Now is the Time to Focus on Victory in November

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We just completed the primary season in Arizona and are looking ahead to the general election in November. It has been a long and exhausting campaign, with many wounds self-inflicted upon our candidates and our party. It hasn’t been pretty. 

Our objective as Republicans should be to save the Republic and thus now rally around our candidates who won the primary. Put away hard feelings and once again focus on the goal of winning in November. 

We need mature, strong, and purposed leadership in our party now more than ever. The labeling, belittling, and smearing of our own candidates by their opponents and supporters through the primary season must now stop. All egos must be put aside and the real work of healing the divides in our party must begin in order to win in November.

With the intramural competition in these recent primary races having run so hot, it is worthwhile to re-emphasize that our real enemy is not each other but the far-left socialists/communists who have captured the Democrat party. Their intent is to “transform” our great nation and all it has stood for, from without and within.

We must go on the offense, expose the tyranny and corruption of those that wish to steal our children’s and grandchildren’s futures, and make them no better than slaves to their God-denying ideologies in their worship of a twisted eco/medical tyranny. We must launch a battle for our God and country worthy of the period of the AmericanRevolution and the adoption of the U.S. Constitution.

In other words, we can no longer continue with the circular firing squad against fellow Republicans. If we are to win in 2024, we need to embrace all on our side, as long as we can agree on general conservative principles. Not everyone will agree 100% on all the issues and that is fine. But we have to define the real enemy, expose it and defeat it in the public arena.

Approaching is a historic crossroad. We cannot afford to lose the November general election and the election in 2024.  In order to win we need committed and strong Republican leadership that plays fair but stands on principle. If we remain divided on social or economic issues, we lose. If we continue to name-call our own, we lose. If we don’t unite our party, win over disaffected Democrats, and reach out to the independent and nonparty designated voters, we lose.

If we fail, it is not our loss alone. It will be the loss of our freedoms, our future, our honor, and the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers and those men and women who died fighting for liberty for almost 250 years.

So, we need to be mature, put aside petty differences, fight for God and country with the God-given talents we possess, and go after the true enemy of our Republic: the evil forces of leftism which is trying to dismantle our institutions, destroy our youth, our families, our religion, and all that is sacred and good in our nation. We must resist their constant efforts to take away our individual sovereignty and freedoms. Let us define the real enemy and fight like hell to defeat it politically before it is too late.

Lori Klein Corbin is an Arizona Republican National Committeewoman and former Arizona State Senator LD6.


The $739 billion Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 being pushed through the U.S. Senate to be passed by reconciliation (50 votes plus the Vice President) before the upcoming August recess is a threat to America’s economy and the well-being of all Americans. The article above makes clear that Senator Kyrsten Sinema is the one Democrat vote that America is looking at. She alone can stop this legislation. Please contact her at her office locations in Washington, D.C. and in Arizona by phone and letter. Click the red TAKE ACTION link below for Senator Sinema’s contact information.

Although Senator Mark Kelly is a do-as -Chuck Schumer- tells-you-to-do partisan shill, contacting him may be helpful given his significant vulnerability in the November general election. His contact information is also found at the TAKE ACTION link below. We suggest that copying him on your letter to Senator Sinema may possibly have some impact on his voting behavior. Calling his office is also important – the staffs do score the relative positions of constituents and this too may influence the voting behavior.


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