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Helen Roy contributor to the American Mind: When the maiden becomes a mother, loss of innocence becomes new life. As a mother becomes a matriarch, the loss of physical beauty is leavened by the acquisition of wisdom. In the wake of a matriarch’s death there remains a legacy, a guiding example for generations to come. Each phase is dignified in its own right; each phase passes.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) proposes a constitutional amendment to limit the US Supreme Court to nine justices: The Supreme Court must faithfully interpret the Constitution. We cannot allow it to fall victim to partisan attempts to pack it with far-left radicals.


James O’Keefe Project Veritas Founder on learning of his permanent suspension from Twitter: Section 230 will not protect them from me!

Julie Kelly contributor to American Greatness: Over the past several years, sadly, it’s become almost impossible to tell who poses the biggest threat to our democracy—foreign adversaries or our own government. Tens of millions of Americans undoubtedly would argue it’s the latter.


Troldi: Let’s Talk About Free Speech
At the height of almost any debate about free speech, censorship, cancel culture, groupthink, the progressive takeover of this or that institution, and so on, someone will likely bring up the “line-drawing” argument. The idea is that nobody is an invariable supporter of free speech or an invariable opponent of censorship. Most of us favor restrictions on plagiarism, copyright infringement, physical threats, false advertising, and maybe even some political speech. So, this argument maintains, the debate isn’t really about free speech or censorship, because everyone agrees that some speech should be restricted. Instead, the debate is about “where to draw the line”—about just how bad speech must be, how much harm it must cause or how easily it must be proven false or destructive, to merit restriction.
Read more at City Journal.



Kelly: Biden Intelligence Community Breaches Authority to Target the Right
The freshly reelected Republican senator from Nebraska had kind words this week for Joe Biden’s intelligence chiefs. “The American people are blessed to have an [intelligence community] as serious as ours,” Senator Ben Sasse said during Wednesday’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing. He called the group, which included FBI Director Christopher Wray and CIA Director William Burns, “heroes” and wanted a chance to “say thank you” in front of the American people. Sasse, who is supposed to act as a fierce skeptic not a fawning cheerleader of the world’s most powerful intelligence apparatus, singled out Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines for praise. “Your opening statement . . . was incredibly strong,” Sasse swooned. Haines, the top deputy to former CIA Director John Brennan during the Obama Administration, undoubtedly marveled at winning such a groveling endorsement from a sitting Republican senator—or perhaps she internally laughed at winning over yet another reliable GOP dupe. (In fairness, most Republicans on the committee joined in Sasse’s praise for Haines.) But Senate Republicans should have been outraged rather than starry-eyed over Haines’ opening statement as well as her conduct in office since taking the reins of the intelligence community the day after Joe Biden’s inauguration. Haines is wasting no time accelerating the weaponization of a sprawling organization that is supposed to identify threats to the homeland by foreign actors, not target Americans with the wrong political views. […] Fortunately, Biden’s intel chiefs did not find the same fawning audience in House Republicans that they found in their Senate Republican counterparts.
Read more at American Greatness.


Husebo: Radical Democrat Priorities in Biden’s First 100 Days: Packing Courts, Amnesty, Reparations, Federalizing Elections, DC Statehood, Banning Electoral College
The Democrats have proposed, within President Joe Biden’s first 100 days, radical initiatives contrary to Biden’s “back to normalcy” campaign sold to the American people. Accordingly, the Democrats have introduced the following radical initiatives: Packing the courts, amnesty, reparations, federalized elections, D.C. statehood, and banning the Electoral College. These radical ideas and proposals run counter to what Biden said during his announcement speech for president: . .
Read more at Breitbart.

I & I Editorial Board: Why Is Everyone Swallowing Biden’s Lies?
How did this happen? How did the nation go in an instant from disbelieving every utterance of Donald Trump to robotically repeating — and acting on — every claim that falls out of Joe Biden’s mouth, no matter how disconnected from the truth? The most glaring example involves Biden’s fact-challenged tirade against Georgia’s new voting law. At his first and only press conference, Biden declared the state’s efforts to protect against voter fraud were worse than Jim Crow, “un-American,” “sick,” and “despicable.” (This was the same press conference where moments later Biden bragged about how much time he’s spent with China’s genocidal communist dictator before calling him “a smart, smart guy.”)
Read more at Issues Insights.



Sundance: Ned Ryun Gets it Right, It Will Take Individual State Action to Stop The Advance of Corporatism
Multinational corporations do not like capitalism because within the process of capitalism they do not have control over the financial outcomes. Capitalism breeds competition; multinationals abhor competition, they are totalitarian in ideology and want the entire pie under their control. Multinational corporations do not like capitalism; underline it, emphasize it, do not forget it. […] Capitalism is based on the principles of a free market. Multinationals do not want a free market, they want a controlled market. Their efforts toward a vaccine passport are an example of yet another control they can manipulate for maximum financial benefit. It really is that simple….. …. Meanwhile the crew of totalitarians behind JoeBama know they can benefit from their corporate allies. The multinationals will pay the politicians for control and the politicians will construct defensive legislative outcomes that protect the multinationals. That is what is happening in exponentially increasing sunlight.
Read more/Watch the 3:49 minute interview at The Conservative Treehouse.

Bliss: Poll: Most Americans Oppose Woke Corporations
An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll released Thursday found that a majority of Americans oppose woke corporations influencing everyday life. The poll asked registered voters if they support or oppose American companies using their public role, position, or events to influence political, cultural, or social change. The findings show that over half (58 percent) oppose any type of corporation using its power to influence any type of political, cultural, or social change across the country. They also show that 35 percent did support the efforts by woke corporations, while seven percent were unsure how to answer.
Read more at Breitbart.

Huston: Strikeout!: MLB Favorability Among Republicans Crashes 35 Percent
In the wake of MLB’s decision to remove its All-Star Game from Atlanta over Georgia’s new election integrity law and its increasing number of woke proclamations, Republican support for pro-baseball has cratered, according to Morning Consult.
Read more at Issues & Insights.


Roy: Maiden, Mother, Matriarch
Any authentic women’s movement must acknowledge the realities of womanhood. The modern woman considers herself unique among all women of history. Unlike her forebearers, she is ageless. She is independent. She is dominant, sexually and professionally, and in all areas she transcends the limitations once imposed, it is understood, by an evil, ephemeral, patriarchal society of the past. Through a series of ritualistic procedures, the modern woman affirms her liberation. It seems to go without question now that all people—until the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, or perhaps until Kamala Harris said “I’m speaking”—had it wrong when it comes to women. The past, with its distinctions and definitions and hard categories, was harmful. Limits in themselves are harmful. The limitless future is female, they say, and this is good. What is female? Everything you want. Anything you can imagine. One day, at some point, the modern (or postmodern) woman wakes up from this fantasy. She discovers that she is left with—that she has become—nothing at all.
Read more at American Mind.


Payne: Fauci admits Biden administration is flouting CDC guidance in border facilities
At a House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis hearing on Thursday, Scalise —the House minority whip and the ranking member of the subcommittee — grilled both Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walensky on the Biden administration’s COVID enforcement among illegal immigrants. Holding up pictures of densely packed immigration facilities, Scalise asked Fauci: “Dr. Fauci, does this look like social distancing to you that you require when you talk about six feet?” “No,” Fauci replied. Holding up more photos of packed facilities, Scalise asked further: . . . […] Fauci did not respond to a request for comment on the Biden administration’s lack of guidelines enforcement in immigration facilities, including whether or nor he has advised President Joe Biden on the issue and/or whether or not he believes those facilities are helping spread COVID-19 in the U.S. to any appreciable extent.
Read more at Just the News.

Horowitz: 120 doctors ask JAMA to retract misleading Colombian study downplaying efficacy of ivermectin
Why is there such an agenda to discredit cheap, repurposed drugs? We knew this would happen. The health establishment didn’t use fabricated data from a study authored by a science fiction writer and porn star (later retracted), as they did with hydroxychloroquine, but it was almost as bad. No, they didn’t find any harm from ivermectin, but after every study showing the amazing efficacy of ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2 at every stage of the disease, the media breathlessly promoted a Colombian study supposedly showing no statistically meaningful benefit among those COVID-19 patients who were treated with it.
Read more at The Blaze.

Bartow: ‘Godfather Of Gain Of Function’: WaPo Columnist Lays Out Fauci’s Possible Role In Wuhan Lab
People do not want to acknowledge Dr. Anthony Fauci’s possible role in contributing to the outbreak of COVID-19, according to a Washington Post columnist. “People don’t want to think about the fact that our hero of the pandemic Dr. Fauci might also have been connected to this research which might also have been connected to the outbreak” of COVID-19, Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin told The Megyn Kelly Show on Wednesday.
Read more at Daily Caller.


Lindzen & Happer: Climate ‘Emergency’? Not So Fast
By obligating the United States once more to the Paris agreement, and by signaling very clearly that “climate” will be central to its policies, the Biden administration has joined other governments in the crusade against a supposed “climate emergency.” We use the word “crusade” advisedly, since the frenzy over climate resembles the medieval crusades against foreign infidels and home-grown heretics. There is even a children’s climate crusade. […] Some climate crusaders have invoked the mandate of heaven, and others use language all too reminiscent of millenarianism. But most claim to be following a mandate of science. We are both scientists who can attest that the research literature does not support the claim of a climate emergency. Nor will there be one. None of the lurid predictions . . .
Read more at National Review.


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