Free Enterprise Club Announces 2021 Legislative Scorecards

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The Arizona Free Enterprise Club today released its Legislative Scorecard for the 2021 first session of the 55th Legislature. In preparing the scorecard, the Club conducted a thorough review of over 25 bills, key legislative action and votes taken by lawmakers this session with an emphasis on the Club’s supported or opposed bills as well as issues important to our grassroots activists.

View Senate and House of Representatives Scorecards


View Senate Scorecard Methodology

Methodology for House Scorecard

The Club Top performers in the Legislature who have earned an A+ in 2021 included:


  • Senator Warren Petersen (LD 12)
  • Senator J.D. Mesnard (LD 17)
  • Rep. Jacqueline Parker (LD 16)
  • Rep. Jake Hoffman (LD 12)
  • Rep. John Fillmore (LD 16)
  • Rep. Joseph Chaplik (LD 23)
  • Rep. Shawnna Bolick (LD 20)
  • Rep. Travis Grantham (LD 12)
  • Rep. Beverly Pingerelli (LD 21)
  • Rep. Bret Roberts (LD 11)
  • Rep. Gail Griffin (LD 14)
  • Rep. Judy Burges (LD 1)


The Arizona Free Enterprise Club’s methodology on the 2021 scorecard included weighing bills focused on tax cuts and reform, election integrity, addressing regulatory relief and government overreach from the covid-19 pandemic, banning critical race theory in our taxpayer-funded institutions and school choice.

Not all legislation was weighted equally but ranked by Club priority. Highly prioritized issues included votes on special interest tax carveout programs, as these are often “truth-test” issues that separate the stalwart conservatives and the lawmakers more influenced by special interest lobbyists. Club President Scot Mussi expounded, “Our organization was founded to fight for the taxpayer of Arizona. The ability for ‘woke’ corporations to secure major tax carveouts, in some instances zeroing out all tax liability, is a serious threat to a broad-based, low-tax environment for every Arizona family and small business. Our lawmakers shouldn’t be picking winners and losers but representing all Arizona taxpayers.”


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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