2000 Mules Comes to Arizona

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The technical team behind the hit documentary 2000 Mules appeared at a hearing at the Arizona Legislature on May 31, 2022. The hearing was chaired by Shawnna Bolick, Representative from District 20 and a candidate for Arizona Secretary of State.

It was sadly a partisan affair as no Democrat legislators attended the hearing to hear any of the evidence or ask questions.


True the Vote, a Houston-based voter integrity organization, is the team that developed the data for the hit Dinesh D’Souza produced  film, which can be viewed here. 

Founder Catherin Engelbrecht and her chief investigator Gregg Phillips presented and took questions from the panel of state Senators and Representatives.

In the movie, ballot trafficking was described both in Yuma and Maricopa Counties, as well as in other states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin. Over 200 mules were determined to be operating in Maricopa County.


An investigation is currently underway by the Yuma Country Sheriff and a recall effort is also underway to remove Yuma Country Chairman Tony Reyes from office.

Much of their presentation was to explain to the legislators the methods that can be used to organize cell phone data to track individuals who are involved in ballot trafficking. These so-called “mules” are believed to be part of an operation funded by nonprofit organizations that statistically were capable of altering the outcome of the 2020 election.

Gregg Phillips spent considerable time explaining technical details such as what is geofence, the threshold criteria necessary to establish if the behavior of an individual is that of a mule, and the quality and accuracy of their data.


Basically, any common cell phone is actually a tracking device that is also capable of making phone calls. By triangulating among cell towers, the location of the phone can amazingly accurate. Each phone has a unique ID or DNA, and thus multiple trips to drop boxes can be scientifically confirmed. Bolstered by data obtained from cameras monitoring drop boxes, a compelling case can be made for illegal voter fraud.

Phillips also spent considerable time responding to critical articles written about the movie in the New York Times and Washington Post. In short, the bulk of the testimony was to build confidence that cell phone tracking is accurate and accepted in a court of law. Phillips made a point that the Federal Government is using just such data to prosecute people that engaged in the January 6th Capitol riot.

Cell phone companies can be requested by law enforcement to “unmask” the owner of a cell phone and thus with video as an additional backup, can actually identify an individual engaged in voter fraud.

With this information available, legislators urged whistleblowers to come forward now, and cooperate with law enforcement or face serious consequences later.

It is not clear from the testimony exactly how nonprofits came into possession of ballots for distribution by their mules. It is not clear who funded these nonprofits and how they can operate in violation of IRS rules.

When asked if such information had been turned over to the Arizona Attorney General, Gregg said they had provided information earlier at a meeting with three individuals from the AGs office. But there is some confusion about that and Gregg said they would provide the information a second time. What happened to the first batch of information, was not made clear.

As to the list of nonprofits engaged in voter fraud, Gregg said they have not made a list public because they did not want to get out in front of law enforcement. However, such a list can be made available at the proper time.

There were a number of concrete suggestions given to the legislators to firm up voter integrity.

Voter rolls need to be regularly purged.

It is necessary that the month, day, and year of birth be used, not just the year of birth as is currently done.

Drop boxes destroy pretty much the “chain of custody”. Ballots that are provided by mail, in combination with unsupervised drop boxes are an invitation to fraud.

If drop boxes are used, there should be security cameras at each location and officials review the footage.


Are you fed up? Are you worried that America in rapidly sliding into a neo-Marxist state by the radical left in control of Washington with historically narrow majorities in the U.S. House and Senate and an Executive controlled by unnamed far leftists in place of a clinically incompetent President Biden? They are desperate to keep power and complete their radical progressive agenda that will change America and our liberty forever.

Americans just witnessed the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 without one Republican vote in the U.S. Senate and House (just as Obamacare was passed in 2010). The IRS  will be hiring 87,000 new agents, many armed, to terrorize American taxpayers.

Americans witnessed the FBI raid at the Trump Mar-A-Lago home and property of President Trump, truly a first in all of American history. We know what that is about. 

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