, the available evidence, and the threshold audit standards the states applied, or should have applied, relative to those claims.” I don’t know the first thing about the work of an auditor. But Fried is a very good teacher. Among much else, he explains that a recount is not an audit – the latter must be performed by independent professionals – and that a mere recount doesn’t preclude the need for an audit. Nor does a court’s ruling on procedural grounds negate an auditor’s findings. […] In a series of six chapters, Fried goes into detail about the way in which the election was conducted in each of the six swing states that Biden won. Some highlights: . . .

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/auditing-bidens-victory/


Hazard: Kari Lake scores win as Arizona Supreme Court sends part of her lawsuit back to trial court

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled Wednesday to send a piece of former GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s election lawsuit back to trial court to examine whether or not Maricopa County followed signature verification policies in 2022. The order states: “IT IS FURTHER ORDERED remanding to the trial court to determine whether the claim that Maricopa County failed to comply with A.R.S. § 16-550(A) fails to state a claim pursuant to Ariz. R. Civ. P. 12(b)(6) for reasons other than laches, or, whether Petitioner can prove her claim as alleged pursuant to A.R.S. § 16-672 and establish that ‘votes [were] affected “in sufficient numbers to alter the outcome of the election”‘ based on a ‘competent mathematical basis to conclude that the outcome would plausibly have been different, not simply an untethered assertion of uncertainty.'”

Read more: https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/arizona-supreme-court-sends-piece-kari-lakes-election-lawsuit-back-trial


Revolver.news: New video has many questioning if China is using our open-border to build a secret underground army inside the US…

There’s no denying that there’s a tremendous amount of chaos and upheaval happening at the US border. Ever since Joe Biden took over and canceled President Trump’s successful border policies, it’s been absolute mayhem, and record numbers of illegals have been flooding over. When most of us think of the border crisis we imagine immigrants from Latin America coming across. And while that’s mostly correct, there’s a new concerning phenomenon occurring at the border, and the US government is being rather quiet about it. There’s a recent video from Fox News that shows military-aged Chinese men crossing over our border at an alarming rate. The story claims there’s so many of these young men flooding across that officials can’t house them all. It’s now an “overwhelming problem.” This has many people concerned and wondering if China is using our wide open border to build a secret army within the US. There’s an interesting Substack on this very topic written by a Twitter user who goes by the handle “Amuse.” In the piece Amuse argues that China could be using our nations open borders to build up an “army” on US soil. His theory dates back to an ancient one, based on terra-cotta statues. Amuse: . . .

Read more: https://www.revolver.news/2023/03/new-video-has-many-questioning-if-china-is-using-our-open-border-to-build-a-secret-underground-army-inside-the-us/

The Substack written by Amuse is worth reading in full. You can find it here. 

Tucker Carlson Tonight: We don’t want the arm of the Chinese Communist Party in Michigan: Tudor Dixon

Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon reacts to reports Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer approved a $715 million dollar deal to fund a Chinese battery plant in the state on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Watch the 3:22 minute interview: https://www.foxnews.com/video/6323116220112

McFall: China secures another South Pacific win in Solomon Islands port bid

China on Wednesday secured another win in the South Pacific after it won a multimillion-dollar bid in the Solomon Islands to upgrade an international port in the capital city of Honiara. The project will be funded by the Asian Development Bank and was awarded to the China Civil Engineering Construction Corp. (CCECC) after it became the sole bidder for the renovation project, according to Reuters.

Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/world/china-secures-another-south-pacific-win-in-solomon-islands-port-bid

He: China may prefer TikTok to be banned than fall into US hands

Nearly three years after the Trump administration threatened to ban TikTok if its Chinese owner didn’t sell the company to American investors, the video app is once again facing an existential threat. TikTok CEO Shou Chew will appear later Thursday before US lawmakers, many of whom want the app banned in the United States because of the risk they say it presents to national security. The clamor for a sale is growing louder again. But an outright divestment isn’t in the cards, according to analysts and legal experts, not least because the Chinese government views TikTok’s technology as sensitive and has taken steps since 2020 to ensure it can veto any sale by its Beijing-based owner, ByteDance.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/22/tech/china-us-tiktok-sale-ban-intl-hnk/index.html

Citizen Free Press: Tiktok has purchased its first U.S. Congressman…

Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D-NY): Instead of banning TikTok we need comprehensive legislation to ensure social media users’ data is safe and secure. Banning TikTok won’t solve that problem, and I was proud to stand with some of the most incredible creators today. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) replied:

The fix is in. The Dems are going to try to save TikTok. TikTok hired a PR firm founded by a top Biden aide three weeks ago, and now all the Dems are falling into line. It’s amazing what money can buy

Watch the 6 minute Bowman speech: https://citizenfreepress.com/breaking/tiktok-has-purchased-its-first-u-s-congressman/


Kruta: John Kirby Trashed For Claiming LGBTQ Rights Are A ‘Core Part’ Of American Foreign Policy

The former Pentagon spokesman — who now serves as the coordinator of strategic communications for the National Security Council — made the comments during a press briefing on Tuesday, saying that because LGBTQ rights were human rights, the Biden administration viewed them as an important part of American foreign policy. […]  “America has actually become a gay imperialist project. Incredible,” Carl Benjamin commented. […]  Florida GOP Chairman Christian Ziegler asked, “Can we get our diplomats back to being focused on foreign policy and our military back to developing warriors focusing on winning wars? … to me, it sounds like a much better option than being forced to learn Chinese.”

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/john-kirby-trashed-for-claiming-lgbtq-rights-are-a-core-part-of-american-foreign-policy

War Room: “American Weakness Is Provocative” | Monica Crowley Warns Of The Gathering Storm Of U.S. Enemies

Watch the 3:58 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v2eajoq-american-weakness-is-provocative-monica-crowley-warns-of-the-gathering-stor.html

War Room: “Reverse Nixon Move” | Monica Crowley Explains How President Trump Worked To Weaken The CCP

Watch the 8:20 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v2eah9w-reverse-nixon-move-monica-crowley-explains-how-president-trump-worked-to-we.html

VDH: Questions Without Answers About Ukraine

Ukrainians, and many Europeans and Americans, are defining an envisioned Ukrainian victory as the complete expulsion of all Russians from its 2013 borders. Or, as a Ukrainian national security chief put it, the war ends with Ukrainian tanks in Red Square. But mysteries remain about such ambitious agendas.

What would that goal entail? Giving Ukraine American F-16s to strike bases and depots in Mother Russia? The gifting of 1,000 M1 Abrams tanks? Using American Harpoon missiles to sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet? A huge arsenal that would guarantee total victory rather than not losing? Russia’s cruel strategy is to grind down Ukraine and turn its eastern regions into a Verdun-like deathscape. So is a brave Ukraine really winning the war when it loses about 0.6 soldiers for every Russian it kills? […]  Is the United States economically capable or politically unified or socially stable enough to wage a huge proxy war on the frontiers of a nuclear Russia? […]  Is the Ukrainian war also creating the most dangerous anti-American alliance since World War II?

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2023/03/22/questions-without-answers-about-ukraine/

Sundance: President Putin Together with Chairman Xi, Warn NATO About U.K. Plan to Send Depleted Uranium Rounds to Ukraine

The alarming provocations and escalations continue as the U.K. has pledged to send depleted uranium anti-tank rounds into Ukraine. During a four-hour public meeting which included international press, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted the NATO intent to use depleted uranium artillery and tank missiles against Russian forces would be met with countermeasures. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu noted the British decision leaves fewer and fewer steps before a potential “nuclear collision” between Russia and the West.  “Another step has been taken, and there are fewer and fewer left,” he told reporters in remarks cited by domestic agencies.

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2023/03/22/president-putin-together-with-chairman-xi-warn-nato-about-u-k-plan-to-send-depleted-uranium-rounds-to-ukraine/

Ravid: U.S.-Israel relations in crisis mode as tensions boil over

U.S.-Israeli relations are in full crisis mode less than three months after Benjamin Netanyahu returned to the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office. Driving the news: The U.S. summoned Israeli Ambassador to Washington Mike Herzog on Tuesday to protest an Israeli law passed earlier that day that repealed the 2005 Israeli disengagement from the northern occupied West Bank. The rare U.S. rebuke of one of its closest allies came after weeks of bubbling tensions between the two countries. How we got here: Biden administration officials told Axios they knew a crisis with the Israeli government was going to happen at some point, but they tried to postpone it as much as possible.

Read more: https://www.axios.com/2023/03/22/us-israel-tensions-netanyahu-biden-rebuke

TUCKER CARLSON: The great global reshuffling is going on beneath the notice of most Americans

Let’s enter Fantasyland for a moment. Let’s pretend for a sec that our country had a news media that was interested in bringing you the news, not in lecturing you about your moral inferiority (You’re so bad) or lying to you in transparently obvious ways (January 6 was an insurrection, guys) or even in forcing you to repeat whatever childish slogan they’ve come up with this week. Vladimir Putin is a war criminal. OK. Transwomen are women. All right. Say it or else.Let’s imagine we live somewhere completely different in a country where the media felt obligated to tell you what was actually happening in the world and why it matters. What stories would we be talking about right now if we lived in that country? Well, here are the first two. Earlier this month, Iran and Saudi Arabia, the two most significant powers in the Muslim world, announced that after generations of proxy wars and snarling hostility to one another, they will be resuming diplomatic relations. Peace has broken out between blood enemies. As recently as last year, very few would have thought that could happen, and now it has happened, and it’s happened – and here’s a significant thing from an American perspective – it’s happened because China, not the U.S. State Department, but the communist Chinese government brokered the deal. The world’s largest atheist state has halted religious conflict between two theocracies.

Read more/Watch the 14:47 minute opening monologue:https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/tucker-carlson-great-global-reshuffling-beneath-notice-most-americans


Anzalone: Army Establishes First Permanent Garrison on NATO’s Eastern Flank

The V Corps’ commanding general, Lt. Gen. John Kolasheski, explained the garrison showed that Washington is deepening its military commitments in Eastern Europe. “The relationship of the US and Poland serves as an example of the deepening ties throughout the alliance,” he said, adding “today’s activation ceremony is a tangible reminder of the growth in our relationship.” As the Soviet Union crumbled in the early 1990s, Western leaders repeatedly assured Moscow that NATO would not expand into former USSR states or establish bases in Eastern Europe. However, since the George H.W. Bush administration offered those guarantees, all subsequent US presidents have violated the pledge and pushed NATO’s military footprint closer to Russia’s borders.

Read more: https://libertarianinstitute.org/news/army-establishes-first-permanent-garrison-on-natos-eastern-flank/


Zeisloft: Stocks Slide After Federal Reserve Hikes Target Interest Rate, Balances Fighting Inflation And Protecting Banks

Stocks slid after officials at the Federal Reserve announced a 0.25% increase in the target federal funds rate on Wednesday, continuing a slowdown from previous rate hikes meant to combat inflation and marking caution from policymakers given recent tumult in the banking sector. Rate hikes increase the cost of borrowing money, lowering inflationary pressures as consumers and businesses assume less debt. Federal Reserve officials previously set interest rates targets between 0.0% and 0.25% during the lockdown-induced recession to stimulate economic activity; target interest rates now sit between 4.75% and 5.0%.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/federal-reserve-hikes-target-interest-rates-by-quarter-point-as-officials-balance-fighting-inflation-and-protecting-banks

Beck: THIS Fed program is STEP #1 to losing FINANCIAL CONTROL

Apparently the Federal Reserve has been developing a new digital payment system for years now. The program, called FedNow, is set to launch in just a few months, and the Fed’s handy-dandy explainer video shows exactly how this new system will slowly begin to steal financial control from YOU. This is just laying the groundwork, Glenn explains, for an eventual Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) which is why, he says, we MUST stop this IN ITS TRACKS.

Watch the 10:40 minute Beck presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWCWWdmUSa8

Munro: White House Economic Plan Puts Migrants Ahead of American Families

President Joe Biden’s White House is prioritizing jobs for migrants above helping many millions of poor Americans get decent jobs, according to priorities in its annual “Economic Report of the President.” A growing share of men are not even trying to find jobs, the baby boom generation is retiring, and there are fewer young Americans, said the Biden-endorsed report, which listed several “Options to Boost the U.S. Labor Supply.” The report’s first option for raising the number of workers is “Increasing Immigration” — not helping Americans get decent jobs. It says: . . .

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/immigration/2023/03/23/white-house-economic-plan-puts-migrants-ahead-of-american-families/

Greenfield: Biden’s Uniquely Unqualified ‘Diverse’ Judicial Nominees

You probably saw this viral video of Kato Crews who spent four years as a magistrate judge, in which was likely an affirmative action/political favor, before being pushed as a federal district court judge. Sen. Kennedy: “Do you know what a Brady motion is?”  Biden judicial nominee Kato Crews: “It’s not coming to mind at the moment … I believe that the Brady case involved something regarding the Second Amendment.” This was a bad moment as even the media will admit.  […]  The motion, enshrined in the landmark Supreme Court ruling in Brady v. Maryland, is a request by a defendant to compel prosecutors in a criminal case to turn over potentially favorable evidence.

Read more/Watch the shocking 1 minute and 5:32 minute hearing exchange: https://www.frontpagemag.com/bidens-uniquely-unqualified-diverse-judicial-nominees/

Schaefer: The Art of Being Dependent

Today’s progressive liberals have turned Tocqueville on his head. During the 2012 presidential campaign Barack Obama, inspired by the previous senatorial campaign of Elizabeth Warren, memorably proclaimed to those who had prospered in America, “You didn’t build that!” In particular, he told business owners, “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that”—because “somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges.” This argument was intended to reduce the pride that successful American citizens take in their accomplishments by making them realize how much those accomplishments were really the doing of previous generations of citizens acting under the direction of government. This argument implied a disparagement of the notion of private property in favor of the belief that property is something we enjoy thanks to the government, a notion advanced by such liberal academics as Stephen Taylor Holmes and Cass Sunstein in The Cost of Rights: Why Liberty Depends on Taxes. (Their claim echoed that of the Progressive economist Edwin Seligman, an early advocate of establishing a federal income tax, who argued that rather than being payments for government services, taxes should be regarded as obligatory “because the state is a part of us.”)

Read more: https://americanmind.org/salvo/the-art-of-being-dependent/

Alto: Blaming the Victim

There are two related trends in right-leaning intellectual circles that deserve our close attention. The first trend is a growing interest in the writings of René Girard. The second is a growing realization that evil exists, that it operates on a spiritual level, and that it has a real hold on our culture. The evidence of this is well-known to readers of The American Mind: Drag queens twerking in schools, the mutilation of immature sexual organs, the initiation of the young into cults of gender theory—these developments and others have compelled many to reconsider, or consider for the first time, the real existence of the demonic in our culture. Meanwhile, the current fascination with victimhood has prompted a renewed interest in Girard’s theory of the scapegoat mechanism. Notable proponents of Girard on the Right include YouTubeing archbishops and billionaire savants. Perhaps Girard’s newfound appeal is attributable at least in part to his treatment of Satan’s place in the modern world in his famous works The Scapegoat and I See Satan Falling Like Lighting.

Read more: https://americanmind.org/salvo/blaming-the-victim/


Pearson: Evil Medicine

Our scientific industry is cannibalizing pre-born children by stealing body parts while still alive, transplanting these parts onto mice and thus creating “Humanized Mice” for drug development.  Typically, liver, thymus, lung, kidney, and bone marrow are extracted and transplanted to develop various therapeutic drugs.

This horrific practice of harvesting organs from the live pre-born is no secret.  Several articles, podcasts, and interviews have brought this practice to light in the past couple of years. Today, hundreds of drugs are developed, sold, and consumed at the expense of pre-born innocents who are being cruelly dissected.  Many popular “monoclonal antibodies” (MABs) are created using humanized mice.  Biolabs are churning out these hybrid mice by the hundreds each week and shipping them all over the world. Creating humanized mice is a growing and profitable industry that demands a constant flow of live organs.  Could it be that the recent sanctioning in law of late-term abortion up to birth is fueled and funded by this demand?  Could it be that later-gestation fetal organs are better suited for transplantation?  […]  Early in the COVID lockdown, a new vaccine was touted as the only solution to end the pandemic.  Researcher Pamela Acker, M.S.’s book, published in December 2020 (Vaccination: A Catholic Perspective), details the history and the procedures of vaccine development.  It was Acker’s book that first drew my attention to the fact that the babies are still alive when the researchers start extracting the tissue being used. […]  What are the ultimate consequences of such an evil being accepted by our Church and society as a whole?  There can be no excuse for ignorance now.  Will we be held complicit in this grave evil? Remember the outrage and public demands that animal testing be banned?  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) went public with sad images of abused animals in scientific research.  Due to public outcry, animal testing was soon banned.

Read more at American Thinker.

Nelson: Florida Doctor Stripped of Board Certification Over ‘COVID-19 Misinformation’

The American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) has stripped the certification of Florida Doctor John Littell. Littell, a U.S. Army veteran and Family Physician made headlines for using Ivermectin to treat over 3000 Covid-19 patients. “I got disciplined for giving Ivermectin which got a young mom out of the hospital in three days when she would have died,” said Dr Littell speaking outside a meeting of the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Board. Dr. Littell is facing further discipline from the ABFM, of whom Littell has been a certified member since July 13, 1990, according to the letter. “ABFM has determined that your Public Channels contain false, inaccurate and misleading statements constituting health misinformation and disinformation about COVID-19, the COVID-19 vaccine, and the effort of public health officials to address the COVID-19 pandemic through vaccination and other mitigation measures,” the letter states. […]  Interviews with Littell went viral after he gave a speech at the Sarasota Memorial Hospital Board meeting last month in support of using Ivermectin to treat Covid and was subsequently removed by police after approaching a sympathetic board member. Since the video’s release Littell has amassed a large Twitter following and even appeared on Dr. Drew’s TV show to talk about what happened. “It’s not disinformation, it’s good information,” Littell told the Floridian. Littell also said the ABFM is using the words of other doctors who spoke at a summit he held against him. […]  Littell says decertifying doctors over “COVID misinformation” is becoming a trend and fellow family physician Casey Delcoco of Indianapolis was also decertified recently.

Read more/Watch the 1 minute video: https://floridianpress.com/2023/03/florida-doctor-stripped-of-board-certification-over-covid-19-misinformation/

Grossman: Pentagon doctors claim 7-year-olds can make decisions to be injected with hormones, puberty suppressants

Health providers at U.S. military bases, some of whom are involved in treating military-connected minors, blasted the idea of waiting before injecting kids diagnosed with gender dysphoria with puberty blockers and hormones. The DoD providers said in the March edition of the American Journal of Public Health that the only pathway for children of military members who present with gender dysphoria symptoms is to immediately move towards “gender-affirming health care, such as puberty suppression and affirming hormones.” The doctors said that on the basis of “human rights,” “youths… have an inherent ability and right to consent to gender-affirming therapy.”

Read more/Watch the 5:47 minute video: https://www.foxnews.com/media/pentagon-doctors-claim-7-year-olds-can-make-decisions-injected-hormones-puberty-suppressants


War Room: Dr Naomi Wolf: Weaponization Of Gain of Function

Watch the 23:24 minute interview: https://rumble.com/v2e7h72-dr-naomi-wolf-weaponization-of-gain-of-function.html


Lynch: Biological Male Wins NYC Women’s Cycling Race

Tiffany Thomas, formerly known as Trent, was pictured standing atop the winner’s podium at the Randall’s Island Crit, a cycling series held in New York City, according to an Instagram post from NYC Cycling News.  […]  “Tiffany is a scientist by day, athlete by night,” Thomas’ LA Sweat bio says. “She has never met a barbell, a bike, or a dog that she doesn’t like. She is so incredibly excited to race and represent the LA Sweat team this year!!!” […]  Despite taking up cycling at age 40, Thomas has gone from “total beginner to the elite level in just five years,” one social media critic pointed out. Thomas is competing at age 46, alongside teammates ranging from 24-32 years old,

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2023/03/22/biological-male-womens-cycling/


Cost: NYC Audubon Society changing name due to ‘white supremacy’ legacy

After months of deliberation, New York City Audubon decided to change its name, citing founder John James Audubon’s legacy of white supremacy. The ornithology-devoted organization announced the bombshell development on its website and in an email sent to members.“NYC Audubon’s Board of Directors has today announced its decision to change the organization’s name, dropping ‘Audubon,’ ” NYC Audubon Executive Director Jessica Wilson wrote in the email to supporters. She added that the nonprofit will begin a process to develop a new name that “embodies our organizational values” and is “inclusive and welcoming to all New Yorkers.”

Read more: https://nypost.com/2023/03/22/nyc-audubon-society-changing-white-supremacy-legacy-name/


Salzmann: Ruff Justice: California Lawmakers Want To Ban Police Dogs, Citing Racism

A bill to ban police dogs has passed the California Assembly’s public safety committee, with legislators citing “racial bias and violence against black Americans and people of color” as the reason for the bill, Fox News reported Tuesday. Assembly Bill 742 bans “the use of police dogs for arrests, apprehensions, and crowd control,” which the bill’s coauthor, Democratic assemblyman Corey Jackson, called “a deeply racialized and harmful practice.” The bill rips into K-9 units as part of “this country’s dehumanizing, cruel, and violent abuse of black Americans,” specifically claiming the dogs were “first used by slave catchers.”

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/democrats/ruff-justice-california-lawmakers-want-to-ban-police-dogs-citing-racism/

Kaur: A California bill aims to explicitly ban caste discrimination in the state

The bill, announced Wednesday, would add caste as a protected class to California’s anti-discrimination laws alongside categories such as race, physical disability and gender expression. Advocates of the measure said it’s intended to clarify existing protections for caste-oppressed people and to formally acknowledge that the effects of the age-old South Asian system of social stratification can also be found in the US. “This is a civil rights bill, and this is a human rights bill,” state Sen. Aisha Wahab, who authored the bill, told CNN. “In the United States, and specifically California, we are trying to be as inclusive as possible the more diverse we are growing. This is one bill that is a step in the right direction.” […]  Caste-oppressed people have reported experiencing discrimination and social exclusion in the tech industry, higher education and other sectors with high concentrations of South Asian immigrants. But because this form of bias and discrimination typically operates within South Asian communities, it isn’t always understood or recognized by other Americans, leaving caste-oppressed people with little recourse. Wahab said her bill would change that for workers in the state.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/22/us/california-caste-discrimination-bill-cec/index.html


Caddle: Polio is Back: London Re-Launches Vaccination Campaign Against Previously Eradicated Disease

British authorities are to re-launch efforts to see every child in London aged from 1 to 11 vaccinated against Polio after an outbreak of the disease last year. An initial campaign to see all children jabbed was started last year after the formerly extinct disease was found in the city’s sewer system, with the virus thought to have possibly re-entered open-borders Britain from abroad. Despite this attempt to get the population most vulnerable to the disease vaccinated, uptake for the childhood polio jab in London remains well below the national average, with the country’s National Health Service now set to renew efforts to get more children inoculated against the virus, which can cause paralysis and even death. […]  Initially detected in the city last summer, the ongoing Polio outbreak is thought to be the result of the live oral polio vaccine (OPV), a form of inoculation that involves the administration of live but weakened forms of the polio virus to the individual given the vaccination. Although the vaccine is reportedly effective in preventing polio infections, it also results in the person who takes it shedding a “vaccine-like virus” in their stool, which can then sometimes mutate into a far more harmful “vaccine-derived” poliovirus that can once again cause great harm to humans. Scientists now reportedly believe that, while the OPV is not used in Britain, the outbreak can nevertheless be traced back to this inoculation method as someone may have been administered this type of vaccine abroad before entering the country.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2023/03/23/polio-is-back-london-re-launches-vaccination-campaign-against-previously-eradicated-disease/

(Repost) Baletti PhD,: 7 Children Paralyzed by Polio Virus Derived From New Gates-Funded Polio Vaccine

Seven children were paralyzed by vaccine-derived polio linked to the new nOPV2 polio vaccine developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, according to health officials in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), which on Thursday announced the news. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a GPEI partner, funded the development and clinical trials for the nOPV2 vaccine. Burundi declared a national emergency after confirming eight cases of the virus and five samples from environmental surveillance of wastewater, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in a statement.

Read more: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/polio-vaccine-gates-funded/


(H/T WC) Ibrahim: There Is No ‘Right’ or ‘Left,’ Only Right or Wrong

One of the most misleading and dangerous words that all sane people need to exercise caution with—if not do away with altogether—is the “Left.” Why? Because it bestows legitimacy on insanity and worse. […] . . . consider the rise of gender confusion, if not hysteria, where “identifying” with either gender—or make believe genders—automatically makes one of that gender, and woe to whoever objects.  Anyone who refers to this development as “Leftist” unwittingly legitimizes it.  After all, and as seen in the current model, the Left, by its very nomenclature, is part of a legitimate spectrum of political views, no different than the Right. Based on this model, people on the “Right,” who staunchly believe there are two, and only two, genders, are merely the polar opposites of those who believe in an infinite amount of genders.  Thus both deserve equal respect—equal legitimacy in the so-called discourse of ideas—certainly from the supposedly “objective” fellow in the “middle.” […]  So long as we continue to refer to madness or worse as “the Left,” so long will we continue to legitimize and give it a platform.  More accurate words are needed.   For people of faith who accept absolute truths in the realm of morality—or for people of reason who accept absolute facts in the realm of science—finding more accurate words should not be difficult. When it comes to an increasing number of topics, there is no Right or Left; there is only Right or Wrong.  The sooner this  . . .

Read more: https://www.raymondibrahim.com/2023/03/22/there-is-no-right-or-left-only-right-or-wrong/

Leff: Another Airline’s Pilot Stepped In On Southwest Flight When Member Of Cockpit Crew Fell Ill

A pilot had a medical emergency on a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Columbus, Ohio today. The pilot was removed from the flight deck when this occurred, according to a spokesperson for the airline, and a pilot from another airline who happened to be on board “assisted with radio communication” with the other Southwest pilot commanded the aircraft. […]  Naturally everyone’s thoughts are with the pilot who required assistance. Two pilots still make sense in the cockpit, though eventually that will change.

Read more: https://viewfromthewing.com/another-airlines-pilot-stepped-in-on-southwest-flight-when-member-of-cockpit-crew-fell-ill/

Diamond: White House to disband Covid-19 response team in May

The team, led most recently by Dr. Ashish Jha, has begun to dwindle in recent months as the administration has started to shift its response to the virus from the emergency that defined the early part of President Joe Biden’s term in office. The team will now be disbanded as the public health emergency is set to expire on May 11.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/22/politics/white-house-covid-19-response-team/index.html

Dunn: Dodging the Apocalypse

A little over a week ago, on Sunday, March 12, a near-catastrophic event occurred that could have wrecked the lives of everyone reading this: A Powerful Solar Eruption on Far Side of Sun Still Impacted Earth. A massive eruption of solar material, known as a coronal mass ejection or CME, was detected escaping from the Sun at 11:36 p.m. EDT on March 12, 2023. The CME erupted from the side of the Sun opposite Earth. This was a replay of the Carrington event of September 1, 1859: . . .  […]  What happened on March 12 was similar to the 1859 outburst – only worse. Early estimates suggest that this explosion was ten to a hundred times more powerful than the one of 1859. Such events – if not quite so extreme — are not uncommon. One serious difference from 1859 was that explosion took place on the side of the sun facing away from earth. If it had been facing in our direction, if the earth had borne the full brunt of that blast, we can scarcely imagine the results.

Read more at American Thinker.

McFarland: Abortion Legal Again In Wyoming; Teton County Judge Blocks New ‘Life Is A Human Right’ Law

Nearly all abortions were illegal in Wyoming from Saturday to Wednesday, but now they’re legal again up to the point of fetal viability. The Life is a Human Right Act passed into law overnight Saturday. It outlaws nearly all abortions with exemptions for infants conceived in rape and incest, and many carveouts for in-utero fatal anomalies and other health issues.  Teton County District Court Judge Melissa Owens blocked the law from enforcement in an emergency hearing Wednesday afternoon after a pro-choice coalition sued the state, claiming it’s unconstitutional.  […] The plaintiffs – consisting of an abortion clinic, an abortion support nonprofit group, two doctors and two women in their child-bearing years – said that letting the law go into effect would cause irreparable harm to one or more of them. They also asserted that they are likely to succeed in their case against it. Owens had to agree with both assertions to legally issue her temporary restraining order blocking the law. And she did.  Dr. Giovannina Anthony, A doctor who performs abortions in Jackson, wrote in her portion of the lawsuit that she could be criminally charged and lose her livelihood if the law becomes operational. Her attorney, John Robinson, echoed that worry in court Wednesday.

Read more: https://cowboystatedaily.com/2023/03/22/wyoming-judge-blocks-new-abortion-law-keeping-abortion-legal-again/

Ballasy: E-bikes flagged for ‘destructive and deadly fires.’ Democrats want to create a tax credit for them

A group of House Democrats has proposed legislation that would offer up to a $1,500 federal tax credit for the purchase of new e-bikes even as “[d]estructive and deadly fires from lithium-ion batteries in e-bikes have reached a crisis level,” according to Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka, Jr. […] Under the bill, the tax credit of up to $1,500 would apply to “new electric bicycles that cost less than $8,000.” The tax credit covers 30% of the cost of the e-bike, not to exceed $1,500 total. […]  So far there, there have been 216 incidents related to e-bike battery fires in New York City alone. The latest fire resulting from an e-bike battery took place in The Bronx about two weeks ago.

Read more: https://justthenews.com/government/congress/house-democrats-propose-1500-federal-tax-credit-e-bikes-after-series-battery

Schwerha: Woke diversity dean who derailed Stanford speaker learns her fate

An elite Stanford Law School (SLS) dean who berated a federal judge during a speaker event earlier this month was placed on leave, the school announced on Tuesday. Federal Judge Kyle Duncan attempted to deliver remarks about COVID, Twitter and guns at on the California campus on March 9 but was repeatedly interrupted by student hecklers. SLS Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Tirien Steinbach responded to his request for an administrator to help silence the room, but instead took the podium to accuse Duncan of causing “harm” and questioned if his speech was worth delivering.

“Associate Dean Tirien Steinbach is currently on leave,” SLS Dean Jenny Martinez confirmed in a community message addressing the actions the school will take. “Generally speaking, the university does not comment publicly on pending personal matters, and so I will not do so at this time.”

Read more: https://www.wnd.com/2023/03/woke-diversity-dean-derailed-stanford-speaker-learns-fate/


Kovacs: Bibi jumps in battle over banning Good News of Jesus in Israel

The prime minister of Israel is coming to the defense of Christians in the wake of a proposed law that would send believers to prison merely for sharing Jesus’ message in the Jewish state.

Read more: https://www.wnd.com/2023/03/bibi-jumps-battle-banning-good-news-jesus-israel/

Snow: European Spring – Germany Prepares For Massive Public Sector Strikes As France Burns

As Europe emerges from a brutal winter that saw plummeting temperatures, a critical energy shortage, and Russia’s war in Ukraine enter its second year, the discontent of its people seems to be expanding and spreading from one struggling country to another. While the French protest and burn garbage in the streets of Paris and Greek teachers and students gather in Athens to protest an archaic rail system, Germany’s Verdi union and railway and transport union EVG prepares for massive strikes on the nation’s railways and airports next Monday. […]  While massive strikes appear to be inevitable for Germany, a recession continues to loom for Europe’s largest economy as Berlin continues to struggle under rising inflation. In the fourth quarter of 2022, Germany experienced a 1.4% GDP contraction, and it is expected that its economy will contract again in the first quarter of 2023.

Read more: https://creativedestructionmedia.com/news/europe/2023/03/22/european-spring-germany-prepares-for-massive-public-sector-strikes-as-france-burns/

Caddle: Dutch Officials Ordered to Delete all Iranian, Russian and Chinese Phone Apps

The nation had already told its officials to keep the Chinese Communist Party-linked app TikTok off of their work devices, with the country citing serious security concerns for the guidance. According to a report by De Telegraaf, such an order has now been seriously expanded, with the Dutch cabinet telling officials on Tuesday that they need to delete all apps from countries which have an “offensive cyber program against the Netherlands” in place.The cabinet reportedly justified the decision by saying that apps from such hostile states pose “an increased risk of espionage”.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2023/03/23/dutch-officials-ordered-to-delete-all-iranian-russian-and-chinese-phone-apps/


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