Things Are Getting So Bad for Stocks They Might Be Getting Better…For A While

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A market this oversold will tend to rally at some point. Markets have undergone a punishing slide of late. Stocks have been down eight weeks in a row. If we go another week, that may break the record set in 1923. The losses are not isolated but widespread. Something like 75% of stocks in the […]

Gas Prices Hit Record High Every Day for Past Two Weeks

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Gas prices have soared to new heights this month with the price of unleaded regular gas hitting a record high every day for the past two weeks. With Memorial Day weekend approaching, motorists face steep costs if they plan to travel. According to AAA, the national average regular unleaded gas price Tuesday came in at […]

Federal Fiscal Shortfall Nears $1 Million Per Household

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The U.S. Treasury has published a major report revealing that the federal government has amassed $124.1 trillion in debts, liabilities, and unfunded obligations. To place this shortfall in perspective, it equates to: $955,407 for every household in the U.S. 29 times annual federal revenues. 86% of the combined net worth of all U.S. households and nonprofit organizations, including all […]


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This summer, the elites of the World Economic Forum (WEF) will convene in Davos Switzerland for Klaus Schwab’s annual confab of the Lear jet set. Part of this meeting is to ratify and endorse the World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest draft of the International Health Regulations (IHR). This treaty has had virtually no coverage and […]

How the United States Conquered Inflation Following the Civil War

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Americans today are once again the victims of price inflation brought on by runaway government spending and printing of unbacked paper money.   According to the most recent polling data, the American public’s approval of Congress stands at a dismal 21 percent. Almost four times as many people disapprove of the job it’s doing. That’s par for […]

Government’s Stupid Plan While Big Business Greases the Wheels

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All too often there is a proposal for a government plan that just makes one stare in disbelief at the proposing legislator’s gross ignorance. When you then see that the business community is complicit with said ridiculously stupid plan, it becomes obvious why many people no longer trust big organizations. Following is such a situation. […]

Price Controls on Fuel Would Be Disastrous for Americans

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In classic Washington style, liberals in Congress are advancing a bill that most assuredly would make a bad situation much worse. In response to soaring fuel prices, liberals seek to shift blame away from Bidenflation and onto producers through the so-called Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act.  A more appropriate title would be the “Driving Up […]

China Starting Next Global Crisis By Gobbling Up Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is only the world’s opening act. Events in Sri Lanka also highlight how China is going about dominating the world. Beijing is corrupting national leaders, drowning them in debt, and ultimately destabilizing their governments. Beijing, it appears, is particularly targeting democracies. China is the world’s predatory lender, something evident from its CCP, , […]

A Supermarket Checker on Prices, Life and Whole Foods

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One of the many jobs that I held before and during my college years in order to pay my college bills was a supermarket checker. Maybe that’s why I like to strike up a conversation with checkers to see how they’re feeling about their job and issues of the day. A recent visit to a […]

The FDA/WIC Role in the Baby Formula Debacle

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There have by now been an acute shortage of infant formula in the United States for months. Despite government claims to the contrary, it is unlikely to end anytime soon. This turn of events was utterly predictable. Indeed, it was all but inevitable, as the government agencies responsible for providing safe, readily available infant formula […]