Your vote for the approaching midterm election on November 8th is critical. The Prickly Pear will focus our TAKE ACTION section on helping Arizona citizens get out the vote and to vote correctly as we move toward November 8th. Please click the TAKE ACTION link frequently to see updates.

The first essential step is to be sure you are correctly registered. You can ascertain this on the web. In Maricopa County, use this link. You must be registered by October 11th. The Prickly Pear will provide more information in coming weeks about registration for other Arizona voters.


Secondly, you must vote correctly and prevent the conditions for fraud that are operative with our voting system in Arizona. What do we mean by this?

80-85% of Arizona voters vote by mail. The system has been in place for many years but has a major flaw that was clearly a factor in the 2018 and 2020 election cycles. The flaw is that many voters fail to mail in their ballots early and actually arrive at their polling station on the ‘day’ of the election to deposit their green ‘vote-by-mail’ ballot that day. Their ballot must be signature verified, a labor intensive process, and their vote is not tabulated on the day of election for the announced results that evening. This is a mechanism for fraud, a mechanism known for many years and operative in the last few Arizona cycles.

At our polling stations on the August 2nd primary, we witnessed voter after voter arriving at the polling station with their green mail-in ballot to vote on the actual ‘election day’. Many exited the polling station proudly wearing their ‘I Voted Today’ sticky demonstrating their participation in this vital process on election day. The problem is that they did not vote on or before election day – their ballot may or not may not be counted based on the tabulated results of the election announced that night. They had weeks to vote but did not submit their mail-in ballot until election day. This voting habit results in hundreds of thousands ballots in the state of Arizona not being counted on election day if they are counted at all. One can imagine what occurred in 2020 during the Covid pandemic when mail in voting became universal in many states.


The ballots for the November 8th will be mailed to all mail-in voters on October 12th, a full 27 days before the November 8th election day. VOTERS OF ARIZONA – if you vote by mail, fill in your ballot immediately upon receipt (within days of October 12th) and deposit securely at the post office or a voting location as soon as possible.

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL ELECTION DAY TO DROP OFF YOUR VOTE-BY-MAIL BALLOT!!! You must mail in your ballot by November 1st, but do not wait until then. Vote when you receive your mail-in ballot.