The Art of Leftist, Woke Projection: Have You Noticed That…

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People who loudly proclaim the unrestricted right of foreigners to break American immigration laws are usually the same people who condemn earlier immigrants (settlers) that displaced the land and culture of native Americans?

People who often support the complete legalization of drugs, hallucinogenic mushrooms and cacti also tend to also be opposed to tobacco smoking or tobacco chewing?


People who suggest that gender is a choice, a fluid concept based on feeling and identification and not biology, also are adamant that homosexuality is not a choice but rather is genetically determined?

People who believe the purpose of art is to offend, shock, challenge and disturb people, are likely the same people who are easily offended and require safe spaces, speech codes and protection from ideas with which they might disagree?

People who argue that a man cannot discuss the issue of abortion because he can’t understand how a woman feels about her body, usually are the same people who suggest any man who feels like a woman, is in fact a woman and can compete in women’s sports?


People who have COEXIST bumper stickers on their cars tend either to be hostile to religion altogether or are ignorant of the different precepts among faiths?

People who profess a belief in racial equality tend to favor racial favoritism, affirmative action and quotas, especially against talented Asian Americans?

People who talk incessantly about cultural appropriation tend to like Swedish directors, sushi, yoga, and Native American flute music?


People who claim that President Donald Trump is crude, abrasive and stupid, tend to be crude, abrasive and stupid? Think Robert DeNiro.

People who claim a Western diet of meat increases methane levels through cow flatulence, believe that billions of people who eat rice and beans are the most wonderful people on earth and have no impact on methane levels?

People who see a conspiracy between Russia and the Trump campaign cannot see a conspiracy between the Democrat Party, ex-British intelligence agents and Russian disinformation in the campaign of Hillary Clinton?

People who watch late-night television comedy tend to be angry and bitter people who watch comedians who are angry and bitter entertainers?

People who do not believe in Biblical laws of right and wrong and believe that morality should be ever-evolving based on their feelings, tend to have rather fixed views on abortion, the environment, men and capitalism?

People who believe there is no standard of morality and behavior and believe it is largely determined by the popular culture of today, are the most aggressive in their condemnation of people who lived in the past?

People who suggest it is not nice to be judgmental tend to be quite judgemental about the things that offend their sensibilities?

People who demand safe spaces and the right not to be offended tend to be quite obnoxious in shoving their view down other people’s throats?

People who claim they identify with another race or a different sex have no patience with those who identify with their own race or sex?

People who think it is fine for judges to legislate from the bench want to pack the Supreme Court if Conservatives get a majority?

People who profess hatred for Donald Trump believe in the concept of hate speech?




As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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