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Jim Hanson contributor to American Greatness: George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four is the DIY manual for building their Brave New World. The Left will only be happy when they have attained totalitarian power. They see the Constitution with all those pesky restrictions and our entire federal republic as an impediment to their plan to social engineer better humans and build a society to keep those engineered humans in line. The dystopian utopia they envision can’t work, but they can break the republic in the process of trying.

Caryn Boddie contributor to American Thinker: . . .leftism is cultlike. It demands that young people give up God. Then they are required to convert their parents — remember how President Obama told kids to go home and talk to their parents at Thanksgiving — and, if they will not convert, children must distance themselves from parents as punishment.


Kathleen Sebelius Obama’s former HHS Secretary: “We’re in a situation where we have a wildly effective vaccine, multiple choices, lots available, free of charge, and we have folks who are just saying I won’t do it. I think that it’s time to say to those folks, it’s fine if you don’t choose to get vaccinated. You may not come to work. You may not have access to a situation where you’re going to put my grandchildren in jeopardy. Where you might kill them, or you might put them in a situation where they’re going to carry the virus to someone in a high-risk position.”

Roger Kimball contributor to American Greatness: As tales of fake woe and calls to ban conservative books circulate among woke booksellers, the White House is flagging “problematic posts for Facebook.”


Kirk: Ten Conservative Principles
It is not possible to draw up a neat catalogue of conservatives’ convictions; nevertheless, I offer you, summarily, ten general principles; it seems safe to say that most conservatives would subscribe to most of these maxims. In various editions of my book The Conservative Mind I have listed certain canons of conservative thought—the list differing somewhat from edition to edition; in my anthology The Portable Conservative Reader I offer variations upon this theme. Now I present to you a summary of conservative assumptions differing somewhat from my canons in those two books of mine. In fine, the diversity of ways in which conservative views may find expression is itself proof that conservatism is no fixed ideology. What particular principles conservatives emphasize during any given time will vary with the circumstances and necessities of that era. The following ten articles of belief reflect the emphases of conservatives in America nowadays. First, the conservative believes that there exists an enduring moral order. That order is made for man, and man is made for it: human nature is a constant, and moral truths are permanent. This word order signifies harmony. There are two aspects or types of order: the inner order of the soul, and the outer order of the commonwealth. Twenty-five centuries ago, Plato taught this doctrine, but even the educated nowadays find it difficult to understand. The problem of order has been a principal concern of conservatives ever since conservative became a term of politics. Our twentieth-century world has experienced the hideous consequences of the collapse of belief in a moral order. Like the atrocities and disasters of Greece in the fifth century before Christ, the ruin of great nations in our century shows us the pit into which fall societies that mistake clever self-interest, or ingenious social controls, for pleasing alternatives to an oldfangled moral order. It has been said by liberal intellectuals that the conservative believes all social questions, at heart, to be questions of private morality. Properly understood, this statement is quite true. A society in which men and women are governed by belief in an enduring moral order, by a strong sense of right and wrong, by personal convictions about justice and honor, will be a good society—whatever political machinery it may utilize; while a society in which men and women are morally adrift, ignorant of norms, and intent chiefly upon gratification of appetites, will be a bad society—no matter how many people vote and no matter how liberal its formal constitution may be. Second,
Read more at The Conservative Treehouse.



Heine: Arizona Audit Finds Massive Irregularities, Including More Than 74,000 Mail-In Ballots Counted Than Mailed Out
The Arizona Senate, led by Senate President Karen Fann, held a hearing on Thursday to discuss the preliminary results of the first phase of the audit in Maricopa County. The state senate heard testimony from three witnesses involved in the audit, Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan, AZ audit Liaison Ken Bennett, and Ben Cotton, CEO and founder of Cytech Services. During the hearing, the auditors revealed that Maricopa County still has not provided many materials needed to complete the audit, including routers, chain of custody documentation, and images of mail in ballots. Logan said the information on the ballots provided by Maricopa County should have matched up, but were way off the mark.
Read more at American Greatness.

The Center Square Staff: Wisconsin next? GOP lawmaker asks for forensic audit of 2020 election
Ramthun wants Wisconsin’s Legislative Audit Bureau to look and see if Wisconsin had any machine-folded mail-in ballots, or ballots that were printed as opposed to filled in by hand. He also wants to know if there were some absentee ballots that came back too perfect. Ramthun said audits in both Georgia and Arizona found similar questionable ballots there.
Read more at Just The News.


Kelly: Exclusive Audio: Listen to January 6 Detainees Sing the National Anthem
Dozens of Americans held in a Washington D.C. jail have been incarcerated for months awaiting trials that aren’t scheduled to begin until next year. Joe Biden’s Justice Department has repeatedly sought pre-trial detention for Americans who, on January 6, protested Biden’s election. Detainees include Americans not accused of committing any violent crimes. Current detainees are a few members of the Oath Keepers; the alleged “attackers” of Officer Brian Sicknick, and nonviolent offenders such as Timothy Hale-Cusanelli. […] Every night at 9 p.m., according to a relative of one of the detainees, they sing the national anthem. This is a way to keep spirits up among men who have been in jail for months and may not have their day in court until sometime next year.
Read more/Listen to the audio at American Greatness.



Kane: A New Declaration for Black America (excellent)
Watch the 3:27 minute video at Citizen Free Press

Kane: Black Cuban dude sets it straight…
Watch the 2:20 minute video at Citizen Free Press.


Nester & Beyrer: China-Backed Confucius Institute Turns Its Attention to K-12 Classrooms
Several American universities maintained relationships with China after shuttering their Confucius Institute chapters, shifting resources to affiliate K-12 programs and fostering sister relationships with Chinese schools. Rather than fully cut ties with the Confucius Institute, many universities shifted their resources to affiliate programs aimed at K-12 classrooms. The Confucius Classrooms program offers an array of Chinese language and culture programs to elementary, middle, and high school students across the United States. Often linked to Confucius Institutes at nearby colleges, Confucius Classrooms are funded and run by the Hanban, a division of China’s Ministry of Education.
Read more at Free Beacon.


Macgregor: The Danger Of Wokeness In Uniform
Is it true? Are America’s four stars (44 of them) becoming the military equivalent of Davos Men; denationalized cosmopolitans who view national identities and boundaries as antiquated obstacles to the liberating force of globalism? Or is “wokeness” really just a matter of civilian control of the military?
It would be wrong to suggest that today’s senior officers (three and four stars) are gold collar globalists. It would be more accurate to suggest that steadily rising defense spending combined with the absence of accountability for performance has devalued the importance of character, competence, and intelligence in the selection of senior officers.
Read more at The Prickly Pear.

Billingley: Thoroughly Modern Milley
“Right now, I would say that the conditions are set for winning this war.” That was Gen. Mark Milley, second in command of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, to an Associated Press reporter back in 2013. By 2021, the war had yet to be won, and U.S. troops are heading for home. Gen. Milley has been promoted to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, “the nation’s highest ranking military officer and the principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Council.” In that exalted post, Gen. Milley has found a new enemy on the home front.
According to I Alone Can Fix It, coming out Tuesday from Washington Post reporters Carol Leonnig and Phillip Rucker, Gen. Milley believes Donald Trump is the moral equivalent of Adolph Hitler, but there is more to it. According to Gen. Milley, Trump’s followers are “brownshirts,” and his complaints about voter fraud were calls for genocide. “This is a Reichstag moment,” Milley said. “The gospel of the Führer.” That recalls the 2018 proclamation of MSNBC’s Donnie Deutsch that “if you voted for Trump, you are a Nazi.”
Read more at FrontPage Mag.


VDH: The American Descent into Madness
Nations have often gone mad in a matter of months. The French abandoned their supposedly idealistic revolutionary project and turned it into a monstrous hell for a year between July 1793 and 1794. After the election of November 1860, in a matter of weeks, Americans went from thinking secession was taboo to visions of killing the greatest number of their fellow citizens on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. Mao’s China went from a failed communist state to the ninth circle of Dante’s Inferno, when he unleashed the Cultural Revolution in 1966. In the last six months, we have seen absurdities never quite witnessed in modern America. Madness, not politics, defines it. There are three characteristics of all these upheavals. One, the events are unsustainable. They will either cease or they will destroy the nation, at least as we know it. Two, the law has largely been rendered meaningless. Three, left-wing political agendas justify any means necessary to achieve them.
Read more at American Greatness.

CNS News Staff: Reporter: ‘On COVID Misinformation, What’s Your Message to Platforms Like Facebook?’ Biden: ‘They’re Killing People’
As President Joe Biden left the White House on Friday, a reporter asked him: “On COVID misinformation, on COVID misinformation, what’s your message to platforms like Facebook?” Biden responded: “They’re killing people. I mean, it really—Look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated and they’re killing people.” At the White House press briefing on Thursday, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy joined White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to talk about the “advisory” he had published that day about “health misinformation”
Read more/Watch the two videos at CNS News.

Cassidy: Klobuchar: Infrastructure bill could include voting measures
Congressional Democrats are exploring ways to include financial incentives for states to expand voting access as part of a multitrillion-dollar infrastructure bill, a key senator said Sunday. Democrats have been struggling to get their marquee election reform bill passed in an evenly split Senate, where Republicans remain unified in their opposition and rules require 60 votes to advance most pieces of legislation. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat from Minnesota who chairs the powerful Senate Rules Committee, said in an interview that the priority continues to be passing the legislation known as the For the People Act, which would usher in minimum voting standards in the U.S. such as automatic and same-day voter registration, early voting and no-excuse absentee voting.
Read more at ABC News.


Widburg: Hasbro toy company is pushing Critical Race Theory onto its workers
David Johnson, a packaging engineer who works for Harvey Nash, which contracts with Hasbro, brought to Project Veritas evidence of the CRT training employees and contract employees are forced to undergo. The program Hasbro requires employees to attend is put on by a company called “the conscious kid” (“tck”). If you go to the company’s website, you find pastel colors, cute pictures, and a baby-esque font. The company boasts that it is “an education, research, and policy organization dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth. We support organizations, families and educators in taking action to disrupt racism in kids.” What the training materials that Johnson brought to Project Veritas show is that “disrupting racism in kids” means saying that America is so systemically racist that, by the time they’re toddlers, America’s children have drunk in that racism with their mother’s milk.
Read more at American Thinker.


Dee: Tumblr U.
How “wokeness” arose from the hyper-obsessive, hyper-fragile culture of a half-forgotten platform. […] Ultimately, I wonder, did it take that long to indoctrinate people and see visible change? Or did something else latch onto what were once ideas contained to academic and activist circles and catalyze their spread? Were these concepts being re-purposed, and rather than through academic brainwashing, were first spread through other means? The rise of “wokeness,” and terms and phrases like, “cultural appropriation,” “safe space,” “trigger warning,” and “check your privilege,” tracked approximately to 2011, and really began to peak in 2013. This dovetailed with some interesting trends. Tumblr, a digital gathering place for activism, fandoms, and the intersection between the two, was among one of the most visited sites on the web for millennials. Not surprisingly, these fans were nonconforming in other ways as well; Tumblr has been largely dominated by feminist, queer, and activist fans of all ages. Media fandom at large throughout the 2010s was deeply affected by Tumblr’s aesthetics, fan cultures, and community practices, all of which continue to be felt across platforms.
Read more at American Mind.

Bannons War Room: Author of The Misinformation Hoax James Poulos
Watch the 6 minute interview at Rumble.


Episode 1,102 – Trump Not Only Won, He Won By A Landslide
Our guests are: Dr. Peter Navarro, Rudy Giuliani, Mark Krikorian, Dr. Jospeh Mercola, Willis @Treekiller35, Father John Lovell. Watch at Rumble.


Durden: “This Is Worrying Me Quite A Bit”: mRNA Vaccine Inventor Shares Viral Thread Showing COVID Surge In Most-Vaxxed Countries
“This is worrying me quite a bit,” tweeted Malone, embedding the lengthy thread authored by Twitter user @holmenkollin (Corona Realism) via the ‘thread reader’ app.
Read more at Zero Hedge.

Glazov Gang: Vaccination Passport – The Road to a Totalitarian State
Reggie discusses Vaccination Passport – The Road to a Totalitarian State, revealing the new gateway to mass surveillance and a “national enemies” register.
Watch the 33 minute video at FrontPage Mag.


Palumbo: These 9 States Are Cutting Income Taxes to Boost Their Recovery
Finally, some good news. In nine states and counting, residents will owe less on their next state income tax bill as local officials seek to stimulate the economic recovery by lowering taxes. Arizona is the latest state to slash income taxes, Fox Business reports, with Governor Doug Ducey signing into law last week a “flat tax” reform that will lower the average Arizonan’s tax bill by $340. According to the Tax Foundation, the other states to lower income taxes include Ohio, Idaho, Oklahoma, Iowa, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, and New Hampshire. Others such as North Carolina and Wisconsin are currently considering doing the same.
Read more at The Prickly Pear.

Sherman: Federal judge in Texas rules DACA illegal
A federal judge in Texas ruled Friday that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an Obama-era initiative that shields certain undocumented immigrants from deportation, is illegal and is blocking new applicants.
Read more at Just The News.


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