An Amazing Conundrum

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Editors Note: Further confusion from this story not mentioned, is that the mother of the child has said complimentary things about the rapist. Some news sources  have reported that the rapist was her boyfriend and that the mother is illegal as well. It is not uncommon for single mothers, who have a parade of boyfriends in and out of the house, to create a hazard for their children, especially if they were fathered by another man. What is clear though is that a child has been harmed and pro-abortion doctors and journalists have attempted to use the incident to advocate against reasonable legislation that limits “abortion rights”. But they trumped up the story without checking the facts and the President of the United States joined in the farce. However, the story reveals more about the problems with Progressive politics (support for illegal immigration, lionizing single motherhood, a casual attitude towards criminal behavior) than it does a reasonable law in Ohio. That the President is so eager to join in the fray and that he and his staff could not do basic fact-checking tells you more than you want to know. A little girl is being sacrificed on the altar of Progressive politics.


What happens when you have a quandary — a predicament of your own making that you never expected to happen and exposes you to be a fool no matter which way you turn. That happened in the last week when some people latched on to the story of a 10-year-old getting an abortion.


A story spread through the MSM that a 10-year-old rape victim had left Ohio to go to Indiana to have an abortion. Supposedly, a child abuse doctor called a colleague in Indianapolis to facilitate the procedure. This was because of the Dobbs ruling, where Ohio would no longer allow abortions after six weeks. The girl was now pregnant for six weeks and three days.

The Indianapolis Star published the story with no verification and there was no reported rape that anyone could find. Yet, the story spread because it fit an agenda. It spread all the way to President Biden. Biden cited the story last week after signing an executive order on abortion access, saying the 10-year-old “was forced to travel out of state to Indiana to seek to terminate the pregnancy and maybe save her life.” Now it was a “lifesaving” procedure as the story took on greater urgency.

While the tale was tossed around without proof, a major component of the matter was being left out. Everyone appeared to forget A 10-YEAR-OLD WAS RAPED. Not exactly an inconsequential fact unless you are fixated on abortion. There was seemingly no concern for the fact there had been a crime of major proportions committed. Rape used to be a major concern for women concerned about women’s health. That became secondary when the story shifted to salaciousness due to the “dangers” of the new abortion environment, if not altogether incidental.


Women’s health. Wasn’t this all about women’s health? Where was the discussion of the health of this 10-year-old except for she supposedly had to cross state lines to obtain the abortion? What about her mental health after having forced sex with a man when she is still an adolescent?

But did she have to go to Indiana? Since when does anyone know the exact day that someone became pregnant? Yet, the referring doctor knew the victim was three days past the new six-week limit in Ohio. No one questioned that. A 10-year-old remembered the exact dates of the multiple rapes that occurred when reporting them weeks after the events. No one questioned the agenda of the doctor who declared the victim not six weeks pregnant, but six weeks and three days right after the Dobbs ruling came down and the six-week limit was imposed in Ohio.

Apparently, the referring doctor did not check the law in Ohio. Maybe she wanted to make this poor child a cause celebre? Ohio Attorney General David Yost stated that abortion would have been legal in the state of Ohio. Yost (who is a supporter of the ban after six weeks) made clear there are exceptions, and this would clearly have been one.


Then there was another matter here. The Indianapolis doctor, Dr. Caitlin Bernard, completely ignored HIPAA laws. You know, those laws protecting medical information from being shared without patient approval. The ones that stop you from getting info about your family members. Dr. Bernard has been “disciplined” for the violation (whatever that means) because we will never find out what happened to her. Let me assure you it was window dressing because she became a heroine for spreading the story.

Then the story takes another turn and creates another conundrum for all those who were using the incident for abortion politics. After a period of doubt about the rape, because the incident had not been reported to the state as required (there was no rape kit submitted or DNA evidence), matters became much clearer. There was an arrest for the rape.

27-year-old Gershon Fuentes, an illegal alien from Guatemala, not only was arrested; he confessed to the rape. Some must be confused about what should be done. He raped a young girl, but he is an illegal alien who obviously has challenges of his own. Should he have to face these criminal charges? And why did he have bail set at all let alone at $2 million? Another conundrum.

Now the city of Columbus and the state of Ohio have a dilemma. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have placed a detainer on Fuentes. That means they are going to return him to Guatemala. That means he will get off for this heinous crime. The question then becomes, how long will it be until he sneaks back into our country?

There should be no conundrum regarding him. He should not be given to those people. He should be sentenced. The appropriate sentence for someone who raped a 10-year-old in my book would be to hang him from his scrotum. That is the best I can express here. If we did more of that there would be fewer of these stories. Short of that, they should stuff him in a prison in the general population (gen pop) and let his fellow inmates know about what he did.

It is really challenging when you are making choices between the issue of abortion and other minor matters like illegal aliens, HIPAA violations, and most importantly, rape. It must be such a conundrum being an abortion warrior.


As we move through 2023 and into the next election cycle, The Prickly Pear will resume Take Action recommendations and information.

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