Arizona Senate Not Holding Maricopa County in Contempt Due to Holdout Republican

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The Republican-controlled Arizona Senate isn’t voting to hold Maricopa County officials in contempt for refusing to fully comply with election audit subpoenas because of a single Republican senator. Republicans lost a seat in the state Senate in the Nov. 3, 2020, election and hold a narrow 16–14 majority. That gives state Sen. Paul Boyer, a […]

Too Much Money Chasing Too Few Goods and Services

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Inflation can be considered a tax, an especially regressive one, falling harder on those with lower income and/or assets. As we’ve noted previously, the Federal Reserve’s “M2” monetary aggregate began growing significantly faster than the “GDP” measure of economic output in the United States beginning around 2008, amidst the 2007-2009 financial and economic crisis. With […]

It’s About Time We Stopped “Trying Communism”

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I don’t know how many protests, solidarity movements, refugees, human rights alerts, economic collapses, and purges are going to get this message through everyone’s heads, Communism is a terrible system of governance. In fact, at this point, we should be consistent. Any government that does not guarantee as to the very justification for its existence, […]

Big Batteries Could Be Bigger Bombs Than Beirut Fertilizer

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It turns out storing Megawatts of high-density energy in a confined space is “like a bomb”. Who could have seen that coming, apart from everyone who understands what a megawatt is? Clean, green, noisy, and explosive. And they are “unregulated” in the UK. GWPF UK’s giant battery ‘farms’ spark fears of explosions that can reach […]

Chaos And Calamity For College Republicans

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A close and contested election may spell the end for the influential party auxiliary. This past Saturday, the College Republicans National Committee held their biannual convention to elect their national leadership. To say the elections descended into chaos would be an understatement; what happened was closer to a calamity for the organization. The election was […]

New Book Shows Top U.S. General Comparing Trump Supporters To Nazis Seeking A ‘Coup’

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Anyone who looked at the events of 2020 and projected a coup attempt onto Donald Trump has no place in senior government leadership, let alone a Dairy Queen serving Blizzards. What better way to know the U.S. military is compromised—aside from racially extremist training and leftist propaganda videos—than when its top officer ignores widespread violence […]

How Democrats Could Steal the Midterms

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By now everyone with two working brain cells knows, or pretends not to know, that Democrats cheated on a colossal scale to get Whisperin’ Joe into the White House.  So it’s safe to say that Republicans, having wised up to the Donks’ stratagems and skullduggery, will capture both House and Senate in next year’s midterms.  Right?  Yes.  That is, […]

Fact-Checking 6 Claims at Senate Democrats’ Voting Law Hearing

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Senate Democrats took their push to nullify state election laws on the road Monday, holding a “field hearing” in Atlanta to attack Georgia’s recent election reforms and promote their bill to eliminate voter ID and other requirements. Only Democrat members of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee showed up to question witnesses, also all Democrats. […]

JFK Colluded With The Russians

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But Trump was vilified and persecuted for unproven allegations of collusion. I’m far from being a Trump groupie or apologist but do love to read history, especially when it reveals that a beloved figure from the past had been guilty of the same accusations leveled today against a presently maligned figure, whatever the party affiliation […]

Getting Red In Your Ed

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It is well known that America’s schoolchildren are woefully ignorant of their national history and government. Majorities of young adults no longer feel grateful to be an American, undoubtedly because they fail to comprehend the precious freedoms to which they were born. So are the teacher’s unions who educate our children concerned about this deplorable […]