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Andrea Widburg contributor to American Thinker: Here’s a rule of thumb: Accept that the GOP and its leadership have morphed into the conservative arm of the Democrat party. They are neither your friends nor America’s. That’s not invariably true but it’s often true.

Sundance contributor to The Last Refuge: Japanese Prime Minister Joshihide Suga was the first world leader to visit the White House since Biden’s installation, and the poor form began with no-one greeting the head of the Japanese government upon arrival. When you consider the leftist narrative about stopping Asian hate, there is a rather ironic aspect to this visit and snub.


Bill Clinton on President Biden’s presidency to date: I think Biden has been almost pitch perfect in what he’s said and done.

Christopher Rufo in his March Hillsdale lecture: Marx’s ideas unleashed man’s darkest brutalities.

Joe Strader contributor to American Thinker: We find ourselves in a time in which there are multiple new candidates for government marking. At the forefront is the proposed Vaccine Passport. In the most controlling scenario, to fully participate in society, we will need to show our passport as proof that we have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Those without the mark would be excluded. In an interesting mix of competing potential marks, implementation would use QR codes on our phones.


Jason Whitlock sports journalist: The white liberal is the actual out-of-the-closet bigot … they believe black is a special category of human beings who are only allowed to think one way.

Glenn Ellmers contributor to American Greatness: The constitutional power of the states wheezes along, alive in name only, a century after the 17th Amendment. H.R. 1, to a large degree, is just a means to euthanize a terminally ill patient.

Mackubin Owens contributor to American Greatness: People who compare Georgia’s efforts to ensure the integrity of the electoral process to Jim Crow—an evil, unconstitutional, and inhumane monstrosity­­—are engaged in slander, pure and simple.


Denise McAllister contributor to American Thinker: Our nation’s obsession with avoiding any hint of suffering related to COVID-19 reveals how modern man sees himself as standing against the cosmic order instead of submitting to it — a deviation from the rest of human history that accepted suffering as part of life, even the good life.

Bree Newsome activist and BLM supporter: I’m definitely in the camp of defending rioting & looting as a legitimate, politically-informed response to state violence.

Naum Blum CTO @Tabletmag tweeted: I gotta hand it to Patrisse Cullors, “my aim is to help Black people, and I am Black, so I decided the person I’d focus on helping is myself” is an impressive defense of being a Marxist while getting rich off of BLM.


Hoft: Screaming Crowd Gives President Trump STANDING OVATION at Lincoln Day Fundraiser! (VIDEO)
President Trump made an appearance at a Mar-a-Lago Lincoln Day fundraiser on Saturday night. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were guests at the event.
Read more/Watch the 8 second video at The Gateway Pundit.


Owens, Woodson, Carroll, Blackwell, Jackson, Farrell, Wright & Murphy: Why We Black Leaders Support Voter ID Laws
America is a country of over 300 million people. We are comprised of every shape, size, nationality, and opinion. This diversity has proven to be one of our greatest strengths. However, if you listened to largely white liberal media personalities and elite CEOs, you wouldn’t know this. According to liberal orthodoxy, all Blacks think alike, and all Blacks support Black Lives Matter, and all Blacks oppose the recently enacted Georgia Election Integrity Act. To the contrary, a recent Rasmussen Reports poll found that 69% of Blacks and 82% of nonwhite minorities support voter ID. Another poll taken even more recently by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that a full two-thirds of Blacks in Georgia support voter ID. The data seems clear: A majority of Black Americans support voter ID laws.
Read more at Real Clear Politics.

Owens: Election Integrity and the Jim Crow Slur
Not too long ago, a good friend of mine took umbrage at a Facebook post that compared a proposed “vaccination passport” to the requirement that Jews in Nazi Germany carry papers identifying them as such. As a Jew, my friend argued that such a comparison trivialized the horrors of the Nazi regime that culminated in the Holocaust. My friend’s objection was justified. But this same individual has not hesitated to join the president of the United States in comparing the recent Georgia voting law to Jim Crow. Anyone who makes such a claim has no idea of what Jim Crow entailed. Second only to slavery, the Jim Crow era represents the darkest period in U.S. racial history, far darker than Reconstruction or the decade that followed.
Read more at American Greatness.

Payne: Arizona Senate on the verge of beginning major audit of Maricopa County ballots
Fann claimed that state Republicans have faced “sabotage” from Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors. “The Maricopa BOS has refused to allow us to perform the audit at their facilities,” she said, “and has gone so far as to refusing to even answer simple questions such as ‘how are the ballots sequestered?'”
The Senate recently “secured a 20,000 + square foot facility known as the Coliseum at our state fair grounds to perform the audit,” Fann said. Officials have “arranged for 24 hour physical and live streaming security,” she added, and “the audit teams are assembling and transporting the equipment and personnel to Arizona with an expected start date of April 22nd.” […] “The Arizona Senate and the auditors have no ‘expectations’ of findings,” she said. “We are performing the full forensic audit to either dispel our voters concerns or, if a problem is uncovered, we must fix the problems before the next election.”
Read more at Just the News.


Bedford: COVID Databases Are Among Us, And The Right Must Fight And Win Now — Or Never
COVID-19 vaccine passports are on the march. Before long, if not already, you might need one to return to work, travel, visit your parents, attend a sports game or even a friend’s wedding. We’re well on our way already and Democrats — once the doubters of databases, IDs, and corporations — are all-in. With Republicans in Washington nearly two years from regaining any power, the battle, then, comes down to the states. But will Republicans governors have the courage to break with the political, corporate, and global ruling class? Will they have the will to tell government agencies and private businesses they have no right to demand the citizens of their states subject themselves to an experimental vaccine? […] . . . there is reason to be worried no matter where you live, because this regime is coming for us. The most powerful elites in the world are enthusiastically in favor of it, and for the past year they’ve gotten their way on pretty much every single thing they’ve demanded by attaching “COVID-19” to it. Teachers unions, election integrity, and even religious liberty have all been manipulated under this guise, no matter how little they have to do with the actual disease. So how are these forces progressing on this initiative? […] To stop COVID vaccine passports, legislators concerned must target the databases. The databases are going to have to be digital to make sense, for speed, for efficiency, and because people will otherwise forge paperwork. The only effective way to go after them will be to prohibit any sort of digital database that collects or distributes personal medical data, and to make it a crime for organizations not covered by HIPAA to make services conditional on a customer granting access to medical data.
Read more at The Federalist.

Sunday Talks, Governor Ron DeSantis Discusses Illegal Alien Crisis, Reckless ICE Policies and Current Legislative Defenses
Watch the 12 minute interview at The Conservative Treehouse.


(As predicted) DeMarche: Fauci ties gun violence to a public health issue
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top disease expert in the U.S., tied gun violence to public health in the country during an interview Sunday after a recent spate of mass shootings. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top disease expert in the U.S., tied gun violence to public health in the country during an interview Sunday after a recent spate of mass shootings. “When you see people getting killed, I mean, in this last month, it’s just been horrifying what’s happened. How can you say that’s not a public health issue?” […] Biden also called gun violence a “public health crisis” . . .
Read more/Watch the 39 second video clip at Fox News.

Hawkins: NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Pushes Ammo Purchase Database, .50 Caliber Rifle Ban
ABC7 notes that Murphy also wants to require “gun safety training” as part of the process for obtaining a firearm ID card, enact gun storage obligations, mandate registration of out-of-state firearms, and relaunch the “smart gun commission” and a microstamping requirement, among other things.
Read more at Breitbart.

Turot: A Place of Honor in Every Black Home
Ida B. Wells, born into slavery in 1862 and orphaned at 16, rose to fame as a journalist by shining light on things we didn’t want to see — in particular, the horror of lynching. Five thousand Americans were lynched over 90 years, three quarters of them black. The numbers don’t account for the notoriety of the practice; rather, the demonic zeal of its practitioners does. Even reading about it will turn your stomach. Do not look at the photos they displayed with pride of charred bodies. Lynch mobs spread terror among non-white people and those who would defend the rule of law. Ida B. Wells proposed a solution. “A Winchester rifle should have a place of honor in every black home,” she wrote, “… for that protection which the law refuses to give.” “The only times an Afro-American who was assaulted got away,” Ida noted, “[were] when he had a gun and used it in self-defense.” […] Wells was a Republican. The lynch mobs were Democrats; the KKK, the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party. A friend once asked me whether a black female journalist like Wells would be Republican today. If she wanted civilians to have access to that sort of firepower, she sure as hell would be. That’s heresy now among Democrats. […] Ida B. Wells’s American South didn’t benefit from effective local policing. We do, but we won’t for much longer. Leftist city councils are quickly defunding and depleting the ranks of police departments. Soros-sponsored prosecutors negate the efforts of law enforcement with catch-and-release criminal justice. When politicians order police to stand down, someone fills the authority vacuum. The process is well underway. For the brief time CHAZ and CHOP ruled part of Seattle last summer, . . .
Read more at American Thinker.


Billingsley: Preview Joe Biden’s First Big Address to Congress
hite House resident Joe Biden has kept Americans waiting for his first major speech since the inauguration. Word came this week that he’s scheduled to address a joint session of Congress on April 28. American Greatness has obtained a draft of Biden’s speech from an anonymous source inside the Biden-Harris Administration. President Harris, President Obama, members of Congress, Madame Speaker, the Honorable Dr. Anthony Fauci, his Highness Bill Gates, CEOs Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and Bezos, and members of the Entertainment Industry. Before I tell you what the deal is on the state of the union, I want to welcome Alex Padilla of California. Not a single person voted for Alex, but guess what, here he is, a U.S. senator, duly appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom to replace co-President Harris. I almost said Alex went after her seat, but Willie Brown already did that. C’mon man, that’s a joke! As I once told some American troops, clap for that, you stupid bastards.
Read more at American Greatness.


Colman: U.S., China pledge to tackle climate change with ‘urgency’
The United States and China agreed to work together to fight climate change “with the seriousness and urgency that it demands” and pledged to ratchet up efforts to combat rising temperatures, the two nations said in a joint statement. The new statement issued late Saturday showed the two nations continued to engage in efforts to rein in the greenhouse gases heating the planet even as the relationship between Washington and Beijing faces rising strains, as seen in the bitter exchanges at the countries’ meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, last month. The news: The two nations agreed to lay out their long-term visions to achieve net-zero emissions at the international climate change talks set for November in Glasgow, Scotland. And they reiterated their support for the Paris climate agreement’s goal of keeping global temperatures from rising 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels, while pursing efforts to keep temperatures from climbing 1.5 degrees C.
Read more at Politico.


Sundnace: Biden Administration Conduct Hot Mess of Diplomatic Blunders During Japanese Prime Minister Visit
President Obama was well known for his diplomatic blunders, stumbles and curt demeanor with many foreign dignitaries including Queen Elizabeth II. Unsurprisingly it appears the JoeBama administration is picking up right where Obama left off. Japanese Prime Minister Joshihide Suga was the first world leader to visit the White House since Biden’s installation, and the poor form began with no-one greeting the head of the Japanese government upon arrival. When you consider the leftist narrative about stopping Asian hate, there is a rather ironic aspect to this visit and snub. Once Prime Minister Suga was inside the White House he was shunned for the greeting by his diplomatic peer, Joe Biden. Instead, Kamala Harris was dispatched to deliver introductory remarks. . . Once PM Suga and Joe Biden sat down things got worse. By the time . . .
Read more/Watch the videos at The Conservative Treehouse.

Brand: Report: Biden Admin Demands Israel Stop ‘Bragging’ About Disabling Iran’s Nuclear Facility
The Biden administration has delivered a “sharp rebuke” to Israel for undermining its position in talks with Iran by its “embarrassing chatter and bragging” about the bomb at the Natanz nuclear enrichment plant, Israel’s Channel 12 reported Friday. Biden officials “sent a message to Israel that chatting and bragging about actions Israel is doing is dangerous, embarrassing and endangers the Americans in negotiations with Iran,” the Hebrew-language report said.
Read more at Breitbart.

Sundance: Sunday Talks, Devin Nunes Outlines How Leftist Democrats are Helping China and Intelligence Community Now Openly Spying on American Citizens
Additionally, Nunes outlines a current process within the Navy to identify conservative service-members and target them for removal.
Read more/Watch the 8 minute interview at The conservative Treehouse.


VDH: The Joe Biden Who Never Was
These are the most radical first three months of a presidency since 1933, the most divisive—and certainly the most dangerous. And its catalyst is the myth of ol’ Joe from Scranton who has unleashed furies and hatreds never quite seen in modern American history. At an age when most long ago embraced a consistent political belief, late septuagenarian Joe Biden suddenly reinvented himself as our first woke president. That is ironic in so many ways because Joe’s past is a wasteland of racialist condescension and prejudicial gaffes. For much of the 1980s and 1990s, he positioned himself as the workingman’s Democrat from Delaware (or, as Biden once beamed, “We [Delawareans] were on the South’s side in the Civil War.”). In truth, he exuded chauvinism well beyond that of his constituents.
Read more at American Greatness.

Ellmers: H.R. 1 Is the Pillow Over the Face of Federalism
I have never been in real quicksand, and you probably haven’t been, either. But many of us have the sense that our constitutional republic is sinking into a kind of political quagmire—what James Madison in Federalist 48 memorably called an “impetuous vortex.” When one part of the framer’s constitutional arrangement tried to exert “an overruling influence over the others,” Madison warned, no “parchment barriers” would be sufficient to keep it under control. Instead, the founders’ specific intention was for other parts of the system—including the people themselves—to assert their powers and prerogatives and restore a proper balance. Those reflections provide some context for understanding the Democrats’ audacious and nakedly partisan attempt at manipulating our electoral process—otherwise known as H.R.1, the “For the People Act.”
Read more at American Greatness.

Crabtree: Biden’s 6-Month Reprieve From the Left’s Court-Packing Push
There was no announcement in the White House East Room recognizing respected veteran Washington figures selected as the bipartisan co-chairs. It wasn’t even mentioned on the daily White House schedule. In short, the unveiling of President Biden’s 36-member commission on Supreme Court reforms was even more understated than most blue-ribbon panels set up to study — but never really resolve — thorny third-rail policy issues like Medicare reform during President George W. Bush’s tenure or more aspirational goals such as fiscal responsibility at the beginning of the Obama administration. There’s a good reason for that.
Read more at Real Clear Politics.


(IMPRIMIS} Rufo: Critical Race Theory: What It Is and How to Fight It
Critical race theory is fast becoming America’s new institutional orthodoxy. Yet most Americans have never heard of it—and of those who have, many don’t understand it. It’s time for this to change. We need to know what it is so we can know how to fight it. In explaining critical race theory, it helps to begin with a brief history of Marxism. Originally, the Marxist Left built its political program on the theory of class conflict. Marx believed that the primary characteristic of industrial societies was the imbalance of power between capitalists and workers. The solution to that imbalance, according to Marx, was revolution: the workers would eventually gain consciousness of their plight, seize the means of production, overthrow the capitalist class, and usher in a new socialist society. During the 20th century, a number of regimes underwent Marxist-style revolutions, and each ended in disaster. Socialist governments in the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Cuba, and elsewhere racked up a body count of nearly 100 million of their own people. They are remembered for their gulags, show trials, executions, and mass starvations. In practice, Marx’s ideas unleashed man’s darkest brutalities. By the mid-1960s, Marxist intellectuals in the West had begun to . . .
Read more at Hillsdale’s Imprimis.


Pappert: Woke Coca-Cola Was Invented By Slave Owning Confederate Colonel Who Was Addicted To Morphine
Despite recently providing instructional material to its employees that taught them to “be less white,” the Coca-Cola company is seemingly running away from its own history and creator: slave owning Confederate Army colonel and morphine addicted John Pemberton.
Read more at National File.

McCotter: A Billion Ripples of Freedom
Last week we examined “woke” corporate extortionists and their new business model, wherein it makes financial sense to align with the Left against the center and the Right, even when said position opposes a majoritarian consensus among the electorate. A lemming-like alignment with “woke” goals benefits corporations for a number of reasons: . . . While not an exhaustive list, we have limned the outlines of the problem; and conclude that woke corporate extortion is less about virtue signaling than it is about rent-seeking. Regrettably, it is as good for their bottom line as it is bad for our free republic. For this reason, especially, it should concern every American. What can be done to end woke corporate extortion? […] But whether you act as an individual or in conjunction with your fellow defenders of our free republic, you can make a difference every day through an act of dissent of your choosing.
Read more at American Greatness.


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