Weekend Read: The“Progressive” Left: Existential Threat to America’s Constitution and Liberty

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Perhaps the biggest mistake liberty-loving Americans can make is to assume that so-called “progressives” are people who have America’s best interests at heart but simply have different views about how to make America a better place.  To believe this is to believe the wolf in sheep’s clothing is really a sheep.  The wolf’s sheep clothing is intended to deceive and lull other sheep into a false sense of security.  Once that clothing is removed, the true nature of the wolf becomes manifest.

Make no mistake about it:  the Progressive Left is embarked on a jihad to destroy America’s constitution, to destroy the liberty of America’s people and to substitute a form of government that is tyrannical in the truest sense of the word.


The Progressive Left’s first victims were those who were most vulnerable at the beginning of the FDR Administration:  America’s black community.  Following emancipation in 1865, blacks were subjected to all sorts of discrimination, harassment, and hatred.  They were deprived of good education and relegated to menial, low-paying jobs.  The Ku Klux Klan and the Jim Crow laws did their work.  Yet, despite such overwhelming adversity, the black family was able to remain intact.  Candace Owens points out in her brilliant book “Blackout” that between 1890 and 1900, a black baby was more likely to be born to an intact, nuclear family than a white baby.

All this was to change beginning in the 1930s during the FDR Administration and with greater speed during the 1960s LBJ Administration.  What the Progressive Left did to black Americans reveals its true playbook:  wreck and ruin people’s lives through the adoption of policies designed for that purpose, and then swoop in as the purported saviors of the very people whose lives were wrecked by Progressive Left policies.

In the case of black Americans, there was no point in destroying their economic prospects; those prospects had already been decimated to the nth degree.  Instead, the Progressive Left focused its efforts on destroying the only thing black Americans had left:  their intact, nuclear family structure.  Accordingly, the Progressive Left engineered the adoption of welfare laws that made it possible for black men to abandon black women and their offspring and for black women to undergo such abandonment without facing the starvation of themselves and their children.  As late as 1963, 72 percent of nonwhite families were married and together.  By 2017, only 27 percent of black households were married (“Blackout”, page 51).  Mission accomplished.  The Progressive Left had destroyed the black family, enabling it to swoop in as “saviors” promising enhanced government benefits and thereby capturing votes for the Progressive Left’s plan to destroy our Constitution and our country.


Turning its attention to Latino, white and Asian Americans, the Progressive Left pursued the same attack it employed against black Americans — configure government benefits in such a way as to destroy intact, nuclear families.  89 percent of white families were intact in 1963, but by 2017 only 51 percent were intact.  As Candace Owens aptly points out, “Policies that were purported to ‘empower’ black America actually resulted in the greatest family breakdown across all demographics.”   (“Blackout” page 52).

Not satisfied with greatly eroding family structure for all demographic groups, the Progressive Left added a new chapter to its playbook:  destroy economic prospects for all working-class and middle-class Americans.  Ruin people’s lives, and then pretend to ride to their rescue.  And so we arrive at the Progressive Left strategies, implemented over many decades, that President Donald Trump sought to reverse.  Flood the nation with illegal immigrants through an open borders policy, thereby driving down wages and salaries through increased supply.  (To believe that this policy did not drive down wages, one first would have to reject the ironclad economic rule of supply and demand).  Outsource and offshore good manufacturing jobs to China and other low-wage countries.  Create an indentured class of newly-minted college graduates burdened by exorbitant student loan debt — and at the same time enrich the hard Left college administrators through funds raised via these same student loans.  Those administrators then proceed to use those funds to raise their own salaries, fund gender studies programs and establish so-called “diversity, equity, and inclusion” offices whose “inclusion” rules mysteriously never seem to apply to conservatives, libertarians, or Republicans.   Colleges infested with Progressive Leftists continue to expand their endowments while their students depart these institutions burdened by debt that will financially cripple many of them for decades to come.

But does the Progressive Left really seek to destroy the Constitution?  Let the record speak for itelf as we review Leftist proposals and actions.  Abolish the Electoral College.  Pack the Supreme Court.  Adopt election laws that facilitate large- scale cheating and the casting of fraudulent ballots.  Classify the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states so the Democrats can gain four new Senate seats.  Continue the undermining of the Second Amendment right to bear arms through new gun control laws — all way stations on the road to total firearm confiscation, which is the real Progressive Left goal.  Abolish the Senate filibuster rule to make these changes possible.  Use the Justice Department and the FBI to harass, arrest and prosecute political opponents.  Expand the ranks of political prisoners through phony narratives about the January 6 protest.  Deprive those arrested of their right to a speedy trial (months and months of solitary confinement awaiting trial) and their Eighth Amendment right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment (alleged beatings in prison and deprivation of necessary medications).  As a last resort, murder political opponents and then exonerate the murderers.  And so we have the case of Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed, diminutive woman, a threat to no one, who was shot to death in cold blood on January 6.   Her killer walks free today.


The real elephant in the room, however, is the Climate Change Hoax.  Despite compelling evidence showing that increased temperatures are the result of higher energy output from the sun, the Progressive Left has peddled the false narrative that mankind’s use of fossil fuels is primarily responsible for the rising temperatures.  The Progressive Left’s playbook here is to substitute poorly-performing (and expensive!) wind and solar power for power generation from fossil fuels and nuclear reactors.  If the Progressive Left succeeds, energy costs will rise astronomically, thereby impoverishing working class and middle-class Americans — the precise goal sought by the Progressive Left.

And how do we know this is true?  We know it is true through an examination of Progressive Left policies that seem to make no sense at all, even if the Progressive Left’s Climate Change theories are assumed to be true.  As soon as he was elected, Biden promulgated executive orders to cancel the Keystone pipeline, halt substantially all drilling for oil and gas on federal lands and discourage banks from lending to energy companies.  When gasoline and diesel prices shot through the roof — a direct product of these policies— Biden didn’t relent on the destructive energy policies he mandated.  Instead, he has traveled to Saudi Arabia to persuade its ruler to increase crude oil production.

From an environmental/Climate Change policy standpoint, what makes more sense:  (1) to have Saudi Arabia produce an additional x thousand barrels of oil and then ship such oil thousands of miles to the United States, or (2) to increase drilling in the United States and create an additional x thousand barrels of oil here at home?  The oil tankers carrying the x thousand barrels of oil will burn tons of crude oil getting from Saudi Arabia to the United States, thereby pouring huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  This extra carbon dioxide generation is completely avoided if the drilling occurs here.

If ameliorating purported Climate Change is really the objective, Biden would be reversing his policies against drilling on federal lands, not going to Saudi Arabia for more oil.  But in truth and fact, ameliorating Climate Change is not the objective, only a pretense.  The real objective is to destroy the domestic American oil and gas industry and to impoverish Americans.

Equally alarming is the New Green War on food production.  Chemical fertilizers derived in part from fossil fuels are being attacked.  The Climate Change fanatics insist farmers should substitute manure for chemical fertilizers. Any farmer will tell you that this is a surefire recipe for plunging food production, wildly-escalating food prices, and, ultimately, famine.  Intentionally creating a famine is part of the totalitarian playbook, as shown by planned famine in the Ukraine during 1932 and 1933 that starved to death approximately four million Ukrainians.  This atrocity, now known as the Holomador, was intentionally engineered by Josef Stalin and the Bolsheviks to subjugate the Ukraine, where revolts against Soviet rule were beginning to emerge.

The Progressive Left’s threat to our liberty, our Constitution, our property, and our very lives has now reached existential proportions.  The elections in 2022 and 2024 undoubtedly will be the most consequential of our lifetimes.  Election-stealing is now part of the Progressive Left playbook, making the Patriot cause doubly difficult.  If Patriots can prevail in these two elections, the Progressive Left agenda can first be shut down on a federal level beginning in January 2023 and then reversed beginning in January 2025.  There must be a reckoning with the Deep State and the Progressive Left if the United States is to survive as a constitutional republic.

POSTSCRIPTCategory:  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier.

Many progressives believe racists and racism are everywhere.  Trump is racist.  Republicans and conservatives are racist.  Jews and Christians are racist.  Mathematics is racist.  Starting on time is racist.  Paying attention to detail is racist.  There is a racist underneath every rock and behind every bush.

In an alarming display of imbecility, a reporter from the New York Times writes the following:  “ . . . the outdoors can bring up connotations of enslavement and lynching for Black communities . .. Acknowledging the racist history of the outdoors is an important first step toward making people of color feel safer in nature.”

So beware of those racist mountains and free-flowing streams!  Prior to reading the reporter’s article, I thought racists were underneath every rock and behind every bush.  What I obviously missed in my ignorance is that the rocks and bushes themselves are racist.  I guess you learn something new every day.      


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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