Corrupt Officials Meet at Soros-Tied, Zuckerberg-Funded Election Summit

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“National Elections Officials Gathering For Secret Zuckerberg Funded, Soros Tied US Election Summit At ‘International Spy Museum’.” That’s the headline of an exclusive report from investigative journalist Laura Loomer. Getting set for the next steal, it seems.

Loomer tweeted that she encountered and challenged public officials implicated in the 2020 presidential election fraud, including Maricopa County (AZ) supervisor Bill Gates (R) (also implicated in 2022 election fraud litigation from Kari Lake, making his presence at the summit particularly inappropriate), David Becker (head of Zuckerberg-funded CEIR), Jan. 6 committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R).

Insidious leftist billionaire and former Nazi collaborator George Soros and leftist Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg always mean trouble.

“[Loomered] And now, ahead of the 2024 Presidential election, a group of some of the nation’s most notorious election fraud deniers and election officials, including Secretaries of State, are set to have a secret Elections summit in Washington DC from May 8-May 9 called ‘Summit on American Democracy’. One would think that Election officials who are concerned about Democracy would be transparent with their actions, and invite members of the public to attend their summit. But, this upcoming election summit is ‘invite only’ and not open to the public. Additionally, in their effort to openly mock election integrity advocates who they have dismissed and defamed as ‘conspiracy theorists’, the summit is being hosted at the ‘International Spy Museum’ in Washington DC.

The Center for Election Innovation & Research (CEIR) is organizing and hosting the conference…However, founded by Becker, a hard core Leftist activist, CEIR is documented as being a SOROS tied advocacy group that provides grants and conducts research to increase Democrat voter turnout in swing states. Becker created CEIR in 2016 in response to President Trump’s election, which Becker claims was the result of ‘foreign interference’. However,Becker and CEIR clearly have no issue with election interference, because in August 2020, less than three months before the Presidential election, CEIR accepted $69.5 million from Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and his Chinese wife, Priscilla Chan to create more mail in ballot drop boxes in key swing states under the guise of ‘COVID-19 safety precautions’.”

Loomer has promised more video and updates. Americans deserve to know why this sketchy summit, attended by so many corrupt weasels, was convened.

This article was published by Pro Deo et Libertate and is reproduced with permission.

Kari Lake Lawsuit Going Back to Trial May 17, 18, 19 – Attorney Kurt Olsen Makes BOMBSHELL Claim of “Extraordinary Findings of Misconduct” By Maricopa County

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Kari Lake and her attorneys appeared in a Maricopa County Superior Court status conference earlier today [May 8th] outlining the schedule for the remanded fraudulent signature verification claim.

Judge Peter Thompson previously dismissed the lawsuit on Christmas Eve, despite the evidence of massive voter disenfranchisement targeting Republicans and obviously false trial testimony by County Elections officials.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, The Arizona Supreme Court ruled in Lake’s favor and remanded the “erroneous[ly]” dismissed signature verification fraud count back to the trial court for further review; however, Maricopa County still refuses to allow her legal team or We The People AZ Alliance to review ballot affidavit signatures from the 2022 Election. See examples of the fraudulent signatures accepted by Maricopa County here.

Lake’s attorneys plan to petition to “inspect the ballots verified by Maricopa, based on new evidence that came to light in 2023″ in Thompson’s reconsideration of Count III on signature verification.

Additionally, the latest Motion by Lake’s attorneys states, “Lake is also contemplating a motion to reconsider the dismissal of Count IV (logic-and-accuracy testing) under ARCP 60(b)(3) within the same likely time frame as the proceedings remand. Indeed, she may also bring a new and separate action under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and state law to press her federal and Arizona constitutional claims.”

Kari Lake attorney Kurt Olsen today made a bombshell claim while asking for the reconsideration of counts relating to machine failures on election day, stating that “Maricopa officials conducted secret testing on the tabulators on October 14th, 17th, and 18th” after the County’s Logic and Accuracy tests. Olsen further stated that “260 of those 446 tabulators failed” but were “then used in the election.”

Maricopa County’s Logic and Accuracy(L&A) tests were performed on October 11, 2022.

According to the Elections Procedures Manual, “counties may, in their discretion, conduct additional pre-election L&A tests prior to the county’s and Secretary of State’s pre-election L&A test and/or additional post- election L&A tests after the county’s post-election L&A test, including with participation from representatives of the recognized political parties. If the County conducted further testing after their L&A test without party representatives and public notice, this would likely be illegal.

During the conference Lake attorney Kurt Olson asked for more time to prepare for a case and bring in expert witnesses from out of state, but Attorneys for Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County wanted to expedite the trial bogus excuses such as saving resources. They are terrified that Lake’s attorneys will have time to bring a solid case with expert witnesses.

Thompson tentatively scheduled a three-day trial next week beginning on May 17. The trial will occur on May 17th, 18th, and 19th.


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Arizona News: May 11, 2023

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Border Crisis

As Title 42 Comes To And End Troops Prepare To Head To Southern Border

Border Patrol to release foreign nationals en masse into communities as Title 42 ends

Arizona faces post-Title 42 border surge, will move some migrants to other states

HERE COME THE ILLEGALS! Migrant Hordes Storm Across Rio Grande into US Like African Herd Animals as Title 42 Is Lifted (VIDEO)

Hobbs Rolls Out Hospitality And Security Plan Ahead Of Lifting Title 42

Maricopa County to Give $5 Million For Refugee Welfare

Other Arizona News

WATCH: Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates RUNS From Questions at Secret Zuckerberg Funded, Soros Tied DC Election Summit – Elon Musk Responds: “They’re Supposed to Be Impartial”

Hobbs’ Proposed Budget Sparks Deep Democratic Divide

Democrats and teacher union allies demand ESA rollback in Arizona budget

Giffords and Other Anti-Second Amendment Groups Are Pushing Lies About Stabilizing Braces on Firearms

Attorney General Kris Mayes Falsely Claims School Choice Would Bankrupt State

Livingston Tells Mayes To “Learn The Facts” Before Threatening To Sue Legislature

Arizona Supreme Court Backs Kari Lake, Orders Hearing on Signature Verification Violations

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GOP rockstar Kari Lake has just scored a big win after the Arizona Supreme Court ordered a hearing on her allegations of signature verification violations in Maricopa County.

The Court ordered court proceedings to take place “forthwith” regarding Lake’s 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election challenge.

While granting one sanction, the Supreme Court denied attorneys’ fees requested by the defendants.

Republican Lake fell about 17,000 votes short in the 2022 election against then-Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat.

Lake is suing now-Governor Hobbs in addition to current Secretary of State Adrian Fontes and Maricopa County election officials.

She is requesting that the election results be invalidated or that she be declared the winner.

Lake’s case was reviewed by the Arizona Supreme Court in March.

The Court remanded one of her seven counts to trial court and allowed sanctions against her to be considered.

The remanded count was Lake’s claim that Maricopa County violated its signature verification policies in the 2022 election……


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Arizona News: May 5, 2023

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EXCLUSIVE: Psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein Joins Forces With Maricopa County Republicans to Fight Big Tech Election Interference – Says Google is Shifting MILLIONS of Votes To Democrats in EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Developing: Maricopa County Denies Public Records Request for Runbeck Video Camera Footage – LAWSUIT IN THE WORKS

NEW: “There Should Be Consequences” – Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell Releases Statement on SHAM Maricopa County Midterm Election and “Cover-Up” by Officials

Hobbs Panned For Dodging Press

VIDEO: “Why Are You Avoiding The Public? Why Are You Avoiding The Press?” – Fearful Fake Governor Katie Hobbs RUNS Even From Leftist Reporters

Horne targets ‘war between excellence and mediocrity’ in latest grading reform push

Arizona GOP Committee to Review Federal, State and Local COVID Response

Petersen And Toma Defend “Save Women’s Sports Act” In Court

Mesnard Questions Maricopa County Supervisors’ Delayed Legislator Replacement Process

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Stahl Hamilton For Creating Hostile Work Environment With Bible Thefts

Phoenix Denied Extension On Order To Clean Up The Zone

University Of Arizona Police Chief Steps Down Seven Months After Professor Slain

Elon Musk Responds To Abe Hamadeh On Arizona’s Election Day Mismanagement

Biden Labor Nominee Bad For Arizona Business





Maricopa County’s Proposal to Comply with the EPA Threatens to Turn Arizona into California

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If you enjoy losing your freedom for a goal that is impossible to achieve, the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) has you covered.

MAG recently released its proposed measures to bring Maricopa County into compliance with ozone standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and it’s a total disaster. Along with a whole host of regulations on various business activities, the proposed restrictions include banning the internal combustion engine and gas appliances. That’s right, just like in California, they are coming for your cars and your gas stoves. But that’s not all. This proposal would also put limits on things like lawn and garden equipment, motorized boating, and water heaters.

The running narrative for the reason behind all of this is that Maricopa County has become a moderate nonattainment area of ozone limits under the Clean Air Act. This essentially means that, according to the EPA, our ozone levels are too high, and therefore we must adopt certain ozone control measures to get us into compliance. But what they won’t tell you is that the main reason our ozone levels are too high is that the federal government moved the goal posts back in 2015 when the EPA dropped its acceptable ozone levels from 75ppb to 70ppb.

Failure to comply with this EPA mandate could lead to fines, penalties, or the withholding of federal transportation dollars for Arizona. So, MAG contracted with a California-based consulting firm to identify measures to bring us into compliance. And what did they determine in their final report? That we need to cut emissions by 50 percent to achieve the EPA’s standard by the August 3, 2024 deadline. That’s not only impossible, it’s absurd.

An Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) Division Director recently commended Maricopa County for its “fantastic job” in reducing ozone pollution by 12.5 percent since 2000. So, in over 23 years we reduced ozone pollution by 12.5 percent, and now they think we can reduce it by 50 percent in a little more than a year! Keep dreaming, Maricopa County.

We could implement every single one of these destructive measures, and we still won’t come close to achieving the ozone standard—especially by that deadline. After all, look at what happened in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ozone levels increased from 79ppb to 87ppb even though business activity was halted, and we saw a dramatic decrease in cars on our roads. Does MAG really believe that putting more regulations on businesses and banning gas-powered cars to achieve the EPA’s outrageous air quality standards will somehow magically work this time?

The reality is that these higher ozone levels are being caused by natural events and international sources (primarily China). That means the issue is very much out of the control of our citizens. Now, as Maricopa County works with the ADEQ and Pinal County to complete review of this proposal and prepare an implementation plan to be given to the EPA by June, it should go back to the drawing board. Our state shouldn’t be forced to suffer billions of dollars in economic damage and destroy our quality of life to achieve an impossible standard. And the people of Arizona certainly shouldn’t have to sacrifice their freedom just so government bureaucrats can turn us into another California.

This article was published by AZ Free News and is reproduced with permission.

Arizona News – April 26, 2023

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Maricopa County’s Proposal to Comply with the EPA Threatens to Turn Arizona into California

Shocking Discovery On Election Day In Maricopa County Shows Need For Reforms

Video:  The Zone – Homelessness and Crime Rampant in Phoenix

It’s Time To Hold the City of Phoenix Accountable for Its Handling of The Zone

Demanding That Phoenix Officials Enforce the Law in Massive Homeless Encampment

Arizona ESAs Surge as State Budget Surplus Swells by $750 Million

Petersen Sets Record Straight On Budget Negotiations With Hobbs

Investigation Of Hobbs’ Actions As Secretary Of State Still Active, AG’s Office Confirms

Lamb talks immigration, fentanyl and Sinema on campaign trail for U.S. Senate

Hobbs breaks Arizona veto record

Arizona unemployment decreases to 3.5%







After Expulsion, the Process Begins to Replace Former Arizona GOP Lawmaker

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Following the expulsion of Republican Rep. Liz Harris from the state House, it’s now up to a mix of local and county officials to decide who will ultimately be her replacement.

Republican precinct committeemen in Legislature District 13 will choose three names to give to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, who will have the final say in picking one of the three to fill Harris’s now vacant seat.

The Arizona Republican Party said in a statement that the process of coming up with three names would be five days and that the Board of Supervisors does not necessarily have to go with their options. It can essentially be anyone that meets the qualifications in Legislative District 13 that’s a Republican.

According to AZ Law, the Board of Supervisors can assemble a group of citizens to decide who the replacement is if the precinct committeemen do not give them names in time to decide from. One likely name will be Julie Willoughby, according to the Arizona Capitol Times. Willoughby narrowly lost to Harris in the 2022 midterm election.

In addition, there is no law that gives the board a timeline for a new appointment.

The Board of Supervisors has a Republican majority, but they have been vocal against false claims regarding widespread election fraud in the 2020 and 2022 elections. Candidates with a record of election denial could see pushback.

Lawmakers removed Harris in a 46-13 vote on Wednesday. She had an ethics complaint filed against her after facilitating a presentation by Scottsdale insurance agent Jacqueline Breger, in which many Arizona officials and the LDS church were falsely accused of having financial ties to the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico.

This article was published by The Center Square – Arizona and is reproduced with permission.

MAJOR NEWS: The Gateway Pundit Wins Historic First Amendment Lawsuit, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Agrees to Settlement

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The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors approved a historic settlement with The Gateway Pundit on Wednesday. Maricopa County officials signed off on a major First Amendment lawsuit and settlement with TGP Communications, LLC, the parent company of The Gateway Pundit news website.

Yvonne Wingett Sanchez from the Washington Post broke the news publicly on Tuesday afternoon.

The Board of Supervisors met Wednesday and approved the settlement.

Facts Behind This Historic Case:

Maricopa County officials sought to prevent TGP reporter Jordan Conradson from attending briefings following the 2022 midterm elections. Jordan is widely regarded as the most fearless and honest reporter in the state of Arizona. Maricopa County claimed The Gateway Pundit’s coverage was not reputable after TGP and Conradson had forced a county official from office through our previous exclusive reporting.

County officials were terrified of Jordan and TGP and attempted to block our outlet from public press gatherings.

The Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Court overturned the initial ruling by Obama-appointed Judge John Tuchi.

The Court of Appeals concluded the county’s refusal to grant a press pass to TGP and Conradson was based on viewpoints expressed in his writings, and said it violated the First Amendment.

How Big Is This Win?

This is a major win for The Gateway Pundit and independent media in America today. It sets precedent for independent journalists of merit to gain access to government press briefings. We cannot adequately express the importance of this decision…..


Continue reading at The Gateway Pundit.

VICTORY! Arizona Judge Declares Phoenix’s Homeless ‘Zone’ an Illegal Public Nuisance

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A Maricopa County judge this afternoon [3/28] found that the city of Phoenix is maintaining an illegal “public nuisance” by encouraging a population of over 1,000 homeless people to reside in tents in a vast swath of downtown referred to as “The Zone.” The decision, a preliminary ruling in a case brought against the city by law-abiding property and business owners in the area, finds that the city has “intentionally stopped—or at least materially decreased—enforcement of criminal, health, and other quality of life statutes and ordinances in [T]he Zone,” effectively making it “off-limits to [law] enforcement.” In fact, the city has not only declined to enforce laws against public defecation and urination, drug use, and even violence, but it has regularly transported people to The Zone to live there indefinitely. And those actions, the court said in its 23-page ruling, constitute an illegal “public nuisance,” which the city has until July 10 to eliminate.

Throughout the lawsuit, Phoenix officials have rationalized their refusal to enforce the law by claiming their hands are tied by the Ninth Circuit’s 2019 ruling in Martin v. City of Boise, in which the court held that it’s “cruel and unusual punishment” to arrest people for “involuntarily” sleeping on the streets. Since “human beings are biologically compelled to rest,” the Ninth Circuit declared, punishing people for “involuntarily sitting, lying, and sleeping in public” was cruel—like punishing them for “an illness or disease.”

But that case has little to do with the Phoenix situation, where people have been permitted to live indefinitely on the streets—even when they refuse to accept room in a homeless shelter. In fact, today’s ruling rebuked Phoenix for its “glaring misinterpretation” of the Martin decision. The “most glaring” example of that misreading, the court said, “is in the inference that anyone who has erected a tent or other structure in the public rights of way is intrinsically unable to otherwise obtain shelter.” Such a notion is nonsense: people can choose alternatives, and in fact virtually all of the people now residing in The Zone are not there because they are “biologically compelled” to be. What’s more, even if its interpretation of the Martin decision were correct, “the city could readily [fix the problem] through the creation of structured campgrounds. But the city has refused to pursue this viable, cost-effective option despite admitting its viability.”

Particularly significant was the court’s emphasis on environmental pollution in The Zone, which was the subject of the Goldwater Institute’s friend-of-the-court brief supporting the business and property owners. “The Zone has evolved into a serious environmental nuisance—a biohazard,” the judge declared. “Homeless individuals defecate and urinate in the open on the streets, sidewalks, lawns, and buildings. Property owners are forced to clean up the human waste each day.” And when this waste is washed into the storm drains, “that discharge ends up in the rivers, washes, and retention basins of the state.” Not only does it violate Arizona law to commit such pollution, but it’s expressly illegal for the city to allow it—yet the city has consistently refused to act.

Today’s ruling offers hope not just for the homeless themselves—who, after all, don’t deserve to be left in a ghettoized section of the city’s roads—but to the ignored small-business owners in the area, who are forced to try to earn a living in the midst of such chaos. Their tax dollars are supposed to pay the city for police services to protect their rights; instead, their rights have been disregarded by a city policy that allows homeless people—many of them mentally ill or addicted to drugs—to scare away their customers, assault their employees, and pollute their property. Today’s decision will not cure the problem overnight, but it is a welcome and long-overdue first step.

This article was published by Goldwater Institute and is reproduced with permission.