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Shaun Rieley contributor to The Imaginative Conservative: . . .an ideologically partisan military poses a unique threat to a free society, in ways that ideological capture of other institutions (detrimental as it may be) does not. Not only does it potentially undermine its ability to defend the country from external dangers, but it also poses a direct threat to American citizens it views as ideological foes.

Bruce Thornton contributor to Frontpage Magazine: Much of what we call science today and call on as a definitive authority does not meet the standards of real science. It increasingly looks like the higher superstition––ideologies and opinions that gratify our pretensions to superiority over all who disagree with us. What we need more of is the practical wisdom and common sense possessed by an illiterate successful farmer in 1800.


Keith R. Jackson contributor to American Thinker: The most shocking result of the COVID-19 response is the ease with which United States citizens gave up their freedoms. Americans just said “sure!” when the government arbitrarily took away our ability to run our businesses, attend church and school, and move freely. Even when the rules and regulations were shown to be more destructive than beneficial, they acquiesced. Even when the media bias was glaringly apparent, Big Tech was found to be using the pandemic to extend their power, and science was nakedly politicized, they bent over and took it. They said “OK” when mainstream media, Big Tech, and college campuses used cancel culture to silence critics. Most disturbingly, they suspended their need for truth.

Emily Jashinsky contributor to The Federalist: The Georgia example is instructive in illustrating exactly how much of our conflict is downstream of the broken media.

Chris Boland contributor to American Thinker reflects on why men today will not intervene to help when something terrible is happening to someone else: . . . perhaps it is something deeper and much more damaging. Maybe we have lost sight of Truth; the idea that there is a universal right and wrong. Instead of a shared concept of good and evil, we now have billions of individual worlds of relativity. Each of us constructs a reality not based on good and evil, but rather on a spectrum ranging from pleasant to unpleasant.


Christopher Bedford contributor to The Federalist: It’s long past time our elected politicians use the powers they have to protect their constituents from the powerful and wealthy private interests who have so casually set us in their sights.

Amy Weingarten the head American Federation of Teachers smears Jewish parents who question why the AFT is resistant to reopening schools: American Jews are now part of the ownership class. Jews were immigrants from somewhere else. And they needed the right to have public education. And they needed power to have enough income and wealth for their families that they could put their kids through college and their kids could do better than they have done. What I hear when I hear that question is that those who are in the ownership class now want to take that ladder of opportunity away from those who do not have It.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL): Since President Biden took office, average gas prices are up more than 50 cents a gallon.



Harris, Jr.: Dominion Sends Unprofessional Harassing Letter To MI Election Eyewitness To Retract His Sworn Statements, Or Else
Dominion Voting Systems has done something that should startle Americans who care about the authenticity of American elections; they have threatened a former Michigan State Senator over his sworn testimony regarding behavior he saw with his own eyes, which could potentially be considered voter fraud.
[…] It doesn’t sound as if Colbeck plans to comply. In the following is a press release from Colbeck he doubles down: . . .
Read more at David harris, Jr.


Jashinsky: Legacy Media Corruption Is At The Heart Of Our National Conflict
The media’s false reporting about new election legislation in Georgia whipped up a controversy that left millions of people grossly misinformed, frightened voters, mired major corporations in high-stakes public relations frenzies, distracted the political discourse, and furthered the country’s divisions. In short, it’s a perfect example of how the media is fueling our national conflict. In this case, the media uncritically regurgitated Georgia Democrats’ partisan hyperbole, treating a narrative the party strategically crafted to defeat the legislation as fact and turning it into a long and false national news cycle. That news cycle left the public with an impression that the legislation was objectively racist. That impression scared and motivated the public, leading employees to pressure executives into action. Worse, the false coverage led millions of people to believe that a major political party representing half the country was seeking to reinstate Jim Crow.
Read more The Federalist.


Greenfield: GOP Governors Back to Preemptively Surrendering on Social Issues
The GOP’s surrender on social issues is in some ways old news. The party and its base are less religious than they were a generation ago and the GOP beyond some virtue signaling is mostly uninterested and unready to actually even defend religious freedom, let alone assert traditional values. […] Before Trump, GOP governors were virtue signaling before unilaterally surrendering on immigration issues. And they were surrendering on religious freedom all along. What happened in South Dakota and Arkansas should be fairly familiar from the previous decade.
Read more at FrontPage Mag.

The Right Scoop: WATCH: Tucker GRILLS Governor Hutchinson over veto of transgender bill and it did NOT go well for him
Watch the 10 minute interview at The Right Scoop.

Hurley: Mayor of North Las Vegas says he is switching allegiance to the Republicans as the Democrats have become ‘card-carrying socialists and ‘elitists’ who deserted working-class Americans
John Lee, 65, who has been a Democrat since his first state election victory in 1994, said he was switching allegiance to the Republican Party as he can no longer abide the direction his former party is going. Lee told Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning that the Nevada Democratic leadership was now dominated by ‘card-carrying’ socialists. ‘In the Democratic Party of Nevada, they had an election recently for leadership, and four of the five people were card-carrying members of the socialistic (sic) party,’ Lee said.
Read more/Watch the video interview at Daily Mail.


Greenfield: Biden Admin Hangs Israel Out to Dry Over Attack on Iran’s Terror Spy Ship
The anti-Israel Biden boys are back in town. An Iranian ship thought to be used by Iran’s elite military force was attacked Tuesday near Saudi-Yemeni waters, both U.S. and Iranian officials said, in an apparent escalation of a conflict between Iran and its regional foes. The attack of the Saviz, believed by U.S. officials and others in the region to be used for intelligence collection by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, was attacked Tuesday in the Red Sea, officials said. Two notes on the missing context. 1. The IRGC is Iran’s international terrorist hub. The Trump administration listed the IRGC as a foreign terrorist organization. 2. . . . […] The Biden administration response is equally predictable from the Obama era. 1. Blame Israel for disrupting its new negotiations with Iran. 2. . . . […] Hard as it may be for the Obama/Biden party to believe, not everything in the region is about them. Their entire narrative in which Israeli counterterrorist operations are an “extremist” effort to scuttle peace negotiations are a tired and discredited lie from a generation ago. In this narrative, . . .
Read more at FrontPageMag.


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