Ms. Pelosi, You Must Go to Taiwan

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Shockingly, Nancy Pelosi emitted something with which I agree. She was not doing her usual thing of lying to us like telling us she never speaks to her husband about public policy and their investments. Ms. Pelosi is planning a trip with a Congressional member delegation to Taiwan. Way to go, Madam Speaker, you finally got something right.

Ms. Pelosi had stated she was planning to go in April, but the plan was canceled because she contracted COVID. Back then, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi stated the trip would be “a malicious provocation.” Really? A visit to an independent country by the United States elected representative must be approved by Chinese Communist dictators. Maybe Ms. Pelosi should be boarded up in her San Francisco home by the Chinese until she acquiesces and admits the error of her thinking.


Now that she has announced the August trip, matters have risen to even a higher level of Chinese nonsense. Then we have our president – someone who creates problems nearly every time he opens his mouth without reading from the teleprompter (and these people were worried about what came out of Trump’s mouth). This time he said about the Pelosi trip “The military thinks it’s not a good idea right now.” Once that spilled from his lips, the media started speculation about a military conflict between China and the U.S. over a visit by an American elected official.

The Chinese are the people who meet with such esteemed countries as Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, and North Korea.

This time around the Chinese have been even more overwrought in their reaction. Wang Yi went even further and stated “This is a blatant double standard. If the US House Speaker, a political leader of the United States, deliberately visits Taiwan, it would be a malicious provocation against China’s sovereignty and gross interference in China’s internal affairs and would send an extremely dangerous political signal to the outside world. If the U.S. side insists on having its own way, China will surely make a firm response and all the consequences will be borne by the U.S. side.”


The Chinese dictators have determined they not only control the people in their own country but likewise control us. It has been stated the timing of the trip is sensitive for the Chinese because it comes in the same month as the August 1st anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army. Folks, check your summer plans and make sure you have them approved by the Chinese Central Committee because you do not want to mess with their annual celebration of creating the greatest mass murdering machine in history. Maybe when we take down our flags from the Fourth of July celebration, we should put up the People’s Republic flag in anticipation of the big celebration? These are the kinds of things that get into your head when you listen to murderous dictators.

Obviously, there is no way in the world Pelosi can cancel this trip. If she cancels the trip, the Chinese mass murders would be determining our foreign policy. We would look even weaker than we do from Biden’s horrendous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Here is what Pelosi should do. She should go there and endorse the One China policy. She should say there is one China and there is one Taiwan. We should put an end to this horrendous idea that Formosa is or was a part of China. Even if you buy into that garbage, Taiwan has been an independent nation since 1948. There might be two people on the island who want to be part of China and handing Taiwan over to China would only enslave the Taiwanese. There would be indoctrination camps to eliminate the free thinkers and the others will be put in prison.


The British made the mistake of handing over Hong Kong to the Chinese. We are seeing the evil fruits of that decision which is destroying one of the true bastions of capitalism and freedom. The British should have declared Hong Kong a free and separate country. They should have never trusted the thugs of Peking.

We have a long history of telling others they will not dictate our foreign policy. We should not allow anyone to do that now. Certainly not a group of mass murdering thugs like the Chinese.


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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