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ESG Is A Non-Starter That We Are Being Pushed Into

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The world of finance is turning bullish on ESG, an investment strategy directing funds to corporations with woke environmental, social, and governance policies. Trillions of dollars have already flowed into ESG funds, projected to hit $50 trillion in two years. ESG boosters claim the funds enable investors to do well by doing good. You can […]

America Is Facing a Cycle of Doom But Nobody Seems To Care

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes

Editors’ Note: We think the author is spot on – that our political elites, the media, and the public at large are currently living a delusional life. They simply do not recognize the serious nature of our financial situation. The markets however are starting to see the problem. Not only have we had the worst […]

Executing a Long Term Plan While Playing Dumb

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Pundits commonly depict the ongoing calamity at our border as the result of the Biden administration’s incompetence. As with inflation, urban crime, and the deficit, their near-complete lack of insight and management skills is leading us over a cliff. But this analysis itself is a major error. They know exactly what they are doing and […]

Threats To The Court Are The Real Threat To Democracy

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, with the concurrence of much of the Left, believes our democracy is once again under attack, this time from our own “rogue“ Supreme Court. MSNBC agreed that “the Supreme Court has gone rogue“. The Congressional Progressive Caucus insists “we must hold these rogue justices to account“. It goes beyond coordinated hysterical rhetoric. […]

Time to Deal With Politicians Who Keep Bringing Us Massive Needless Spending Bills.

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Editors’ Note: Thomas Patterson’s excellent review of the deceptive and punishing Inflation Reduction Act ends with a statement about Senator Mark Kelly of Arizona. He is accurately labeled as the 51st vote for the Inflation Reduction Act causing incalculable damage to Americans’ economic well-being and liberty and should be a major focus of the November 8th election. […]

Our Elitist Environmental Experts Are Driving Us Over The Cliff

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Leftist thought leaders insist that we are facing an environmental holocaust unless we immediately drastically reduce carbon emissions. Yet it’s curious. The governing and influence elites demand massive societal sacrifice, while they are apparently not concerned enough to alter their own extravagant lifestyles. They own multiple sumptuous homes, cars, and yachts. They fly individual private jets […]

Bulk-mail Voting Is The Main Obstacle to Election Integrity

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The debate over election fraud versus voter suppression is high-stakes and high-intensity. Trump loyalists insist the election was stolen, mechanically rigged, and rife with fraudulent actors. Democrats continue to insist that fraud never happens, an argument easily swatted away by the existence of thousands of documented incidents. But Democrats have a point in that the […]

Our Cowardly Handling of Ukraine Could Come Back To Bite US

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If America has learned anything from foreign entanglements over the past century, surely it is this: enemy conflicts must be engaged only if our vital interests are at stake. A war worth fighting must have clear objectives and a path to victory. Clearly, in WWII, all options save winning were unthinkable. We did win and […]

Strong Families Are Worth Defending

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In 1965, Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote a landmark report in which he contended that the rising number of black families headed by unmarried mothers would reduce the prospects for Blacks to rise out of poverty, in spite of that era’s landmark civil rights legislation. Moynihan was furiously denounced for his efforts. But he was proven […]