Seriously, Why Is Sweden Always Left Out of The Discussion?

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Not too long ago, we wrote a satirical piece about the disappearance of Sweden.

For all intents and purposes, when it comes to public policies towards the Wuhan virus, Sweden is just ignored.  Why? Their story is an important one and could inform our own debate about what policies make sense.

Sweden you may recall had perhaps the lightest touch in dealing with Covid of any of the major industrialized countries. They did not force quarantines, mask mandates, vaccination mandates, or severely curtail personal liberty. Nor did they spend themselves into oblivion, jeopardizing the future of their country. They did not use a medical crisis to attempt to impose socialism on their people as the Democrat Party has in the U.S.

Nor have they forced children, who rarely get Covid and almost never die from it, to be subjected to the side effects of an experimental vaccine that did not pass through normal medical protocols. They have not divided their population into tribes based on mask-wearing or vaccination status.

In short, they have not done any of the unreasonable and unjustified things so common in other countries.

You don’t see people being beaten in the streets of Sweden as we see in so-called democratic Australia. The results are summed up in the chart above. Yet for all their hands-off attitude, it does not appear their outcomes are worse than ours. Quite to the contrary, their results are better than just about any other country and certainly better than the USA.

Whether one looks at deaths or the rate of infection, Sweden ranks very well.

It is said a picture can say a thousand words. The same goes for a good chart.


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