EXCLUSIVE: Anti-Semitic Democrats Backed By Katie Hobbs Used Tax Dollars To Screen Anti-Israel Propaganda And Pro-BDS “Boycott” Film At Arizona Capitol (VIDEO)

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Democrats in the Arizona Legislature and the ACLU hosted the screening of the anti-Semitic film “Boycott” at the Arizona Capitol Museum on Thursday. They used the film to promote the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) hate movement against United States ally, Israel.

The Radical Left’s BDS movement discriminates against Israel in an attempt to destroy their economy.


“Boycott” was later played at Arizona State University’s law school.

This is the same University that has allowed calls for violence against Israel on campus.

Democratic State Rep. Alma Hernandez, and three other Democrats, released a memorandum on Wednesday warning, “The BDS Movements’ links to terror organizations and use of antisemitic propaganda has been well documented in evidence-based reports,” and “Boycott seeks to promote public misunderstanding of anti-BDS laws that have been passed on a bi-partisan basis in 36 states.”


Hernandez tweeted their memorandum, alerting others about the “anti-Israel” film and condemning her fellow democrats.

Even some Democrats know this is wrong.


Kimberly Yee, the Republican nominee for Arizona Treasurer, shared this memorandum and slammed her opponent, Democratic nominee Martin Quezada, for his anti-Israel and antisemitic positions.


Yee has previously fought back against woke Morningstar, Inc. for “using anti-Israel and antisemitic sources to negatively impact the [environmental, social, and corporate governance] scores of companies doing business in Israel and Israeli-controlled territories.”…..

…..Martin Quezada is Radical Leftist Katie Hobbs’ gubernatorial campaign treasurer.

Trump-Endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kari Lake released the following statement from Jewish Voices for Kari Lake denouncing Martin Quezada and calling on Katie Hobbs, who has a record of voting for anti-Israel legislation, to condemn the screening. Hobbs has not denounced her Democratic colleagues or their hateful stances…..

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