Why Should We Have Confidence in Public Health Officials?

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Among the many casualties of government reaction to the Wuhan virus, has been the prestige of the public health establishment.  This is true in the U.S. and elsewhere as well.

They lied about the origins of the virus and continue to do so.


Those that do acknowledge that it likely came from a lab leak, most refuse to ask who funded the research that lead to the escape and who should be held responsible for damages to the world.

In the US, we were told masks were effective at stopping the virus.  And so it was said internationally. We now know, that except under hospital circumstances, that simply was not true.

To be fair, President Trump made some stupid remarks about ultraviolet light. Some suggested he said to inject bleach. But his ideas were dismissed promptly with contempt because he was not a doctor or a public health official. In fact, the press howled if he didn’t follow their expert advice. His first instinct, you might recall, was “two weeks to bend the curve”. It turned out to be two years and the curve is still there to some extent.


But in the end, who did more damage to our society: the amateurs or the professionals?

We now know, because of the self-congratulating book by Dr. Deborah Birx, that much of public health advisories were simply made up. The effectiveness of the 6-foot circle, the vaccines, and the boosters to the vaccines were all said to be vital to public health.

The Scarf lady said so. And it made such an impression on the public, that one still sees mask wearers, peddling their bicycles alone, outside in 110-degree heat. Media-induced brain damage apparently is permanent for some.


President Biden said if you get the vaccine, you won’t get Covid. He is twice vaccinated, twice boosted, and has Covid. He is a walking refutation of the BS peddled by Public Health officials and swallowed uncritically by most of the medical profession. Few seem to acknowledge that the President’s very condition destroys everything the man had said on the matter.

Here we have a 79-year-old man, fully vaccinated and boosted, living in a controlled masked-wearing environment, with an attending physician at his elbow, and he gets the virus. And at this juncture, he appears to be doing fine with it.

If that is true, is it worth shutting down society again as suggested recently by the New York Times and Dr. Fauci on his new media tour?

Their lame excuse is all the vaccines and boosters made the condition less lethal. How do we know that? The virus keeps mutating, and the vaccines and boosters may not be effective against the variants at present and the variants to be. And besides, he was taking therapeutics as he should. But if he is taking effective therapeutics, that could account for the milder symptoms. Also, it could be just a milder variant.

That the public, through fear, lost all ability to think critically. That too is a story worth telling.

But to stay on point, it is doubtful many of us can ever look at doctors, and “scientists” the same way ever again. If they can lie so easily, or more charitably, be that gullible, leap to conclusions without scientific basis; why should we believe them about anything?

They divided the American people and it has ruined relationships between relatives and friends. That rift continues today.

They may well have wrecked the global economy, which will cause great pain and likely echo for years to come.

They trampled our liberties: our freedom to assemble (unless you are rioting on behalf of BLM), to worship, and even to conduct our business. They shut down arbitrarily some businesses and left others alone. They interfered in the mortgage markets, interfered with private contracts between renters and owners, shut down schools, destroyed domestic and international supply chains, and contributed to great inflation.

Their policies may well have killed more people than the virus. Millions did not show up for checkups for their heart conditions, cancer, and other maladies. There has been a surge in suicide and drug abuse, spousal abuse, and child abuse. Why are not these issues matters of public health?

They did this in the name of lockdown. But now we have the data. There is virtually no difference in outcomes between harsh lockdown states such as California and more freedom-loving states like Florida. The same is true internationally. Soft lockdown countries such as Sweden had better outcomes than countries like New Zealand.

They said if you get the vaccine, you won’t get Covid. Then they said if you get the vaccine, you won’t spread Covid. The latter statement put responsibility that was misplaced on those who preferred not to take an experimental possibly gene-altering drug. It is you vaccine refusniks that are spreading Covid! The President said it was a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Members of the armed forces were dismissed, nurses were fired, and tennis stars were denied entry into countries and competitions.

The “logic” seemed to suggest the unvaccinated were spreading the virus to those already protected by the vaccine? How could that be if the vaccine is effective for those who took it? None of it made any sense, but non-mask-wearing individuals were subject to at a minimum the “stink eye”, but also emotional retribution, and at worst, job dismissal. No one has said they are sorry. And as suggested earlier, it hasn’t ended. Los Angeles seems to want to crank up mandatory mask wearing again and the left’s chief spiritual leader, the New York Times, wants to bring lockdown back.

It would seem evidence of failure is no deterrent to those who heard the original incorrect statements by health officials. For them it seems, it is cast in stone as the tablets delivered on Mt. Sinai.

James Agresti has an excellent service called Just Facts Daily. One of his more recent ones asked this question: In the United Kingdom during 2022, what portion of all deaths involving Covid-19 have been among people who were fully vaccinated and boosted? Was it about 25%, 50%, or 75%?  Which percentage is closer to actual results?

Yours truly pondered that we know vaccines were not effective, but likely they would not be worse than having not taken the jab at all, so I picked 50%. I was wrong.

The correct answer was 75%. Thus in the UK, public vaccinations may have made more people ill and killed more people than if they had done nothing. The other way to spin it is it was precisely those most vulnerable who took the jab, and thus it is the frailties of this group that accounts for greater deaths. That may possibly be true. But if it is true, why the push to vaccinate everyone, of every age, and of every condition?

Remember it was part of Covid policy to keep everyone at home (except made-up definitions of whose job was critical), to mask everyone, and to jab everyone, repeatedly. It was not limited to the elderly or those with co-morbidities.

Recall as well, that it was important for people to be able to go to titty bars, but not to church? Looking back, these officials look worse than silly.

The latest push is to vaccinate babies, a group that has not shown vulnerabilities. This is from the same people that disrupted schools for two years, stunted language development in formative years, and touched off a record of teenage suicides. Well, they had our interests at heart, did they not?

Getting back to the specific British study, here are supporting statements from Mr. Agresti:

An accurate measure of the vaccine status of people who die with Covid-19 is available from the United Kingdom, where government keeps detailed healthcare records on nearly all citizens. The latest data from the UK Office of National Statistics shows that 74% of all deaths involving Covid-19 from 1/1/22 to 5/31/22 were among people who were fully vaccinated and boosted. As the UK Health Security Agency has explained, “it is expected that a large proportion of cases, hospitalisations and deaths would occur in vaccinated individuals, simply because a larger proportion of the population are vaccinated than unvaccinated and no vaccine is 100% effective. This is especially true because vaccination has been prioritised in individuals who are more susceptible or more at risk of severe disease.”

Documentation of this ia at the following link: Latest UK DataData & Calculations (Excel)Not a Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.

Sadly, it would seem the reason we cannot have faith in public health officials is they destroyed their own credibility. The media spread their falsehoods and the politicians enforced them.

Stand by for the next crusade. It looks like it will be about global warming!


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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