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Max Morton contributor to American Greatness: In the information security business, there is a saying that security by obscurity is no security at all—meaning hiding from hackers is not a winning security strategy. The parallel to this in politics is anonymity is freedom. In other words, I am free as long as the tyrant doesn’t know I exist. The reality, however, is one can never get small enough or anonymous enough to be free from evil when evil rules the land.

Selwyn Duke contributor to American Thinker: If the Left can co-opt the military and police, it will have seized our country’s last two remaining (relatively) “conservative” institutions. It will also have what’s necessary to quash that impediment to total coast-to-coast hegemony: America’s framework and tradition of state and local control.


Joan Swirsky contributor to Canada Free Press: Bottom line, the entire world is now witnessing a regime of fixated Liberal-Leftist-Progressive children trying to run the most powerful country on earth, when what they really need is psychotropic medication, behavioral therapy, and a Congress with enough backbone to banish Voter Fraud forever!

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) embattled House Republican leader tripled down the night before the House vote to remove her: This is not about policy. This is not about partisanship. This is about our duty as Americans. Remaining silent and ignoring the lie emboldens the liar. I will not participate in that. I will not sit back and watch in silence, while others lead our party down a path that abandons the rule of law and joins the former president’s crusade to undermine our democracy.

Robert Nisbet author of The Quest for Community: The family, religious association, and local community—these, the conservatives insisted, cannot be regarded as the external products of man’s thought and behavior; they are essentially prior to the individual and are the indispensable supports of belief and conduct. Release man from the contexts of community and you get not freedom and rights but intolerable aloneness and subjection to demonic fears and passions.


Daniel Greenfield contributor to FrontPage Magazine slams Biden’s taxpayer funded grants to illegal aliens and other undeserving groups: Democrats and their media are perversely celebrating taxpayer money being stolen for the use of foreign students, criminals, and illegal aliens. That, in a nutshell, is what the Democrats stand for.


Israel Under Attack – Unlike The Current White House Occupant, President Trump Responds
“When I was in office we were known as the Peace Presidency, because Israel’s adversaries knew that the United States stood strongly with Israel and there would be swift retribution if Israel was attacked. Under Biden, the world is getting more violent and more unstable because Biden’s weakness and lack of support for Israel is leading to new attacks on our allies. America must always stand with Israel and make clear that the Palestinians must end the violence, terror, and rocket attacks, and make clear that the U.S. will always strongly support Israel’s right to defend itself. Unbelievably, Democrats also continue to stand by crazed anti-American Rep. Ilhan Omar, and others, who savagely attack Israel while they are under terrorist assault.”

From The Desk OF DONALD J. TRUMP (5/11/2021): Wilton Simpson has done an outstanding job as President of the Florida State Senate, and I hope he runs for Florida Agriculture Commissioner in 2022—he will have my Complete and Total Endorsement! Wilton has been a great supporter and worked hard to get many good Conservatives elected in Florida. He helped us grow our Republican majority in the Florida State Senate, and gave us a historic win in Florida in the 2020 Presidential Election. Wilton will never let the great people of Florida down!


From The Desk OF DONALD J. TRUMP (5/12/2021): Liz Cheney is a bitter, horrible human being. I watched her yesterday and realized how bad she is for the Republican Party. She has no personality or anything good having to do with politics or our Country. She is a talking point for Democrats, whether that means the Border, the gas lines, inflation, or destroying our economy. She is a warmonger whose family stupidly pushed us into the never-ending Middle East Disaster, draining our wealth and depleting our Great Military, the worst decision in our Country’s history. I look forward to soon watching her as a Paid Contributor on CNN or MSDNC!


McCarthy: The three faces of the Republican Party
The 1957 film, The Three Faces of Eve, was about dissociative personality disorder, then known as multiple personality syndrome. It was a hard film based on an actual case of a woman who suffered from the condition. It is not much of a leap to describe the Republican Party as currently constituted as suffering from the same malady. There are the true small-government, liberty-loving constitutionalists like Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Tom Cotton, Matt Gaetz, Ron Johnson, Josh Hawley, Elise Stefanik, Steve Scalise, Rand Paul, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, and John Kennedy. Then there are the squishes, who are afraid of their own shadows when it comes to fighting the Democrats — the elected officials who are there only to hold power, not to exercise it for their constituents. Those would be . . . Then there are the never-Trumpers: . . . Thanks to Donald Trump, we can all clearly see who among our officials actually represents the American people who elected them; . . .
Read more American Thinker.

Greenfield: GREAT SPLIT: 75% of Orthodox Jews are Republicans
Overall, about a quarter of U.S. Jewish adults (27%) do not identify with the Jewish religion: They consider themselves to be Jewish ethnically, culturally or by family background and have a Jewish parent or were raised Jewish, but they answer a question about their current religion by describing themselves as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular” rather than as Jewish. Among Jewish adults under 30, four-in-ten describe themselves this way. […] American Jews, like all Americans, are dividing into irreconcilable groups with militant atheists on the one hand whose idea of being Jewish is social justice and highly conservative biblical literalists and social conservatives on the other. […] Among Jews of no religion, roughly three-quarters were Democrats or leaned that way. But Orthodox Jews have been trending in the opposite direction, becoming as solidly Republican as non-Orthodox Jews are solidly Democratic. In the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, 75% of Orthodox Jews said they were Republicans or leaned Republican, compared with 57% in 2013. […] Any kind of middle ground is falling away leaving a sharp split between groups that have nothing in common despite their common origins. And so you’ve got the INNers supporting Hamas on social media and you’ve got Jews voting for Trump and supporting Israel. […] That’s the definitional crackup in a nutshell with politics replacing religion. Literally. The question about future grandchildren captures one element of this divergence.
Read more at FrontPage Mag.

Field; BREAKING: House Republicans vote to kick Liz Cheney out of leadership
The House Republican caucus voted Wednesday to kick Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) from her GOP conference chairman post. According to Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the caucus held a voice vote, so no final tally numbers will be known. Kinzinger also said that no replacement had yet been voted on.
Wednesday’s vote was the second time the House GOP held a vote on whether to keep Cheney as conference chairman. In early February, House Republicans voted 145-61 to keep Cheney in her leadership role in a secret ballot.
Read more at The Blaze.


Beyrer: Navy Seizes Iranian Weapons Shipment as Biden Administration Seeks New Deal
The U.S. Navy last week seized thousands of weapons aboard an Iranian ship likely bound for Yemen to arm Houthi militants. A Coast Guard team launched from the USS Monterey flagged down and boarded the ship in the Arabian Sea for a routine flag verification and discovered thousands of Chinese rifles and dozens of Russian missiles, the Navy announced Saturday. An American defense official told the Associated Press the ship is of Iranian origin. Lt. Cmdr. Pete Pagano, a spokesman for the Navy’s Fifth Fleet, told CNN Monday that the Navy has interdicted similar arms shipments in the area that were headed to Houthi militants. Navy officials are investigating the origin and intent of the confiscated weapons. he weapons seizure occurs as the Biden administration lays out major concessions to Iran . . .
Read more at Free Beacon.

Feder: The Left’s War on Procreation
Last week, the left’s war on procreation was headline news. In the April 29th British edition of Vogue, Nell Frizzell wrote a pean to population control: “Is Having a Child Pure Environmental Terrorism?” – a shameless piece of virtue signaling. Frizzell confessed that when she was pregnant, she “worried feverishly about the strain on the Earth’s resources that another Western child would add.” The author went on to agonize about the . . . […] Then there was the news that Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda, America’s Woke power couple, are getting a divorce. Unfortunately, the work of The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will continue. With $43.3 billion in assets (larger than the economies of most countries) the Foundation is dedicated to making the world a more barren place. Its target isn’t Western children but kids in Africa . . . […] The Gateses, the Vogue writer and Biden’s handlers are all neo-Malthusians — disciples of Paul Ehrlich, the much-discredited prophet of over-population. […] While environmental activists view more people as more mouths to feed, others see them as more hands to produce and more brains to innovate. Despite this reality, the Malthusians are having an undeniable impact. Worldwide fertility rates (the number of children the average woman will have in her lifetime) are falling fast. Sometime in this century, we will get into population decline, perhaps even population freefall. Replacement fertility is approximately . . .
Read more at FrontPage Mag.


BREAKING: Inflation SKYROCKETS To Highest Levels Since Great Recession, Follows Disastrous Jobs Report
President Joe Biden received further negative news Wednesday about the economic environment in the U.S. under his leadership as newly released numbers show that the economy is overheating and inflation is growing at an even higher rate than anticipated. “Inflation accelerated at its fastest pace in more than 12 years for April as the U.S. economic recovery kicked into gear and energy prices jumped higher,” CNBC reported. “The Consumer Price Index, which measures a basket of goods as well as energy and housing costs, rose 4.2% from a year ago, compared to the Dow Jones estimate for a 3.6% increase. The monthly gain was 0.8%, against the expected 0.2%.”
Read more at Daily Wire.

Duke: How the Left Plans To Put Boots on the Ground to Subdue Middle America
It was said during our Mideast military adventures, and has been considered a truism of war, that you can’t really win a conflict without “boots on the ground.” For it’s difficult to completely subdue a people from afar. It may not be too different with battles for civilization. I stated in 2012, addressing a long-developing reality, that the culture war was over as the Left had achieved social dominance. “What is occurring now is a pacification effort,” I wrote — one designed to stamp out the “conservative” guerrilla-group diehards. Other than its intensification, the only thing that has changed about this effort in the last decade is that it has a new name: “cancel culture.” With GoogTwitFace (Big Tech) having upped its bias and dropped its mask and corporate America joining academia, the media and entertainment on the Dark Side, these entities act as a malevolent monolith silencing dissident voices from Maine to Maui. But it would be naïve to think the Left, which craves power and wants total control, will be satisfied with its current soft authoritarianism. This brings us to two developments that could cause the raising of eyebrows if not militias.
Read more at American Thinker.


Bedford: Behind The Curtain: How The New York Times Manufactures Lies For Democrats To Attack Their Opponents
Glenn Youngkin pulled ahead of his competitors, winning a surprise victory in the Virginia Republican primary Monday night. Within moments, Terry McAuliffe, the former governor and the strong favorite to win the 2021 Democratic nomination, attacked. On economic, immigration, taxation, or infrastructure plans? Nope: McAuliffe called Youngkin a “Big Lie believing” election conspiracy theorist. He’d used the attack before, when in February Youngkin rolled out his proposed Election Integrity Task Force. Of course, “conspiracy theorist” is not an unusual attack to see in politics, and especially since Sen. Barry Goldwater’s unsuccessful 1964 run for president, it’s been a favorite for Democrats to use against Republicans. […] Enter the Times: . . .
Read more at The Federalist.

Allahpundit: Why are reporters letting White House officials approve and edit their own quotes?
This isn’t a White House scandal, it’s a media scandal. Every White House will seek to control information; Politico notes that the Obama and Trump White Houses also sought “quote approval” from reporters, although Team Trump did so less aggressively than the Biden White House. Either way, there’s nothing unethical about an official offering an on-the-record quote to a journalist in exchange for the right to edit that quote before it appears in print. The official has no duty to the public to ensure that his comments to the media are as unguarded as possible. If anything, as a public servant, he may feel a duty to clean up those unguarded comments lest they somehow hinder the White House’s ability to enact policies that serve the public good. It’s the media’s collaboration in the practice that’s unethical. A news bureau has a duty . . . […] According to Politico, White House officials are seeking — and receiving — the right to “ghost edit” publications’ copy, or at least the parts of it that came from their own conversations with reporters. Essentially they’re uncredited co-authors.
Read more at Hot Air.

Prestgiacomo: ‘Womanizer’: Bill Gates Hosted Naked Pool Parties With Strippers, NYT Passed On Salacious Reporting, Biographer Says
Bill Gates, co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft, was apparently known for being a “womanizer” and throwing pool parties with naked strippers, even after he met soon-to-be ex-wife Melinda Gates. Gates biographer James Wallace said the billionaire had a well-known “wild lifestyle,” but the press, namely The New York Times, passed on the salacious stories. […] Gates’ “womanizing was well known, although not well reported,” the author noted. Apparently the Times passed on such stories as to not stop “the flow of information” the paper was receiving from Gates.
Read more at Daily Wire.


Morton: Semper Tyrannus—Always a Tyrant
It is up to us to use our wisdom and patriotism to correct the course of our nation and reassert our station as the defenders of liberty and the bearers of our constitutional republic. Land of the free, home of the brave.” “The Constitution ensures Americans receive due process.” “Equal justice under the law is a hallmark of the American justice system.” “We have a government restrained by checks and balances.” “They hate us for our freedoms.” “If I put my tooth under my pillow, the tooth fairy will come and exchange it for a dollar bill.” By now most Americans, minus perpetually ignorant boomers and five-year-olds, know the above statements are fairy tales. Not necessarily on the level of Grimm’s scary nightmare tales, more like big white lies and obsolete constructs repeated in unison by propagandists in order to make us feel good so we don’t ask too many questions. In the information security business, there is a saying that security by obscurity is no security at all—meaning hiding from hackers is not a winning security strategy. The parallel to this in politics is anonymity is freedom. In other words, I am free as long as the tyrant doesn’t know I exist. The reality, however, is one can never get small enough or anonymous enough to be free from evil when evil rules the land. […] Know the Tools of Tyranny. Enter the shitshow that was the George W. Bush Administration. In December 2008, . . .
Read more at American Greatness.


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