Lessons Learned From the Summer of 2020

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As we survey the results of what I am calling the of the Summer Maelstrom of 2020, what do we know?

We know that extreme views of race and gender, once isolated in the crazier confines of the university, are now mainstream on the streets of America.


We know that violence against persons and property are not only being condoned but encouraged. In the case of property, we have actually seen law enforcement state publicly they would not risk their members to protect property. City officials have also abandoned whole swaths of cities, allowing them to be looted, burned and devastated in the mistaken and craven belief that if an area for rioters to “act out and vent” were permitted, the violence would end.

In an open display of soft bigotry, there is no explanation why some groups require destruction as part of their political expression or emotional therapy. Who else gets this privilege?

It has lasted over 100 days in Portland, Oregon, one of the most Caucasian cities in America and so the rationale permitting criminal and destructive behavior, if it ever had validity, has been disproven.


We know that the ‘movement’ driving this unlawful and un-American behavior has a high percentage of white rioters and an unusually high number of angry women of all colors.

We know the movement is overwhelmingly from the radical, leftist side of the ideological and political spectrum. The movement is openly anti-Semitic and has made alliance with Islamic extremists. We know that outside money from people like George Soros and contributions from many American corporations and foundations are providing logistical and moral support to the lawbreakers. Black Lives Matters is the dominant driver, Marxist in its origin and vision and seems to operate seamlessly with Antifa, recognized now as a domestic terror organization.

We know when they are not peddling lies about police bias, they are pushing for socialism in the name of “social justice.”


We know that the mainstream press cannot be trusted to cover these stories. There are many ludicrous video-captured examples of “mostly peaceful protests” with the back drop of fires and looting.

We know that the American people sense they are being poked and prodded into a race war, but at this time they are still showing enormous patience.

We know from history that developments such as this have a distinct political fault line. Overwhelmingly, the rioters are progressive, leftist Democrats and those who want the violence stopped are mostly conservative, Republican and inner-city citizens who must live with the consequences of “sponsored rioting.”

We know that the almost all the afflicted cities have been under Democrat control for 50 years or more.

We know that city mayors and district attorneys, the elected officials who are supposed to enforce the laws with an even hand, have tilted the scales towards the rioters in most of the stricken cities. They reduce or eliminate bail and because of their own personal views, refuse to prosecute lawbreakers.

We know that leadership in cities having a high percentage of black police officers or black police chiefs or black mayors have done little if anything to discourage rioting and destruction. So much for the theory that good policing requires the force to look like the community.

When the police withdraw under political pressure, what results? It is not primarily about guns. It really is about the God-given right to protect oneself and one’s property which in many cases is the work of a lifetime. Such life-long effort cannot be replaced with the casual, often heartless response: “it’s insured” or “property can be replaced.”

We have known for years of the slow response in many urban areas to emergency calls but we rarely have seen officials simply abandon whole precincts to looting, burning, and murder.

Sensing this, the American people are buying arms and ammunition at a record clip. Guns are hard to get right now and the price of ammunition has gone up fourfold. Regrettably, we cannot be assured all these supplies are being purchased by good people.
Some years ago, the working definition of a “Conservative”, was a “Liberal” who had been mugged.

Undoubtedly, there are increasing numbers of people in urban areas who feel violated and frightened by the violence.

Confidence in public officials is hardly warranted, especially when these officials see themselves as part of the revolutionary movement.

These are the lessons to be learned from the Summer Maelstrom of 2020.

Peace, security and equal application of the law are on the ballot in 2020. Where do you stand?


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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