CDC Data Shows COVID-19 was Pandemic for the Elderly

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Data published recently by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) conclusively shows that COVID-19 primarily infected and caused the deaths of elderly people. In deaths where the SARS-CoV2 virus was the underlying cause of death, 377,883 people died. The virus took the biggest toll on people over the age of 75 with at […]

With Mitigations Gone For Months, Arizona Keeps Emergency Declaration

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Even though Arizona’s business and individual COVID-19 mitigations haven’t been in effect since March, the state remains in an official state of emergency. Gov. Doug Ducey rescinded much of Arizona’s COVID-19 mitigations on businesses and individuals in March. Three months later, he’s yet to give up his emergency declaration powers, allowing him to reach further […]

Quacks in the Ivory Tower: How Conspiracy Theorizing Took Over Lockdown Science

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Is the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD) simply a front for a secret global eugenics plot, hatched at AIER by the British Ministry of Defence and financed by the Koch Brothers as part of an ongoing effort to force climate change, tobacco, and Covid-19 infections on our senior citizens? Such claims may sound like the farcical […]

Racism Is Alive And Well At Yale

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Yale, which protects its fragile students from dead white authors and offensive Halloween costumes, nevertheless featured a psychiatrist lecturing at Grand Rounds of her fantasies “unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, wiping my bloody hands, like I did the world a f___ing big favor”. Grand Rounds […]

Almost Overnight, Standards of Colorblind Merit Tumble Across American Society

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A broad revolution is underway in the United States as traditional standards used to measure achievement and provide opportunity are being rejected by schools, corporations, and governments in favor of quotas based on race and gender. On taking office, President Joe Biden signaled that the nation’s long-held principle of equality for all had come to […]

Don’t Be Fooled: Gender Identity Policies Don’t Follow the Science

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During the past presidential election, you may remember seeing black yard signs with lists of creed-like statements written in rainbow text. The creeds included claims like “science is real.” All Americans should agree with this statement. And yet, contrary to this pithy creed, any law that classifies gender identity as a protected class under civil […]

This Is Life Under State Media

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The legacy press scoffed at the lab-leak theory for months. Now they minimize it while running cover for Dr. Fauci. Everyone understands the Soviet Union tried to cover up the Chernobyl disaster, but what’s less known is that they’d already pulled it off once before. In 1957, an accident at a plutonium production site near […]

YouTube Bans Sen. Ron Johnson For Discussing Early Treatment Of COVID-19

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YouTube’s position is that content on the site must parrot whatever comes from its narrow set of authorities, even though their positions change frequently and dramatically. Google’s YouTube has stepped up its draconian censorship of a sitting U.S. senator. The powerful video-sharing company removed a video of a speech given by Sen. Ron Johnson of […]

The Regulatory Capture Of The FDA

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The mega-profit pharmaceutical industry relies on connections with the agency tasked with regulating it. This week, three members of an 11 member FDA advisory committee of experts resigned in protest over the FDA’s approval of Aduhelm (aducanumab) for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. These resignations are extremely unusual, but in this case, understandable. Aduhelm was […]

Sayings About the Pandemic That Should Never Be Heard Again

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Since our overlords are telling us in California we will be unshackled as of June 15th (at least for now), it is time to examine some of the nonsense and distortions of the English language we have endured over the past 15 months. Being part of a pandemic in 2021 is not the worst thing […]