A Reflection on Indigenous Peoples Day

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There’s a much better name for the day, one that captures the true spirit of today’s America October 11 was Indigenous Peoples Day. It used to be called Columbus Day before it became woke. Unlike some of my fellow Italians, I don’t have heartburn over the demise of Columbus Day. However, the silly wokeness behind […]

Putting Power in Parents’ Hands: Wisconsin Legislature Passes Law to Stop Politics in K-12

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Wisconsin has become the first state in the nation to pass powerful new Academic Transparency legislation to bring sunlight in—and take politics out—of its K-12 classrooms. Based on the Goldwater Institute’s model policy language, and with the support of the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL), the Wisconsin State Senate and State Assembly today […]

Tucson v. Arlington on Immigration and Amazon

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Musings and questions from a left-wing socialist who is also a right-wing supremacist. Americans are so divided on immigration and other issues that one risks being typecast as either a left-wing socialist or a right-wing supremacist for daring to send something around that one side or the other dislikes. Given that I believe that both political […]

National School Boards Association Calls on Biden to Police Parents Using Domestic Terror Laws

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Editors’ Note:  There has been an increasing number of statements by public officials of late that parents are not the number one stakeholder in the education of their children. Hence the term “public school” should be best termed a “government school”, because teachers’ unions, educational bureaucrats, and elected school board officials, are increasingly taking the […]

Arizona Education Advocates Submit Signatures To Erase Tax Cuts

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Arizona’s teacher union and education advocates have submitted enough signatures, if they survive scrutiny, to put a repeal of tax cuts on the 2022 election ballot. The Arizona Education Association, along with other public education advocates, submitted more than 340,000 signatures to the Secretary of State’s office hours before Tuesday’s 5 p.m. deadline. “Today’s filing […]

Essential Marxist Reading for Liberals and Conservatives

Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes

A review and overview of The Cult of Smart, by Fredrik deBoer, All Points Books, 276 pages. Fredrik deBoer is the author of The Cult of Smart, a book that unwittingly explains the sharp left turn of the Democrat Party and a growing number of young Americans. It also shows why the widening chasm between […]

Tax and Spend: Arizona’s Battle over Proposition 208 Goes to the Courts

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How progressives are using ballot initiatives to raise taxes. Last year, as part of their efforts to expand government subsidies to teacher unions, progressives across the country targeted Arizona’s ballot box with an unusual initiative to impose a potentially devastating new income tax on the state. Fortunately, the Arizona Supreme Court effectively ruled the initiative unconstitutional […]

Arizonans Digging Heel In Over COVID Vaccination Hesitancy

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Polling is beginning to reveal a group of Arizonans will remain steadfast in their opposition to getting vaccinated against COVID-19 no matter how bleak the pandemic gets. OH Predictive Insights, a Phoenix-based polling, and marketing firm, released its monthly Arizona Public Opinion Pulse on Tuesday, showing the results of 1,000 state residents polled between Sept. […]

Stanford Profs Are Siding With China On Foreign Spies

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Stanford University has received more than $16 million from Chinese sources since 2017. A group of Stanford professors has asked the Department of Justice to end a program designed to find Chinese spies at American universities. When the opinions of American academics match the opinion of the Chinese Communist Party, it’s clear that higher education […]

Arizona Elementary School District Hit by Same Covid Vaccine Madness Afflicting the NFL

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Keeping kids safe is the number-one priority for any elementary school in America, right? But then there is the Cartwright School District in Phoenix, where selectively enforcing a Covid vaccination policy tops taking care of the kids. How do we know this? Consider the case of one William Bishop, the now-former director for buildings and […]