Mission Statement

The mission of The Prickly Pear is to inform and educate the public and those in the governing and public policy arenas about current and critical issues impacting Arizonans and Americans. Advocacy of citizen responsibilities and political and regulatory leadership must be truthful, aggressive and fearless. The Prickly Pear is a voice for citizen journalists to express the principles of limited government and personal liberty to the public, to policy makers and to political activists in Arizona.

We believe all human beings are created by God and endowed with natural rights. We believe in equal treatment before the law and equal opportunity. In our civil society, each person should be treated with dignity and respect. We do not support state mandated equal outcomes. We do support both private charity and state support for the disabled, wounded veterans and others who cannot take care of themselves. However, we do not believe there are special categories of people who should receive special treatment by government or are entitled to the output of others.


The threat to America is a decades-long and now extreme radical assault on the founding principles of the Republic, our history and American exceptionalism. This is the result of a growing and poorly educated and indoctrinated stratum of Americans enabled by public education, biased media and timid political and corporate leadership. Personal liberty based on America’s foundational principles and personal responsibility based on the Judeo-Christian ethic are our guiding lights to counter this threat and strengthen the Republic.

John Ammon Executive Editor
Neland Nobel Editor-at-Large



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