Ray Epps Called FBI Tip Line Two Days after Capitol Riot: Report

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Ray Epps, a man some suspect was a federal informant goading the crowd ahead of the Capitol riot despite his denials, reportedly called the FBI tip line two days after the violence upon seeing himself on a list of Jan. 6 suspects.

Investigators were told by Epps that an exchange captured on video showing him whispering into the ear of another man, identified as Ryan Samsel, was Epps attempting to calm Samsel, telling him police outside the Capitol were just doing their jobs before Samsel charged the barricades, people familiar with the call told the New York Times.


Epps, an Arizona man and former Oath Keeper, had been on the FBI’s Capitol Violence Most Wanted list before he was removed without explanation after nearly six months. The New York Times reported in January there was no evidence Epps entered the Capitol on Jan. 6. “We’re holding ground — we’re not trying to get people hurt,” Epps was filmed telling the rioter while standing on restricted Capitol grounds. The report also said Epps committed an offense by entering a restricted part of Capitol grounds but added that the crime “has largely gone unpunished.”

Epps was also seen on video on the night of Jan. 5 urging people to “go into the Capitol.” All this, in addition to his lack of arrest for his involvement in the riot, has fueled speculation among some Republicans that he was an FBI informant tasked with egging on the pro-Trump crowd at the Capitol.


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