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Monica Showalter contributor to American Thinker: The White House on Thursday resisted asking angry pro-abortion protesters not to descend on the homes of Supreme Court Justices after a draft judicial decision on Roe v. Wade was leaked to the press. “I don’t have an official U.S. government position on where people protest,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki replied when asked if the president condoned the actions of protesters sharing information on the home addresses of originalist Supreme Court justices.

Adrian Walker is Professor of Dogmatics at St. Patrick’s Seminary. And contributor to The Imaginative Conservative:Our own welfare system, for instance, has turned out to be a colossal failure. Significantly, a major reason for this failure has been the policy of redistributing the wealth of responsible economic agents without expecting and enabling the beneficiaries of this redistribution to become responsible economic agents in their own right. Such a policy is unfair, not only to those who are already responsible economic agents, but also, and even more so, to those whom the redistributionist ethic, for all its much-touted “compassion,” essentially treats as objects of beneficence rather than as (potential) subjects of responsible economic agency themselves. That is, the welfare system has failed because it has not treated the poor as human persons having an innate dignity to be developed and expressed also in the economic sphere.


Daniel Greenfield contributor to Frontpage Magazine: Leftists used to accuse conservatives of reducing women to “baby-making machines” until they decided to go ahead and redefine women as “birthing machines” (which is completely different). That triumph of social justice, akin to spending a decade stamping out the use of “colored people”, only to resurrect it as “people of color”, was just another case of leftist projection. Democrats spent generations reducing women to abortion or birthing people who don’t birth. Redefining womanhood as a state of mind that anyone, no matter how hairy, can identify with and become, eliminated all the other planks of the feminist agenda leaving only abortion. And with Roe v. Wade on the ropes, the Left has women exactly where it wants them.

Glennn Beck founder of The Blaze:  Leftist Yuval Noah Harari says there will be no genders in 50 years, and he touts “re-engineering bodies, brains, and minds,” which is what this whole issue is really about. Glenn explained that at the heart of CSE, the government and, of course, the World Economic Forum have developed and are now implementing programs to alter the minds of future generations.

Tim Meads contributor to The Daily Wire: On Wednesday, the commander-in-chief shouted, “Don’t jump!” during a photo opportunity with a group featuring Paralympic athletes, many of whom of course, literally cannot jump due to their physical conditions.


Joseph Pearce contributor to The Imaginative Conservative: Perceiving metaphysical reality requires being spiritually alive to its presence. It is the virtue of humility which opens the heart in gratitude and the eyes in wonder.

Sundance contributor to The Last Refuge: Democrat activists have listed the names and home addresses of conservative Supreme Court justices in an effort to organize violence against the court.  A taller perimeter fence was installed around the Supreme Court building last night to stop any violent efforts by democrat activists, and personal security measures have been increased for the justices.

Elle Reynolds is an assistant editor at The Federalist: Why are all these men so obsessed with having women kill their babies and subjecting those women to a lifetime of trauma and guilt? We hardly have to wonder why Toobin wants to ensconce abortion. But why so many others, if not for similar reasons? Responsibility for others is an intrinsic part of masculinity as God designed it. Forcing a woman to abort a child not only takes one life and ruins another, it rebels against the very essence of what a man is supposed to be. It’s one of the most cowardly, evil, petulant, selfish, abusive, smarmy things a man could do — and defending a man’s license to do such a thing isn’t much better.


Terry Titcomb contributor to American Thinker: This is what sticks in my craw: Billions of our taxpayer dollars being sent to fuel a war in which the US has no national security interest. Even Obama said as much in 2016. All that money to buy weapons, pay the salaries and pensions of corrupt Ukrainian government officials. And to fight disinformation? While our own cities are decaying and millions of Americans are out of work? AYFKM? All for another proxy war to weaken Russia. And to fill the coffers of the deep state war machine. And all the while, the Washington bureaucrats and their lap dogs in the media spout their lies and talking points as if they were Gospel. This war should be called “The Great American Propaganda War.”


Olohan: I Spoke To An Abortionist Who Has Aborted Babies Since 1971. He Credits Trump With Overturning Roe.

Warren Hern tells me he performed his first abortion in 1971, two years before the monumental Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade legalized abortion across the United States. Fifty-one years later, he’s still aborting babies in a Colorado abortion clinic — and facing the potential that Roe will be overturned.

[…]  On Monday evening, Politico revealed a draft opinion showing that the Supreme Court justices could likely rule to overturn Roe v. Wade. The news has sparked nationwide protests and frenzy as abortion activists and supporters grapple with the potential that Roe v. Wade could soon be overturned.

Hern absolutely believes it will be. “Roe will be overturned,” Hern predicted to me without hesitation. “That’s what the last ten presidential elections have been about.” The abortionist credited former President Donald Trump and the American people with this pro-life victory (Hern is not a Trump fan — he described the former president as a “fascist demagogue who is one of the most ignorant persons on the planet”). “The fate of Roe v. Wade was sealed in 2016 when Donald Trump won,” the abortionist told me. “And I think that the American people voted for that.”

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/i-spoke-to-an-abortionist-who-has-aborted-babies-since-1971-he-credits-trump-with-overturning-roe

Alexander: Donald Trump wanted to launch secret MISSILE strikes into Mexico to wipe out drug labs run by cartels, former defense secretary Mark Esper claims in new book

Mark Esper, who worked for Trump from July 2019 to November 2020, is publishing his book on Tuesday. He describes Trump as ‘an unprincipled person who, given his self-interest, should not be in the position of public service.’ Esper, in an extract obtained by The New York Times, recounts a remarkable discussion with Trump about Mexican drug cartels. Trump, angered by drugs coming into the U.S. across the southern border, asked Esper at least twice if the military could ‘shoot missiles into Mexico to destroy the drug labs.’ Esper said Trump was dismissive of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and told him: ‘They don’t have control of their own country.’ Esper said he objected, but Trump replied: ‘We could just shoot some Patriot missiles and take out the labs, quietly,’ adding that ‘no one would know it was us.’ Trump said, according to the book, that he would just say that the United States had not conducted the strike. Esper said he initially believed Trump was joking, until he saw his face.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10787659/Donald-Trump-wanted-launch-missile-strikes-Mexico-wipe-drug-labs-run-cartels.html


Johnson: Amazing! Watch This Black Man and Pro-Lifer Confront Protesting Pro-Abortion Doctors and Medical Personnel on Black Lives Matter (VIDEO)

If Black Lives really Mattered, the black community would rise up and destroy Planned Parenthood. Why? Because 19 million black babies have been slaughtered in abortions since 1972. This is three times the number of Jews exterminated in the Holocaust. One black brother understands and confronted a group of medical personnel protesting in support of continuing doing abortions: . . .

Read more/Watch the devasting 1 minute video: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/05/amazing-watch-black-man-pro-lifer-confront-protesting-pro-abortion-doctors-medical-personnel-black-lives-matter-video/

 Supp: New Biden Title IX Order Will Help Schools Push Transgenderism On Your Kids Behind Your Back

The Biden administration is set to issue a new interpretation of Title IX that embraces transgender ideology, going even further than President Obama did. The new rule will redefine “sex” under Title IX to include “gender identity.” This is not only contrary to what Congress clearly intended, it will also harm children and violate parental rights. Redefining the word “sex” in Title IX in the new Biden administration rule will pressure schools to mislead emotionally distressed children into thinking they can change their sex. Schools could face investigation if they do not address students who are confused about their sex with pronouns and names that correspond to the opposite sex or to the concept of being “non-binary.” It could even mandate “gender support plans,” which challenge the truth that we are born male and female, and erroneously suggest that a doctor “assigns” a child’s sex after the child is born.

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2022/05/06/new-biden-title-ix-order-will-help-schools-push-transgenderism-on-your-kids-behind-your-back/

Clark: GLSEN: An Instrumental Organization Responsible For Infiltrating Schools With LGBT Ideology

One organization is highly influential in infiltrating private and public schools with LGBT ideology in the form of teacher programming, resources, and research, according to an analysis conducted by a concerned parents organization. GLSEN — pronounced “glisten” — is the touchpoint between political activism and activism in K-12 public and private schools. […] Kevin Jennings, a former high school history teacher, founded GLSEN as a network for teachers. In a few short years, Jennings spoke at the Human Rights Campaign’s 1995 Leadership Conference explaining how the organization was “reframing” its message to children’s “safety” to achieve broader political wins. Jennings also spoke about using children as effective political tools. Jennings led GLSEN for 18 years. He proceeded to serve as the Assistant Secretary of Education in the Obama administration and is currently the CEO of Lambda Legal, a separate LGBT activist organization. [NOTE: Kevin Jennings was brought into the Obama administration to lead Obama’s “Anti-Bullying” campaign. The campaign was  really about infiltrating schools with LGBT ideology. See next article]

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2022/05/05/glsen-infiltrating-schools-lgbt-ideology/

(From 2009) Jasper: Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Kevin Jennings

  • “QueerSchoolsgate” — Jennings wrote the foreword to Queering Elementary Educationand has admitted that he developed the “anti-bullying” label as a way to present the pro-homosexual agenda as a “safety” issue; Jennings’ GLSEN brigades have subjected millions of school children to forced “queering” sessions through various GLSEN-sponsored programs. • “NAMBLAgate” — Jennings has repeatedly expressed admiration for the late Harry Hay, a member of the Communist Party and one of the most militant homosexuals of the past century. Hay was an icon and sort of “senior statesman” in NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association, the militant pederast group. • “Fistgate” — the case in which Massachusetts public school educators sponsored by GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network — founded and run by Kevin Jennings) instructed children as young as 12 years old on explicit homosexual practices, including such dangerous practices as “fisting.”< […]  On October 5, Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) became the first Member of Congress to call on President Obama to fire Jennings. King’s statement charged: Kevin Jennings lacks the appropriate qualifications and ethical standards to serve in a presidential administration…. His life’s work has been the promotion of homosexuality, even in elementary schools, and he has demonstrated no qualifications to make students safer in our schools. Jennings is committed to the “safety” of only a narrow portion of American students, while expressing disdain for religion and traditional values. President Obama should fire Kevin Jennings immediately. On October 15, Rep. King issued another call to the President, this time in the form of a letter signed by an additional 52 House Republicans. The letter states, in part: . . .[…]  For the past decade and a half, Jennings and his GLSEN brigade — with abundant assistance from the Ford Foundation, the NEA, the American Federation of Teachers, IBM, PepsiCo, CitiGroup, and other sponsors — have been transforming our schools by their very deceitful use of the “school safety” issue.  […]  It is this deviousness of Jennings and GLSEN that is most alarming, especially now that they have captured citadels of power inside the massive federal bureaucracy of the U.S. Department of Education and appear to have the full blessings of the Obama White House to work their way with our children. “Tolerance,” for them, is just the opening wedge, leading to affirmation, promotion, and celebration of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) “lifestyles.”

Read more: https://thenewamerican.com/obama-s-safe-schools-czar-kevin-jennings/

(Don’t miss watching the full video) GLENN BECK: ‘Did the CDC use schools to groom YOUR kids?’

The Biden administration told Republican lawmakers who are trying to protect kids from getting put on puberty blockers and getting surgically altered that they were being “put on notice” by the Department of Justice. There’s a reason why the Left thinks they can deny that schools are teaching CRT or comprehensive sexuality education. The entire plan is much larger than just CRT and CSE, and powerful forces are involved here. “The purpose of a university should be to make a son as unlike his father as possible.” – Woodrow Wilson […]  Glenn and his team uncovered the origin of the progressive plan to move from universities straight to kids in K-12. Glenn and his researchers traced back as far as possible and have landed point-blank at the government, through the CDC. […]  Do not be foolish enough to assume that you live in a “safe state,” either. Texas is generally considered the “the Bible Belt,” but you won’t believe what is happening in Austin.

Read more/Watch the 4:47 minute Beck video: https://www.theblaze.com/shows/glenn-tv/-2657188439?rebelltitem=1#rebelltitem1

WATCH THE FULL 48 MINUTE  VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDDAeG5YlCU

Duggan: Democrats Try To Legalize Third Trimester Abortions In All 50 States

Democrats are trying to ram through a bill which would legalize abortion nationwide, including during the last three months of pregnancy when a child can survive outside the womb. The Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA), introduced by Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal and cosponsored by 47 other Senate Democrats, would create a right to abortions before viability, which is generally defined at around six months. It would also effectively bar states from outlawing abortion even in the third trimester if a health care worker says the pregnancy is bad for the mother’s mental or physical health.

Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2022/05/05/democrats-legalize-third-trimester-abortions/

Watch This Biden Official Defend Trans Sex Change Surgeries For Kids

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra is defending irreversible transgender sex-change surgeries for children following White House messaging that “early” transgender surgeries, hormone treatment, and affirmations are “crucial” for the health of kids and teens who identify as transgender or nonbinary. […]  Braun pressed Becerra, asking, “In what case would it be appropriate to perform irreversible sex change surgeries on kids?” […]  “I believe that we should help those have the life-affirming care that they need,” Becerra responded. “There are many transgender youth who have actually gone in the opposite direction, taking their life, if we can make a life better for someone in America, we should, especially if, in consultation with their physician, they approve of those procedures.” […] In late March, the White House flagged a resource from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health on “Transgender Day of Visibility” intended to “inform parents and guardians, educators, and other persons supporting children and adolescents with information on what is gender-affirming care and why it is important to transgender, nonbinary, and other gender expansive young people’s well-being.”

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/watch-this-biden-official-defend-trans-sex-change-surgeries-for-kids

Farrell: Schools in Oregon install menstrual product dispensing machines in BOYS’ restrooms after Governor signed law forcing them to provide free period products

Video of vending machines dispensing menstrual products in boys bathrooms at Oregon school have begun to surface after  Governor Kate Brown signed the controversial Menstrual Dignity Act into law.  The new law will require elementary, middle and high schools to put menstrual products and instructions into all bathrooms on campus, regardless of gender. A TikTok video shot this month apparently shows a functioning tampon dispenser inside of a boys bathroom, showing that the process of installing the machines has already begun. Oregon is the first state to pass such a law. All bathrooms must be fitted with menstrual product machines by June 2023. The Menstrual Dignity Act passed in the Oregon legislature in 2021.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10787881/Oregon-Schools-add-menstrual-products-boys-bathrooms-Governors-decree.html


Freeh: The Poisoned Apple: Disney’s Fundamentally Flawed Kingdom

The recent disclosures of the overt sexualization of Disney cartoons have outraged many American families. Disney executives have openly stated that they have increasingly injected LGBT content, characters, and themes into their films and that they do, in fact, have a “gay agenda.” They have spent millions to promote left-leaning political causes against the interests of their main customers. While upset families are right to cut off Disney from their children’s imaginative formation, they should have been doing this a long time ago. The now-blatant sexual agenda of the corporation is only the final manifestation of a distorted and perverse view of reality that has pervaded the “Disney” brand for quite a long time—even from the earliest of its feature-film cartoons. While the original films may not have presented a dysfunctional view of human sexuality, they did present a distorted view of the world and of the family. Most never were what we might call “age-appropriate.” Step back a moment and consider the original Disney feature-films for children, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Fantasia, and Pinocchio, and then ask yourself: Is this the imaginative world of an innocent child or of a wounded adult? Do these films introduce nightmare images to a child’s mind, or do they offer a way out of nightmares inherent to the child’s mind? J.R.R. Tolkien’s excellent essay, “On Fairy Stories,” addresses the very problem that Disney had from its inception: the notion that fairy stories are exclusively children’s stories. They are not. They are stories allowing adults to examine the world from a new perspective to find a better way to live. Tolkien asserts that people . . .

Read more: https://theimaginativeconservative.org/2022/05/poisoned-apple-disney-fundamentally-flawed-kingdom-helen-freeh.html?mc_cid=02448a8b37&mc_eid=3b0a55e3b8


Flood: Doctors file civil rights lawsuit against HHS secretary over ‘anti-racism’ incentives in healthcare industry

A pair of respected doctors, with the support of Do No Harm, filed a civil rights lawsuit against Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Xavier Becerra and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Chiquita Brooks-Lasure challenging a rule that allegedly provides financial incentives for doctors who adopt an “anti-racism” plan.  The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi Gulfport Division and obtained by Fox News Digital, argues that a new rule released by CMS and HHS which enables higher compensation for doctors who adopt an “anti-racism” plan violates the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015. Several states have joined the lawsuit, including: Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, and Montana. […]  “Since most doctors now are employed with hospitals, they’re not going to have much say on this on this issue and administrators are going to see dollar signs, and they’re going to give in,” Alvarado said. “It’s going to increase bureaucratic hassles and it’s going to result in a lot of doctors being called racist.” […]  “This is another example of a discriminatory and illegal policy advocated by the likes of Ibram X. Kendi being imposed on our health care system,” Do No Harm chairman Dr. Stanley Goldfarb said in a statement.  “These ‘anti-racism plans’ erode trust in medical professionals and will undermine the health and wellbeing of all patients.”

Read more:  https://www.foxnews.com/media/doctors-file-civil-rights-lawsuit-against-over-anti-racism-incentives-in-healthcare-industry


Tierney: We still need to learn the right lessons from America’s disastrous COVID response

More than a century ago, Mark Twain identified two fundamental problems that would prove relevant to the COVID pandemic. “How easy it is to make people believe a lie,” he wrote, “and how hard it is to undo that work again!” No convincing evidence existed at the pandemic’s start that lockdowns, school closures and mask mandates would protect people against the virus, but it was remarkably easy to make the public believe these policies were “the science.” Undoing this deception is essential to avoid further hardship and future fiascos, but it will be exceptionally hard to do. The problem is that so many people want to keep believing the falsehood. Adults meekly surrendered their most basic liberties, cheered on leaders who devastated the economy and imposed two years of cruel and unnecessary deprivations on their children. They don’t want to admit these sacrifices were in vain.

Read more: https://nypost.com/2022/05/05/we-still-need-to-learn-the-right-lessons-from-americas-disastrous-covid-response/


War Room: Dr. Wolf On The FDA’s Late Restrictions On Covid Vax’s

Watch the 9:38 minute interview:   https://rumble.com/v13odut-dr.-wolf-on-the-fdas-late-restrictions-on-covid-vaxs.html

Middleton: UNDENIABLE: COVID jabs have caused far more miscarriages than flu shots

Sections 8.1 and 13.1 of the drug insert for Pfizer’s FDA-approved COVID shot, COMIRNATY, feature several concerning statements: “Available data on COMIRNATY administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy.”  “COMIRNATY has not been evaluated for the potential to cause carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, or impairment of male fertility.” Understandably, many professional agencies, including the World Health Organization (WHO), recommended against the COVID shot for pregnant women when the pandemic vax rollout began – a laudable display of necessary caution.  These days, however, nearly all major health and political groups, including the WHO, recommend the COVID shot to virtually all women, whether they are trying to conceive, pregnant, or nursing. But vax surveillance safety data raises dire concerns about this broad recommendation. […] As summarized by the website Global Research, the latest data from the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) shows that there have been more than 4,000 cases of American women losing their unborn or infant children shortly after receiving an mRNA COVID shot.  However, keep in mind that VAERS data is historically underreported – so who knows just how many more women out there are suffering recent pregnancy loss or miscarriage without realizing that their recent jab could be to blame.

Read more: https://www.naturalhealth365.com/undeniable-covid-jabs-have-caused-far-more-miscarriages-than-flu-shots.html

Middleton: Cardiologist Estimates 30 Percent of US Pilots May Have COVID Jab-Induced Heart Conditions

Are we on the precipice of a major uptick in serious heart problems among otherwise young, healthy Americans due to the mass-disseminated mRNA COVID shots? Observations from several medical experts, including a well-known cardiologist, suggest that we are. Some individuals who appear to be facing worrisome jab-related heart problems are commercial airline pilots. Advocacy groups also say these pilots are being forced to keep mum about their health issues—and that a far greater percentage of them are likely suffering than the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would like to admit.

[…] As noted by the website American Greatness, Yoder recently disclosed in an interview with Vaccine Safety Research Foundation founder Steve Kirsch that the USFF has already received hundreds of reports of pilots experiencing chest pain and other adverse side effects of COVID shots while flying planes.

Read more: https://www.naturalhealth365.com/cardiologist-estimates-30-percent-of-u-s-pilots-may-have-covid-jab-induced-heart-conditions.html

Koenig: FDA LIMITS use of Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine due to risk of life-threatening blood clots – a year after it lifted pause on one-shot regimen taken by 18 million

The agency is now only authorizing the pharmaceutical giant’s Janssen COVID vaccine to people 18 or older for whom other authorized or approved vaccines are not accessible or clinically appropriate, and to those 18 years or older who otherwise would not get a COVID vaccine. The decision comes following an investigation into reports of thrombosis and thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) – a rare and potentially life-threatening disease that creates blood clots and creates low levels of blood platelets – from those who have received the vaccine. There have been 60 confirmed cases, including nine fatalities, through March 18, 2022 from the nearly 19 million doses administered nationwide. The FDA  determined that the reporting rate of TTS is 3.23 per million doses of the vaccine administered, and the reporting rate of TTS deaths is 0.48 per million doss of vaccines administered. Symptoms began in the confirmed cases about one to two weeks after the individual received the vaccine.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10787553/FDA-limits-use-Janssen-COVID-19-vaccine.html


Chang: Russia and China: The Worst Moment in History Coming Soon

“Like Vladimir Putin, the Communist Party of China has lost its fear of American power… China’s nuclear threats expose… perceived American weakness, expose the risk of the lack of a U.S. regional nuclear deterrent, and expose the inadequacy of U.S. leadership.” — Richard Fisher of the Virginia-based International Assessment and Strategy Center, to the author, March 2022. Whatever the reason for the threats, Putin and Xi have told everyone what they intend to do. Unfortunately, Western leaders are determined not to believe them. In response to Russian threats, President Joe Biden on February 28 said the American people should not worry about nuclear war. On the contrary, there is every reason to worry.

Read more: https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/18506/russia-china-nuclear-escalation

Sundance: War Room: Why is the White House Bragging About Conducting Military Operations in Ukraine to Kill Russians?

Does Joe Biden intend to take the U.S. into a direct war with Russia?  Perhaps because the only historic way out of a deep economic recession is a war or housing starts? Perhaps, because they need a bigger distraction from the political impact of their own policies? Those questions need to be asked and answered quickly, because the White House is about to flip the switch from a “proxy war” into an actual hot war between the United States and Russia.

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/05/05/why-is-the-white-house-bragging-about-conducting-military-operations-in-ukraine-to-kill-russians/

Duke: Is the left agitating for war with Russia so it can cement domestic tyranny?

It has been odd and alarming watching the powers-that-be relentlessly escalate the proxy war our government is waging against Russia. It’s not just that we’re sending billions of dollars of weapons into Ukraine, are calling Vladimir Putin a war criminal and issuing other fightin’ words, are training Ukrainian troops and are trying to effect Moscow’s economic destruction. It’s also that, senior American officials have now revealed, via intelligence aid the U.S. has helped to: kill Moscow’s generals, down a plane carrying Russian soldiers, and sink one of Putin’s warships. The kicker: By revealing this publicly — perhaps as strikingly inappropriate as leaking a Supreme Court draft opinion — Biden administration officials appear to be bragging about these “exploits” and rubbing the Russians’ noses in them. If you wanted to provoke a hot war, this is exactly how you’d do it. But why would our officials seek conflict with the nation boasting the world’s largest stockpile of nukes (6,000) in the name of thwarting aggression that, as I explained here and here, globalist policy invited and is none of our affair? It all has a very Dr. Strangelove-esque quality about it.

Read more at American Thinker.

Davidson: If The U.S. Is Giving Ukraine Real-Time Battlefield Intel, Congress Needs To Vote On It

The New York Times claimed this week that the United States is providing real-time battlefield intelligence to Ukraine that has enabled the Ukrainians to target and kill approximately a dozen Russian generals, and helped locate and strike the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet last month. Described as a “classified effort,” the U.S. provision of targeting intelligence to Ukraine “also includes anticipated Russian troop movements gleaned from recent American assessments of Moscow’s secret battle plan for the fighting in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine,” according to the Times. The Times’ reporting relies on anonymous “senior American officials,” but if true it represents a sharp and unprecedented escalation of U.S. involvement in the Russo-Ukrainian war, such that Congress should immediately debate and vote on whether to authorize the use of military force in Ukraine. Indeed, providing real-time targeting intelligence brings the United States right up to the line of belligerence, and arguably over it. The Biden administration seems to understand this. According to the Times, the administration “has sought to keep much of the battlefield intelligence secret, out of fear it will be seen as an escalation and provoke President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia into a wider war.”

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2022/05/06/if-the-u-s-is-giving-ukraine-real-time-battlefield-intel-congress-needs-to-vote-on-it/


Tucker: Biden has turned out to be an unparalleled disaster

Fox News host reflects on the left’s response to the possible overturn of Roe v. Wade, the state of the Biden presidency, and gives his take on the Russia-Ukraine war on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Watch the 11:37 minute monologue: https://video.foxnews.com/v/6305683554112#sp=show-clips


Carrie Severino @judicialnetwork president on 5/5 tweeted:Doocy: “These activists posted a map with the home addresses of the Supreme Court justices. Is that the sort of thing this President wants?” Psaki: “I think the President’s view is that there is a lot of passion.” Disgusting that the White House is refusing to condemn this.

Watch the 22 second clip: https://twitter.com/JCNSeverino/status/1522344086497370112?cxt=HHwWgIC92bD4uaAqAAAA

Sundance: The REAL Insurrection – The Office of The President, The Executive Branch, Publicly Declared Support For the Political Targeting of the Judicial Branch

The most powerful political office in the executive branch of government, the office of The President, is now endorsing the political, potentially violent, targeting of the justices within the most powerful office of the judicial branch of power, the justices of The Supreme Court of the United States.

Pause for a moment and let that settle in. The President is now endorsing the targeting of Supreme Court justices.   The Executive Branch is now publicly targeting the Judicial Branch. Separate but co-equal?  Again, think about the ramifications here.

Read more/Watch the 1:55 minute Doocy/Psaki exchange: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/05/05/the-real-insurrection-the-office-of-the-president-the-executive-branch-publicly-declared-support-for-the-political-targeting-of-the-judicial-branch/

AP: US mortgage rates rise; 30-year at 5.27%, highest since 2009

The increases came in the week preceding the widely anticipated action by the Federal Reserve, announced Wednesday, to intensify its fight against the worst inflation in 40 years by raising its benchmark interest rate by a half-percentage point and signaling further large rate hikes to come. The Fed’s move, its most aggressive since 2000, will bring higher costs for mortgages as well as credit cards, auto loans and other borrowing for individuals and businesses.

Read more: https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/us-mortgage-rates-rise-30-year-527-highest-84521792

Sabes: DOJ unveils new Office of Environmental Justice

The Department of Justice announced the creation of a new Office of Environmental Justice that will serve as a “central hub” for the department’s efforts to advance its “comprehensive environmental justice enforcement strategy.” The new office within the Department of Justice was announced on Thursday by Attorney General Merrick Garland and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan along with stating a “series of actions” that will be taken to “secure environmental justice for all Americans.” One of the objectives of the newly formed Office of Environmental Justice is to work with the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal investigative agencies to “develop or enhance investigatory agencies’ protocols for assessing the environmental justice impacts during investigations.” […] . . .  each U.S. Attorney’s Office is being tasked to designate an environmental justice coordinator within their office, who will then identify “areas of environmental justice concern” in areas within their district. The environmental justice coordinator will also be tasked with creating and publicizing a procedure for individuals to report environmental justice concerns. [NOTE: the Office of Environmental Justice didn’t alleged offenses that will “trigger”  a DOJ visit.]

Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/doj-unveils-new-office-environmental-justice

Sundance: Disinformation Panels, Control over Social Media Content and Now DOJ Environmental Justice, it is all One Long Continuum

Prior to 9/11/01 the greatest threat to government was considered to be from outside the U.S, vis-a-vis terrorism.  After 9/11/01 the greatest threat was redefined, Americans were now considered the threat, the enemy tracking radar was turned around to look inside America. […]  DHS and ODNI were created because Americans were now the threat to government. Stop. Pause. Think.  You are taking off your shoes at the airports because YOU are the threat.  You pass through body scanners because YOU are the threat.  Stop. Pause. Think.  How does that define your relationship with government? Fast forward five years – What Barack Obama and Eric Holder did with that new surveillance and security construct was refine the internal targeting mechanisms so that only their political (ideological) opposition became the target of the new national security system. […] We were not sleeping when this happened, we were wide awake.  However, we were stunningly distracted by the economic collapse that was taking place in 2006 and 2007 when the engineers behind Obama started to assemble the design.  By the time Obama took office in 2009, we sensed something profound was shifting, but we can only see exactly what shifted in the aftermath.  The four pillars were put into place, and a new Fourth Branch of Government was quietly created. […] . . . we pick up the expansive and weaponized intelligence system as it manifests after 9/11/01, and my goal is to highlight how the modern version of the total intelligence apparatus has now metastasized into a Fourth Branch of Government. It is this superseding branch that now touches and influences every facet of our life. If we take the modern construct, originating at the speed of technological change, we can also see how the oversight or “check/balance” in our system of government became functionally obsolescent. […]  WHAT NOW? There is a way to stop and deconstruct the Intelligence Branch, but it requires some outside-the-box thinking and reliance on the Constitution as a tool to purposefully change one element within government, the 17th amendment. In the interim, we must remain focused on the three tiers that we need for success. • Tier One is “tactical civics” at a local level. Engaged and active citizen participation at the community, city, town and hamlet level of society. This is what might be described as grassroots level, school board level; city council level; county commissioner level.  Make sure your local officials represent your values.  This is your immediate tribe. • Tier Two is . . .

Read more: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/05/05/disinformation-panels-control-over-social-media-content-and-now-doj-environmental-justice-it-is-all-one-long-continuum/

Ross: Homeland Security Pick To Clean Up ‘Disinfo Board’ Pushed Disinfo Himself

The Biden administration is calling in backup to bail out its Disinformation Governance Board just days after a disastrous launch. Their ringer is a former government official who blamed Russia for the Hunter Biden laptop story. Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas this week tapped former DHS secretary Michael Chertoff to advise the board. Its executive director, Nina Jankowicz, had come under fire after she asserted the release of Biden’s emails was a “Russian influence op.” Chertoff has made similar claims, arguing after the 2020 election that “human intelligence sources”—referring to Russian spies—likely obtained emails from Hunter Biden’s computer. Chertoff dismissed as “preposterous” the claim that the emails were recovered after Biden abandoned his laptop at a computer repair shop. Chertoff’s appointment could signal more trouble for the board, which has come under intense scrutiny . . .

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/biden-administration/homeland-security-pick-to-clean-up-disinfo-board-pushed-disinfo-himself/

Rossiter: America’s Gordian Knot

The evidence is right in front of our faces.  The degradation of human dignity we see in the country’s homeless, the devaluing of property rights by the crime rates, the devaluation of the value of human life based on out of control murder rates, and the Marxist Democrat governments all over America that actually condone much of the lawlessness in America in 2022. The Gordian Knot is our lawless American Marxist Democrat federal government.  We have a government where: . . . […]  Donald J. Trump, threw a giant monkey wrench into the elite, globalist, Marxist Democrat machine  hat avenue does a law abiding, Constitution-loving citizen have for redress of wrong doing by the lawless federal government?  There simply is no legal course of action to combat the massive wrong doing of the United States federal government.  In May 2022, America is not a nation of laws.  Laws are like door locks.  Door locks keep honest people from going where they have no business.  Laws keep honest people civilized and respectful of other people’s personal and property rights.  The lawless ignore both. [Note: Webster defines Gordian knot as a problem insoluble in its own terms. An intricate problem.]

Read more: https://canadafreepress.com/article/americas-gordian-knot

Zeisloft: Biden’s Economy Sends Americans Into ‘Unretirement’

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the number of retired seniors surged from 28.3 million in February 2020 to 31.6 million in October 2021, however, higher price levels and other economic challenges are now forcing Americans into “unretirement.” Indeed reported that as of March 2022, roughly 3.2% of workers who were retired a year earlier are now employed.

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/bidens-economy-sends-americans-into-unretirement

Spiering: Joe Biden Celebrates Cinco de Mayo Calling for Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

“If we don’t get smart in this country and the other team doesn’t understand what is going on, you know 25 out of every 100 children in grades kindergarten through senior in high school speak Spanish,” he said. Biden indicated he would ultimately succeed against critics of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/05/05/joe-biden-celebrates-cinco-de-mayo-calling-for-amnesty-for-illegal-immigrants/

Simonson: In Midst of Border Crisis, DHS Releases Coloring Book for Children

While dealing with more illegal immigrants crossing the southern border than at any time in U.S. history, the Department of Homeland Security managed to find time to create a children’s coloring book. In the book, entitled Jobs We Do, children can fill in 14 different images that showcase DHS, including one that features a man in a biohazard suit counting radiation after an apparent nuclear attack. Another features an airport security dog. The book was produced by the DHS “Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer.” No public statement has been made on the coloring book’s release, the first of its kind in agency history. One senior DHS staffer who flagged it for the Washington Free Beacon called it “laughable.” […]  Another image, for the Transportation Security Administration, features an airport with a dog in the foreground wearing a collar that says “DO NOT PET.” One scene features a breaking news report for a Category 5 hurricane with 185 mph winds about to crash into the eastern seaboard.

Read more: https://freebeacon.com/biden-administration/in-midst-of-border-crisis-dhs-releases-coloring-book-for-children/

Ibrahim: Biden: ‘So Many Muslims Are Targeted With Violence’ and ‘Oppressed for Their Religious Beliefs’

Day by day, it seems that the ruling class and their media mouthpiece are dedicated to one principle: find problems where none exist and ignore real problems that are in desperate need of attention. Consider the words of U.S. President Joe Biden, spoken during Eid al-Fitr with Muslims at the White House on May 2. He said: [T]oday, around the world, we’re seeing so many Muslims being targeted with violence. No one, no one should discriminate against oppressed or be oppressed for their religious beliefs…. Muslims make our nation stronger every single day, even as they still face real challenges and threats in our society, including targeted violence and Islamophobia that exists. Now, let’s briefly parse these surreal claims: [T]oday, around the world, we’re seeing so many Muslims being targeted with violence. Where are the statistics for this claim? Rather, what we’re used to seeing is Muslims targeting non-Muslims with violence.

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/05/biden-so-many-muslims-are-targeted-violence-and-raymond-ibrahim/

Psaki chokes up as she introduces her ‘partner in truth’ Karine Jean-Pierre as Biden’s new press secretary: Openly-LGBTQ deputy will be first black woman to take job on May 13 – when Jen leaves and likely goes to MSNBC

The Columbia University grad was born in Martinique, and served as chief of staff to now-Vice President Kamala Harris on the Biden campaign. Jean-Pierre also worked in the Obama administration as Regional Political Director for the White House Office of Political Affairs, and on both of Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns. Before joining Biden’s presidential bid she was an MSNBC and NBC political analyst and held roles at MoveON.org and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Read more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10787259/Biden-announces-Karine-Jean-Pierre-replace-Jen-Psaki-new-press-secretary.html


Hoft: Godless Pro-Abortion Activists Announce Plans to Storm Catholic Churches and Interrupt Mass on Mother’s Day This Weekend

Earlier today the Far-left group “Ruth Sent Us” doxxed the home address of the six conservative justices of the US Supreme Court. This godless pro-abortion group announced this week they storm Catholic churches on Mother’s Day and interrupt Catholic mass. They plan these church protests on Mother’s Day of all days. Doesn’t that seem particularly ghoulish?

Read more: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/05/godless-pro-abortion-activists-announce-plans-storm-catholic-churches-interrupt-mass-mothers-day-weekend/

Kelly: Roe Ruling: Making Protest Lawful Again

Will pro-abortion protesters who disrupt the Senate be charged with felony obstruction? […]  After he took over the office last fall, Graves changed the official name of the investigation from “Capitol breach” to “Capitol siege.” His prosecutors routinely request—and receive—prison sentences for those who plead guilty to the “parading” charge, a petty offense never before applied on such a broad scale. As Graves presumably cheered his success in rounding up yet another Trump supporter, his wife was leading a rally outside the Supreme Court to protest the draft ruling that would overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide. Fatima Goss Graves, head of the far-left National Women’s Law Center based in D.C., told a group of pro-abortion demonstrators on Wedneday afternoon that “abortion care is a matter of equality, dignity, and freedom in this country and that will never change.”

Read more: https://amgreatness.com/2022/05/05/roe-ruling-making-protest-lawful-again/


Episode 1,834 – Michele Bachmann In The House; The Chinese Steal Our intellectual Property

Our Guests are: John Solomon, Michele Bachmann, Mike Lindell


Episode 1,835 – Financial Markets Meltdown; Biden Vs. Ultra MAGA; Tommy Robinson To Prison

Our Guests are: John Fredericks, Tommy Robinson, Dr. Naomi Wolf



Rossiter: The Most Terrifying Movie I Have Ever Seen

On Wednesday, May 4, 2022, I went to the debut of what I was expecting to be an educational documentary movie, and indeed it fulfilled all my expectations.  What I did not see coming is that it was also the most terrifying movie I have ever seen in my life.  The movie was Dinesh D’Souza’s “2000 Mules.”  Every American citizen owes it to themselves to see this movie no matter what their political persuasion.  If you choose not to see it, you will remain ignorant of what professional politicians of both major political parties are capable of, and believe me; in this case, ignorance is not bliss. “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” ~ Joe Biden, November 20, 2020  D’Souza’s movie documents just one aspect of how that was done.  Ever since November 2020, professional career politicians of both the Republican and Marxist Democrats Parties have assured Americans over and over that the 2020 national election wasie clean, fair, and uncorrupted.  The facts are that they are lying through their teeth!  They are lying to protect the “rice bowl” of every Republican and Democrat machine politician in America.

Read more: https://canadafreepress.com/article/the-most-terrifying-movie-i-have-ever-seen


The War on Small Business: How the Government Used the Pandemic to Crush the Backbone of America by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Levy: The Real Black Swan of 2020: The Assault on Small Business

Most people believe the coronavirus was a Black Swan, an unexpected event of large magnitude with unprecedented consequences. But Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who coined that metaphor, disagrees. Coronaviruses were well known, though the SARS-CoV-2 strain that hit humans was new. And the pandemic wasn’t unexpected. Experts had been warning of one – though not of the coronavirus per se – for some years. In 2019, the government had even conducted months-long pandemic preparation drills. Taleb’s annoyance is at the diminution of his coinage to a cliché. There was, however, a real Black Swan event in 2020, says Carol Roth in her book The War on Small Business: How the Government Used the Pandemic to Crush the Backbone of America. It was the U.S. government’s reaction to the pandemic – with unprecedented decisions and a lockdown that forced people to stop working and doing business for months on end. The pandemic became a pretext for a politically motivated campaign against small businesses and individuals to hasten the consolidation of power in Big Business, Big Tech, and Big Government. That is the hook and weighty claim with which Roth begins her book.

Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2022/05/the_real_black_swan_of_2020_the_assault_on_small_business.html

Nazi Billionaires: The Dark History of Germany’s Wealthiest Dynasties   By David De Jong’

Goska: Nazi Billionaires: The Dark History of Germany’s Wealthiest Dynasties

 De Jong juggles a massive amount of data. Through brief but pointed diary excerpts, the reader plunges into the private thoughts and tenderest feelings of Nazi propaganda master Joseph Goebbels. Though de Jong writes about world historical events, he marshals enough intimate details to vivify his scenes. They read like bestselling fiction. Money splashes across the page. There are mergers and gambles and stock manipulations. De Jong details German business leaders delivering death by a thousand cuts – all “legal” financial theft – to helpless Jewish competitors. He brings the reader up to date on Magda Goebbels’ granddaughter, now a convert to Judaism and a jewelry designer. […]  I’ve read many books about Nazism, but this book gave me nightmares, and I say that in praise. Any decent person wants to understand how the Nazis could have committed the crimes that they committed. Other works have given us other answers. Defeat in World War I, the punitive Versailles Treaty, Depression, inflation, historical anti-Semitism, scientific racism, nationalism, propaganda, the use of technology, an oppressive state, anti-social sadists running the camps: all of these factors have been cited to explain the inexplicable horrors of Nazism. My friend Otto Gross wrote “Ripples of Sin” explaining his own parents’ embrace of Nazism after childhoods of struggle and injustice. Nazi Billionaires provides an answer perhaps more horrifying than all the rest.

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2022/05/nazi-billionaires-dark-history-germanys-wealthiest-danusha-v-goska/


Berrien: NY Jewish Museum Tells Jewish Group: Disinvite DeSantis From Speaking Or Cancel The Event

Elliott Abrams, the chairman of Tikvah, and Eric Cohen, the group’s CEO, founded the Jewish Leadership Conference, an annual gathering discussing the Jewish people and Israel. They were planning to hold an event at the Museum of Jewish Heritage on June 12 at which DeSantis would speak. “We thought it would be interesting to invite Gov. Ron DeSantis to discuss how the ‘Florida model’ has contributed to the growth and vitality of Jewish life in his state,” Abrams and Cohen wrote in The Wall Street Journal. “We were working closely with the museum on the details for the June 12 event—until, out of the blue, we were told by the museum staff that Mr. DeSantis didn’t ‘align with the museum’s values and its message of inclusivity,’” Abrams and Cohen continued. “Either we disinvite the governor, they said, or our event was unwelcome.”

Read more: https://www.dailywire.com/news/ny-jewish-museum-tells-jewish-group-disinvite-desantis-from-speaking-or-cancel-the-event

Miller: GOP senators want new TV rating for shows with LGBTQ characters

A group of Republican senators want a new TV rating created so parents can block their children from watching shows with LGBTQ characters. The five senators from North Dakota, Kansas, Utah, Indiana and Montana sent a letter Wednesday to the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board asking for the new rating. “In recent years, concerning topics of a sexual nature have become aggressively politicized and promoted in children’s programming, including irreversible and harmful experimental treatments for mental disorders like gender dysphoria,” the letter reads. The two-page letter signed by Sens. Roger Marshall, Mike Lee, Mike Braun, Kevin Cramer and Steve Daines “strongly urged” the TV group’s chairman, Charles Rivkin, to update its guidelines to ensure parents are aware of the “disturbing” content.

Read more: https://nypost.com/2022/05/05/gop-senators-want-new-tv-rating-for-shows-with-lgbtq-characters/

Morganstern: 5 Ways American Corporations Can Avoid Becoming The Next Disney

Corporate America is experiencing a crisis of wokeness. There is a massive disconnect between the board rooms and their consumers, and it is affecting their bottom lines. Despite what you read in many media outlets, most Americans do not believe they are oppressed or that our country is a bad place. They want to laugh at funny jokes, enjoy time with their families, and generally live their lives joyfully. Disney has provided the latest case study, as the most pronounced failure to navigate today’s political-cultural environment.  […] This is not the first time this has happened to major entities in the past year. Delta Airlines and Major League Baseball adopted absurd political positions after Georgia passed a new voting law that is less stringent than those of most states. It chose to side with the woke mob over common sense by essentially declaring, without any basis whatsoever, that Georgia’s voting laws are racist. MLB even moved its All-Star game out of Atlanta over the issue, thereby taking business away from thousands of black-owned enterprises and families and leaving a trail of resentment in its wake. These incidents were entirely preventable failures of leadership. The good news is that there is an answer for the many CEOs now, finally, asking the very sensible question: how do we prevent ourselves from becoming the next Disney? 1. Never Bow to the Mob   Strong leaders maintain the courage of their convictions, . . .. 2. Stop Bribing People Who Hate You   As part of Chapek’s embarrassing and weak apology effort, . . .

Read more: https://thefederalist.com/2022/05/06/5-ways-american-corporations-can-avoid-becoming-the-next-disney/


War Room: Anti-Grooming Filmmaker Given Court Dates For Exposing Hidden Culture

Filmmaker Tommy Robinson is interviewed: https://rumble.com/v13oekx-anti-grooming-filmmaker-given-court-dates-for-exposing-hidden-culture.html

Lane: UK Finally Terminating Domestic Covid Pass System Next Week

The UK government has announced it will be discontinuing the domestic vaccination passports that allowed businesses to discriminate against would-be customers based on medical status from next week. The UK’s ‘NHS COVID Pass’, a digital document used to prove vaccination status in order to gain admittance to public venues, businesses, and the like will no longer be available from the 12th of May, the government has said. While the Covid pass hasn’t been mandatory since January, the government has, until now, allowed businesses and events to bar patrons from entry depending on their vaccination status, on a voluntary basis. As the updated advice puts it, the change to stop providing the public with vaccine passports on request now means “that venues and events will no longer be able to request it as a condition of entry”, in effect ending one of the last visible vestiges of the Covid security state.

Read more: https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2022/05/06/uk-finally-terminating-domestic-covid-pass-system-next-week/


Are you fed up? Are you worried that America in rapidly sliding into a neo-Marxist state by the radical left in control of Washington with historically narrow majorities in the U.S. House and Senate and an Executive controlled by unnamed far leftists in place of a clinically incompetent President Biden? They are desperate to keep power and complete their radical progressive agenda that will change America and our liberty forever.

Americans just witnessed the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 without one Republican vote in the U.S. Senate and House (just as Obamacare was passed in 2010). The IRS  will be hiring 87,000 new agents, many armed, to terrorize American taxpayers.

Americans witnessed the FBI raid at the Trump Mar-A-Lago home and property of President Trump, truly a first in all of American history. We know what that is about. 

It is undeniable that the Democrat Party and the administrative state (the executive branches of the DOJ, FBI, IRS, et al) are clear and present dangers to our Republic and our liberty as they increasingly veer further away from the rule of law and the Constitution. What is the solution? At this critical juncture, there is only one action we can all take.

The only viable and timely solution at this critical point is to vote – yes, vote correctly and smartly to retake the U.S. House and Senate on November 8th and to prepare the way to retake the White House in two years. Vote and help everyone you know to vote. Please click the TAKE ACTION link below – we must vote correctly and in great numbers to be sure our votes are counted to diminish the potential for the left to rig and steal the midterms and the 2024 elections as they are clearly intending to do after their success in 2020.



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