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Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò speaking against the May 6-8 Vatican Conference Unite to Prevent & Unite to Cure. A Global Health Care Initiative: How Innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human HealthThe result is the super-imposition over the true Church of a sect of heretical and depraved Modernists who are intent on legitimizing adultery, sodomy, abortion, euthanasia, idolatry, and any perversion of the intellect and will. The true Church is now eclipsed, denied and discredited by her very Pastors, betrayed even by the one who occupies the highest Throne.

Christopher Rufo contributor to City Journal on one part of a three part strategy to defeat the forces of critical race theory: Above all, we must have courage, the fundamental virtue required in our time: courage to stand and speak the truth, courage to withstand epithets, courage to face the mob, and courage to shrug off the scorn of elites. When enough of us overcome the fear that currently prevents so many from speaking out, the hold of critical race theory will begin to slip. And courage begets courage. It’s easy to stop a lone dissenter; it’s much harder to stop 10, 20, 100, 1,000, 1 million, or more who stand up together for the principles of America. Truth and justice are on our side. If we can muster the courage, we will win.


Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ): Biden may simply want a new ration of potential Democrat voters, but by erasing our southern border through this inhumane border crisis, he is moving the ball a towards the Left’s goal of eliminating the nation-state. Particularly the American state.

Julie Kelly contributor to American Greatness: Senate Republicans are handing Joe Biden the matches. They’ve made it easy for Biden to put together the team he wants, greenlighting with barely a fight his deeply partisan allies now in full control of vengeful federal agencies.


Nitzberg: Government anticipates at least another 100 people will be charged over Jan. 6 Capitol attack
“Over 400 individuals have been charged in connection with the Capitol attack,” . . . […] The court filings noted: “The investigation and prosecution of the Capitol attack will likely be one of the largest in American history, both in terms of the number of defendants prosecuted and the nature and volume of the evidence.”
Read more at Just the News.


Glenn Beck: Why is the US Postal Service SPYING on Americans — and who authorized this ‘covert program’?
On the radio program Thursday, Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere broke down what we know about the USPS’ surveillance effort, known as the Internet Covert Operations Program (or iCOP), and the role it plays in providing other federal agencies with information on “right-wing leaning” accounts, among other data, and asked: Who exactly authorized the U.S. Postal Service to monitor the internet?
Watch the 12 minute Beck video at The Blaze


Levy: Keep an Eye on This SCOTUS Labor Case
Americans are proud of their right to property, not enjoyed by people in many democracies. As the Cato Institute puts it, our founding fathers understood that private property is the foundation of prosperity and freedom. But California’s 46-year-old Agricultural Labor Relations Act (ALRA) violates that constitutional principle, and it even fails to protect farm workers. It allows union officials and pickets to invade farms — for three hours every day, for 120 days a year — and harangue, coerce, and arm-twist farm workers into joining the union and engaging in collective bargaining with growers even when they’re happy with their working conditions and pay. The property-owner is powerless to stop the intrusion, as the regulation does not require the owner’s permission. Surprising? That is why a forthcoming decision by the Supreme Court in a case involving a strawberry plant nursery and a packager from California and the state’s Agricultural Labor Relations Board (ALRB) will be a watershed.
Read more at American Thinker.


Sammin: Is Big Business Now A Greater Threat To Free Speech Than Government?
As I wrote in a preceding essay, the First Amendment was written to limit the government’s power. In the 18th century, only the state was conceived as possibly wielding the power to keep free people from speaking their minds. Thus, if maintaining a free people requires free speech, it followed that the government must be kept from controlling speech. For a long time, no more was necessary, but that would change. As the United States grew in population and prosperity, there was very little agitation against business. There did not need to be. Most businesses were small affairs, owned by one man or one family, employing a handful of workers. Relations between labor and management were dealt with between individuals. […] Yet as corporations grew in size and power, that “true system” changed. Instead of one apprentice negotiating with an owner, a company that employed thousands would tell workers what they would get: take it or leave it. In response, workers . . . […] Although the two streams of jurisprudence here — anti-monopoly and free speech — did not much overlap in the early twentieth century, some of the same great thinkers were doing work in both. Foremost among these was Louis Brandeis, who joined the Supreme Court in 1916. Brandeis was a progressive who saw Big Government and Big Business as equally threatening to the average American.
Read more at The Federalist.



Hoft: Arizona Senate’s Audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 Election Results is Ready to Go – WATCH LIVE from Your iPhone or Home Computer
This may be the most transparent audit in US history. The auditors selected by the Arizona Senate are providing video access to the world of their audit activities in real-time. […] We are praying that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors doesn’t step in again and attempt to prevent the audit from happening. To date and since the election, they have done all they could to not make this day happen. They have even sued the Senate to stop this audit.
Read more at The Gateway Pundit.


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