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Angelo Codevilla contributor to American Greatness: But If the killing of the Air Force veteran in the Capitol on January 6 was a salvific act, why hide the killer? Why not celebrate him?

Pedro Gonzales contributor to Intellectual Takeout exposes the new Capitol Police toy “persistent surveillance systems,” that will be used in their field offices across the United States: What empires do to foreigners abroad, they eventually do to citizens at home. The system allows for persistent, high-definition, night-vision-capable surveillance of vast geographical regions. Capitol Police officials remain reticent about how and against whom this technology will be used—and luckily for them, as an agency of the legislative branch, they are exempt from the prying eyes of the Freedom of Information Act.


Srdja Trifkovic contributor to Intellectual Takeout describes today’s intelligence agencies: It is obvious that the services are perfectly ready to use all means to discredit and politically destroy those who do not think like they do. At the same time they faithfully serve, and even protect from well-deserved criminal prosecution, those who are their ideological allies and who subsequently turn into their order-givers. …

Raheem J. Kassam contributor to National Pulse: Mass migration is a weapon, as far as he political left is concerned. They’ve already placed that weapon to America’s throat, and have begun to draw blood.

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch in a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court: “Roe and Casey are egregiously wrong. They have proven hopelessly unworkable. … And nothing but a full break from those cases can stem the harms they have caused.”


Issues & Insights Editorial Board: We could go on. Suffice it to say, Fauci, the U.S. government’s most highly paid employee (reportedly $434,312 last year), rejects any blame for his actions and mistruths. He’s always a victim of mean Republicans, and criticizes those who disagree as anti-science. Sorry, but the only science Fauci seems to follow is “political science.”


Trifkovic: The American Stasi
The following are excerpts translated from my latest interview with Sputnik News, which was broadcast live on July 19. Q:… What is happening to the freedom of speech in America? Are the current powers-that-be using secret services against journalists deemed troublesome, such as Tucker Carlson? … ST: Tucker Carlson’s evening show is the only mainstream media program which is at odds with the matrix of constructed reality presented by CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, by ABC, NBC, CBS, and all the rest. His daily average of 3 million+ viewers is roughly one percent of the U.S. population and several percentage points more of those who take an active interest in media offerings. It is a thorn in the side of those who would also like to apply to him the blunt tool used by Facebook and Twitter against Donald Trump. It should be stressed that the American intelligence “community” is a scary misnomer, bearing in mind that we are talking of a gigantic apparat which is literally capable of surveilling every spoken and written word everywhere.
Read more at Intellectual Takeout.

Raheem J. Kassam: Twenty Years Ago, A Mass Migration Plot Was Hatched To Help The Left Change The West Forever. They Even Admitted It.
Proof of the left’s mass migration political effort was made public 12 years ago, in a stunningly similar series of incidents to what is currently taking place on the U.S. southern border. While Kamala Harris scratches her head in Guatemala, farcically discussing the “root causes” of mass migration, the truth of the matter can be found in a little known, draft government paper from the United Kingdom dating back to 2001. […] . . . in January 2001, the innocuously labelled “RDS Occasional Paper no. 67”, “Migration: an economic and social analysis” focused heavily on the labour market case. But the earlier drafts I saw also included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural. In one short op-ed, he had revealed a political conspiracy to change the demographics of the United Kingdom is such a way that would be described as a “far right conspiracy theory” for years, despite being admitted as true. […] Joe Biden told migrants to “surge” the U.S. border, in one of the most self-destructive and arguably treasonous acts in modern U.S. history. Even the Washington Post declared the situation “out of control,” as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez turned a blind eye to Biden locking kids up in his newly unveiled detention centers. […] Seventy-seven million people could flock to the U.S. under a Biden regime, as an admittedly high estimate. What was a 3211 percent increase in Britain over less than a decade would translate to roughly 27 million new people in the United States, if the same new migration terms were accepted. And it’s already happening. Read more at The National Pulse.



Hoft: BRAVO! Greg Kelly Airs Photos of All of the Jan. 6 Political Prisoners Still in Gulag without Trial (VIDEO)
American Gulag. […] On Thursday Newsmax host Greg Kelly posted the photos of those Trump supporters currently incarcerated in Washington DC for entering the US Capitol. Kudos to Greg Kelly.
Read more/Watch the 5:46 minute Greg Kelly report at The Gateway Pundit.

Hoft: Attorney: Jan. 6 Prisoners Brutally Beaten, Stripped, Hogtied, Humiliated by Guards – One Prisoner Blinded in One Eye – Worse Abuse Than Gitmo (VIDEO)
On Thursday night Attorney Joseph McBride joined Greg Kelly on Newsmax to discuss the abuse of the Jan. 6 political prisoners in Washington DC. This is absolutely horrific account!
Read more/Watch the 4:08 minute interview at the Gateway Pundit.


Drucker: Pro-Blake Masters, $10M super PAC ready to go in Arizona Senate race
Arizona political unknown Blake Masters may not be unknown for long, as a super PAC backing the Republican’s 2022 Senate bid plans a major advertising blitz to boost his name identification and tell his story. Saving Arizona, seeded with $10 million from venture capitalist and Republican megadonor Peter Thiel, launched about four weeks ago and has yet to air any spots on Masters’s behalf. But the super PAC is charting an advertising campaign that amplifies the first-time candidate’s populist messaging and introduces him to Arizona voters. More than a half-dozen Republicans, four of them formidable, are vying to challenge Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly in the midterm elections.
Read more at Washington Examiner.

Bohach: The conservative movement doesn’t need to be elevating porn stars
Turning Point USA rightly kicked “Conservative Porn Star” Brandi Love out of its conference on Saturday, July 17 in Tampa, Florida. […] As a conservative woman, I am appalled by conservatives defending this woman. I have two daughters and two sons, whom I am trying my hardest to protect from the cultural rot that is like a monster trying to devour them. I am raising them with conservative values, and organizations like Turning Point USA are a godsend to conservative families trying to steer their children in the right direction. A conservative porn star is a dangerous lie. That lie represents everything from which I want to protect my children. I want my daughters to grow up in a world where they are not sexualized. I want to protect their innocence and my sons’ innocence from a dark and depraved industry. By giving Ms. Love a platform of conservatism, we are telling young people it is acceptable to have sex for money in front of a camera, post naked pictures of themselves online, and sexualize and demean women and girls. Let us not forget that the porn industry promotes rape, incest, bestiality, and child pornography.
Read more at American Thinker.


Cravatts: Teaching School Children the Evil of Whiteness
In a 1963 interview with Louis Lomax, Nation of Islam spokesman Malcolm X, commenting on white people, said that “The white devil’s time is up . . ,” and that “Anybody who rapes, and plunders, and enslaves, and steals, and drops hell bombs on people . . . anybody who does these things is nothing but a devil.” NOI’s Louis Farrakhan has often repeated the same slur about white people being satanic, and such language has long been part of the organization’s radical, anti-white discourse and ideology. What is surprising, however, is that this same view—of whiteness being linked to the devil in a satanic pact through which white people are given supremacy, power, and wealth—has made its way into a children’s book used in school districts all over the country.
Read more at FrontPage Mag.


Morgan: ‘I Can’t Do It’: Growing Number Of NFL Stars Speak Out Against Vaccine Pressure
A growing number of NFL players, including Super Bowl champions and the highest-paid receiver in the league, are speaking out against the league’s position on COVID-19 vaccines. […] “The NFL just informed clubs that if a game cannot be rescheduled during the 18-week season in 2021 due to a COVID outbreak among unvaccinated players, the team with the outbreak will FORFEIT and be credited with a loss for playoff seeding, per sources,” NFL reporter Tom Pelissero posted on Twitter. “Massive implications.” Hopkins’ message on Twitter drew immediate reaction on social media, including from NFL all-pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Leonard Fournette, running back on the defending Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has also appeared to speak out against the league, tweeting . . . […] Cole Beasley — wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills — made it clear that he . . . […] Also in June, Washington Football Team defensive end Montez Sweat stated . . .
Read more at Daily Wire.

Sundance: California Students and Parents Rally Against Forced Masks and Vaccinations in School
Watch the 8 minute report at The Conservative Treehouse.


Joondeph, MD: Monkey Business from China – COVID Part Two?
Mark Twain is believed to have uttered this profundity about history, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” Are we catching a glimpse of COVID history beginning to rhyme with itself? Today’s story is, “Veterinarian dies in China from rare monkey virus.” Substitute “ophthalmologist” for “veterinarian” and “bat” for “monkey” and see if you can hear the rhyme from early 2020. […] The Chinese veterinarian who recently died worked in, “A research institute that specialized in nonhuman primate breeding, the report from the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said.” He was infected with Monkey B virus, a nasty pathogen with a 70 to 80 percent mortality rate in humans. […] Was this only one case of monkeypox far away in China? No. A few days ago we learned that the CDC was investigating in Texas, “A case of an unusual virus called monkeypox in a traveler coming from Nigeria.” Just a coincidence? Maybe or maybe not. Days later it is worse. The New York Post reports that the CDC is monitoring for monkeypox, 200 people in 27 states who were exposed to the Nigerian man. […] An even more interesting rhyme is the timing of vaccine development and the pandemic treated by said vaccine. As reported in the Daily Mail, “Chinese military scientist filed a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine BEFORE the virus was declared a global pandemic.” Undoubtedly another coincidence. In September 2019, the FDA approved a smallpox and monkeypox vaccine as, “The only currently FDA-approved vaccine for the prevention of monkeypox disease.” If smallpox is eradicated, that leaves only monkeypox. Why spend time and money developing a vaccine for a rare pathogen? Another coincidence. Another rhyme.
Read more at American Thinker.


Coughlin: It Is Time for Regime Change in Communist Cuba
Nothing better illustrates the utter bankruptcy of communist ideology than Cuba’s basket case economy, which has resulted in the country suffering its largest wave of anti-government protests in at least three decades. To date, at least one protester has been killed and hundreds more detained, as the communist regime founded by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has responded with characteristic brutality to the outpouring of nationwide dissent. The root cause of the protests has been the dire state of the Cuban economy, with Cubans protesting at the lack of basic food and medicines. To further add to their misery, the country’s inept mishandling of the Coronavirus means that the country’s 11 million inhabitants now have more Covid cases per capita than any major Latin American nation. […] For US President Joe Biden, the recent unrest in Cuba should persuade his administration not to repeat the mistakes of the Obama era and attempt some form of rapprochement with Havana’s dictatorship. The US, as it is apparently able to do, should also immediately restore the ability of the Cuban people to use their internet.
Read more at Gatestone Institute.


Paugh: Western Elites and the Marxist Nomenklatura
As billionaire techies and political elites have taken over the United States, dictating how the government operates and how Americans live from now on, while the Constitution is just an old document sitting in the National Archives, it is worth comparing these American elites to the Marxist nomenklatura in the Soviet satellites of the twentieth century to understand the size and scope of the Marxist control now in the former land of the free because of the brave. What was and still is the nomenklatura in the former and current socialist countries ruled by the communist party? The nomenklatura was the elite beholden to Marxist ideology and tyrannical rule, as Pacepa described it, a “social superstructure recognizable by its privileges.” And he was not talking about the leftist construct of “white privilege.” This was a privilege that indicated a person’s connection to the communist party and the status derived from this relationship, a status that nobody else could attain or hold. The nomenklatura members did not travel by ordinary means of conveyance – buses, trains, and street cars were for the unwashed proletariat. They used expensive and free government cars bought and paid for by the people’s money. Techies have their own wealth which they flaunt when they travel by private planes, yachts, and limousines while thy tell the rest of us to drive small cars to save the planet from global warming.
Read more at Canada Free Press.

Polumbo: Grocery Prices Could Rise 10 to 14 Percent By October, Grocery Chain CEO Warns
This warning offers a painful reminder of how price inflation hurts everyday Americans. American families are already struggling amid mounting price inflation that’s eating away at their budgets, with higher costs for housing, vehicles, and more. Yet a top CEO is warning that the growing inflation problem facing Americans could get much worse in the coming months. The latest June data already show price inflation at a 13-year high, with prices having risen 5.4 percent year-over-year. Proponents of the big-government policies driving much of this increase insist the uptick in prices is only temporary. But billionaire and grocery chain CEO John Catsimatidis just predicted that overall price inflation, for consumer goods generally, will hit a 6 percent annualized rate by October. In an interview with Fox Business, the CEO warned that his industry is seeing skyrocketing costs on the supply chain side, and that businesses will have to raise prices for consumers as a result.
Read more at Foundation for Economic Education.


Lifson: Sweden’s no-lockdown Covid strategy vindicated
Alone among the advanced countries of the world, Sweden followed the sensible policy for dealing with a highly transmissible virus with a 99%+ survival rate, dangerous mostly to easily identifiable groups – the elderly and those with co-morbidities. It allowed the population at minimal risk to carry on life as usual, and restricted movements and otherwise protected only those at elevated risk. As the rest of the advanced world locked down, life for almost all Swedes went on as normal. The result: herd immunity spread. Sweden’s economy avoided the catastrophic harm inflicted elsewhere. And now we see that Sweden’s approach (which, incidentally, is how all previous pandemics have been handled) has been vindicated. John Miltimore writes for the Foundation for Economic Education: . . .
Read more at American Thinker.


Mangiaracina: Groundbreaking documentary warns parents about ‘the rush to reassign gender’ in kids
A powerful new documentary on transgenderism cautions parents to think twice before consenting to a child’s gender “transition.” “I think [transgenderism] is a horror because we’re experimenting on children. This is medical experimentation,” Jennifer Lahl, a longtime pediatric critical care nurse, told LifeSiteNews. “We’re allowing children with their parents’ permission to do things with their body that we have no idea what the short and long term harms are going to be,” said Lahl. As founder and President of the Center for Bioethics and Culture, Lahl created the documentary Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender?, which features interviews with pediatricians, pediatric endocrinologists, parents, and men and women who regret the irreversible changes from attempted gender “change.” The film discusses common contributing factors to gender dysphoria, making the case that the desire to change one’s sex is often a coping mechanism that ignores the root psychological causes of the dysphoria.
Read more/Watch the 50 second trailer at Life Site News.
Watch the 51:47 minute Center for Bioethics and Culture Network documentary.


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