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Biden’s Orwellian “Truth Ministry”

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Challenging economic times are bringing out the worst in the Biden administration, which has turned desperate to the point of overtly undermining the First Amendment rights of those with whom they disagree. This pernicious trend has been acute in the climate change and Covid issues, and it is accelerating.

The Biden administration’s creation of a “Disinformation Governance Board” in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has made a modern-day reality in the United States stranger than fiction. Indeed, this Board will serve as a real-life “Ministry of Truth” as described by author George Orwell in his famous book1984.

Incredibly, in a recent agency bulletin entitled, the Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland, the DHS subjectively describes terrorism to include “an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives and conspiracy theories and other forms of mis- dis- and mal-information (MDM).”

Yes, Biden DHS bureaucrats really wrote that, including the “MDM” acronym that now belongs in the same category as the 911 attacks.

The new director of this Board, a woman named Nina Jankowicz, makes this story more bizarre to the point of parody. The Biden White House and DHS surely saw the same cringe-worthy videos we viewed, including the one of Ms. Jankowicz embarrassing herself by imitating “Mary Poppins” – yet they appointed her anyway. The fact that her recent past also has been one of partisan dishonesty in advancing the Russia collusion hoax and other false narratives confirms the whole initiative is a political farce and dangerous.

If President Joe Biden and his insidious bureaucracy prevail with this blatant assault on freedom of speech, the First Amendment will become a dead letter since this abridgment will not stop with expression.

Freedom of the press has long become mostly a joke, with the major networks and media outlets willingly transforming themselves into propaganda arms of the Biden administration (and Obama’s previously). That’s not just the malicious Joy Reid or buffoonish Brian Stelter on cable news. That also means you, Nora O’Donnell, David Muir, and Lester Holt; the New York Times, Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post, and other once-serious news journals. They willingly manipulate objective news and science to favor the Biden agenda in Washington, especially by skewing climate change realities – or ignoring facts and science that question that agenda.

There remains a substantial non-conformist media and Internet presence of alternative news and opinion. But for how long when a federal department with “security” in its title takes aim? And what of the other First Amendment freedoms of assembly and religion?

If the Biden administration’s overt attack on freedom of speech is not defunded and stopped, other freedoms will fall like dominos. Already, houses of worship across the country were forcibly closed under the guise of public health during the height of Covid-19. It can happen again.

Politicians and their government speech police trying to curtail the rights and freedom of individuals as a means of preserving and increasing their own power. Perpetuating a false climate change narrative – that humanity itself faces an imminent and existential threat – is a primary way government officials expand their power to direct the economy and society.

Accordingly, dissenters of the man-made global warming narratives must be censored and silenced, especially as the economy spirals downward.

The Biden policies to raise the cost of energy at the gas pump and to heat and cool your home were deliberate and designed to force the nation onto so-called “renewable” wind and solar projects and electric vehicles. But the public is increasingly fed up with higher gas prices and their ripple effect on skyrocketing grocery bills and every other commodity and service.

With inflation running at 8.5 percent in the last 12 months and likely climbing to double-digits, the Biden administration’s climate narrative and accompanying anti-energy policies are becoming way more difficult to inflict on the public.

Rather than take concrete steps to ease inflation by expanding domestic energy production and scaling back on massive new government spending, the administration is raising the stakes by making unprecedented attempts at societal control with the creation of its own Truth Ministry.

Never mind that the President of the United States has the largest bully pulpit in the world. Except, our 79-year-old chief executive can barely read what is scrolled in front of him, much less articulate a coherent response to a simple question, including from pliant media.

And forget the fact that the president’s spokespersons, including daily fabulist Jen Psaki and every cabinet member, can advance a political and media narrative.

Evidently, they’ve determined that their own speech is not enough for them to retain government power to fulfill socialist fantasies for the nation. Contrary narratives and pushback from the public – especially on climate policy – must be combatted by any means necessary.

President Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board is anathema to the U.S. Constitution and has no place in a free society with guaranteed inalienable rights. The Board’s brazen existence and purpose to censor opposing voices and squash dissent make it a threat to the liberty of all Americans, regardless of one’s views of climate change or any other political issue.


This article was published by CFACT, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow and is reproduced with permission.