Six Army Bases to be Renamed from Original Confederate Names

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The dates have been revealed for when six United States Army bases will officially have their names changed due to a far-left campaign to rename any installations bearing Confederate names.

According to Axios, the six bases in question are: Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Pickett, Virginia; Fort Rucker, Alabama; Fort Lee, Virginia; Fort Benning, Georgia; and Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The name changes come after Joe Biden created a federal Naming Commission, for the sole purpose of changing names of federal facilities, monuments, parks, and other territories that were originally named for Confederate figures; the campaign has been widely criticized as an effort to erase American history in the name of political correctness and “woke” racial justice politics.


Several of the forts’ new names are based on diversity-pick figures in the Army. Fort Hood, originally named for Confederate General John Bell Hood, will be renamed Fort Cavazos on May 9th, after the first Latino four-star general and first Latino brigadier general, Richard Cavazos. Similarly, Fort Lee, originally named for the renowned General Robert E. Lee, will be renamed Fort Gregg-Adams on April 27th; the name is an amalgamation of 36-year Lt. Gen. Arthur Gregg and Lt. Col. Charity Adams, the first black officer in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps in World War II.

Fort Pickett, originally named for General George Pickett, was changed to Fort Barfoot on Friday. On April 10th, Fort Rucker will be changed to Fort Novosel, after originally being named for Colonel Edmund Winchester Rucker. On May 11th, Fort Benning’s name will be changed to Fort Moore; it was originally named after General Henry L. Benning.

Fort Bragg, arguably the most famous of the forts in question due to its long history of training Special Forces, named for General Braxton Bragg, will be officially renamed on June 2nd to Fort Liberty; as such, it is the base with a new name that is not based on any one particular person.


Three other bases bearing Confederate names are also being targeted for renaming, but official dates have not yet been set. These bases are Fort Gordon in Georgia, Fort A.P. Hill in Virginia, and Fort Polk in Louisiana.

This article was published by American Greatness and is reproduced with permission.


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