How Government Created the Baby Formula Shortage—and a Black Market for ‘Unapproved’ European Imports

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Editors’ Note:  As well as the reasons cited below, other news outlets, such as Town Hall report the U.S. government has accumulated a large amount of baby formula and is shipping it to the Southern Border for use by illegal immigrants. As usual, Americans come last in their calculations. ***** As Christina Szalinski reported in […]

Cancel Culture in Action: Wrecking Peoples Lives in Retaliation

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Let’s face it:  free speech for California’s teachers and educators is dead.  If you are a teacher or guidance counselor in California and make an internet posting that happens to offend students, teachers, and/or administrators who make up the woke mob, you may very well lose your job.  The truth of what you wrote makes […]

White House Press Secretary ‘Encourages’ Angry Mobs Surrounding Supreme Court Justices’ Homes

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[Former] White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki  voiced support for the pro-abortion mobs gathering outside U.S. Supreme Court justices’ homes as the justices are being protected with increased security amid threats against their lives and family members. “I know that there is an outrage right now about protests that have been peaceful to date,” Psaki said in […]

Where Is Global Warming’s Missing Heat Coming From? Part 2

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Editors’ Note: We found this information fascinating. And, while we consider ourselves reasonably well-read, we were not familiar with this information. It is certainly not the information you get from Hollywood elites about “global warming” based on man’s activities, is it? It would seem reasonable before the Biden Administration commits to spending trillions of dollars to […]

Ninth Circuit Panel Strikes Semi-Auto Rifle Ban For Young Adults in SAF Case

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A three-judge panel for the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday struck down a California prohibition on sales of semiautomatic rifles to young adults in the 18-20-year-old range, remanding the case back to the district court for further proceedings in a win for the Second Amendment Foundation. The case is known as Jones v. […]

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says Abortion Restriction is Bad For the Economy

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Usually, the abortion issue is so difficult, because at least one side of the argument contends a baby is being killed. One side sees a human that has value and standing, while the other side tries to argue it is not human life independent of the mother. A pregnancy becomes sort of like a mole […]

Is Bitcoin Collapse a Setback for Global Cryptocurrency Plans?

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The collapse in the price of digital currencies, particularly Bitcoin, has not only significantly damaged Americans who invested or traded in the currency but its credibility as a tool for governments to control their citizens. An estimated one in every six Americans has owned, invested, traded, or used a cryptocurrency at least once, taking advantage […]

Lifting Title 42 Will Mean Fewer Border Patrol Agents in Field

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Border security experts expect the nation will bear the consequences of more illegal immigration whether the Biden administration ends a key public health measure by the end of the month or does it later. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced last month that the policy, known as Title 42, would expire May 23. […]

The Homeless Election Battle

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Editors’ Note: Although the following comments relate to Los Angeles, major cities in Arizona have similar issues, although not to the same extreme. The questions he raises are questions to be asked of our mayors and city councilmen. Here are some additional questions: If drug abuse is fundamentally the cause of “homelessness”, what is the […]

Weekend Read: For the Least of These: Against Inflation Economics

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Just twenty years ago, economists and bureaucrats triumphantly proclaimed the apotheosis of macroeconomic stabilization policy. The “Great Moderation” saw a long spell of full employment, income growth, and low and steady inflation. How we long for those days now! While labor markets appear healthy, this could quickly change. Meanwhile, inflation has surged: Consumer prices are up more […]