Glossary of Racial Euphemisms

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Below are ubiquitous words parroted by the media, academia, industry, and government that doesn’t mean what you might think they mean.  Following each word is its true meaning.

Race:  A social construct that has no basis in genetics but has been used historically to divide people for political purposes and is used today for the same purposes under the guise of diversity and social justice.


Diversity:  The force-fitting of hundreds of ethnicities, religions, cultures, and nationalities into a handful of catchall racial categories, such as White, African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific-Islander, and Native-American, thus erasing their individuality and uniqueness in the name of diversity.

Minorities:  All Americans except for those in the White category, because when the hundred or so ethnic minorities in the White category are lumped together, they magically become a numeric majority, even if they have little in common—as, for example, the virtually nonexistent commonality between my poor, Catholic grandparents and such uber-wealthy WASPs as Scotsman Andrew Carnegie, Baptist John D. Rockefeller, Dutchman Cornelius Vanderbilt, and Episcopalian J.P. Morgan, whose blue-blooded descendants, in turn, have virtually nothing in common with me, either socially, politically, or financially.

Inclusion:  The exclusion of whites from diversity initiatives, except for whites with Spanish surnames.


Social Justice:  Because WASPs held political and economic power for centuries and discriminated against Blacks, Mexicans, Indians, the Chinese, Mormons, Jews, Catholics, and Southern Europeans, non-WASP whites should pay for the sins of WASPs while leaving the descendants of WASPs in power in government, media, industry, and the Ivy League, where they engage in virtue-signaling about social justice and laugh at the gullibility of the masses beneath them.

Racism:  Believing that a given race is genetically inferior in some way, which, it is said, is how all whites see other races because all whites are genetically evil.

Racist:  1) An apt description of all white people because whites are the only people in 200,000 years of human history to have engaged in genocide, slavery, discrimination, and other forms of racism; 2) a word that can be used to silence those with different opinions.


Disadvantaged:  The socioeconomic status of all non-whites, including wealthy, well-educated immigrants from India’s upper caste, as well as wealthy Hispanics who come from the Spanish aristocracy of Latin America.

Advantaged:  The socioeconomic status of all whites, including descendants of sharecroppers, impoverished Appalachians, the homeless with drug and mental problems, and the residents of decrepit double-wides in deindustrialized towns.

Privileged:  See “Advantaged” above.

Humanism, Capitalism and the Enlightenment:  Moral and economic philosophies used by whites to subjugate non-whites.

Marxism:  A completely fair and just economic and political system that is an antidote to the above.

Two-Parent Families:  A bourgeois social construct formerly employed by whites to achieve socioeconomic advantages and now selfishly adopted by certain Asian groups to rise above all the other groups in household income and education.

Multiculturalism:  A belief that all cultures are superior to the white culture, including cultures that stone gays to death, treat women as property, and decapitate heretics.

Wokes:  1) Those who have been taught in college to parrot euphemisms and cliches instead of being taught history; 2) those who hate themselves for being white; and 3) those who engage in meaningless virtue-signaling.



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