Gates Foundation CEO Demands Social Credit Score for ‘Low- and Middle-Income’ Countries

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Gates Foundation CEO Mark Suzman insisted that there has to be “digital infrastructure” in “low- and middle-income” countries. What does that mean? A social credit score for African, Asian, and South American countries, of course. Nothing like digital imperialism.

This is what Suzman said, in a Dec. 1 press release:


“How we think about infrastructure for development is changing. Beyond roads and bridges, we also need digital public infrastructure (DPI) that can support a range of applications, from mobile banking and social welfare to disease surveillance.”

“Mobile banking” means your financial transactions are tied to your digital profile and thus what the government and tech companies want you to say and buy. Same for social welfare.

Also, Bill Gates was accused of genocide in an international court for pushing the deadly Covid vaccines and has a history of being tied to vaccine scandals in Africa and Asia, so I really don’t think we can trust his foundation on disease surveillance.

“[Suzman:] DPI, which is often based on open-source software, has significant potential for accelerating improvements in health and economic welfare. We saw this during the COVID-19 pandemic—countries with digital infrastructure were able to quickly send stimulus payments to their most vulnerable populations.

But how do we as funders support public and private partnerships that build DPI in a cohesive, scalable way? Germany is among the countries taking the lead in answering this question through its newly launched digital development strategy.”

Germany, which is currently in economic crisis. I don’t think they’re a stellar example of success in anything at the moment.


“At our foundation, we believe that DPI can help countries unlock new opportunities, particularly for women. Today, we are announcing a US$20 million grant to Co-Develop, a new multi-donor fund that will support DPI efforts in low- and middle-income countries.

Multi-donor funds such as the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria have helped bring about transformative advances in global health; with Co-Develop, we can do the same for digital infrastructure. This will help us have a massive impact on the economic mobility of women in low-income countries.”

The press release didn’t explain exactly how increased surveillance and online social credit scores help women, of course. Just trust Suzman and Gates.

I guess Suzman is on the same page as the United Nations, which recently released a report on how Nigerians need to have fewer children. The UN pushed abortion and contraception for Asia and Africa, and the Gates Foundation wants to push digital surveillance on low- and middle-income countries. Neither has any right to do so.

The Gates Foundation, under the leadership of Bill Gates and Suzman, is trying to spread Marxist tyranny around the world.


This article was published by Pro Deo et Libertate and is reproduced with permission.


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