How Not to Vote in Arizona

Election Day is tomorrow – Tuesday, November 8th. 80% of Arizona voters (90% in Maricopa County) vote by mail. The system has been in place for many years but hundreds of thousands Arizona voters fail to ‘mail in’ their ballots well before election day.

If you have not submitted your mail-in ballot yet, DO NOT MAIL IT IN OR ‘DROP IT OFF’ ON TUESDAY AT YOUR POLLING STATION. It won’t be counted on Tuesday and may not be counted for many days or at all. 

If you have failed to ‘mail-in’ your ballot yet, surrender the ballot at the polling station on Tuesday, show your driver’s license and actually fill out a new ballot and vote in person. Your vote will be tabulated and counted for the evening announcement of election results.


Check Your (Ballot) Status at the Maricopa County Voter Dashboard: Are You Ballot Ready?

How to Track Your Early Ballot from Start to Finish in Maricopa County:

Your County Recorder website will have comparable links for Arizonans residing in all other counties.