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PATEL: Republicans Are Blowing It In Georgia, And We May All Pay The Price

It’s not alarmist to state that the future of our country could be defined by the two Georgia Senate races. We are in an existential moment, and it sure feels like we are floating through it in a daze, without the sense of urgency you would expect if the entire future of your country were on the line. We just had a tough election, but for those who care about our future, it’s past time to wake up from the daze….. Republicans have been oddly overconfident about these races. Georgia is no longer a reliably Republican state. Anyone banking on that is setting themselves up for a loss. Second, in the wake of the highly charged national election, people are tired and emotionally drained. There seems to be some apathy over these Senate races. Given what’s at stake, that has to change fast. Finally, and most importantly, we are seeing some horrible Republican…
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Neff: Arizona Legislative Committee Will Meet About Election Process But Not Yet
Arizonans eager to find out what state legislators with subpoena power might learn about the 2020 General Election must wait an undetermined amount of time, after the chair of the House Elections Committee couldn’t get approval for a meeting this week. […] Thursday evening Townsend told Arizona Daily Independent she wanted to start committee inquiries before the state’s 11 electoral votes are cast for former Vice President Joe Biden next week. She also expressed frustration at the delays but insisted she will continue pushing for a meeting so voters can get their questions answered about the integrity of this year’s general election process. Townsend also said Arizona voters do not want the issue to go away, even if some legislators do. “Regardless of the reasons they had for us not meeting this week, the optics clearly tend to show the public that it is about stalling,” said Townsend, who next month becomes Senator Townsend (LD16).
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Svab: Election Supervisor Shows on Video How Dominion Software Allows Changing, Adding Votes
An elections supervisor in Coffee County, Georgia, demonstrated in recent videos posted online how Dominion Voting Systems voting software allows votes to be changed through an “adjudication” process. The process allows the operator to add vote marks to a scanned ballot as well as invalidate vote marks already on the ballot. Adjudication should only serve to resolve issues of voters marking ballots incorrectly, such as filling the bubbles in a way that doesn’t clearly show who he or she voted for. Yet it appears a substantial number of ballots went through that process, at least in some Georgia counties. As the Coffee County supervisor, Misty Martin, showed, the system can be set to allow adjudication of all scanned ballots, even blank ones, and effectively allow the operator to vote those ballots. […] Corbitt didn’t respond to any specific questions regarding the number of individual adjudicated ballots in the county, who was on the citizen panels, and whether the work of the panels can be verified through available video footage of the tabulation process. […] The Coffee County videos suggest the adjudication process can be accessed by any operator of the Dominion software regardless of whether any observers are present. The system appears to lack both transparency and auditability, based on Martin’s account. The software can be set to trigger adjudication for “ambiguous” ballots and overvoted ballots, but also to adjudicate all scanned ballots, Martin said. The operator would then be able to change the votes with no trace of who did it or which ballots were changed. The system would only mark that at least one ballot in the batch was adjudicated, but “it can’t be tracked to exactly what ballot it was,” she said. […] The adjudication process actually started weeks before the election, . . .
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Mark: If Biden had the election bought for him, whom does he owe?
If the fraud that is being documented in affidavits and court filings occurred, then Mr. Biden would owe someone for his selection. If it was an organized effort, someone funded it. There are numerous examples of activities that appear coordinated. We have reports of vote-counting stoppages announced almost simultaneously. We have reports of pre-printed ballots being delivered across state lines. We have video of ballots being counted after the monitors were sent home. We have reports of thousands of ballots delivered in the early A.M. after poll-watchers had been removed in the previous hours. The evidence for the open-minded is that a lot of activities that secured the election for Mr. Biden occurred in 7–10 cities in the same 4- to 6-hour timeframe. Given that implied coordination, I think it unreasonable to assume that these cities all started these activities spontaneously. The documented coordination is a red flag that there was someone organizing and funding these activities. Who could it be?
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O’Neill: It’s Not Just the Steal
There is a growing, gnawing, seething cold anger among Real Americans, towards the pure evil we’ve watched steal from the citizenry & usurp power by the hand of Lucifer himself, the driving force behind the darkness in their hearts. I received the above comment in an email sent to me today by a longtime friend. I believe that her cold fury speaks for many – myself included. It is a fury that the “powers that be” ignore at their peril. We the People know that we did not just merely have an election stolen from us – we had our freedom stolen, we had our rights stolen, we had our future stolen, we had our power stolen. Trust me when I tell you that if this blatant coup is successful then all bets are off and the fury will erupt. You think you’ve seen asymmetrical warfare? You ain’t seen nothing yet. It will mean a long, bloody, and vicious civil war, and the ruination of America…but what the hell, the country will be destroyed in any event if the fraudulent election stands. His [Biden’s] season in the sun—coming decades after he first tossed his hat into the presidential ring—may well usher in a dark winter that will persist long after next year’s first crocuses bloom.—Nick Gillespie ”11 Trillion Reasons to Fear Joe Biden’s Presidency” But it’s not just about outrageous election fraud, infuriating as that is. We the People’s cold fury has been building up for some time – I’m not discussing some spur of the moment hissy fit. I’m talking about an anger that has been building momentum for years…decades really.
To keep things simple, I’ll mention just a few recent events of note, events that made our ire seethe. Former FBI director Comey’s laughably vapid defense of Hillary Clinton’s illegal server was one such event. She was cleared of all wrongdoing because she didn’t intend to break the law. Really? Try that one on for size if you ever get pulled over for speeding. Let me know how it goes. No, don’t bother, I know how it will go for anyone not of the elite. […] How about Benghazi? […] Remember the years of the “Russia Hoax,” . . . […] What about all the lives thrown into chaos, debt, and fear because of thebogus Mueller gang . . . […] Many of We the People have awoken, or are awaking, to the fact that the coronavirus is not the “death plague” it was . . .
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(FAILED ARIZONA GOVERNOR) Wilson: Ducey to lead Republican governors
Arizona Gov
. Doug Ducey (R) will lead the Republican Governors Association (RGA) in 2021, giving a national forum to a state official said to be contemplating a run for president in 2024. Ducey, serving his second term in Phoenix, will take over for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who led the group during the 2020 elections. This year, Republicans gained one governorship when Rep. Greg Gianforte (R) won the right to succeed term-limited Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D). Ducey will oversee fundraising efforts in a year when just two governorships are up for grabs. Virginia voters will choose a replacement for Gov. Ralph Northam (D), and New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) will seek a second term.
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Kramer: Fontes To Take Job With New Pima County Recorder
Soon to be the former Maricopa County recorder, Adrian Fontes, will take his unique brand of chaos south according to Pima County Recorder-elect Gabriella Cázares-Kelly. “Mr. Fontes’ visionary solutions to increasing accessibility in his county encouraged me to imagine new programs for Pima County voters. We are fortunate to have him help us implement programs like those that inspired so many Pima County voters to elect me,” stated Cazares-Kelly in a press release. According to the Arizona Republic, “Fontes will work with Cázares-Kelly for at least three months but could stay longer if needed.” [NOTE: Fontes is a Democrat who didn’t play by the rules as Maricopa County Recorder ]
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As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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