Big Batteries Could Be Bigger Bombs Than Beirut Fertilizer

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It turns out storing Megawatts of high-density energy in a confined space is “like a bomb”. Who could have seen that coming, apart from everyone who understands what a megawatt is? Clean, green, noisy, and explosive. And they are “unregulated” in the UK. GWPF UK’s giant battery ‘farms’ spark fears of explosions that can reach […]

Fitch: Low River Levels Likely To Increase Arizona Water Bills

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The expected water cuts from the Colorado River as a result of the Drought Contingency Plan (DCP) will likely mean higher water utility rates, according to Fitch Ratings. The U.S. Congress passed the DCP in 2019 to protect water levels in Lake Powell and Lake Mead which provide water to Colorado River basin states. Arizona, […]

What Is Good For The Climate Geese Is NOT Good For The Ganders

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The billionaires prolificating “green” for the world, such as Mike Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and others are the same individuals amassing huge carbon footprints for their numerous private jets, houses, boats, and cars. For Bloomberg alone, a Business Insider analysis found that Bloomberg’s emissions-heavy private jets took more […]

REAL Threats To Planet And People

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Totalitarian actions in the name of ‘climate change’ threaten wildlife, people and freedoms.   Environmental activism was already nasty and lethal when I wrote Eco-Imperialism: Green Power – Black Death 18 years ago. It’s gotten steadily worse since then, especially with hysteria about the “looming manmade climate apocalypse” driving ever more extreme demands that we […]

Blackouts Loom in California as Electricity Prices Are ‘Absolutely Exploding’

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Editors’ Note:  While California’s descent into mismanagement is a policy lesson for Arizona, it could well become a burden for Arizona. California will be looking to import power when power is needed for the growth of Arizona. Arizona must not follow in their footsteps with “green fantasies”. The actions and leadership of our Arizona Corporation […]

A “Tell” Upon America

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The term “tell” is often used regarding poker playing or pulling a scam. It refers to a gesture, a look, a twitch someone has that indicates what they are thinking. For example, a person always scratches his forehead when he is bluffing in poker. I recently encountered a situation that was itself not significant. Yet […]

Why We Shop at Walmart Instead of Whole Foods

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Years ago it was popular for companies to sponsor a day for employees to take their kids to the office to see where mom or dad worked. My wife got stuck with organizing one of the days for her employer. In an introductory exercise, she had the kids sit around a conference table and take […]

Climate Models: Worse Than Nothing?

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“Climate modeling is central to climate science….” (Stephen Koonin, below)   When the history of climate modeling comes to be written in some distant future, the major story may well be how the easy, computable answer turned out to be the wrong one, resulting in overestimated warming and false scares from the enhanced (man-made) greenhouse […]

Swiss Voters Reject Climate Legislation

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The Swiss have one of the few federal systems in the world. And interestingly, they are perhaps the only country to limit government power through a federal system of cantons and direct initiative voting that developed before, and independently of England. Other countries that have a dispersion of power systems like the United States and […]

Beijing Power Players Poised To Pull Plug On Prospects To Go ‘All-Electric’

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Editors’ Note:  Even if one accepts the dubious proposition that carbon emissions cause global warming, it seems to us almost insane to wreck America’s energy infrastructure, while giving China a free pass on coal-fired plants until 2030. All of the U.S. sacrifices would do nothing to improve the situation as China is the main contributor […]