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The Inflation ‘Reduction’ Act – Really?? Are You Kidding?? Calling Senator Sinema

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The $739 billion Inflation ‘Reduction’ Act of 2022 – really?? Are you kidding?? Joe Manchin, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden are attempting to rapidly hoist this Senate bill on America before the coming recess to reduce inflation!

Does any sane American (sane = common sense, attached to reality) actually believe this totally partisan and desperate legislation arriving months before the November 8th reckoning will reduce the Biden inflation caused by uncontrolled federal spending and the attack on energy in America?

After appearing as a rare, sane and pro-American Democrat, Manchin now claims his elevation to the world’s oldest profession from the political profession, a close second.

This legislation, to be passed by reconciliation (50 votes plus the Vice-President), will be economically devastating to Americans and make the economic crisis in America much worse as recession deepens and severe inflation goes higher.

The bill includes a higher tax burden on all classes of taxpayers and small businesses (where American jobs are created), hundreds of billions for the Green New Deal, over $250 billion taken from Medicare and a host of other hostile provisions hurting the working folks and producers in the nation. The enviro-left-Democrat base is cheering the Democrat Senators on to ‘save the planet’.

Who is left among the Senate Democrats to stop this assault on economic and energy policy, in effect a crushing of the middle and lower classes? There is one person – the one who previously stood with Joe Manchin against eliminating the Senate filibuster, against packing the Supreme Court, against spending 5 trillion dollars on Build Back Better, etc., etc.

It is Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. Contact her now and be loud and clear – her political future is at stake and she may be the only Senator who can actually stop this craziness and threat to America’s future.

She is on the ballot in 2024 and has billed herself as an independent, maverick styled politician. Remind her that Arizonans reject this damaging, partisan election year legislative stunt and will reject her if her name is on it.

Let Senator Sinema know that her name is now the only important name – she is the one Senator who can kill this bill at a time of recession and galloping inflation. The state she represents is polling decidedly against the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and a vote for it by her will not be forgotten or forgiven.

See the TAKE ACTION link below to contact Senator Sinema and inform her of the consequences of caving to Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden.

Although Senator Mark Kelly is a predictable and loyal shill for Chuck Schumer and does what he is told, he is on the ballot this November and is very vulnerable. Delivering the same message to Kelly is appropriate and might be helpful even if his vote is quite predictable.