Exc: CCP State Outlet Warns US of Impending Nuclear War – AGAIN

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(Exclusive) “A prolonged and expanded Russia-Ukraine conflict will…increase the risk of a runaway control and nuclear crisis.” That’s a direct quote from a December 17 article (“US prolongs Russia-Ukraine conflict for three aims, aggravates nuclear war risk: experts at GT annual forum”) by Global Times, a state propaganda outlet of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This is the second time the CCP has warned the US of nuclear war. To be fair, to a certain extent, the CCP is merely blustering, especially since it is dealing with (or rather violently crushing) mass protests in its own country.

But the US had better beware of pushing China and Russia too far with its idiocy surrounding the Ukraine conflict. It is better not to antagonize an enemy (China) that told its people in 2019 it was at war with you, particularly when that enemy is the greatest mass murderer of all time.


I must admit that the US is in fact essentially fighting a “proxy war” in Ukraine, as Global Times said. The reasons Global Times listed may not be correct, but the reality is that, regardless of the reasons, Ukrainians are still dying while the US and Russia use the war for their own political ends. It is the Ukrainian people who suffer the most from their own corrupt government, and for America’s and Russia’s mistakes. China is entirely wrong to support Russia’s unjust and destructive invasion of Ukraine, however. Neither Russia nor the U.S. has any right to be in Ukraine.

“A prolonged and expanded Russia-Ukraine conflict will have a far-reaching impact and damage the future of the globe, and increase the risk of a runaway control and nuclear crisis, Chinese foreign affairs experts and scholars warned at the 2023 Global Times Annual Conference on Saturday…

There are three major uncertainties in the future development of the Russia-Ukraine conflict – direct military confrontation between Russia and NATO members, nuclear contamination in Ukraine, and Russia being forced to use nuclear weapons, Zhu said [emphasis added]…

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991, great power relations have eased and the world has entered an era of globalization.”

I find it interesting that China advertises the wonders of globalization in this piece. The CCP’s goal, of course, is to rule the world, but it sure knows how to use the CCP-enamored West’s pablum against the West.

This article was published by Pro Deo et Libertate and is reproduced with permission.



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