What Is The Chance of Dying From Drug Overdose? 1 in 50!

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In a world where everyone seems concerned about “safety”, and the government is issuing draconian edicts in a failing effort to stop the spread of a virus, it seems like a reasonable question to ask.  Recent data suggests drug overdose is the main cause of death of people in their middle years of life.

This development has followed in the wake of “progressive policies” reducing or eliminating penalties for using or dealing drugs, the legalization of marijuana, and a very lax view of “homelessness”, which itself is largely a drug dependency-linked problem.  Is rising drug usage, and rising drug deaths, caused by these policy changes, or are other factors at work?

Whatever the cause, it certainly deserves reexamination of the issue.  Just say NO seems to have been replaced by just say YES.

Further, it is hard to explain the selectivity of Federal and local health authorities.  If relatively few children die of Covid, the government goes into high gear with propaganda about vaccines and in some jurisdictions, requires children to be vaccinated to participate in schools or even to eat out at a restaurant.  Yet if young people die of drug overdoses, there appears very little concern.

Perhaps this is because in “progressive” jurisdictions, solving the problem would entail dealing with their open borders policy, the role of Mexican drug cartels, the malevolent role China plays in drug production and distribution, lax policies that produce drug usage, and new cultural norms formed by celebrities and popular culture that encourage the use of drugs.

We understand that treating drug users as criminals may not be optimal.  But what about those that profit from the long-term misery of others?  Should they not pay a penalty?  And if criminalization is not the answer,  what is?

What would an anti-drug culture look like?  What would be its attributes? What stops some people from using drugs at all, while others get addicted?  Are their genetic predispositions in play or is this more a matter of will and character? If it is more a question of character and will, how does one change society and popular culture that has glorified drug usage since the 1960s?

According to JUSTFACTSDAILY.COM, the answer to the question posed is an astounding chance of 1 in 50!  That is far higher than the chance of dying from Covid 19.

In addition, this figure does not truly capture the lengthy misery drug dependence can cause the individual or the collateral damage drug addiction inflicts on parents, siblings, friends, and employers.  

As bad as Covid has been (the author has had it), for most of us it is a bad flu that lasts about a week, with weakness that may linger for up to a month.  But it does not ruin our lives and does not wreck families and careers like a drug addiction.  Yet it seems the entire concentrated force of government is focused on this one health issue while ignoring the numerous deaths and societal destruction brought on by drug addiction.

According to JUSTFACTSDAILY: “If drug overdose deaths continue at their current pace, one in every 44 people currently alive in the U.S. will die of a drug overdose. Contrary to claims that providing more drug treatment through laws like Obamacare and legalizing marijuana would reduce such deaths, drug overdose death rates have skyrocketed since 2000, and more than 100,000 people per year are now being killed by them.”


Drug Overdose Deaths

Lifetime Risk (Excel)

Drug Overdose Trends

Drug Treatment Increases

Legalizing Marijuana


Information for this article was abstracted from JustFactsDaily produced by James Agresti.


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