Donald Trump: The Once and Future President

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We’ve heard little from our 45th President, Donald J. Trump since he left office less than two months ago.  In the interim, our new 46th President, Washington perennial insider Joe Biden, has jettisoned all the stops in an all-out effort to undo President Trump’s efforts to protect America’s working class and middle class from the depredations of the Chinese Communist Party and their main allies in America – the Democratic Party, and the Tech Titans at Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Amazon.  Biden, by his actions in the last six weeks, has truly proven himself to be the Manchurian Candidate.

On Sunday, February 28, at CPAC, our 45th President spoke and reminded us of all the reasons we voted for him. 


He brilliantly reviewed all the damage Biden has done to our country and its working class and middle class during the brief time he has been in office.  Before we get to that damage, let’s consider what’s happened since, say, November 2019.  We saw the emergence of a great new pandemic, the Chinese Corona Virus Pandemic, the world’s first major pandemic since 1918.  Now, if you happen to believe that this virus’s emergence (the first of this magnitude in 100 years) was just bad luck for President Trump and America, well, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would be more than happy to sell you.  So we have the first major pandemic in one century, it comes from the land of our greatest adversary, China — which just happened to be President Trump’s biggest target because China has been ripping off America for two decades to a greater extent than any other country in the world— and seems to have originated in a Chinese level three biohazard facility. 

The obvious implication is that the Chinese Communist Party intentionally engineered the virus to ensure that it would prevent the re-election of its greatest adversary since Mao Tse Tung’s Great Leap Forward.  The death of fellow Chinese was totally irrelevant to a Party more than willing to subjugate and exterminate Tibetans and Uigurs.

No, the Chinese coronavirus was not intended to be a bioweapon.  It is far too benign for that.  A disease that spares 99 percent of an enemy’s population is clearly not a bioweapon.  Don’t get too complacent, though.  Covid-19 may be a trial run for a far more lethal virus that lies ahead in the future for the United States and other enemies of China.


Now, let’s get back to CPAC and Donald J. Trump.  Trump reminded us of what Biden has been doing to America through his ipse dixit Executive Orders.  He’s opened the borders so that huge numbers of illegal aliens can flood into our country, depressing wages and destroying the working class in our country.  The leadership of the Tech Titans is not in any great danger of losing their jobs to immigrants from El Salvador, but the same cannot be said for those laboring for bottom-of-the-barrel wages at Starbucks and the newly-created peasant class that cuts the lawns and gardens for the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and John Kerry.  What is perhaps most ironic of all is that those who stand the most to lose from the influx are the illegal aliens who came in the last influx of illegals under Obama.  The entirety of America has been turned into a sanctuary nation, so illegal alien murderers and rapists who have entered our country courtesy of Joe Biden and his Far-Left Allies will now be at large to kill and rape fellow Americans.

It’s not only the lower rungs of the working class that are being decimated by Biden.  Middle-class jobs on the Keystone Pipeline have been destroyed.  The Biden Administration’s laughable advice that welders should turn into computer software coders has been totally undercut by new Biden rules that expand special visas that allow High Tech companies to bring in low-wage labor from India to write code.  

Trump also correctly pointed out the Biden Administration’s War on the Second Amendment.  The right of Americans to keep and bear arms is once again in jeopardy.  All this brings to mind a quote attributed to Senator Ted Kennedy (who was once called the “Lion of the Senate”):  “It will be impossible to protect the rich and powerful unless the peasants are disarmed.”  Come on Joe, you have to protect your donors and Chinese Communist Party masters.  When the People’s Liberation Army arrives on America’s shores, the last thing they will want to see is an armed population ready to resist a takeover.


Former President Trump had many other great things to say at CPAC, things that make us greatly regret that his current residence is at Mar-a-Lago instead of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Be sure to watch the re-runs of the speech.   Conservatives should bide their time, prepare for the 2022 elections, spare no effort to re-take the House of Representatives, and send Nancy Pelosi back to her mansion in San Francisco.  

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