Daily News Roundup – April 2, 2021

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GOOD FRIDAY: Good Friday is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday. On this day Christians commemorate the passion, or suffering, and death on the cross of Jesus Christ. Many Christians spend Good Friday in fasting, prayer, repentance, and meditation on the agony and suffering of Christ. If you cannot get into Good Friday or Holy Saturday church services, join the Passion of Christ, our Lord and Savior in fervent prayer at home.

Mosley: “Stations of the Cross” at The Imaginative Conservative.


AN EASTER HALLELUJAH – Kelley Mooney sings her version of this classic song. He is Risen!
Watch the beautiful and moving 8 minute rendition.

Meyer: 3 Major Scientific Discoveries In The Past Century That Point To God
This week, traditional Jews and Christians celebrate special acts of God in human history. Yet, polling data now show that an increasing number of young people, including those from religious homes, doubt even the existence of God. Moreover, polls probing such young “religiously unaffiliated agnostics and atheists” have found that science — or at least the claims of putative spokesmen for science — have played an outsized sole in cementing disaffection with religious belief. In one, more than two-thirds of self-described atheists, and one-third of agnostics, affirm “the findings of science make the existence of God less probable.” It’s not hard to see how many people might have acquired this impression. Since 2006 . . . […] . . . three major scientific discoveries during the last century contradict the expectations of scientific atheists (or materialists) and point instead in a distinctly theistic direction. First, . . .
Read more at The Federalist.

David Limbaugh: This Easter, Remember That Americans Must Never Throw in the Towel
As we survey our rotting cultural and political landscape, it is tempting, from a worldly perspective, to lose hope for our way of life and our nation. As Christians, we have a greater Hope, one that transcends these worldly problems. We must always train our focus on Jesus Christ, especially during this holiest of weeks, but let’s not in the meantime abandon our earthly duties — our responsibilities to family, friends, country, and values. While we must guard against making politics and patriotism our idols, we don’t have to accept the notion that worshiping God requires neglecting what is true, great, and good in our earthly lives. A spiritual war is raging before our eyes, and we must suit up against it — unless our lives on this side of eternity are utterly pointless. I’ll never believe God placed us on Earth to be indifferent to life here, to surrender the reins to forces of evil because a better world awaits us. Our Founding Fathers certainly didn’t believe that either.
Read more at CNS News.



Tucker Carlson Fox News host explains President Biden’s 2 trillion dollar “infrastructure plan”: Only about 5% of that $2 trillion will actually go to roads and bridges. So, 5% on infrastructure, 95% on social engineering. That’s what Joe Biden calls a once-in-a-lifetime infrastructure bill.

President Biden on Wednesday in Pittsburgh: I’m a union guy. . . I support unions. Unions built the middle class. It’s about time they start to get a piece of the action.

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D. contributor to American Thinker: Carbon happens to be the building block of life on Earth. It is also organic, produced by natural processes that cannot be reproduced by man in any meaningful way, specifically the creation of coal, oil, and natural gas. Carbon is non-GMO, free-range, pesticide free, and everything else needed for it to be sold at Whole Foods if it was edible.


Naomi Wolf author of “The End of America” on the proposed Orwellian Biden/Harris vaccine passport: I cannot say this forcefully enough: This is literally the end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned.

JANUARY 6, 2021

I & I Editorial: Nancy Pelosi, The Real Insurrectionist
The media are aglow with news that two U.S. Capitol Police officers are suing Donald Trump for inflaming, encouraging, inciting and directing a riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6. It fits their narrative. But this doesn’t and therefore gets no coverage: The real insurgent is the speaker of the House. Two days after the regrettable events at the Capitol, which no serious or honest person would call an insurrection, Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi called U.S. Army Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Her objective was to strip Donald Trump of his constitutional executive authority. She followed up the call with a letter to her power-hungry Democratic colleagues: . . . […] Judicial Watch believes “the call between the House speaker and the nation’s top military officer – regarding the powers of a sitting president – set a ‘dangerous precedent’ that could affect future presidencies.” So concerned was the group that it filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Defense Department, which so far hasn’t responded. Is Judicial Watch wrong? Was Pelosi trying to pull a coup against a sitting president, previously having been unable to remove him from office using both constitutional and unconstitutional means?
Read more at Issue Insights.

Revolver: So-Called “Assault Video” Creates Big Problems for Prosecutors in Sicknick Capitol Riot Death Case
Last week, the New York Times obtained a leaked copy of video footage purporting to show the exact moment Officer Sicknick was allegedly bear sprayed by MAGA protesters. If you haven’t seen the videos yet, there’s a good reason why. They’re surprisingly hard to find, unless you’re a paying Times subscriber. Also, given how underwhelming and confusing the actual evidence is, the fact that the clips didn’t exactly go viral is itself an indictment of the Justice Department’s case against Khater and Tanios. Fortunately, a helpful anon managed to upload the key New York Times clip on YouTube. These are the main 36 seconds around which the entire Sicknick trial will revolve. . . .T he Department of Justice is telling the public that this grainy 360p video is sufficient . . .
Read more/Watch the video at Revolver News.


Saavedra: ‘Potential Imminent Crisis’: U.S. Military Warns Of Russian Military Buildup In Eastern Europe
The U.S. military in Europe is on high-alert following a buildup of Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, a situation that has reportedly “escalated sharply in recent days” after four Ukrainian soldiers were killed during a battle against Russian-backed forces. “The soldiers’ deaths, along with a buildup of Russian forces on the border, has seized the attention of senior American officials in Europe and Washington,” The New York Times reported. “In the past week, the U.S. military’s European Command raised its watch level from possible crisis to potential imminent crisis — the highest level — in response to the deployment of the additional Russian troops.” […] The escalation comes after Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a killer during an interview with ABC News last month, angering Putin.
Read more at Daily Wire.


Taft: Joe Biden’s ‘Vaccine Passport’ Sounds Like Precursor to China’s Social Credit Score. Here’s How China’s Plan Works
The worldwide pandemic vaccine passport being proposed appear to be a lighter version (for the moment) of China’s social credit score scheme. This divides people into camps, the trustworthy and the untrustworthy. “Trustworthy” people who hew to government diktat would get more points. This is a scheme we feel sure the Left is going to love. You can guess which group you’d be in. China’s rulers in the Communist Party began pre-announcing its social credit score in 2014. It was rolled out soon thereafter and was to have been country-wide by 2020. Vox reports that the government’s goal in setting up the system was to “help ensure a model society in which “sincerity and trustworthiness become conscious norms of action among all the people.” The Chinese social credit scheme is a series of . . . […] The way it works is that each person in China starts with 1000 points. Every time someone does something the government doesn’t like they’re docked points. If you don’t . . . […] Good behavior includes . . . […] If one gets any score below 600, they’re graded . . . […] Business Insider reports that there are several ways that the man can stick it to the little guy with a low social credit score such as . ..
Read more at PJ Media.

Easley, Samuels & Parnes: White House moves to reshape role of US capitalism
In addition to traditional infrastructure projects, Biden’s $2.25 trillion “American Jobs Plan” would make government investments in broadband, electric vehicles, climate change, elderly care, child benefits, housing and developing future technologies. It would redefine classic infrastructure projects to include investments in workers and families paid for by tax hikes on corporations. The ambitious proposal effectively transforms the relationship between the government and the private sector, making radical changes to key sectors of the economy that could be felt for years down the road. […] “Every corner of the country is going to be touched by this in some way,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. “It takes a whole different perspective on government,” Zandi added. “Ever since Ronald Reagan it’s been about government dysfunction, we need smaller government, less government… This is the complete opposite. It’s saying government and only government can solve the problems we have because they’re so large and beyond any one of us. Infrastructure is a collective problem.”
Read more at The Hill.

McArdle: Makes U.S. ‘Uncompetitive,’ Funds ‘Favored Industries, Friends’: Analysts Rip Biden’s Infrastructure Plan
Biden announced the American Jobs Plan, the first installment of a two-part infrastructure and economic recovery plan projected to cost $3 trillion or more over 10 years, Wednesday afternoon in Pittsburgh, the same city where he launched his presidential run nearly two years ago. […] The plan invests $621 billion into transportation infrastructure such as roads, bridges, public transit, rail networks, ports, airports, and electric vehicle development, including $20 billion to ensure those projects advance “racial equity” and “environmental justice.” Another $400 billion will go toward care for elderly and disabled Americans. Biden’s plan also puts $311 billion to rebuilding drinking-water infrastructure, expanding broadband access, and modernizing electric grids and $350 billion to building and retrofitting affordable housing as well as building and upgrading schools and child care facilities. The plan also reserves $580 billion for research and development investments, American manufacturing and small businesses, and job training. The second part of the plan, expected to be released in April, will address health care, education, and child care. The president and his administration have likened the vast scope of the infrastructure plan to President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society in the 1960s and President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal during the Great Depression. […] Tucked into the administration’s summary of the bill is also the . . . [..] As a result, the infrastructure plan makes the U.S. “objectively pretty uncompetitive,” said Garrett Watson, a senior policy analyst at the Tax Foundation.
Read more at Daily Wire.


Din: Biden endorses moving MLB All-Star Game out of Georgia
Biden’s comments joined a growing chorus of voices that have called on the MLB to move its marquee summertime game out of Cobb County, as part of a larger effort to boycott organizations headquartered in the state that have remained silent on the voting rights issue, as well as major sporting events, including golf’s annual Masters Tournament.
Read more at Politico.

Collinson: Corporate giants bow to pressure in Georgia voting law backlash
A belated but growing corporate backlash came too late to halt Georgia’s new election law but voting rights activists are now calling on US CEOs to prove their long-term commitment to the fight against Republican voter suppression. Huge employers in the Atlanta area, including Delta Air Lines and Coca-Cola, on Wednesday steered into a confrontation with Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, who signed the law critics described as a revival of Jim Crow racism. Their shift came after initial and widely criticized silence or ambivalence from powerful corporate leaders following the passage of the law . . .[…] After Delta initially blandly expressed support for voting rights and largely accepted the GOP line of the law earlier this week, the airline’s CEO Ed Bastian issued a memo to employees Wednesday blasting it — saying he had now had sufficient time to understand its true effect. “It’s evident that the bill includes provisions that will make it harder for many underrepresented voters, particularly Black voters, to exercise their constitutional right to elect their representatives. That is wrong,” Bastian said, adding that the law was based on a “lie” of election fraud in 2020 in Georgia. […] James Quincey, the CEO of Coca-Cola, told CNBC on Wednesday that his firm had “always opposed this legislation” and called it “unacceptable” after fierce pressure from civil rights organizations for a stronger stance from the soft drinks giant. […] Pressure in the corporate world for more companies to speak out came amid an effort by Black business leaders led by Kenneth Chenault, the ex-CEO of American Express, and Kenneth Frazier, the CEO of Merck, to get their corporate colleagues to take stronger positions against voter suppression.
Read more at CNN.


Jeffrey: The Cage Biden Wants for American Children
Is it better for a 3-year-old child to spend more time with a government employee or a mother? President Joe Biden is pushing for a federal program to put preschool children in the hands of the former — theoretically, as a benefit to the latter. What about summer vacations? Should children have them? Or is it better to keep them in school 12 months a year? […] “I would hope that both summer of 2021 and summer of 2022 might be powerful opportunities for us to A. help kids catch up, but we might also learn some things about what the optimal length of the school year should be,” said Kaine. “I mean, we could use it as an experiment, and we might come out of the experiment and decide that, you know, the September-to-May (school year), there’s nothing magic about it,” Kaine said, “and possibly the best way to help our kids is to have a longer school year, or to readjust the school calendar to minimize learning loss.”
Read more at CNS NEWS.
[NOTE: The end game? The U.S. Government, not parents, will raise America’s children.]
Watch Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan in this disturbing 2009 interview with Charlie Rose

Morabito: 8 Ways Public Schools Could Further Radicalize When They Finally Re-open
We ought to ask ourselves what public schools will look like and feel like once radical educrats and politicos agree to reopen them. I think schools will re-open across the board, but only when our ruling class is good and ready for that. The big question is what the Wuhan-induced closures seem to accomplish for these elites and what sort of school-scape they have envisioned for the future. What will the student body look like? The parents of public-school students? The curriculum? I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think we can infer eight negative outcomes down the pike after a long period of politicized school closures that were never justified by medical science. I imagine our ruling elites will be happy with such outcomes. We should be prepared for the following. 1. Even More Peer Pressure to Conform Our famine of social connection will likely spark a greater tolerance for blind conformity. There has been a mass starvation for peer connection among students. Many have been numbed by the drudgery of online learning with no outlets through sports and clubs, no human contact with teachers and peers. Parents are also starving for a place their kids can engage with others during the workday. So might they now be willing to swallow anything for some relief? There’s a phrase attributed to Lenin: “The worse, the better,” which means that the more misery people feel, the better it is for the success of communism (or perhaps the “great reset”). The longer people suffer in isolation, the higher the toll and more susceptible they are to depression and self-harm. So after a long period of social deprivation, they may become far more willing to conform under the slightest of social pressures, no matter what’s asked of them. 2. Less-Engaged Parents There has been a marked increase in . . .
Read more at The Federalist.


Condra: The Media Is Already Talking About Another Covid Outbreak. Why?
Vaccines are rolling out. Mask mandates and lockdown restrictions are slowly but surely being lifted. We’re going back to work, and our kids are returning to school. This is the light at the end of the tunnel we’ve been waiting and praying for, one that lets us know the nightmare of the past year won’t last forever. And even as we go back to normal, however we define normality now, it still won’t erase the loved ones we’ve lost, the relationships strained over the incessant politicization of a global pandemic, and the damage to our economy and our individual communities, to say the least. But by the media’s standards, the real nightmare has yet to even begin. For every success story, there’s double the coverage of harmful new variants or even talks of a newer, emerging pandemic that could impact us for decades. We haven’t even begun to recover from this virus, so why are we so preoccupied with preparing for the next one?
[…] This isn’t about Covid Journalist Edward R. Murrow almost predicted the stranglehold we now find ourselves in. Murrow said that “a nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves” and never before has that been more applicable. The devil’s advocate question seems to be an overwhelming, “What do the media/government/XYZ have to gain from this?” Look around you. Our government . . .
Read more at Evie Magazine.

Malkin: The Global Trace-and-Track Regime
The Biden administration’s vaccine passport scheme is just the teeny-tiny tip of a massive privacy invasion iceberg. A year ago this week, I began chronicling the worldwide weaponization of COVID-19 by big government and big business to trace and track the health data of untold hundreds of millions of human beings. Let’s review. In March 2020, Singapore unleashed a Bluetooth app called “TraceTogether” on Google Play and the Apple Store to track people who tested positive for coronavirus and notify others through their cellphones. For those who argue that participation is completely “voluntary,” bear in mind that Singapore functions as a high-tech dictatorship where refusal to comply with stay-at-home orders and refusal to share GPS location data with health bureaucrats are criminal offenses subject to six months’ imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine. The Singapore system was quickly expanded to require users to submit their national ID numbers and passport numbers; a few months later, the government issued wearable tracing “tokens” with QR codes to all 5.7 million residents in Singapore. Plans are in the works to formally mandate TraceTogether enrollment for anyone in cinemas, restaurants, workplaces, schools and shopping malls. Dozens of states, plus countries including Germany, the U.K., and a large swath of Canada, now use COVID-19 exposure notification apps akin to Singapore’s that are built on Google and Apple’s Exposure Notification application programming interface.
Read more at Intellectual Takeout.

Natal: The Mask and Empathy
Masks have long been associated with slavery and submission. The covering of the mouth, especially, has been used as a symbolic gag to silence people. But what effects will this have on the neurophysiological development of our children, and what does that say for the next generation going forward?
Watch the 7 minute video: https://thenewamerican.com/the-mask-and-empathy/

Beck: Wisconsin Supreme Court overturns statewide mask mandate, blocks Evers from declaring multiple emergency orders
The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Wednesday blocked Democratic Gov. Tony Evers from issuing any new public health emergency orders to mandate face masks without the approval of the Republican-controlled state Legislature. In a 4-3 decision, conservative justices in the majority declared the statewide mask mandate invalid and ruled Evers exceeded his authority in issuing multiple emergency declarations over the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Evers used the emergency orders to require face coverings be worn indoors statewide after lawmakers opted not to. “The question in this case is not whether the Governor acted wisely; it is whether he acted lawfully. We conclude he did not,” Justice Brian Hagedorn, writing for the conservative majority, said. State law says . . .
Read more at JS Online.

Waugh: The Four Pillars of the Branch Covidian Faith
Although they do not have a holy book to disseminate or specific houses of worship to attend, Branch Covidians do have the four pillars of the COVID faith. […] Like all religious cults, the Branch Covidians believe by faith. They don’t have a particular catechism or central document they use to indoctrinate their pupils. This is because most everything to which they bend the knee is theory. It changes day by day. Separate from the deity of the virus itself, the Branch Covidians do have clergy that is quick to preach a sermon in a moment’s notice, especially if there are TV cameras around. That clergy is led by “America’s Doctor” Pope Anthony Fauci, M.D. And Branch Covidian converts are quick to repeat the COVID-19 law when given the orders from the pulpit.
Read more at American Greatness.


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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