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Mark Morgan former acting commissioner of U.S. CBP: “We are abandoning every single security norm we learned after 9/11 just to move illegal aliens through the country.”

Greg Piper contributor to Just the News: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cited an unpublished study from India to justify its recommendation Tuesday that fully vaccinated people “wear a mask in public indoor settings in areas of substantial or high transmission” of COVID-19.


J.B. Shurk contributor to Life Site News: Ceding to government the authority to decide what goes into our bodies surely cedes to government the authority to determine everything else we do with those bodies, too.

Frank Furedi Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury: “Relieving people the burden of freedom in order to make them feel safe is a recuring theme in the history of authoritarianism.”
Daniel Greenfield contributor to FrontPage Magazine: If vaccines don’t stop the virus from spreading, there’s not much of an argument left for the collective vaccination impulse because individual decisions no longer affect others.

Celeste McGovern contributor to LifeSite News: While variants of viruses can occur naturally, Montagnier said that vaccination is driving the process. “What does the virus do? Does it die or find another solution?” “It is clear that the new variants are created by antibody-mediated selection due to the vaccination.” Vaccinating during a pandemic is “unthinkable” and is causing deaths, the winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovery.


Johns Hopkins doctor Dr. Marty Makary: Natural immunity is durable. Researchers from Washington University in St. Louis reported last month that 11 months after a mild infection immune cells were still capable of producing protective antibodies. The authors concluded that prior Covid infection induces a “robust” and “long-lived humoral immune response,” leading some scientists to suggest that natural immunity is probably lifelong. Because infection began months earlier than vaccination, we have more follow-up data on the duration of natural immunity than on vaccinated immunity.

Joakim Book contributor to American Institute for Economic Freedom: Science isn’t declared by a show of hands. Reality isn’t determined in the High Court, or by a vote in Congress. But if there are enough people with large enough megaphones and powerful enough platforms, it doesn’t matter much what science, properly interpreted, indicates.

Daniel Greenfield contributor to FrontPage Magazine: The conflation of policy and science, a keystone of progressive rhetoric for at least a century, has been used for posturing and gaslighting. And there’s never been quite as much of that as during the pandemic where policy became science and science became policy.


Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), in a tweet, encourages people to be vaccinated for COVID-19: “Being pro-life doesn’t just mean advocating and protecting the unborn. I also care deeply for the living and don’t want more people to die from #COVID19. Everyone that is able should get the vaccine.

George Neumayr contributor to American Spectator: . . . we see the Left across the country wiping out academically superior schools and weakening their admission standards. These schools offend the egalitarian sensibilities of liberals. They prefer to see students equal in ignorance rather than see them free to pursue excellence.

President Biden delivered remarks on US manufacturing in Pennsylvania and lied to the audience saying: “And, anyway, I used to drive an 18 wheeler, man! I had to!”


Oshin: Trump slams Romney, Senate GOP over infrastructure deal
“Hard to believe our Senate Republicans are dealing with the Radical Left Democrats in making a so-called bipartisan bill on ‘infrastructure,’ with our negotiators headed up by SUPER RINO [Republican in name only] Mitt Romney,” Trump said. Trump said any passage of such a measure would be a win for the Biden administration and Democrats, alluding to such a vote being “heavily used in the 2022 election.” “It is a loser for the USA, a terrible deal, and makes the Republicans look weak, foolish, and dumb. It shouldn’t be done. It sets an easy glidepath for Dems to then get beyond what anyone thought was possible in future legislation,” the former president said.
Read more at The Hill.


Farrell: Disband the FBI
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) continues its downward spiral into terminal corruption. Sadly, the scandals, criminality and ethical abuses of the organization are largely ignored by the American public and by the institutions of government charged with oversight and correction. Outrage after outrage is reported, hearings are held, Inspector General reports are issued — but the systemic corruption is never really tackled and dirty cops skate away virtually unscathed. This situation is constitutionally unacceptable, corrosive to public trust in law enforcement, and a threat to the survival of the republic. In the past few days alone, we have learned that the October 2020 Michigan governor kidnap plot was largely a creation of the FBI; a “senior FBI official” was on the take from media organizations; and another assistant director was in a “romantic relationship with a subordinate” and involved in “other misconduct.” The leadership failures documented by the Office of the Inspector General are now almost standard and part of a tiresome media drip-torture for the public to endure. Meanwhile, the FBI had the audacity to issue a Stasi-like tweet urging “monitoring of ‘family members and peers’ for extremism.”
Read more at Gatestone Institute.


Hoft: Jay Sekulow is Asking All Arizona and Pennsylvania Voters Who Were Given Sharpies When Voting to Contact His Law Firm
We reported on the Sharpiegate scandal which recently was unearthed and associated with election fraud in the 2020 Election. Jay Sekulow’s firm now wants to know if you were given a sharpie to vote with in the 2020 Election.
Read more at The Gateway Pundit.

Payne: Enforcement of Arizona Senate’s Maricopa subpoena ‘unlikely’ with reported GOP holdout
Key among the requested materials from the second subpoena are routers used by Maricopa County to handle data processing from multiple county departments, . . . […] State Sen. Kelly Townsend says the enforcement of the order depends upon a unified GOP vote in the chamber, which she claimed is presently just out of reach. “The only way we are allowed to enforce the subpoena is to be in session and take a vote as the entire Senate body who holds the Board of Supervisors in contempt, and we need a majority of 16 to pass,” she told Just the News on Tuesday. “We only have 15 votes, so it’s unlikely we will be able to enforce this subpoena, either.” “The dissenting vote is Sen. Paul Boyer,” she added.
Read more at Just The News.


Bradford: Republicans Will Defend Their Corporate Friends But Not Their Voters
Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has so many problems to solve right now. A crime wave leaves hundreds of Americans dead and has turned our cities into war zones. A border crisis allows hundreds of thousands of illegals to enter our country. A domestic war on terror threatens basic civil liberties.
But none of these crises have persuaded Graham to go to war. No, the civilizational question that demands his full zeal has to do with . . . a fast-food chain. The Republican senator promised this month to go to war for the sake of Chick-fil-A. The restaurant beloved by conservatives apparently is in mortal danger. Two—yes, just two—students at Notre Dame University called for the chicken sandwich joint to be banished from the campus. University officials denied their request. This serious threat to the entire Chick-fil-A empire lit a fire within Lindsey Graham. […] Chick-fil-A can defend itself. It is a thriving corporation worth billions. The ordinary Trump supporter can’t.
Read more at American Greatness.


Neumayr: Children Sacrificed to the PC Gods
Even European liberals have taken to complaining about American “wokeness.” French President Emmanuel Macron, who is hardly a conservative, has denounced “certain social science theories entirely imported from the United States.” America’s poisonous identity politics, he says, is infecting French society.
Macron is sounding a bit like Alexis de Tocqueville, the 19th-century French author of Democracy in America, who predicted that America’s mania for equality would swallow up its love of liberty. “Americans are so enamored of equality, they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom,” he said.
It would appear that America has reached that point. The “equity” campaigns of the Biden administration are all predicated on suppressing freedom. The race-based social engineering that Biden espouses can’t permit freedom lest it results in unequal outcomes. The Democrats don’t even bother to speak about “equality of opportunity” anymore. “Equitable treatment means we all end up at the same place,” Kamala Harris has said. In other words, the job of government is to level everything down to the lowest common denominator. Hold people back, don’t let anyone excel — these are the imperatives of the “equity” commissars.
Read more at The American Spectator


Scott: The Dissident California Right Is the Future
The rest of America’s Right has a ways to go before it catches up to the dissident California Right. We were here first and you should listen to us. Despite appearances, the Right in California is actually the closest to offering a solution to the Left’s war on civilization. Of course, I do not mean the GOP when I say “the Right.” The GOP is more or less nonexistent in the Golden State. But perhaps this is also why almost all of the most vibrant, confident, and influential writers on the Right today are from California. The strongest institutions on the Right, inoculated as they have been against the disease of wokeness—institutions like this magazine and the Claremont Institute—originated in California. Californian writers like Victor Davis Hanson and Angelo Codevilla were the first to describe the defining political struggle of our time between the ruling class and the country class, the great oligarchy and the plebs, the bicoastal masters and the great servant interior, as all of these national struggles were present in California decades ago. California native Michael Anton was the first to describe the actual parameters and ramifications of the 2016 presidential election. Sadly, the Californian with perhaps the most exemplary attitude towards the Left is no longer with us. Andrew Breitbart knew wokeness was best combated with confidence and laughter. California is the capital of the new Right . . . […] The only way forward is to engage with a near-obsessive focus on the goal, which is not nostalgia or a return to a more conservative era: it is striving for civilization, now, among the ruins of chaos, fear, selfishness, and deception that are a constant throughout human history. The differences between the Right and the Left don’t have to do with race, class, or privilege. They are separated by a fundamental disagreement on reality.
Read more at American Greatness.

Shenvi & Sawyer: Every State In America Should Copy This Bill Banning Racist Indoctrination In Schools
In the battle over critical race theory (CRT) in K-12 public education, numerous states have passed “anti-CRT” bills, attempting to prohibit the teaching of “divisive concepts.” These bills vary in their language and ideological intentions, and have attracted criticism from both the left and the right. One prominent critique alleges these bills restrict the free speech of both teacher and student. While teachers’ desire to speak freely should be accounted for, first priority must be given to students and their agency to resist indoctrination and forced confirmation of ideas that violate their consciences. Any educational program that works against the landmark ruling of Tinker v. Des Moines, which recognizes the free speech rights of K-12 students, should be rejected. As strong advocates of free speech, free inquiry, and cognitive liberty, we agree that any policy or law denying these principles is a non-starter. A bright spot in the myriad of legislation being proposed and adopted is a bill recently introduced in North Carolina: H.B. 324. It is brief and can be read in its entirety here, along with an accompanying speech by state Sen. Phil Berger. While the bill is not exactly how we would have written it, we believe it can serve as a guide for future legislation for several reasons. First, . . .
Read more at The Federalist.

Russ Vought: The Mission and The Moment for American Patriots
One of the most powerful slogans ever utilized was ‘Make America Great Again.’ This rallying cry was the signature spirit of President Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign and the core of his administration’s policy aims. It captured the hearts and minds of tens of millions of Americans. Years after it helped spark the America First movement, it still echoes with the sound of potential and promise. And with good reason. For decades, Americans have had a growing sense of unease and anger with the direction of our nation: seemingly endless wars comprised of futile nation-building exercises, corrupt political leaders, government-created economic crises, runaway federal spending, centrally-planned and controlled health care, open-border policies that cater to non-citizens and flood communities with crime and drugs, bureaucratic disdain for working Americans, and a creeping cultural Marxist rot that aims at dismantling our families and way of life. In the wake of this unchecked, radical progressivism are broken households, fractured communities, lost faith, and a muddled understanding of what it means to be an American. But it does not have to be this way. To continue many of the policy fights begun under the Trump Administration, we launched the Center for Renewing America as well as our sister organization, Citizens for Renewing America. The goal is simple: renew a national consensus that we are a people For God, For Country, and For Community. The Center for Renewing America is . . . […] Citizens for Renewing America takes these policy ideas and turns them into . . . […] This call of restoration still resonates with tens of millions of patriots all over our nation. The Center for Renewing America exists to answer that call. The mission and the moment is clear. Join us.
Read more at The Gateway Pundit.


Cheung & Westcott: Chinese officials and Taliban meet in Tianjin as US exits Afghanistan
China’s Foreign Minister met with senior leaders of the Taliban in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin on Wednesday in the latest sign of warming ties between Beijing and the resurgent Islamist group. During a meeting with Taliban’s co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who heads the group’s political committee, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi described the Taliban as an important military and political force in Afghanistan, and said he expected the Taliban to play an important role in the country’s “peace, reconciliation and reconstruction process,” according to China’s Foreign Ministry.
Following the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban has rapidly expanded its presence — and now controls large swathes of country. The speed at which Afghan security forces have lost control to the Taliban has shocked many, and led to concerns the capital Kabul could be next to fall. All foreign forces are expected to leave Afghanistan by August 31.
Read more at CNN.

Green: Cold War II: China Is Engaged in a Massive Nuclear Missile Buildup
Cold War II is heating up as Communist China radically increases its nuclear first-strike capability, new satellite images reveal. The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) revealed earlier this week new satellite imagery showing a massive new silo field that could soon be home to as many as 110 nuclear missiles.
This new discovery comes close on the heels of news from June of construction of the first huge silo field in Gansu province. Combined, China could in short order field an additional 230 nuclear-tipped missiles. While the Communist government is tight-lipped about its nuclear weapons program, FAS estimates that China had 260 total warheads as of 2015.
Read more at PJ Media.


Cleveland: Biden Department Of Justice Threatens To Sue To Lock In 2020 Election Chaos
Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Justice issued two “guidance documents” purportedly “to ensure states fully comply with federal laws regarding election.” Those documents, however, really represent the Biden administration’s latest attempt to squelch investigations into potential voting irregularities, silence critics of the 2020 election, and cement forever the free-for-all COVID voting “procedures” implemented last voting cycle. Wednesday’s guidance came in the form of two documents entitled, respectively, ”Federal Law Constraints on Post-Election ‘Audits’” and “Guidance Concerning Federal Statutes Affecting Methods of Voting.” In the DOJ’s guidance on post-election audits, the Biden administration began with its familiar refrain that “the November 3rd election was the most secure in American history,” and that notwithstanding “automatic recounts or canvasses,” there was no evidence “of either wrongdoing or mistakes that casts any doubt on the outcome of the national election results.” Yet, as the DOJ put it, there has since been an “unusual second round of examinations” by states looking at “certain ballots, election records, and election systems used to conduct elections in 2020.” Then, with a not-so-veiled threat, the Biden administration rattled off the “federal constraints, which are enforced by the Department of Justice,” on these audits.
Read more at The Federalist.

Anton: “That’s Not Happening and It’s Good That It Is”
A quick and dirty guide to regime propaganda. Gaslighting getting you down? Feel like the regime has dialed the Megaphone up to, and past, eleven? You’re not crazy. It’s definitely happening and likely to get worse as our masters’ ability to cope with reality further worsens—or worse, they gain the complete and absolute control they seek. They’re both scornful and terrified of dissent, which explains why they incessantly shriek at us and lie to our faces. So, to help you navigate the twitstorm, I present a guide to seven of the regime’s most common, oft-deployed lies. This is not meant to be comprehensive. I’m sure there are tactics they use that either I haven’t crystalized or that aren’t front-of-mind at the moment. I encourage others to expand the catalogue with their own observations. The better we can understand how they try to manipulate us, the better we can resist and counter it all. Let’s start with the Unholy Trinity of ruling class horse manure. These first three are similar, but subtle differences determine the ways they’re used in differing circumstances.
Read more at American Mind.

Academy of Ideas: Why an Obsession with Safety creates Sick Minds and a Sick Society
Conceptualizing oneself as vulnerable, weak and fragile is not a recipe for individual or social flourishing. Rather this way of life promotes mental illness and paves the way for authoritarian rule.
Watch the 9:46 minute video.

Carney: Sinema says she opposes $3.5T price tag for spending bill
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) said Wednesday that she does not support the $3.5 trillion price tag for a sweeping spending package at the center of President Biden’s legislative agenda. Sinema, in a statement first reported by the Arizona Republic, said she would vote to start debate on the budget resolution, which lays the groundwork for the Democrat-only spending package but wants changes, including to the cost of the legislation. “I have … made clear that while I will support beginning this process, I do not support a bill that costs $3.5 trillion — and in the coming months, I will work in good faith to develop this legislation with my colleagues and the administration to strengthen Arizona’s economy and help Arizona’s everyday families get ahead,” Sinema said in a statement. To pass the budget resolution and the subsequent $3.5 trillion bill, all 50 Senate Democrats will need to support the measures.
Read more at The Hill.


VDH: What is Woke Really About?
Most Americans were as indifferent to the unexpected loss of our Olympic women’s soccer team as they were once excited about their World Cup win. In between was the team’s nonstop politicking, from whining about compensation to virtue signaling their disrespect for the United States. The celebrity face of the team, perennial scold Megan Rapinoe, is going the way of teenage grouch Greta Thunberg—becoming more pinched and scowling the more she is tuned out. BLM co-founder and self-avowed Marxist Patrisse Marie Khan-Cullors Brignac used her corporate grifting to buy four homes. The last in Topanga Canyon, surrounded by a new $35,000 security fence. Critical race guru Ibram X. Kendi offers virtual, one-hour workshops for $20,000 a pop. He is franchising woke reeducation kits—in between bouts of damning capitalism as a catalyst of racism. The woke movement, in other words, is a slicker, more sophisticated, and far more grandiose version of the Al Sharpton-Jesse Jackson corporate shakedown cons of the 1990s.
Read more at American Greatness.


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